The Neighborhood Mom

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John was looking out the den window at his neighbor across the street and once more thought that she had the best body of any girl or woman he had ever seen. John was 18, a high school senior, co-captain of the swim team, 6-2, 170, with brown hair and eyes and raging hormones! He had begun masturbating at 14 and was now stroking his cock 5 to six times a day. Living with his parents and a 20-year-old sister, it was no easy task to find a way to stroke his member without being caught. John had taken to jacking off early in the morning in bed and then again in the shower, at least twice a day in a school restroom and in the evening at home. John was also addicted to computer porno. His parents thought that he spent all of his time in the den playing computer games, but in reality he was always looking for new and more exciting porno sites. Usually, late at night, while his parents and sister were asleep John had the opportunity to masturbate to porno stories or pictures on his computer.

The neighbor across the street in question was Marilyn Johnson. Marilyn was 35 years old, 5’7″ and 120 pounds and just the bustiest, sexiest woman John had ever seen and it was his fantasy to fuck her and now he knew exactly how he was going to make that fantasy happen.

Marilyn’s husband was a salesman for a local computer network provider and as such was out of town three or four days a week. They had an 18-year-old son, Jim, who was a junior at John’s high school and was a good friend of John’s. Three weeks ago, John and Jim were playing computer games at Jim’s house and the computer malfunctioned and crashed. Jim didn’t know anything about computers, but John thought he could fix it and while Jim went to the kitchen to get them both a Coke, John started looking around the hard drive for some software that would restore their game program. While Jim was in the kitchen, John found the computers recycle bin and thought that maybe the game had been shunted off to the recycle bin.

He opened it up to see what was in there and found over fifty deleted files from the hard drive. The game wasn’t among the files but there were several files that looked like letter document and picture files that had been deleted from the on-line server. John knew that most people thought that when you deleted files that they were gone forever, but in fact if you didn’t erase your recycle bin they were still there. Quickly, because Jim was coming back from the kitchen, John attached the files from the recycle bin to an e-mail special file and e-mailed it to his computer at home. Only later would he find his “gold mine” that he knew would lead to him live-out his fantasy of fucking Jim’s hot mom.

Marilyn stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel and began drying off. She was thinking about her next meeting with Mike, her husband’s boss. She had met him at the company Christmas party and a little over two months later had started having an affair with him. He was really a nice guy. Married, but then so was she. But boy did he know how to fuck a woman and keep her happy. As Marilyn stepped out of the bathroom she threw her towel on the bed and then heard a gasp.

“Mom!” Jim said with a shriek. “Please cover up!”

She hadn’t heard Jim enter her room and was quite surprised by his presence, “Sorry Jim,” she said as she grabbed the towel and hastily covered up. Her movement caused her large breasts to sway enticingly in front of her son. “What did you want, honey?”

“Just some change for school, do you have any?”

“Yes, there is some in my purse, just take what you need and I’ll see you this afternoon, OK?”

“Yeah, mom. No problem. See you after school.”

Marilyn removed the towel, slipped into her panties, struggled to contain her large breasts into a bra, and began to put on her panty hose. She noted that her pussy was a little damp, and it struck her as odd that exposing herself, even by accident, to her son had made her pussy wet. Jeez she thought, Marilyn you are a horny old woman.

After school, when John got home, he quickly turned on his computer and downloaded the e-mail file he had sent from Jim’s house. It took him almost two hours, but he finally reconstructed the recycle bin and was going through the documents, one-by-one, when he found a letter from Marilyn to someone named Mike (who wasn’t Jim’s dad) concerning their meeting later that week. John tried to piece together the gist of the letter, but kept coming up with the feeling that Mike and Marilyn were having an affair, but couldn’t prove it by the lone letter. He quickly looked through the rest of the deleted mail but there wasn’t anything there from Mike nor was their anything there that would indicate that Marilyn was doing anything wrong!

John moved on to the “gif” picture files and found a lot of pictures that someone had downloaded from a daily picture web site, some family pictures that had been sent by an aunt in another state and then he found his “gold mine” of photos!

Under a listing called “M&M,” which John first thought had something to do with the candy, was bahis firmaları a group of pictures and when John opened the file to his surprise was a series of ten pictures of Marilyn and Mike… nude and fucking! Mrs. Johnson was sucking Mike’s cock, taking it deep in her pussy and up her ass! She really looked great, big round tits, nipples hard, and a cock in her mouth and a smile on her face. John could imagine that cock being his. He quickly printed off several copies and then sat back to think about his next step.

