The Naughty Neighbor

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When Mike and I moved into our new home, we immediately purchased and installed a hot tub in the backyard. Additionally, we built a privacy fence for seclusion, which would allow us to enjoy the tub away from any prying eyes. As an afterthought, we also installed a gate between our neighbors behind us with the intention that if we became friends, it would be far easier for them to access our property and join us in the tub on occasion. As it turned out however, we never did establish a very good relationship with them, and the gate seemed to be a wasted expense.

Then two month’s ago they moved and Mike and I wondered when and if someone might move into the home behind us. But more importantly, would our new neighbors be more inclined to associate with us on a friendly and sociable level?

Mike was out mowing the yard, as was usually the case on the weekends. I was puttering around the house doing some basic weekend cleaning and laundry when I saw through the kitchen window a large moving and storage van pull up into the neighbor’s driveway. Mike noticed it as well and came into the kitchen through the backdoor and stood beside me as we both peeked out the window trying to catch a glimpse of the people moving in next door. We saw almost immediately a young couple get out of the van along with what appeared to be some additional friends of theirs who’d arrived to help them move in.

“Why don’t you go over and ask them if they need any help or anything?” I asked Mike. “And that way you can introduce yourself and get an idea of what they might be like.”

Mike agreed and immediately went over to introduce himself. He didn’t use the gate we had between our yards; it was a little too informal yet to use that access for the moment, but with luck, perhaps before too long we would be. I noticed that the husband was perhaps in his late twenty’s to early thirty’s at the most. And though he was of average height and build from what I could see, his muscles were taut and firm as I stood watching him begin to lift and carry out furniture from the van. As he was wearing no shirt, his deep dark tan seemed to highlight his sandy colored hair, and though I had no idea yet as to the color of his eyes, I imagined them in my mind as a sexy blue color.

Eventually, I discovered they were actually hazel, but had bluer dominance to them rather than the hints of green I saw as well. I stood watching through the window as Mike stood talking with the couple. I hadn’t realized it, but my hand had found its way down through the elastic waistband of my white summer shorts. As I stood watching the two handsome me talking, I found myself fantasizing about being in bed with the two of them. As the young man’s wife soon joined their conversation, she suddenly joined my fantasy as well. I could see the four of us enjoying some erotic hot-tub play together. The young woman certainly wasn’t a drop-dead gorgeous looking woman, (thank god!) but she did appear fairly attractive, even with her shoulder length hair tucked up under a bandanna, and a pair of ratty looking Levi denim shorts.

She’d worn a matching blouse to the bandanna she was wearing, and it was tied in a simple knot beneath her ample looking breasts. No doubt Mike was enjoying whatever cleavage she was showing, and the fact that she wasn’t trying to hide her ample bosom was certainly a good sign that perhaps they weren’t ‘stuffy’ neighbors and a little more fun loving and relaxed than the old ones had been.

Absentmindedly I continued to rub and lightly massage my pussy beneath my shorts and panties, all the while continuing to watch Mike as he stood chatting with the new neighbors. I saw him turn then, smiling and briefly glance over in my direction before heading back to our home. I knew he couldn’t see me where I was standing in the kitchen, but he certainly must have known I was still standing there watching. Moment’s later; Mike came in through the back door and crossed over to stand next to me. Though I had quit playing with myself, I turned immediately towards him and pulled down his zipper.

“My, my. I think someone’s a bit randy!” He teased me.

I fished inside my husbands shorts and found his still flaccid cock, already it had begun to harden however as I fumbled around with it trying to free it from the confines of his pants.

“And?” I asked him.

“Jeff and Stacy.” Mike said simply.

“And?” I continued prying.

“I told them as soon as they were through getting settled in, that you’d like to fuck Jeff, and that I’d enjoy fucking her.”

I gave Mike’s cock a firm hard squeeze, which in its not quite fully erect state brought far more pain than pleasure to him.

“Ok! Ok!” He said groaning uncomfortably. And I released the pressure from my hand around his dick and went back to lustfully toying with it instead as we continued to stand there verbally jousting with one another.

“So seriously Mike, what did you find out?”

“Well Stacy has nice tits for one thing.”

“I figured by what she was wearing that you canlı bahis were probably getting quite an eyeful.”

