The Museum Pt. 03 of 03

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However, when I got home, I learned that Dwayne had invited some friends over the following evening. With all the evenings I had been spending away from home lately – not to mention all the sex he had been missing out on – I could hardly blame him for trying to revive our social life.

As soon as I could, I texted Eddy, informing him of the situation and told him I’d swing by the museum around noon the following day, for a quickie. I emphasized that there wouldn’t be a lot of time, as I only had an hour for lunch. In his reply, he had quipped that speed wouldn’t be a problem and that he would be waiting for me in his office.

The following day, during lunch hours, I headed over to the museum. As I made my way to Eddy’s office, I noticed that several air-conditioning units had been opened. Some of them were leaking and had plastic containers underneath them to keep the water from ruining the floors. As I approached his office, I noticed that his door was ajar and I could hear him talking. I knocked and carefully entered, finding him on the phone.

Eddy raised his hand, gave me an apologetic face and pointed at the small air-conditioning unit in his office, which had been largely dismantled. I nodded, signaling that I understood and waited, just standing there for about a minute, while he continued talking to the technician.

Judging from his frustration, he had been on the phone for quite a while and they clearly weren’t making much headway. Not having a lot of time to wait around, I closed and locked the door, stepped out of my high heels and took off my coat, letting it fall to the floor.

Eddy – still talking on the phone – smiled and leered at me as I took off my skirt, blouse, bra and panties in rapid succession. Now, stark naked, I walked up to him, pushed his chair slightly back and got on my knees, crawling half under his desk. While he raised his voice at the technician, demanding to speak to his supervisor, I unbuttoned his pants, pulled his small and soft cock out and began stroking it gently.

Considering the circumstances and although he was talking about quite a boring subject, he got hard rather quickly. After about half a minute, I looked up at him, as I slowly engulfed his dick with my slutty mouth. While he continued ranting, I began sucking him off, bobbing my head up and down and using my tongue to lick his shaft – and balls – up and down. The fact that he was otherwise preoccupied and hardly reacted to anything I did, made me feel even more of a slut.

I sucked him off for about ten minutes, naked, under his desk, like a cheap slut. Then, after all that time, he simply shuddered for a few moments as he came. I swallowed everything he shot in my mouth, licked his cock clean, gave his balls an extra lick and then crawled out from under his desk. He gave me a slap on my naked butt, causing me to look back at him and smile. As he was still talking – and showing no sign of quitting any time soon – I started putting on my clothes again. Then, without giving him another look, I simply walked out. Needless to say, that gave me a real kick!

It took me the whole car ride back to school to wipe the smirk off my face; I had sucked him off in the most casual and indifferent way imaginable.

In the afternoon, I got a text from Eddy, which read:

Sorry ’bout today. Liked your creative approach though. Will have to punish you for walking out without saying goodbye though.

I smiled and replied:

See that you do. Looking forward to it. See you Monday!

I won’t bore you with how Friday and the weekend went. Needless to say, Dwayne got as much action as a my grandma during Christmas mass. I counted the days, and hours, until I could see Eddy again. Sunday evening I got another text from him, asking me to wear my yoga uniform and be at the museum no later than 5.30pm.

So, the following day, after my last class, I changed into my yoga outfit in the school bathrooms and headed over to the museum. I turned quite a few heads in my black, stretch yoga pants and ditto tank top. As soon as Eddy saw me, he escorted me to his office as inconspicuously as possible. Once inside of his office, he kissed me passionately and groped my tits for about thirty seconds. Then, he growled – clearly horny – “Suck my cock!”

Happy to oblige, I sank to my knees, swallowed his big cock and nursed on it for about five minutes. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out of my mouth – that was a surprise – and grunted, “Lean back!” As he began jacking off like a mad man, I quickly leaned back on both hands and watched him dump his gooey load onto my black tank top.

As soon as he caught his breath again, he whispered, “Leave it… don’t clean it up, I want to you to walk around like that!”

“Like this?” I asked somewhat surprised, as I glanced down at my top. His cum was thick, white and very gooey, making for disgusting contrast with the black, glossy fabric. Combined with the distinctive splatter-pattern, the image left very little to the imagination. There was no doubt in my mind that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri anyone who laid eyes on me – and my top – would know what a cheap cumslut I was.

