The Neighbors

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I was packing up my last few boxes and was side tracked by the door bell. I was startled as I was not expecting any company. As I approached the door I realized it was Karen from next door with her husband J.

They were a good couple minus the few stares they received from being an interracial couple but they never seemed to be fazed by this.

He was an attractive man tall and fit, he had hazel eyes and had the most sexual yet manly walk that was clearly due to what was lying between his legs. And Karen was not one to be ignored she had long black hair that curled right at the tips, perky D cup breast and a butt that was firm yet round and hips that just made me envious.

I wasn’t the beauty queen but I was good on the eyes short brown hair, golden brown skin and legs that should have been insured based on my ex’s thoughts.

I answered the door and realized they were the going away party; they brought the not so traditional Bacardi lime and some Mexican food that smelled divine.

As I invited them in we made small talk on how quickly I packed and immediately went to set up a place to eat, after all I was moving.

After eating and having a few drinks we began to engage in small talk on what’s in the news, the upcoming elections and the joke on me making the move from the big city to this small town in ND.

All of a sudden there was a loud boom and out went the lights, rain and thunder. This startled the heck out of me and next thing I knew my head is nestled on Karen’s chest.

I felt so awkward but slightly aroused she smelled just like roses and baby oil, her skin so soft and her perfect breasts were like a pillow underneath my head.

I craved to lick her plump breast slowly making my way to her nipples. My clit started to get wet as I thought of me caressing her breast and making circles around her erect nipples as she moaned for me to take my warm tongue and treat her wet pussy as if beşiktaş escort it was ice-cream that was melting.

I was suddenly awakened from my day dream with the words we better go; a sudden sigh exited my mouth as I walked them to the door.

It was pouring outside and there was no way I was making the long drive that night so I decided to take a shower and plan to stay for the night.

I ran the tub and added a few drops of baby oil to the water. As the water ran the warm water rose and sent a subtle shiver from my clit to my breast. I sat back and slowly caressed my breast lightly caressing my nipples as they harden with every flick of my finger. As my breast harden I cupped my size C breast in the palm of my hand and began to suckle on my nipples, the warmth from my mouth sent tingles throughout my perfectly erect nipples.

I then slowly caressed my tummy and my hand slowly began to rub the lips of my pussy this sent an ever so light throbbing between my legs.

I then slipped my fore finger in-between my lips and let my finger slip into my moist pussy, as I slipped in and out I could feel the tingle of pleasure through out my body and as it intensified I slipped in another and another finger until I had my whole hand hitting every pleasurable spot inside my pussy.

I could feel the warmth of my juices and removed my finger to taste my sweet nectar.

As I got closer and closer to ecstasy I ran my clit with my other finger and as I rubbed harder I could feel the tingle throughout my body and then I exploded the warmed that was felt inside my clit was now tingling my whole body.

As I exited the tub my pussy still pulsing from the first orgasm I heard a knock on the door, it was nearly 1:00 am, as I looked out of the peep-hole there was no one.

I turned to walk away and there it was again I opened the door to see Karen there.

Before beylikdüzü escort I could ask what was wrong she slipped her had up my rob and began to rub my clit ever so slightly as I moaned in pleasure J walked in and began to lick and suck my nipples with so much intensity but so calm that I cam from that act alone.

But they would not stop they locked the door and escorted me to the blanket on the floor.

They both were ready, naked perfect bodies revealed as they took off there coats.

J’s penis was erect and it was thick and long a 9 incher at least his chest was rippled with muscles and his round butt was perfectly shaped.

Karen’s breast stood at attention her nipples hard but not completely erect, her pussy was cleanly shaven not a hair in site and she was so wet that you could see it glisten from the candle light.

As J laid on the floor he grabbed me and position me right over his warm, juicy mouth he took his tongue and slid it in between my lips and began to suck my clit, he never took his hand to part my lips he aloud his tongue to part and paid attention to every part of my wet, throbbing pussy, which immediately sent chills throughout my body, he would alternate from sucking my clit to taking his tongue and inserting it into my vagina making a satisfied moan every time he would taste my pussy juices.

Karen all the while licking and sucking my erect nipples with so much passion that I wanted to cry from pure pleasure, She then took J’s 9 inches of hard cock and sucked on it like a pro with every thrust she was able to put another inch down. Every wave of pleasure J felt was translated on my pussy; he would flick and nibble so lightly. As he exploded in Karen’s mouth I exploded in his filling it with cum and juices from my now engorged and throbbing pussy, but I wanted more.

Karen then directed me to lick her pussy and although beyoğlu escort I never did this before I felt like I was a pro and apparently it felt that way for Karen also.

Karen ordered me to taste every inch of her pussy and lick every drop of K goodness that trickled out her moist pussy.

I inserted two fingers and firmly flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit as I began to suck on her clit she exploded in a cry that surely woke up the neighbors. J walked over with that smooth, sensual walk and grabbed my breast and with a little of the pre cum moisten my nipples the warmth mixed with the cool air drying my wet nipples felt so good it sent a rush of warmth throughout my body making my pussy muscle contract at the pure pleasure of it all.

As Karen came to lick my nipples she took her warm tongue and explored every inch of my body from my navel to the arch in my back, as my body responded to these sensations I felt an immediate sense of pleasure like I’ve never known every inch of J’s hard cock penetrated me from behind, he thrust slow and then harder and harder until I cried out for him to fuck me until I exploded, Karen then took out a two sided dildo and gestured for J to penetrate me from the back she was ready to work the front and that she did she first licked the intire dildo every single inch and the site of her made me crave her more.

She inserted the head into my now dripping wet pussy and slowly inserted the rest in her.

As she rode that cock it went deeper and deeper in my pussy, while J stood from behind and thrust harder and harder.

As they kissed and I licked Karen’s nipples we all burst with pure ecstasy pussy juices running down our legs as J’s hot nectar ran out my ass, J licked the juices from me and Karen as Karen licked up the leaking cum trying to waste none.

We laid there in pure bliss still rubbing and occasionally sucking until we fell asleep.

The next day we indulged ourselves in a little tongue play and then went our separate ways.

But promising if I ever came back to town we would teach each other all the new tricks we learned while we were gone.

And since I have an upcoming vacation I have already planned my trip and all I need to pack is a pair of pants/shirt for when I return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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