The mysterious party

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First of all I have to tell you I am not a native English speaker so their may be some errors in my grammar. Despite that I hope you understand and like my fantasy. Part of it is a real life experience.

One day I as visiting a friend of mine. A few years earlier we had a relationship for two years but we both agreed we were no marriage material. One thing was always perfect between us and that was making love. After we broke up we decided to stay friends ‘with benefits’. So we did.

That day I was visiting she told me I couldn’t stay for the evening because she had a girl’s party. Five of her best female friends were going to visit that evening for some selling party, like a Tupperware party. She was very mysterious about what kind of a party it exactly was.

After we had dinner she started to get ready to receive her friends. She than offered me to stay in the basement during the party and watch some TV. But she made very clear that under no circumstances I was allowed to come out of the basement. I had to promise not to make noise and to keep the sound of the TV down. Her friends were not allowed to know I was there. I promised I would do all that and went down to the basement with a few bottles of beer. I switched on the TV and opened a bottle. I needed no selling party with women. I had my beer and a movie!

After a few minutes I heard the doorbell upstairs and a moment later a few female voices. The guests were arriving. After a few more doorbell rings I guessed al the guests were there and the party was about to start. I heard the women chat and laugh. Then I heard the sound of glasses on a tray. So I guessed the party has started. I continued watching the movie and minding my beer. In the background were the voices of my friend and her guests.

After some time the party seemed to get to the next level. There was a lot of laughter and giggling. I became a little curious what this party was all about. I became really curious when I heard some ohhs and ahhs and a few wows. The giggling went louder and louder. I decided to sneak up the stairs to eardrop a little and see if I could make out what the party was about. So I crawled very carefully up the stairs. Then I saw the basement door to the living room was open, just a few centimeters. But just enough to get a glance of what was going on in the living room. I had to crawl to the top step to have a good view. What I saw startled me… I saw a woman dressed in jeans sitting on the couch, legs spread, pressing a buzzing vibrator against her crotch. She was giggling and she told the others what she felt. There was a little moaning in her voice. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. Then I heard the sales lady tell her that she could take it to the toilet, together with some cleaning wipes, to try the toy the proper way. I saw her stand up, the vibrator still between her legs, picking up some wipes and leaving for the toilet.

That moment I realized she had to pass the basement door to get there and I jumped back a few steps. I lost my balance and I fell backwards to the side of the stairs against a stupid Delft blue windmill. The breaking of the Delft blue piece sounded as a bomb explosion. The woman stopped and she opened the basement door and looked me right in the face. She screamed! My friend jumped up from her chair, realizing what was happening. She started shouting at me and calling me names. The woman with the vibrator was shocked and angry and she saw my boner through my pants. She cried out: The dirt bag has a hard on! Then the selling lady called my friend and she whispered in her ear for about a minute. The angry look in the face of my friend changed into a smile and she said: OK, great idea. That will teach him!

My friend told me to enter the living room and stand in the middle of the circle of her friends. I did it without a complaint. I was glad she wasn’t angry anymore so I felt lucky. That feeling changed when she said: I heard you got a boner from my friend. Since you got it from her she is entitled to see it, so drop your pants and show her your hard on. I hesitated till she shouted: DO IT!. I realized she was still pissed off and better do what she ordered me to do. So I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. Underwear to she said. I pulled down my boxers as well and stood there in front of her friend, nude from the waist down.

My hard on was completely tuzla escort gone from all the excitement of my discovery. Her friend noticed it to and she looked disappointed. Then my friend ordered me to make myself hard again in front of her friend. I knew there was no way out so I started to stroke my cock. It was getting hard again and her friend stared right at it and smiled. I like that, she said. Nice boner! Then the sales lady said to me: Since you are here now you can poor us all a drink. I looked at my friend and hoped she would send me back to the basement. Instead of that she said to me: You heard the lady, do it and do it naked. So take off the rest of your clothes. I knew I was fucked and better do all they wanted from me. So I took off all my clothes and went to the kitchen to make the drinks. It was easy for me; they all drank Vodka and Coke. From the kitchen I could see the party was going on. When I entered the living room, carrying the tray with drinks, one of the women noticed I was not fully hard anymore. She stopped me by grabbing my dick. While I was standing there, balancing the tray she started stroking my dick till it was pounding hard again. Then my friend took over. She gave it some firm and fast strokes and I felt an orgasm was on the way. Since she knows me, she noticed it and said: If you dare to cum or spill the drinks you are in real trouble. Balancing the drinks was getting harder and harder. Just before I was going to cum she stopped and ordered me to serve the drinks. Gratefully I did.