“Mmmm,” he just nodded.

“Where?” I asked, feeling my pussy getting moist.

“Up to you, but somewhere people can see you,” he said, zipping up. I got up, nodded as I swallowed out of nervousness and walked out of his office. I walked down the service corridor and then back into the museum. If my outfit had caused heads to turn before, it would sure do so now, I reckoned, as I looked down at the disgusting globs of sperm on my top, one more time.

I was actually somewhat proud to be Eddy’s cumslut and I honestly didn’t mind walking around with his cum on my top for everyone to see. I just didn’t want to lose my job over it, so, I kept my back towards people, until I was sure they weren’t students, faculty, friends or anyone else I knew. Once I was sure of that, I approached them for my ‘cum walk”.

First, there were two senior women, very sophisticated and posh, who had already been looking at me funny for wearing such a leisurely outfit to the museum. But once they got a good look at the filthy sperm on my top, they gasped in absolute shock. As they began whispering behind my back, I could feel my pussy getting even wetter than it already was. In another hall, there was a lone, young man, in a business suit, whispering on the phone – apparently he was too busy to get off the phone, even surrounded by such fine art.

I walked up to him and lingered by the same sculpture – although he wasn’t really paying attention to it. I waited patiently for him to notice me, then the cum on my top. He was baffled and stammered on the phone for a few seconds, as I looked him straight in the eye and smiled. He couldn’t believe his eyes and remained silent on the phone for the longest time. After allowing him to gawk at my top for a few more seconds, I turned and walked away, realizing I had most likely given him a massive boner.

Lastly, I spotted a young couple, loitering in the middle of the main hall. Their two young kids were playing around with one of the interactive displays about thirty meters from them. I slowly walked up to them, realizing that – especially in this outfit – the guy would surely check me out. He did, and as soon as he noticed the cum, his jaw dropped and he began gawking at my chest, nearly drooling. This behavior, off course, did not go unnoticed by his significant other. As soon as she laid eyes on me – and the disgusting cum on my top – she turned towards him and punched him on the shoulder, quite hard.

But even after that, he still took his sweet time taking his eyes off me, which only irritated her more. After slapping him a second time, just as I passed them by, she stormed off towards the exit, shooting me a dirty and angry look. Finally realizing the gravity of the situation, he took his eyes off me and ran after her. With no one else left in the main hall, I turned and walked back towards Eddy’s office, providing him with a detailed report of my ‘cum walk’.

When I was done telling him about my scandalous, little performances, he walked up to me and began fidgeting with my top. Without saying a word, he was directing me to pull my arms out – I assumed he wanted to take it off. However, he had something a lot more sordid in mind. After helping me pull my arms out of my top, he folded it onto my face, pressing the cum covered part of it against my skin. God, I was such a slut for him!

“Get on your back,” he whispered. I knew he didn’t want me to uncover my face, so I got on my back on the cold floor and spread my legs, while his cum – along with my top – clung to my face. He quickly shoved his hard cock in and started fucking me. The mere sight of me – in that degrading position – must have greatly expedited things, because Eddy climaxed less than two minutes later. He pulled his throbbing cock out of my twat and splattered his load on the other side of my top, covering my face. Now, both sides of my top were covered in his goo.

When he was done with me, I just lay there for a minute or so, catching my breath, trying to cope with my own horniness. Then, I carefully pulled my drenched top over my head, used a clean part of it to wipe his smeared out cum off my slut face and threw it behind me somewhere.

Even after wiping off my face, it was still moist with his sperm. I smiled up at him as he pushed his tiny cock head against my lips. I opened my mouth and began licking and sucking on it, playful at first, but after a few minutes, he started getting big and hard again. Pretty soon, he was back at full strength. He played with my tits and caressed my hair as I continued to suck him off.

After another couple of minutes, he surprised me by saying, “I am going to fuck your silly twat.”

Keen on getting some action – and hopefully some relief – I reached down and was about to peel off my yoga pants, when he said, “No, don’t.”

As he pulled his fat dick out of my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouth and got in between my legs, I had a pretty good idea of what he was about to do, and still, I let him. He pushed his index finger into the crotch of my yoga pants, stretching it until it gave way and his finger punched through. Then, using several fingers of both hands, he tore at the tiny hole, increasing it in size many times over.

