The Neighbor Pt. 02

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It is no innocent ring. There will be no one on the other side of the door inviting her to church services. Her heart races, her breath hitches… her hand trembles as she turns the latch.

I stand before her, an older man with graying hair but a toned body more like that of one in his mid-forties. Her invitation is unmistakable as she allows her open robe to fall around her ankles. Like Ulysses, I step hypnotically over the threshold of this young siren.

The passion burns hot as we engage each other’s eyes. There is no introduction, no small talk. I pick you up off the floor to press you against the wall. Your legs instinctively envelope my waist, opening up your secret, wet desire to my manhood bulging beneath my gym shorts.

You smell of the heady perfume of orange blossoms; the intoxicating aroma excites my senses increasing my animal cravings. I wonder if you smell as sweet between your legs.

Your breasts are big and beautiful, perfect for both sucking and fucking. You offer them to me without hesitation and I willingly attack your feminine contour with abandon. My teeth lightly rake over an erect nipple, eliciting a soft moan from your lips… my tongue laves your hardened nub… I suck bahis firmaları at you voraciously, pressing my face into your soft flesh until I can no longer breathe.

Your hands grasp at the waistband of my shorts and you pull them down around my ass. My swollen cock acts like a tent pole and further movement is not possible. You fist my shaft with both hands and begin a jacking motion, up and down through the nylon material.

My lips want to taste yours, and I kiss my way upward from your breast to your neck. Then covering your open mouth with mine, our tongues begin their sexual dance, darting in and out, sucking, swirling. You cease your handjob, place your palms on my bare chest and push me away.

“Put me down,” you say with a teasing smile.

By the time your bare feet have touched the floor you have my shorts in your hands, removing them from around my upright shaft. Dropping to your knees, you pull them all the way down.

My engorged fuck tool stands proudly just inches from your face. You place one hand on my balls, and the other around my shaft. You look up and smile at me, your tongue ringing your lips. The first tingling sensation I feel is your hot breath on my balls, followed kaçak iddaa almost immediately by your tongue… then your lips sucking on my sack. Your hand has stretched and lifted my cock out of the way to give you free access.

As you suck on my ball sack, you jack my rock hard shaft, and your other hand finds its way between my thighs, parting my ass cheeks. I can feel you exploring with your thumb and forefinger until you find my anal cleft. My head rocks backward… my knees go weak… you have your finger pushing at my rosebud.

Your little mouth has changed its position now… suckling at my cock head, soft little licks tasting the salty precum I am now oozing for you, lapping at that sweet spot just below the head again and again, driving me insane as it becomes more sensitive… but I won’t stop you, as its feels too good… a sweet torturous pleasure… lick… lick… lick… mmmmmm you could make me cum for you like this… rolling my balls in one hand, pressing a finger of the other against the rose of my asshole, slipping it inside a little… it grips you as you slide it gently in and out, not too deep or too fast, just enough for it to heighten the pleasure, all the time your tounge at my sweet kaçak bahis spot… lick…lick… lick…

Your lips have slid all the way down my shaft, and I have fully impaled your mouth to the hilt. Your warm saliva lubricates your up and down movements as you hollow your cheeks, intently focused on sucking the cum from my balls.

I moan and hear you echo it. My hands fist your hair… my hips rise and thrust to your sucking rhythm as you take me fully into your mouth. I growl as you push your mouth down onto my engorged shaft, your wet heat sliding down me, your tongue circling as it does.

We are fully involved now as I drive you on and off my stiff cock. You hollow your cheeks, sucking harder on me as your hand squeezes and pulls at my balls.

I feel the back of your throat and groan. The tightness drives me close… lost to the feeling I abandon my thoughts and begin wildly fucking your face, hands fisted in your hair, hips rising, bucking at you.

Lost in you I feel my midsection tighten, the head of my cock swells as you drive yourself onto my shaft holding me there, buried deep in your throat. You feel me swell and with one last thrust, I throw my head back and release my hot load into your sweet mouth.

I feel you swallowing me down and hear your little moan as you do. You look up at me and smile, then slide up my body. I put my arms around you and pull you close, kissing you deeply, tasting myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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