After serving the drinks I was standing there with an empty tray and a rock hard cock, not knowing what to do next. The selling lady came with the solution. She asked my friend if she could use me as a guinea pig during the evening. My friend grinned and said: Yes, but I don’t want him watching us all the time. What can we do about that? Again the selling lady had the solution. She opened her sample case and took out a blindfold. Put this on him, she said. My friend took the blindfold and wrapped it around my head. It became pitch black. Now I had only my ears to determine what was going on. The first sound I heard was a metal sound. The selling lady said to my friend: Here, put these also on him. Before I realized what happened my arms were forced to my back and cold metal cuffs closed around my wrists. My friend told me to stand next to her chair and be still. I did as ordered and hoped my part for the evening wouldn’t be too hard for me. I felt quite ashamed standing there in front of seven women who could see all of me and not be able to see them. With this thought my hard on faded slowly. A few minutes later this was noticed and a hand grabbed my cock and began to stroke it again. The selling lady said: Here, put this on him. It will help him to stand to attention for a while. The hand that was stroking me (was it my friend or someone else?) loosened grip and some kind of strap was wrapped around the base of my dick. It was pulled very tight so no blood was able to leave my cock. The hand started rubbing me again and I felt my cock swelling till it was pounding and getting a little painful. I was rock hard now and was going to be that way till someone would loosen it again. I heard one of the women say: Wow, you can see the veins in his cock throbbing. I felt they were all watching me but now my erection couldn’t fade.

The party went on and apart from some remarks about my little soldier I was left alone. I heard the lady tell about all the different toys and how to use them accompanied with buzzing sounds and suppressed moans. Then I heard one of the women ask: Can I use it on my husband as well? Well, let’s try my friend responded. An object was placed right under my balls and started buzzing. I jumped and all the women were laughing. An electrifying sensation went through my loin. I had trouble standing up straight and my knees went weak. Moans came out of my throat and I lost control over my breathing. The women were all cheering. He’s going to cum, he’s going to cum. OH NO, my friend said and the buzzing stopped. I gasped for breath. I was still on the edge of having an orgasm. It took me several minutes for me to recover. The women were giggling. Then I heard one woman say: Can I try that blue one on me for a moment. The selling lady said: Of course you can. Take some wiped and retire yourself in the restroom. Then the woman said: Why tuzla escort bayan should I, he is the naked one drawing all the attention. Besides that, I like the looks of a hard cock when I am playing with myself. So if you all don’t mind I will do it here. Nobody seemed to mind and I heard the sound of a zipper and of drawn down clothes. There was a lot of giggling in the group an also some admiring remarks. Then there was a buzzing sound from the other side of the room and after a minute I heard someone breathing heavily. The breathing became moaning and after another minute I heard a woman having an almost silent orgasm. The other women applauded for her. Before cleaning her toy with a wipe she came on to me, grabbed my balls firmly and ordered me to open my mouth. I did and she inserted the toy in my mouth and ordered me to suck it clean. The female taste was strong and it aroused me. Willingly I licked it all off. She pinched my balls hard and left again.

The party went on again and suddenly I heard my friend say: Hey, I used one like this on him while we were having sex. It was a pink one that was a lot smaller than this one. I tried to figure out what she was referring to but couldn’t get it in my mind. Maybe because all my blood was in my loin.
Then my friend ordered me to stand in the middle of the group and bend over. I suddenly remembered but it was too late. I felt a cold thick fluid running into the crack of my ass and moments later I felt something pressing against my tight hole. I heard my friend voice saying to me: I know you love it baby, just relax! A pair of hands held my head down so I couldn’t escape. I tried to relax while the object was pressing harder and harder. Then my natural defense broke and the object started to slide inside me. I could feel this plug was bigger than the but plug my friend used on me before. It started to hurt and more KY jelly was applied. Slowly and increasingly more painful it went on. Just before the moment I wanted to scream of pain my but hole closed around the slimmer base of the plug. IT WAS IN and hurting like hell. Hot flames were flashing through my abdomen and I felt I was going to faint. Then my friend gently took my dick and kissed it. She said: You are a brave boy! Then she squished my balls so hard that it made me forget the pain in my but. After a few minutes the pain faded away and made place for a much filled sensation. The plug was so big, I couldn’t have my legs together. The pressure inside me was so big that I had to spread my legs to take some of it away.

All the time I must have been moaning and talking because someone said: Oh, shut him up, he is driving me crazy!. The selling lady said. I just have the right thing here to do that, and she laughed. My friend laughed and said: He will hate it, but… whatever. I had to open my mouth and a ball, a little smaller than a baseball was inserted in my mouth. A little strap was attached to it that was closed behind my neck so I couldn’t spit out the ball.