Then, he reached inside, pulled my pink panties out of the way and stuffed his fat dick into my wet twat. I gasped and moaned as he started fucking me. I didn’t care that he continued to tear at my yoga pants and pink panties until there was nothing but shreds left of both of them.

He fucked me to his heart’s content, but made damn sure I didn’t cum.

“Can I cum in your face?” he shamelessly asked several minutes later. Off course he could. Was there really any doubt, after everything I had allowed him to do me, in the past hour?

“Yes,” I whispered, trying not to sound too eager. What came next was a surprise however.

“Is that Dwayne’s?” he asked, reaching out and tapping the ring around my right ring finger.

“Uh, yeah,” I replied.

“Give it to me,” Eddy whispered. I could tell he was getting close. It took some doing, but after four or five seconds, I managed to pull it off my finger and handed it to Eddy. He quickly snatched it from me, pulled his cock out of my twat and rushed over to my face. As he placed the ring on the tip of my nose with his left hand, he continued jacking his fat, throbbing cock with his right hand. Seconds later, he exploded all over my nose – with an amazing level of precision – completely covering Dwayne’s ring in his filthy sperm.

“Oh my god, you’re so nasty,” I giggled as he continued moaning and cumming. Towards the end of his orgasm, his accuracy dwindled somewhat and drips of cum began landing all over my slut face. When he was done, he collapsed next to me on the floor.

I looked up – luckily he hadn’t gotten any sperm in my eyes – and grinned, “Motherfucker!”

“Here, let me look at you,” he said as he propped himself up with his elbows and hovered his head over mine. Now, it was my turn to shock and surprise him, I reckoned. I used two fingers to carefully take Dwayne’s ring off my nose and put it in my mouth. Eddy’s eyes grew wide as he noticed me swirling my tongue around, removing his cum from the ring. About ten seconds later, I spat it the ring back out, not really caring where it ended up.

To my surprise, Eddy leaned over me and kissed me passionately on the lips for about half a minute, then whispered, “You know I am not going to let you cum today, don’t you?”

I smiled in frustration and replied, “Yeah, I suspected as much.”

“Do you know why?” he whispered, as he touched my naked tits.

“Yes, because I didn’t say goodbye after sucking your fat cock,” I whispered lewdly. It was a ludicrous reason – we both knew that – but it gave Eddy an excuse to punish me, and me an excuse to be a complete slut for him. It was a win-win situation.

“Good,” he whispered, “Now get the fuck out!”

I smiled and got up, grabbed my sports bag and headed for the nearest bathroom, quickly cleaned up and then hurried towards the side exit, where Eddy was waiting for me. Although I was dressed in a regular skirt and blouse now, and I had rinsed off all cum from my face, I still felt like a slut. Probably because I was horny as fuck. Eddy could probably sense it and cupped my tits through my blouse, giving them a rough squeeze as he gave me a goodnight kiss.

“Good night,” he whispered as he let go.

“Night,” I replied sheepishly, stumbling for a moment, then turning and leaving, heading for my car.

Truth be told, I was so horny that I had trouble refusing Dwayne sex the rest of the evening, but I managed anyway. And just to be safe, in the morning, I made sure I was gone before he woke up.

The following night, I was really on edge. I was desperate for a good shafting! I left work as soon as I could and arrived at the museum around 5.30pm. I didn’t see Eddy anywhere for the first ten minutes and so I began wandering, visiting some of my favorite galleries. It wasn’t until the museum was starting to close, and I had made my way back to the main hall, that I saw him. He was letting out the last visitors, wishing them a good night, before locking up.

“Hey,” I said as I sauntered down to the center of the main hall.

“Hey yourself,” he smiled, “Ready for the second part of your punishment?”

I smiled, wondering how long he was going to ‘punish me’ for no good reason.

“Yes sir,” I smiled, eagerly.

“Walk over to the central desk and flip the grey switch labelled hall,” he instructed. By doing so, I switched off all the lights in the central hall, except for the sparse, emergency lights above the desk and the connecting corridors.

“Good, now come over here,” he commanded next. I walked over to him, ending up barely three feet from the glass, outside güvenilir bahis şirketleri doors. Without touching me or even looking at me – he was facing outside, where people were passing by, barely five meters away from us – he said, “Now take everything off.”

