The Mystic Adventure Ch. 02

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The first thing I noticed was the sound – the relative lack of sound actually. The stillness of the morning, at anchor, in a cove miles from any real semblance of civilization, is almost eerie. That kind of silence accentuates what little sound there is and amplifies the effect. It’s hard to describe that particular sound; of tiny waves gently lapping the side of the boat; the gentle thump of the dinghy nudging up along side like he’s asking if anyone is awake.

I lay on the cockpit cushions with my eyes closed as my brain slowly powered back up and began to piece together the situation. Normally, I don’t sleep very deeply while on a boat – especially at anchor. There are so many things that can go wrong – dragging the anchor, another boat dragging into me, weather that pops up quickly – that I seem to almost sleep with one eye open as they say.

Right now, it feels like I’ve been in a coma. I seem to be partially covered by a sheet but I’ve kicked or twisted most of it off of me. An occasional wisp of warm breeze plays over me and causes the halyards to gently clank against the mast. Other than that, there’s nothing.

So, let’s see. I’m on the boat; check. At anchor; check. Weather’s fine; check. Kim and Kell; oh fuck. Oh. Fuck. I open my eyes but I don’t really see anything except the movie playing in my head. It’s not playing straight through but more of a highlight reel, or a flashback montage of the events of last night. It almost seems like it really is a movie – that those things happened to some actor in an impossibly well-directed porno that could never exist in real life. No, it was me. It happened. I rewound a few times; slowed it down in several places. Jump ahead to scene five; back to scene three. The finale. Shit.

Well, I guess my dick still works since this brain movie has caused a stir under the sheet that is barely covering me. God, I still can’t believe what happened and how it felt. That was simply the hottest thing that I have ever experienced. It was a perfect mix of warmth, tease, beauty, playfulness, and out and out, down and dirty smut that I just can’t quite process it all. Maybe I’m going to have to tackle this over time. I really should check the boat.

I lift my head and try to bring the world into focus. My abs ache slightly. Oh yeah, I remember; watching them work on my cock. Focus. OK; Marinas Cay; weather looks good; we haven’t dragged and we’re not too close to any other boats. Cool. I realize that I really tensed up there for a few seconds – almost a panic as I realized I had been so out of it for so long and had not been “on watch” so to speak. With the quick assessment completed, I relaxed again. The girls. Hmm. Not here. I had another brief panic wondering if they had fallen overboard or something but I’m sure they are just down below.

I rise up and clear a few more cobwebs from my head and crud from my eyes. I grab my trunks, which are neatly folded next to me, and slide them on. I’m still a little hard from the recent movie review so I have to do some adjusting. One more look around to check the conditions and then I move to the companionway and go below. I poke my head in the starboard stateroom; no girls. I see a bathing suit bottom on the cabin sole in front of the port stateroom. Hmm. Then a tank top that says “Drink, Stink, and Go-Naked” about a foot away. Yeah, I feel ya buddy. Let me just adjust myself a little better.

I quietly peek in the room and see the two girls entwined on the bed asleep, breathing softly, totally naked. It’s a scene that is almost artful and incredibly sexy hot at the same time. Kell is on her back and Kim is laying on her back partially on top of her; like they had been in a spooning position on their right sides and then rolled backward onto their backs. Their legs are tangled together and partly opened. The view gave me another jump as I realized that despite what happened last night, I really hadn’t seen either of them naked before; not counting Kim’s tits of course.

Kim had dark hair, trimmed into a small landing strip. Kelly’s right hand was resting on the crook of Kim’s thigh, tantalizingly close to Kim’s cunt. The casualness of it made it that much sexier.

I found myself hesitating to look at Kelly and I didn’t really know why. It was almost like I had been imagining this for such a long time and wondering and hoping and fantasizing about it so much, that I wanted to prolong the tease. Sometimes, the idea of something ends up being better than the actual thing that you are picturing. Yeah, but who am I kidding. I have to look.

Nope. This was every bit as good if not better than I imagined. She had blond hair; so light that it was almost hard to see. It was trimmed into a small patch above her pussy but it wasn’t cut real short. It was curly, and wispy and impossibly sexy. I instantly imagined her taking the time to shave and trim and make everything beautiful for whoever might happen to see it and frankly, the thought of that is hot as hell.