What to do? What to do? John thought about the photos as he stroked his cock and then it came to him: blackmail!

The next day John skipped school and with his parents at work and his sister in school he sat in the den and waited for Mrs. Johnson to return home from shopping. She drove home and turned into the driveway around noon and John grabbed a set of the photo’s he had copied and put them in his back pocket. He eased out his front door and walked across the street to where Marilyn was unloading her van.

“Hi Mrs. Johnson, how are you today?”

“Oh fine, John. Not in school today?”

“No, I took a day off to take care of some personal things. Can I help you with those packages?”

“Thanks John, I appreciate that.”

John took the packages and followed Mrs. Johnson into her kitchen and placed them on the kitchen table. “Thanks John.”

“Awww, that’s OK, Mrs. Johnson. Anything for you… If you know what I mean.”

Marilyn didn’t know what he meant, and was a little curious about his comment.

John moved up behind Mrs. Johnson and whispered into her ear, “Boy, you really smell great. What is that perfume?”

Marilyn, more than a little startled, jumped, turned quickly, smiled and said, “John, that’s a little personal for such a young man to be asking, don’t you think?”

John smiled back and said, “Actually I didn’t think it was as personal as if I asked you to drop to your knees and suck my cock!”

“Wwwhat!?! What did you say?” Marilyn stammered. She must have misunderstood what the boy had said.

“I said, or at least inferred that I would like you to suck my cock!”

Marilyn was aghast. “John you can’t talk to me like that. That is very inappropriate language and if you leave now I will forget that you ever said that. Now leave my house this instant!”

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, before you act so quickly perhaps you would like to see what I have in my back pocket?”

“John, I don’t care what you have in your pocket. Get out of this house now!”

John reached into his back pocket and took the set of pictures he had printed and tossed them onto the kitchen table. “Well now, lets see how you react to these.”

Marilyn’s reaction was swift. She grabbed the photos, quickly scanned them then ripped them into pieces and threw them in the trash. John just stood there smiling.

“I don’t know where you got those John, but there gone now so get the hell out of my house!”

“Marilyn, I can call you Marilyn can’t I?” he mocked. “Those were just prints off my computer. I have the entire file on a disk and can print as many as I want, so get off your high-horse and let’s get down to business, shall we?”

Marilyn said nothing. She was too shocked to say anything. Finally she spoke, “John I can’t do this and won’t do this. You’re a teenager and my next door neighbor. This is against the law. I won’t be bullied or blackmailed into sex by you or anyone!”

“Mrs. Johnson,… Marilyn, I don’t give a shit if its against the law or not and if you don’t want your husband and Jim and the entire neighborhood to see these you will do as you are told, is that clear?”

Marilyn thought about what John was saying. What could she do? Her husband would kill her if he found out she was having an affair with his boss and poor Jim, what would he think about his mother? “OK John, come over here and I will do this just this one time. But no more, do you hear me?”

“Marilyn, it’s not going to be that simple. Look bitch, you will do as I say… Do you HEAR ME!”

She was startled, but realized that there wasn’t much she could do right now so she decided to do what he was asking.

“OK, John. I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?”

“Well for starters, ditch those clothes.”

“What? Do what?” she said.

“Get out of your clothes. I want to see your tits and cunt and right now!”

Marilyn started to disrobe. She unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and put it on a kitchen chair. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing there in her bra and panties, she blushed red and reached behind her and removed the bra. John admired her and watched intently her strip act. He had never been with a naked woman and his cock was getting rock hard. He walked up behind her and reached around and started playing with her large breasts and tweaking her nipples. Grabbing her massive melons, he excitedly kneaded and squeezed them. He bounced her large globes in his hands as if weighing them.

“Mmm, they’re fantastic! how big kaçak iddaa are they?”

Marilyn hesitated for a moment then hesitantly replied, “38DD.”

“Oh God!” he groaned at her reply. He continued kneading the large orbs in his hands before finally deciding to get the show going.

“Good Marilyn, now get the panties off.” he ordered as he temporarily let go of her tits.