I knew that, as it was still light outside and dark inside, people would have a difficult time looking in, so I was naked in just under a minute.

Stark naked, I joined him in facing the doors and gazing outside.

“OK, now what?” I whispered.

“Suck my dick,” he replied as he took another step closer to the doors. I kneeled down in front of him, my right shoulder nearly touching the glass, as I started rubbing and sucking his cock. After nursing and sucking on it for about three minutes, he stepped back, pulled me up by my arm and maneuvered me so that I was leaning against the glass door, my ass towards him. I didn’t take a genius to realize what he was going to do.

He shoved his hard cock into my twat and started fucking me, gently at first. But when he picked up the pace, his impacts translated through my hands into the doors, causing them to rattle. This commotion was sure to attract passersby, which added to naughtiness of the situation and probably made him climax, way sooner than I would have liked. Once again, I was left unfulfilled!

Eddy took off the rest of his clothes and walked with me to the vending machine, to snack. We sat on our asses on the floor, leaning against opposite walls of the corridor as we talked about all sort of stuff for nearly forty-five minutes. All of a sudden, when we were done talking for a moment, Eddy suddenly reached into his half-finished bag of M&M’s, took one out and threw it at me. It hit me on the arm, then fell to the ground where it cracked and shattered.

“Hey,” I said, surprised and playfully offended. However, while I was looking at him, I noticed his cock twitching every so faintly as he suddenly realized the potential of what he had just done. Without taking his eyes off me, he reached into the bag again, and threw another M&M at me. This time, it hit my knee. Once again, I noticed his cock twitching. Realizing that even our snack time was going to get dirty, I wiped the smile off my face and gently opened my legs, letting him know that I was game for whatever he had in mind.

First, he continued what he was doing, throwing the remaining M&M’s at me, at a pace of about one every ten seconds. They hit me on my arms, shoulders, tits, thighs… even a few in my face. I knew he was doing it to belittle me, which made me – I am not ashamed to admit – disgustingly horny. Towards the end, as he was getting low on ammo, his fat cock twitched with every M&M that hit my slut body.

When the bag was empty, he said, “Follow me, time for the next part of your punishment!”

Probably a little too eager, I jumped up and pranced behind him, as he led me passed the Renoir exhibit, into an empty gallery where he had apparently made some preparations. In the middle of the room, he had marked a rectangular area with golden pole barricades. He walked up towards them and briefly removed the red, velvet rope from one of the poles, letting me in.

He then pointed towards three small, unopened, cardboard containers, which judging from the pictures on them, contained different sized dildos.

“Three holes, three dildos, you do the math,” Eddy whispered. My cunt quivered when he said that. So now, apparently, I was expected to masturbate and violate myself for his viewing pleasure. After feigning hesitation for a few seconds – I had never said no to him and the chance that I was going to do so now, was practically zero – I squatted down and picked up the boxes one at a time, evaluating them.

There were two of about equal size and one metal, slender, longer one. After deciding which one was going to go where, I got up and opened the boxes and unwrapped all three imitation cocks, throwing the empty boxes out of the rectangular area.

I started off with the slender, metal one and carefully put it in my mouth, moving it back and forth a few times, generously coating it with my saliva. I then moved it down and leisurely jammed it up my ass, while I squatted down. When it was halfway up there, and about as far as I could comfortably take it, I grabbed one of the other two dildos and gently began pushing that one in my wet twat. Eddy started jacking off, gawking and drooling over the sight of two dildos sticking out of me. Then, lastly, I took the third dildo and wrapped my lips around it, gently sucking on it.

I must admit that the feeling of having a dildo lodged in each one of my holes, made me feel even more like a slut. As my twat was getting wetter, I had to push the second dildo a little deeper to make sure it wouldn’t slip out. Eddy, meanwhile, was jacking off like a madman, stimulated by the humiliating sight of me, abusing myself in all three holes.

Besides a slut, I felt like a spectacle, a carnival attraction, especially when I started fucking myself with my new appendages. I slowly lowered my ass towards the ground, until the butt of the metal dildo touched the floor. Then, I grabbed the other two dildos with my hands and as I began fucking myself in my mouth and twat, I started moving my ass up and down ever so slightly, forcing the metal one further and deeper up my ass.

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