I zoomed out to take in the whole picture again and just wallowed in the smoking hotness of it. Clearly, after bağcılar escort they had taken care of me last night; and I passed out like schoolboy leaving them high and (not so) dry; they had come down here and taken care of each other. I tried to imagine what they did and how they did it and I basically just have to stop. My cock is really getting hard now and I’d feel like a letch if they woke up and saw me looking at them with a hard-on.

I quietly head back to the galley and try to make coffee as silently as I can.

Grabbing the chart book and my cup, I head back up on deck to put up the shade Bimini and think about planning the rest of the trip. In the haste of getting away and getting the girls briefed on the boat, I realized that I hadn’t really planned where I was going to go. It’s easy enough to wing-it down here but I wanted to have some semblance of a plan and make sure the girls had a chance to see the special things that were around. As I thought about where to go next, I heard the clank of a coffee mug from down below and then, a few seconds later, Kelly came up through the companionway.

She was squinting in the growing sunlight and her hair was lightly mussed which, of course, made her all that much more beautiful in my eyes. She was wearing one of my button down flannel shirts that I had brought just in case there were some slightly chilly nights. Only the middle two buttons were buttoned which meant that the curve of the inside of each breast was just visible in the V.

As she stood up she looked at me, smiled, put her coffee down, and did a big morning stretch/yawn. “Morning.”

As she stretched her arms out and back, and then clasped them behind her head, her shirt rose up and exposed the pink panties that were barely covering her pussy.

Fuck. She was absolutely gorgeous. “Good morning.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I borrowed your shirt.”

“It looks good on you.” The understatement of the year.

She looked around and took in the view of the island; the cove; the other boats on the glassy water. It was dusk when we had gotten in last night and with dinner, drinks, and oh yeah, the mind-blowing sex, she hadn’t really had a chance to get a look at the place. Now, in the quiet of the morning, she was able to really absorb it.

“I guess there really aren’t the right words are there?” She turned back to me like she was giving up trying to say something about the scene.

“I know. You can’t really describe it to someone, and pictures sell it short too. You just have to be here and experience it you know?”

She didn’t say anything. She just looked back out across the water.

“Can I walk around on the deck up there?”

“Yeah. Just watch your step and hold on to a lifeline or a stay until you feel steady.”

She stepped up out of the cockpit and onto the deck leaning over to grab the lifeline as she did. Of course in doing this, her shirt rode up in back giving me a peek at her ass and a flash of panty covered pussy. Again, the non-sexual aspect of the whole instant was so casual that it made it ten times sexier than if she had bent over and stuck her ass out. That would probably work as well though, I heard my little friend say.

She walked up to the bow of the boat and stood there taking in the scenery. I swear she looked like a model in a photo shoot. The breeze was gently blowing her hair back and occasionally flipping back the sides of the bottom of her shirt. The fleeting glimpses of the side of her ass was mesmerizing. She seemed to sense me looking at her, glanced back, smiled, and made her way back along the port side to the cockpit.

I took her hand to help her step back into the cockpit and as she leaned over to step down, her shirt gaped open giving me a glorious view of her breasts.

“Hey,” she said.


“Sleep well?”

“Like the dead.”

“Good coffee. What kind is this?”

“Um, it’s some sort of Spanish coffee. Yeah it’s good.” I paused a bit. Were we dancing around the 600 pound gorilla in the cockpit? “Kell, I gotta say, last night was the most mind blowing thing that I’ve ever experienced.”

She sat down next to me and put her head on my shoulder. “I know huh? I’m almost embarrassed by the things I did and said but I was so horny and it felt good to just let go. I think some inner-slut came out that I didn’t know I had.”

“Heh, yeah, I guess so,” I chuckled. “I feel like a chump for basically passing out on you. I desperately wanted to repay the favors but I think my body just shut down it was so intense.”

“You know what, it was actually really hot to see what effect I – we – had on you; kind of empowering if you know what I mean. There’s nothing you have to apologize for. Besides, Kim and I managed to have some fun without you.” She looked up at me and gave a wry smile and then kissed me on the cheek. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“Oh, um, the chart book. It shows all the islands and the various anchorages. I was just trying to figure out what our itinerary should be.”

