The Naughty Niece

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Renu checked her answers one last time and then signaled to the invigilator to come over and collect her paper. American literature was her favorite subject and she had enjoyed answering. She glanced across at her boyfriend of 10 days, Robin, who sensing her gaze, looked up and smiled. He gestured that he would buzz her later. She smiled back, gathered her stuff and let herself out of a side door of the classroom. As she walked down the corridor, with her semi-high heels clicking, she fished out her mobile phone and switched it on. It beeped half a dozen times as it came on. There were three missed calls and 4 text messages. One missed call was from Robin — he must have buzzed just before entering the class. The other two were from Vinod. She switched to text mode to check the messages. One was an offer from the service provider, a good luck from Robin and two more messages from Vinod. One said “Good luck, honey!” and the other “Just can’t wait to see you…XO.”

Renu smiled at the message and the next instant the phone started to ring.

She lifted the mobile to her ear, “Hi there”, she said.

Vinod’s deep baritone filled her ear: “I have been waiting for you for ever.”

Renu giggled and he continued, “and that giggle of yours always always turns me on. Where are you now?”

“At college. Just finished my paper.”

“I’m coming over to pick you up. 20 minutes. Can’t wait …”

“Ok”, laughed Renu and hung up.

Renu climbed a flight of steps to the library. It was empty barring for the librarian who was labeling a stack of new arrivals. He looked up at Renu, smiled and gestured with his head towards a seat. Going to a rack, she randomly picked up a magazine and settled into a chair. She found that she had picked up a National Geographic with a cover story on ‘global warming’. By the time she had gone past the contents page, her mind had skipped to Vinod and their strange yet exciting relationship.

Vinod was her uncle — her mom’s younger brother. With her dad touring most the time running his multi-national chemical business, Vinod had actually been the man about the house. He had been a frequent visitor ever since Renu had returned from boarding 5 years ago.

About bahis firmaları 2 months ago, on her 18th birthday, life changed for Renu … and for Vinod.

Although her father was a dapper, smallish-made man, her mom was busty and loud, with a figure that had blotted into asexual corpulence. Renu, on the other hand, had her mom’s large frame but nature had endowed her with a stunning voluptuousness. Her face had an openness from her big, attractive eyes; her lips were full while her tits were round, standing high with large, pointed nipples that often threatened to bore a hole in her t-shirts that she wore at home (sans bras, of course!). Her legs were long and many a seeking hand had reminded her often enough that she had an arse to die for.

She woke up on her 18th birthday to her mobile ringing. It was her dad from Los Angeles. The day had thereafter passed off well: her friends had treated her to lunch; after class, the 11 of them had gone for an evening show after which she had ridden off with her then boyfriend, Niraj to Mumbai’s famous Juhu Beach. Finding a sheltered place under the rocks, they had smooched and felt each other. Renu’s birthday gift to Niraj had been allowing him to kiss and suck her tits. She had enjoyed the feeling and had been magnanimous enough thereafter to take out his cock and suck him off. Not too great a feeling because he was almost coming when she started to kiss and lick his member. She felt him come and jerked her face away but still felt his cum warmly hit her cheek and drip down. She had jerked his cock until he had come fully. 20 minutes later he dropped her off at home.

She entered home to find Vinod watching TV in her living room. Seeing her, he smiled, stood up and advanced on her with an outstretched hand. She shook his hand and then in a rare show of affection he reached around her to embrace her. Surprisingly, she allowed her body to his press against his: she could feel his warmth and then she found her chin being lifted and his mouth coming down on hers. For a moment she stood rigid in consternation … but only for a moment. She quickly disengaged her hands that were trapped between them and hugged him, drawing him close to her, opening her mouth to him for the first kaçak iddaa time. Soon, she could feel his hands roving up and down her body: caressing her flanks and coming to rest on her luscious behind and then urgent fingers kneading and pressing her arse cheeks. She could also feel the hardness of his prick against her stomach.

She broke her kiss and stared at him.

“Where’s mom?” she gasped.

“Gone to a kitty party” he replied.

They stood facing each other: he breathing hard; she with her tits heaving.

“I have always lusted for you, Renu.” He said. “Have always loved looking at your body.”

“You are not too bad looking for your age,” she smiled mischievously.

She regarded him for a moment and said, “Well, don’t just stand there. Take me.”

They came together once again, but violently. Kissing, sucking, biting … frantically pawing each other; pressing harshly. Renu found her arse being squeezed and her one tit being pummeled. She dropped her hands to his pant desperately trying to get at his huge cock. She found that he was more successful taking off her skirt and then her bra from inside her t-shirt. Feeling frustrated, she forcefully broke away, fell to her knees and started working on his belt buckle. As she fought with his pant button, she looked up to see him watching her, hands on hips, pelvis slightly thrust forward, almost urging her to seek and find her treasure.

His pants fell to his ankles and then her fevered hands yanked down his underwear. His cock literally leapt out and slapped her face. She held it at its base and looked at it admiringly for a moment.

“What a beauty,” she said looking up, “and to think I was chasing wimps!”

Without further ado, she kissed the tip and then started to run her tongue along the length of his 9-incher. After a bout of licking and kissing she started to work her mouth on his penis head. There was no way she could take him fully into her mouth but she started to deep-throat him as much as possible. Just as she thought he was about to come, she felt him yank her up and crushed his mouth to hers. A few moments later, he broke away and pulled off first his t-shirt and then hers. They were both stark naked now. kaçak bahis

Somewhere at the back of her mind, she wondered how her mom would react if she were to walk in right now but the thought flitted away almost as it formed.

He picked her up, carried her to the sofa, dumped her on it and buried his face into her cunt. She tensed at the exquisite pleasure of feeling his tongue urgently lick her clit and then she let herself go … reveling in the feeling. His tongue was sharp and it seemed to find just the right places in her. She spread her thighs and then closed it, locking his head between them.

Then she started to moan. Amazingly, it seemed to heighten her feeling; as also his licking and sucking and nipping that increased in intensity.

It went on for an eternity and she couldn’t believe she had lasted for that long.

Then just as she was about to come he raised his head, positioned himself above her and started to work his cock into her. Instinctively, she reached down and helped to direct him. Slowly, she felt this hot rod entering her, burning her insides. And then, her breathe escaped from her as he thrust into her for the first time.

“Awww .. you bastard …” she screamed.

“Hold on you bitch, hold on …” he breathed as he increased his tempo.

“Ya … aaaaa … ya .. fuck me, you bastard … fuck me … aaaaa”

Incredibly, he started to pump her even harder! Soon, the only sounds heard were their sweat-bathed bodies slapping against each other and her yelp at his every thrust.

She came first. He came, just an instant later, with a roar; gushing into her; filling her with a pleasurable heat that she have never felt before.

Completely satiated, they flopped down on the sofa.

After what seemed a long time, Renu opened her eyes and she stiffened in shock. Her mother was sitting on the sofa across looking at her with inscrutable eyes. Vinod, beside her, felt her reaction and propped himself up on his elbow.

Renu watched this horrific frozen tableau in front of her in stunned silence.

She met her mom’s eyes, which were now stormy. Coldly she said, “I normally don’t share what is mine,” she stopped and then suddenly, she smiled, “but Vinod’s cock is so good I don’t mind sharing it with you.” Starting to unbutton her blouse, she called out with a smile, “You bastard, do you have anything left in you or has my daughter sucked you dry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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