Mike smiled with a leering grin on his face. “And I told them that after they had gotten all settled in, that ‘we’ were inviting them over for dinner tomorrow evening as a welcome to the neighborhood sort of thing, and if they wanted, to join us in the hot-tub afterwards as well.”

I continued stroking Mike’s now very erect cock while he in turn began caressing and fondling my breasts through my tee shirt. “What else did you learn?” I asked him, still softly stroking him, teasing him as I did. Mike was having trouble concentrating now, as I knew he would be, but that was part of the fun.

“Jeff is a Massage Therapist. That was the second thing I was going to tell you. I told him that you went regularly, but having someone that would actually come to our home would be a lot nicer for you. He said he’d set up an appointment with you anytime you liked.”

Mike’s face had a look that I had seen before on several occasions when he was considering something naughty. Very naughty. “What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“Well you know the fantasy we’ve discussed, about you seducing someone as though I don’t know about it…and then watching afterwards when you have? This might be the perfect opportunity to actually do it. Maybe you can schedule an appointment with Jeff to come over and give you a massage. I’ll move the car over to the park, walk back and sit inside the closet with the door open a crack so I can see what happens. What do you think?”

“Hmmm that sounds like fun. And I think I’ll start teasing and flirting with him a little tomorrow just to warm him up before hand, you know, sorta get a feel to see if he’ll actually be interested or not.”

“Just thinking about you seducing Jeff and maybe even Stacy too eventually, has got me all kinds of excited!”

“I know…I can tell by the juice your cock’s leaking out!”

“Oh yes. Suck it baby. I want to cum in your mouth while I’m thinking about you seducing him.”

Mike’s cock felt hard and wonderfully warm inside my mouth as I sucked and licked his rigid shaft. I had pulled his shorts down so that they had fallen down around his ankles, giving me free access to play with his tightening ball sack as well.

“Oh Debra….that feels so fucking good!” I heard him moan. And it pleased me to know how good it was that I was making him feel. I increased the pressure as well as the tempo as I both sucked and stroked him kneeling on the floor in our kitchen. It was a ‘quickie’ suck, and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he did cum, as excited as he was thinking about all the possibilities. I felt his balls tighten completely then in my hand and knew he was only seconds away from releasing his rich creamy cum inside my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes. Go for it baby!” Mike urged. “I’m almost there!”

I know that Mike enjoyed watching his cum squirt inside my mouth, so as I felt the first powerful jettison of his juice hit the back of my throat, I swallowed. And then removed his prick so he could watch the remainder of his spurtings leave his cockhead and disappear inside my mouth while I finished jacking him off. Had I been ‘topless’ I would have aimed some of his cum against my breasts, we both enjoyed that. He loved to watch his cum spray against my tits, and I enjoyed the feel of his warm jisim when it did.

Always the lover, and caring about ‘my’ needs as well as his, Mike asked me how I wanted to cum as he put himself back together.

“Actually, why don’t you go outside and finish mowing the back yard? I’m going to stand right where I am and watch you while I finger myself off.” Mike grinned at me once again. The mere thought of knowing I was masturbating while standing in the kitchen looking out the window at him while he worked was one of the many ‘simple’ lusty games we enjoyed playing and doing for one another. He gave me a long passionate kiss then, and wheeled around to head back outside. I swore the bulge in his pants had not diminished, and in fact seemed to be growing instead.

“This is going to be an exciting weekend!” He tossed back at me before disappearing through the door to go back outside.

“Hmmm I hope so!” I thought to myself, pulling down my shorts, stepping out of them and then reaching up to pull off my tee shirt as well. I wanted to stand there nude in the kitchen while I pleasured myself, and watched him. With delight, I also noticed that our new neighbors ‘waved’ at Mike as they saw him come back into the yard. And as I began running my fingers up and down my very wet slit, I began to fantasize about stroking Jeff’s cock…sight unseen as yet, and wondering what it would look and taste like when I did. I knew that no one could possibly see me, as I stood there in the kitchen, totally nude now playing with myself. But the ‘thought’ of doing this while everyone (except Mike) was unaware of what it was I was doing was extremely exciting. I twirled my hard little clit with my finger, bahis siteleri toyed with it and urged the wonderful sensations I was feeling inside my pussy to rise to the surface as soon as possible. Normally I enjoyed taking my time when I masturbated. I enjoyed delaying the sweet sensations, often stopping before allowing them to engulf me. Not this time however. I wanted to cum, cum fast hard and soon! My fingers were slick with my own juices, and I stopped only briefly to apply some of them to my nipples so that I could enjoy the feel of my own juice on them as I pulled on them when I climaxed. Feeling that first shivering sensation begin to spread inside my pussy, I did just that. Clasping one of my free nipples’ I squeezed it, pulling on it simultaneously as the first pleasurable wave of ecstasy exploded deep inside my cunt.