“Cool. bahçelievler escort Where are we going?” She snuggled in a little closer as I showed her the charts and told her what I was thinking. I guess I was a little worried that the morning after would be a little awkward but it couldn’t have been more natural and easy. I think The Pact was working. We were just having fun and not overanalyzing things. God she smelled good. She must have re-applied that body lotion or whatever it was because she had no right to smell that good after a day on the water and a night of hot sex.

“Well that looks comfy Kell.” Kim had appeared in the companion way and we hadn’t even noticed her.

“Umm, it is,” Kelly giggled. “Brad was showing me all the places we can go. “Oh! Kim, look over there. Look at that little beach.” Kelly pointed over to the small beach that she had been looking at when she was up on the bow. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Kim looked up from the chart book and gazed around the boat. Like Kelly, she hadn’t really realized the idyllic setting we had pulled into last night. “Jesus Christ,” she muttered as she took it in. She spotted the palm-lined beach that Kelly was pointing to.

As all this was taking place, I was just staring at Kim. She was wearing a tiny bikini top that was just devastating. The straps and edges were trimmed in bright blue while what barely covered her breasts was some kind of very fine white mesh fabric such that her dark nipples were clearly visible. She had a wrap on below but I’m sure it covered an equally tiny and see-through bottom. Her stomach was taut and browned and she had a small belly button piercing that I hadn’t noticed last night.

As she turned to take in the scenery, I could tell from the outlines through the bikini wrap that the suit bottom she had on was the Tonga style; the kind that doesn’t go in the crack like a thong but also only half covers the butt cheeks. I had to tear my eyes from her and look back down at the chart book or I was going to knock the book off my lap with my hardening cock. Shit, I don’t know if I can take this for the rest of the trip.

“Are we allowed on that beach?” Kim turned back to me. “It looks like it’s straight from one of those Corona Beer commercials. I have got to sit on that chair that’s down by the water.”

She was talking about the wooden chair, two chairs actually, that were in the sand right at the edge of the water. They were strategically placed there to let the sitter be sort of half-in and half-out of the water and bask in the sun. Two palm trees drooped lazily over them creating a scene straight from a postcard.

“Yeah, sure,” I answered. “I know it looks private but you can absolutely use it.”

“Oh man, we gotta hit that Kell.” She paused like she just remembered something and then came over to me, leaned past Kelly, and stuck her tongue in my mouth.


She disengaged leaving me startled with my mouth hanging open. “By the way, good morning Brad. Thanks for making coffee. How are you feeling?” She kissed Kelly sweetly on the tip of her nose and stood back up.

“Umm, uhh, Good. You’re welcome. Uh, Thanks.” I was struggling to make a coherent sentence come out of my mouth while it still hung open.

“You are so bad Kim,” Kelly playfully slapped Kim’s arm after she unleashed the two radically different kisses.

“You’re not too far behind Kell.”

Kelly looked down, apparently remembering something “bad” that she had recently done, and sheepishly grinned, “I know.”

I got up and went below to grab some bagels and cut up some fruit and to try and contain the lust that was building in my groin. We had breakfast on deck in the shade of the Bimini as the sun quickly heated up the day.

“I’m going to finish planning our route and radioing to a couple of restaurants for some reservations. Why don’t you two take the dink over to the beach and relax for a bit.”

The both looked at me like I was an alien. “What, in the hell, is a dink?” Kim said flatly.

“Oh. The dinghy,” I said pointing to the inflatable boat that was tied to the stern. “It’s called a dink for short, sorry.”

“Oh, man. I thought you were saying take the ‘dick’ to the beach. I thought you had some sort of sex toy you were offering us!” We all laughed at the misunderstanding although I was also intrigued that that was where her mind went when in doubt. Hmm.

I showed them how to operate the motor and how to kick it up so they could pull the ‘dink’ onto the sand. They grabbed some suntan oil and put some wine coolers in a little thermal bag, jumped in the boat and headed for shore. I watched them all the way over and was amazed at how well they handled the boat. Kelly seemed to pick up things after only one explanation. She kind of reminded me of a Tom-Boy type; the kind that grow up with a bunch of brothers or a father who is a mechanic or something, and they pick up the guy-stuff by osmosis. The fact that she was beautiful as well made it seem like she was a movie bahçeşehir escort character that was perfectly scripted by a writer with the power of the pen. Yet here she was, on my boat, in my life. What the fuck? How is this possible? I shook my head and tried to concentrate on my chores.