There I was standing, helpless, unable to see, to speak and to close my legs, the toy of seven women. The but plug was so deep inside me that it was pressing against my blather and the need to pee increased by it. I didn’t dare to ask if I could go to the toilet afraid of what my friend would do with this knowledge. And I thought the strap around my cock was too tight to let the pee out. So I hoped I was safe for some time.

Then all of a sudden my friend uncuffed me, turned me around so I was facing the wall and took the blindfold off. Then she ordered me to refill all the glasses and serve them to her friends. And don’t look at my friends, look at the floor. So I took the tray and collected the glasses. While doing this, hands were squeezing my balls, stroking my cock and some even pulled at the plug that was firm in my ass. I tried to ignore all this but it was very hard. While walking through the room, collecting glasses I saw a few glimpses of the women sitting there. One was naked from the waist down. I thought she might be the one who had an orgasm in front of everyone. I saw another woman almost topless. My friend was wearing a skirt but I couldn’t see under it. Two other women were wearing skirts, one of them was the selling lady. On the floor I counted three pairs of panties. DON’T LOOK, just do your jobs, my friend shouted at me. With slightly opened legs I waggled to the kitchen escort tuzla and did my chores there.

With a full tray I came back to serve the drinks. Hands were all over me again and when I was bending over to put the first glass on the table a hand grabbed my cock from behind and started to milk me like a cow. I couldn’t move. The only thing I could do was standing there balancing the tray, hoping she would stop before I had to cum and drop the tray. All the women were listening to my breathing and were staring at the milking hand. The orgasm started to cum up from my balls and I started to shake. The ice cubes in the glasses were making tickling noises. Then she stopped. My whole body was shaking and one glass was spilling some Vodka and Coke. I had to stand still for at least another minute in order not to cum. I managed to suppress the orgasm and went on with my serving duty. After I served all the ladies and was fondled by all of them I was blindfolded and cuffed again.

Now my friend took a wooden dining room chair and told me to sit down. I did as I was told and the but plug pushed deeper into my ass pressing even more on my blather. I was starting to lose control over my blather and pee was dripping from my rock hard cock. Now I had to ask my friend if I was allowed to use the toilet. Since I was sitting next to her I tried to whisper through my ball gag that I had to pee. It came out as a sort of mumbling. She couldn’t understand a word I said. Then she saw pee dripping from my dick and she laughed out loud and said to everyone: Our boy has to pee, but since he is cuffed and blindfolded he will not be able to aim right. Does anyone of you want to help him out? Two of the ladies volunteered and accompanied me to the toilet. They placed me in front of the toilet bowl and one of them took the strap off my cock while the other massaged my balls.

Peeing through a hard on isn’t easy but my blather was so full that it came out with force. Now two hands were around my cock aiming my spurt of pee into the toilet bowl. After I finished, what seemed to take forever, one hand started to stroke my cock again till it was rock hard again. Then the woman ordered me to go down on my knees. I did as I was told to do. After a minute I felt something warm and wet touch the tip of my cock. Then I felt a hot pussy sliding around my hard on. The woman actually started to fuck me. It felt so good and by all the teasing during the evening my balls were swollen and wanting to explode in a huge orgasm. But just before I did she stopped and she was sliding off my dick. A disappointed moan escaped my mouth through the gag. The women made me stand up again and they brought me back to the living room.

The woman who fucked me said: Guess what, the fucker wanted to spurt his load deep in my pussy! So, my friend said, you wanted to cum in private in my friends pussy eh, you dirt bag! Lie down on the floor on your back and do it now! Again I did as I was told to do. Then my friend removed the gag from my mouth. A moment later I smelled the scent of her pussy. She straddled my face and I started to lick her, very wet, pussy and drank her juices. It took me only a few minutes to make her cum. She moaned loud and shouted YES!… Then she squirted all over my face and in my mouth. I drank it all and licked my lips. She tasted fantastic. I always loved her taste. Then my friend said: OK ladies, finish him!

From that moment on hand were everywhere and pussies were on my face. I licked them all and drank their juices. Then my friend took over again and straddled my cock. She started to fuck me slow and deep the way only she can do. I felt my orgasm coming from far away, determine to explode this time. Just before I exploded she pulled back and grabbed my cock with both hands and jerked me of like there as no tomorrow. Finally I exploded. The first spurt reached my hair and eyes, the second went right into my opened mouth. The third, fourth and fifth came onto my neck, chest and belly.

There I was, laying on the floor, covered with my own cum and the juice of several pussies, blindfolded and cuffed with a big plug up my ass. Some hands helped me stand up and my friend took off the cuffs and the blindfold. Then she ordered me to go back to the basement and clean myself.
I went downstairs and into the shower. It was a very painful job to remove the but plug but I finally managed. After that I took a shower and went back to my beer and the TV. The party upstairs lasted for another few hours with lots of moans and orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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