I soon after released my tit in order to hold on to the edge of the sink in order to balance myself as my knees buckled slightly, the pleasure of my sudden quick orgasm coursing through me. But I knew that even this was only a slight relief. Even after the pleasure ebbed, my head was still filled with lusty erotic thoughts and desires. I wished then briefly that Steve and Doris didn’t live so damn far away from us. Ever since our “Week in Paradise” I had seemed to be in a constantly elevated state of arousal. So having ‘new’ neighbors, and possibly one’s with whom we might eventually enjoy some naughty moments with, I was determined to do whatever was necessary to somehow assuage them to our lifestyle and ideas.

Putting myself back together then, as I still had much to do before the day was over. I rapped on the window so that Mike could hear me and know…I had enjoyed myself. I saw him turn towards the window, still unsure if he could see me or not. His smile told me he ‘knew’ I had enjoyed myself however, and that’s all that mattered at the moment anyway.

* * * * *

We had just finished dinner. It had given us the perfect opportunity to get to know Jeff and Stacy a little better. They’d been married a little over a year now, and were anxious and looking forward to settling into their first home. Jeff’s business would be slow in building since the move however, though he hoped some of our other neighbor’s would be interested in his services too. I told him I would certainly be a permanent client, provided he was as good as he said he was. A subtle hint that wasn’t missed by Mike but seemed taken for innocence by both Jeff as well as Stacy. I didn’t take Stacy for a prude, but by her demeanor, I knew she was fairly inexperienced and shy around people, a trait that made her both alluring and sexy as well as challenging. I had no idea how easy this would or wouldn’t be, but getting there one way or the other was half the fun anyway.

We’d gone into the living room and were relaxing over a glass of wine after dinner. Mike had once again brought up the subject of going out to sit in the hot tub in a bit. Stacy had stated that she had no idea where her bathing suit was at the moment, still packed away inside one of the many boxes she’d not gotten to yet. Mike had “hinted” teasingly about not needing suits, which didn’t seem to bother Jeff much. But Stacy had blushed bright red with the suggestion, and indicated that perhaps “one day” she’d consider doing that, but as we’d all just met and such…..”

“I know I have several extra ‘suits’ you can chose from.” I told her coming to her rescue. The last thing I wanted now was to scare her off, as that would effectively put Jeff out of reach as well. And though Mike was anxious to get a better look at Stacy’s ample breasts, he was going to have to be patient with the time it was going to take to accomplish that.

Gratefully, Stacy accepted the ‘offer’ as her immediate out, and ‘reprieve’ if you wanted to call it that, and I stood up in order to head upstairs to our bedroom to see about finding the ‘both’ of us a couple of suits. After all, it had been a while since I’d worn one out in the tub too.

As I headed out of the room, I immediately realized that the way everyone was sitting, only Jeff would be able to still see me as I headed up the staircase. Stacy was sitting in a chair facing away from me, and Mike’s view would be blocked as he was sitting in his easy chair against the wall. The ‘naughty’ in me decided to gamble a little, see what if anything by way of a reaction I might get out of Jeff by doing a little teasing at him as I ascended up the stairs. About midway up, I turned to look back down into the living room and sure enough, Jeff was watching me as I climbed the stairs. Smiling, I reached down and lifted the tee shirt I was wearing and briefly exposed one well rounded boob for him as I did. I saw his eyes widen and his face smile in surprise, and hurriedly made my way up the last remaining steps before Stacy could take notice and turn around to see what it was her husband was smiling at, though I don’t think she noticed as I could still hear her chatting with Mike. A few minutes later I came back down though bahis şirketleri I had changed into a fairly skimpy bikini, and handed a similarly designed one to Stacy.