She grabbed the sides of her panties and slid them down her legs. She stood before John completely nude. He saw that she had a nice figure, 38DD breasts that didn’t sag, great legs And surprise, surprise, a shaved pussy!

“Wow Marilyn, a shaved pussy, how nice. Now get over here and suck my cock!”

Marilyn walked over to the teenager and thought, God, how did I get myself into this situation? She dropped to her knees, reached up and unbuckled his belt. She unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. She looked at John hoping for some sympathy, but saw only lust in his eyes. She grabbed his Jockey shorts and pulled them down to his knees and his cock jumped out at her and stared her in the face. She was amazed. Jesus Christ she thought, this teenager had a cock that had to be 7 inches long and 3 inches around and he was circumcised. It was the first cock she had ever seen that was circumcised and she just stared at the large, purplish head in front of her face.

“Well Mrs. Johnson, come on, let’s get started. Suck my cock!”

Marilyn took a deep breath and put his cock into her mouth and began to suck. She had always refused to do this for her husband, so she wasn’t very experienced, but she just tried to do the best she could. She licked up the underside, played with his piss hole with her tongue and put the tip into her mouth. She bobbed her head a bit, but John grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat and pumped his shaft in and out like he was fucking her mouth. It didn’t take John very long before he knew he was gong to come in her mouth.

John held tight to the back of her head and rammed his cock deep into her mouth. He heard her muffled voice as he shot all of his cum deep into her throat. He watched as some of his jism dribbled out of her mouth and down her cheeks. John kept pumping his cock in and out of her mouth until he became limp, then he told her to keep sucking and clean his dick up.

“Ok, John…it’s over.” Marilyn said. “I’ve done what you asked me to, now get out!”

John looked down at Marilyn, her nude body glistening, her large breasts swaying invitingly and said, “No, it’s not over, it’s just started. Or do you want the whole neighborhood to know what a whore you are?”

Marilyn was stunned. “I thought you just wanted a blow job?” she said.

John reached down and helped Marilyn to her feet while copping a feel at her enormous rack. Naked, with cum running down her face, Marilyn looked beaten.

“Now what,” she said. John smiled, gave her tits a squeeze, and led her down the hallway towards her bedroom.

“Oh God John, not that!” she said.

John walked her into the bedroom and roughly pushed her down on the bed. First he said, “You’re going to get me hard again and then we are going to fuck.”

John reached over and began massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples. He moved up, straddled her shoulders and pushed his cock back into her mouth. “Now get me hard and let’s get this going.”

After a few minutes John moved her into the traditional “69” position and put his cock back into her face and started sucking on her pussy. He wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so he just kept licking and sucking and then he noticed that she too was sucking hard on his cock and with one hand pushing his face deep into her pussy. John felt her pussy get really wet as she continued to push on to his face and her hips began buck and John could hear her moaning with pleasure.

Marilyn couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She was nude, on her bed with the next door teenager. She had already given him a blowjob, and now he was eating her pussy while she sucked his dick. She initially didn’t want to do this but now her juices were flowing and she wanted nothing more than to continue this and have him fuck her and fuck her hard and fast.

“That’s it John, suck on my clit, eat me… harder, deeper. John I want you to fuck me. Put your cock deep into my pussy and fuck me hard. Now, John!”

John moved around so his cock was positioned at the opening of her cunt and slowly pushed his dick deep into her fertile furrow.

“Oh God John,” she moaned, “Fuck me hard and deep.”

John slammed his cock into her pussy and pounded away. Marilyn was out of control now, her desire too much for her and she was bouncing around the bed like she was on top of a fire pit.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Harder, John, harder!”

Marilyn was getting the fucking of her lifetime and was enjoying it more than any she had ever had, including the normal fucking she got from her small-dicked husband. She was enjoying it so much that she didn’t even hear her son Jim when he arrived kaçak bahis home from school.

Jim arrived home at the normal time and came into the kitchen through the garage door.

“Mom? Mom?” Jim called out.

That’s funny, he thought. Mom was always here when he arrived home from school. I wonder where she is? Then he heard the strange sounds coming from his parents’ bedroom. At first he thought that maybe his mom had fallen and was hurt.

“Mom, are you alright?”