I looked over at them occasionally as I worked around the boat. They were simply relaxing in the sun, enjoying the small waves on the beach. I saw them one time walking along the sand bending down every once in a while to look at something; probably a shell or something. They both had on bikinis and looked like they were models on location for a photo shoot. I half expected to see a team of hair and make up artists, a photog, and a bunch of guys standing around holding those reflectors, scurrying around them.

Part of the daily ritual of life on a sailboat is running the engine for a couple of hours. The engine drives a generator to recharge the batteries, which are used power the radio, GPS, and other instruments. It also runs a compressor to chill down the icebox and, as kind of a free benefit, heats up a fresh water tank so you can get a hot shower if you want it. Kind of contradicts the “stink” part of the sailor’s creed but it feels good when you need it.

After working on deck for a bit, I decided to take advantage of the shower and clean myself up. I had worked up quite a sweat and was still rather spunky after the ‘workout’ I had last night. The girls must have come back while I was lathered up – the running water and the engine noise masking their return.

“There you are!” I looked up to see Kelly poking her head in the door to the head. “You’re taking a shower? I thought that was cheating!”

“Hey!” I was startled and caught off guard. My first reaction was to turn away. It’s not like there’s an actual shower stall with a curtain or something. The head is so small that the whole thing just doubles as a shower. You grab the shower head off the wall and hose yourself down right next to the toilet and sink. I quickly realized that there was no point in being modest after what had already transpired.

“It’s just an excuse for when you do stink. We don’t have to stink if we don’t need to.”

“Oh thank god. I thought I was going to have to be smelly all week. “

You don’t know the meaning of smelly, I said to myself.

Kelly pulled her head back, “Kim! Shower time,” and stepped back in.

Oh man. Here we go.

Now, despite the size of this boat, the head – the bathroom/shower combo room – is quite small. It’s barely big enough for one person and now it was considerably tighter. Kelly was still wearing her bikini and she was still oiled up from her time sunning on the beach.

“Kind of cramped in here, huh? You don’t mind if we join you do you? Might as well save water right?”

“Um, yeah. Good thinking.” My dick was starting to make it even more crowded in here.

Kelly looked down at my stiffening cock and reached down and stroked it. “You’re probably pretty crusty after last night. You need some help getting cleaned up?” She giggled and looked up at me with a smile and a wink. She found the soap dispenser on the wall and squirted some in her hand and went back to work on my dick.

“Is this where the party is?” Kim opened the door, looked at us pressed together, and stepped in. This pushed Kelly into me and drove my cock up against her belly. Of course Kim, seemingly always ready for anything, was already buck naked. She grabbed a squirt of soap and reached around Kelly and started washing my back. She ran her hands down my back to my ass and slipped one hand down my crack grazing a finger along my asshole. Oh fuck.

She squatted down and brought her left hand back around and started lathering up Kelly’s ass. Kelly was busy stroking my cock and licking my nipples when she gave a little “Uhhh” and pressed into me a little harder. Kim slid her hand between Kelly’s legs and lathered my balls. So Kim had one hand around the back of me, running a soapy finger back and forth over my asshole, the other hand coming from the front, through Kelly’s legs, foaming up my balls and fingering Kelly around the strip of her thong, with her head presumably smashed up against Kelly’s ass. Jesus Christ.

All right, enough of this. I’m all for girls who take charge in bed but it’s time to do some fucking. I grabbed Kelly by the waist and hoisted her up onto the sink top and wedged myself between her legs. I reached down, pulled her suit aside and put the head of my cock at the edge of her cunt. I looked into her eyes and she looked at me. I paused and grabbed the back of her head to pull it closer to me so our noses are almost touching. My eyes say “Yeah, I’m gonna pound you,” and I drive my cock into her.

“Ohh fuuuck,” Kelly moans as I practically split her in two. I leave my cock buried to the hilt and pull her mouth to mine and drive my tongue into it like I just did with my cock in her cunt. I can feel her cunt pulsing on my cock and then her body tenses and shutters. She opens her mouth around my tongue and half moans, half screams as her body continues to convulse. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me in tighter and moans again. The thought that I made her come with just one thrust and the feeling of her cunt still pulsing on my cock is threatening to push me over the edge. I force that thought out of my mind. I’m going to well and truly fuck this chick damn it.

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