“Here ya go Stacy. I think this one should easily fit you.” I said, and took notice that Jeff was eyeing the one I had put on. Stacy saw what I was wearing as well and commented on it.

“I’m not sure I can fill this out the way you seem to be doing.” She offered up, somewhat teasingly, but I also noted a tinge of concern to her voice as well. I decided to compliment her in hopes that it would put her at ease, as well as keep the door open to helping her get over her obvious shyness and inhibitions.

“As pretty as your breasts appear to be, I am sure you’ll look better in that suit than I ever did.”

Stacy’s face flushed, and Jeff jumped in strengthening the compliment, though I am sure that part of it was because after what I’d just done, his interest and curiosity was now aroused, and he didn’t want his own wife backing out of hot-tubing at this point.

“She’s right honey, you really do have wonderful boobs, and you should be proud of showing them off a little more.”

Stacy flashed her husband a pointed look, but I couldn’t tell if she’d done so in surprise at his own bold statement, or in shock that he was actually trying to coax her into doing something she really wasn’t comfortable in doing. Mike took over then, and I was glad that he did as it kept Stacy from saying or doing anything that might give her reason to not go upstairs and put the suit on.

“Jeff, why don’t you come with me, we’ll get things ready, and get some wine glasses out while Debra shows Stacy where she can change.” He stood up then, and Jeff immediately followed him back into the kitchen.

“Come on Stacy. I’ll show you where the bedroom is, and then you can come back down and join us once you’ve changed into your suit.”

After I’d shown her to the bedroom, I closed the door and headed back down stairs. I suddenly realized that I’d left one of my vibrators laying out on the nightstand and knew that Stacy would most likely spot it sitting there. “Oh well.” I thought. “If nothing else it might at least serve to put a thought of naughty curiosity in that inhibited little mind of hers!” I smiled to myself, wondering if she’d even truthfully know what it was used for. I almost imagined her walking over and turning it on, simply out of curiosity in the event she had never used on. Maybe she’d even press it up against herself in order to get an idea of what that erotic little vibration could actually do for a woman. I knew that these fantasy thoughts as they danced around in my mind were probably nothing more than that, pure imaginary pleasure, but if nothing else, it certainly served to enhance my own lusty desires. And I was more determined than ever to see if I could indeed seduce our handsome young next-door neighbor. Jeff and Mike were already sitting in the tub when I came outside and walked towards them.

“So do you think Stacy would have a problem if I took off my top at least?”

“I don’t really know.” Jeff stated honestly. “Maybe after you’ve both been in for a while and she’s had a little more wine. I doubt seriously she’d do it, but at least she might not care by then if you did.”

It sounded reasonable. And so slipping into the tub to sit between Mike and Jeff, we waited for Stacy to finally come out and join us too. I wasn’t about to let things cool down however, I wanted to keep the tease as well as the “edge” on things as sharp and as exciting as I dared to do and get away with without chasing Jeff as well as Stacy away.

“I am so glad to discover you give therapeutic massages for a living. I’ve got a horrible kink in my neck and shoulders. Perhaps it’s from sleeping funny or something, but it’s been driving me crazy. I really do need to set up an appointment with you as soon as you can fit me in.”

As I’d hoped, Jeff responded almost immediately to me. “Oh? Where specifically does it hurt?” He questioned.

I took that opportunity to slip around in front of where he was sitting and reached back with my hand to rub my own shoulder area in the imaginary spot of discomfort. “Right about here, but my neck is also stiff and a little sore as well.” Jeff without thinking really immediately reached out and began kneading the spot I had indicated as I sat with my back turned towards him. I pressed back against him slightly as though balancing myself in the water and felt what I knew immediately to be his very stiff erect cock pressing against my lower back. He made some effort to shift away from me even, causing me to lose contact with him, but I slid up against him once again until I could feel his hardness pressing against me. This time he didn’t try to move away, and as he continued massaging my neck and shoulders, I moaned contentedly.

“Hmmm. I really like the way that feels.” I moved up and down ever so slightly, rubbing his cock in the process as I did, and hoped that the implied comment about liking what I was feeling would make him wonder if I was in fact talking about the feel of his prick stabbing my back, and not what it hands were doing that I was commenting on. Though what he was doing certainly did feel good too.

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