Nothing. Jim eased his way from the kitchen down the hallway towards his parents’ bedroom. What was going on in there? It sounded like bouncing on the bed. He knew his dad was out of town so it couldn’t be him with mom…doing their thing. Then he heard his mother cry out, “Deeper John, fuck me deeper!”

Now Jim knew what his mother was doing and with whom she was doing it.

Jim slammed open the bedroom door and yelled out to his mother, “Whore, you’re a fucking whore!”

Marilyn stopped fucking and looked up at the sudden intrusion. Neither of them had heard Jim come in the house and both were shocked at his words. John however, continued to pound away at her cunt.

“Now wait just a minute young man,” Marilyn said. “You have no call to talk to me like that!”

“Well, let’s see now,” Jim said. “You’re naked in your bed and fucking the next door neighbor… what would you call yourself… Mother Teresa?”

For the first time it dawned on Marilyn where she was, how she wasn’t dressed and that John was still vigorously pounding away at her cunt. She pushed John off of her and grabbed a sheet and pulled it around her body.

John, for his part, noticed a large bulge in the front of Jim’s pants.

“Hey Mom,” he taunted Marilyn. “Lookie here, little Jim has a hard-on looking at his mother…. fucking.” Then he began to laugh, “Mother fucking, get it? Hahahaha.”

Jim looked down at his pants and saw that he was not only hard, but also wet and blushed a bright red.

John noticed too and said, “Hey Jim. Get your clothes off and join us on the bed. Come on buddy, your mom is really a great fuck.”

“Oh No!” Marilyn said in shock, “No way!”

Jim started to take off his clothes and said, “Why not mom? After all, you’re fucking John, so why not me?”

“No, no, no!” was her answer but she saw him step out of his jeans and shorts and climb on the bed. “Jim, I’m your Mother, you can’t do this.”

“Come on Jim,” John said, “it’s OK. Let’s both have some fun with her.”

John turned to Marilyn and said, “If you don’t want everybody to know what you have been doing, just lie back and enjoy this.”

Marilyn lay back down on the bed and John rolled her over into the doggie position.

“Look Jim, get up to the front and have her suck your cock and I’ll finish fucking her.”

Jim moved up to the head of the bed and positioned his small 4-inch cock in front of his mother’s face.

“Here we go Mom. Take my cock and suck me off.”

Marilyn, resigned to her fate… and loving it… took Jim’s cock and started sucking for all she was worth. Jim, having shed all inhibitions about fucking his mom, used one hand to reach down and finally get his hands on his mom’s enormous tits. As his excitement grew he used his free hand to grab the back of her head and fuck her mouth.

John, at the other end of the bed was watching Marilyn suck her sons’ cock and when he looked down and saw the rosebud puckered ass hole knew what he wanted next. He reached under Marilyn and wiped his fingers in her cunt and then used her juices to lubricate her ass hole.

“Aruggg!” she said through mouth with her son’s cock pounding in it, “No John… don’t do that…”

But it was too late. John shoved hard and his cock drove deep into Marilyn’s asshole. John pumped and pumped and knew he was about to come when he heard Jim yelling, “I’m cummmming, I’m cummming!” And they came together.

Marilyn swallowed all her son had to give then smiled up at him and said, “Honey, would you mind licking my cunt? I need it licked so bad, and there is no one who I would rather have suck on my pussy that the guy who came from it to start with.”

“Not a chance mom. I wanna fuck that cunt of yours!” Jim confidently told her. Marilyn sighed at how fast her son seemed to grasp how much power he now had over her. Oh well, at least she knew he was going to do a good job of fucking her, if his enthusiasm was any indication.

Jim moved down to her rear, and with one swift stroke impaled his cock into her dripping pussy. “Mmmm… Oh,” Marilyn moaned as her son pumped her at a furious pace. “Yes… ugh… oh mom!” Jim moaned over and over as he felt his cock being milked by her big-titted mother’s hot cunt. He fucked her even harder and faster as he tried to bring himself off.

“Yes! Oh baby, yes! Fuck mommy! Oooohhhhh!!!” Marilyn wailed, trembling as her orgasm built up to a climax and finally exploded at the same time as Jim filled her cunt with his jizz. Jim grabbed and squeezed tightly both of her large tits as orgasmic bliss washed over his body. He kept pumping his cock into her while gripping her big tits, riding out his orgasm, and his mom for all she was worth. Then with one final squeeze, he lay on the bed beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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