The Mile High Club

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Big Dicks

As I stare out the window at the airport terminal thinking to myself that it was going to be a long, boring flight, a body drops into the seat beside me with a sigh.

I turn my head and smile at you, “Bad day?” I ask.

You smile back and reply “Just hectic.”

We settle in for the long flight, both trying to relax as the plane takes off. I pull out my book and put on the headphones as you open your computer on the table tray and start to work.

As the flight starts out I can feel you glancing my way every once in a while. I do my own share of peeking your way. As the flight continues, you take off your jacket, getting more comfortable. I watch as your shirt pulls taut against the muscles of your arms. Licking my lips I go back to my book, unaware you’ve seen my gesture. I can feel the heat coming off you and the spicy aroma of your aftershave. I squirm a little in my seat. I continue to pretend to read my book, my pulse quickening slightly. Squirming again, I brush my knee against yours, a gasp escaping me. My pulse quickens again.

I look at you to see if your reaction and apologize but you are staring at me. Turning to the flight attendant you ask for two pillows and a blanket. I assume you are going to go to sleep and this is a long flight so I return to my book. As you receive the pillows you hand me one. I look at you with surprise and murmur a thank you. You just smile. I rub my arms briskly, trying to warm them, only then aware that I was slightly chilled. You grab the blanket and place it over my lap, covering your lap as well.

“I hope you don’t mind if we share?” you inquire.

“No, I don’t mind at all” is my reply.

I turn back to my book and you to your computer, both of us highly aware of one another.

Shortly thereafter the flight attendant announces the lights will be turned down for those who want to sleep. I put my book aside and take off my headset, you close your computer and sit back looking very relaxed while I am charged with tension, needing a release. Putting my seat back, resting my arms on the armrests and closing my eyes, trying to relax and ignore the tension coursing through my body.

And then in a whisper of sound I feel you hand on my arm. Trailing you finger over my wrist, feeling my quickened pulse. I try to hold in my gasp but it escapes bahis firmaları anyway. I keep my eyes closed, my body still, sure your touch was an accident. Again, this time on my leg, I feel your hand, skimming over my skirt on my leg. I sigh in pleasure, peeking at you, but your eyes are closed, seemingly relaxed.

Again I feel your hand, this time on my bare thigh, under my skirt hem. I take a deep breath, unaware up until then that I was holding my breath. Up and down I feel your hand caress my thigh, each pass pushing my skirt up higher. Shifting in my seat, my arm drops from the armrest and lands on your leg. I grip your leg, feeling the muscles jump under my hand. Slowing sliding my hand up and down over your leg. You pass your fingers lightly over my skin, higher, higher. I shift again, my body begging for your touch.

You slide your finger over my thong and I feel myself getting wetter. I try to stifle a moan, peeking at you through half-slitted eyes. You continue to look relaxed, eyes closed, breathing regulated with a small smile. I decide to see if I can crack that “I’m sleeping” veneer.

I slide my hand up over your thigh and across the front of your pants. I hear the hitch in your breathing as you suck in a breath. Smiling more I pop the button of your pants open with a flick of my wrist. I peek at you, your breathing a little heavier. But payback is rough because as I am opening the button of your pants, you slide your fingers over my thong. Hard this time, up and down. I bit my lip to keep from groaning. I squirm in my seat unconsciously, pushing my hips towards your hand. I drag my finger up and down the zipper of your pants, feeling the bulge underneath. I lick my lips and hear you gasp, unaware you were watching me for the first time. I look over at you and under the blanket drag your zipper down, licking my lips again. I slide my hand inside your pants and encounter a pleasant surprise, no boxers or briefs. At the same time I can feel your finger push aside the hem of my thong and slide along my slit. I can’t help but moan softly.

You grab my leg and pull it over your thighs, spreading my legs wide. Grabbing my thong from the back you pull it off my hips and down my legs. It disappears into your suit jacket pocket. I move closer, resting my head on your shoulder, you turn kaçak iddaa your head and we kiss, softly, gently, long, slow drugging kisses. But your hand is never still. Sliding my fingers over my pussy, my clit, you swallow my moan with your mouth. I stroke my fingers over your hard cock. Rolling my thumb over your head, slick and wet. We continue to kiss in the semi-darkness, hands always moving, searching, seeking, wanting, needing. My hand stroking up and down your cock, squeezing gently but firmly, feeling you getting harder, longer. Your fingers continuously moving on me, in me. One finger sliding into my slick, wet pussy, in, out, now two fingers, in, out. I moan again, low in my throat, hips slightly pushing against your hand, wanting more, always more.

And as you insert the third finger I gasp, breaking our kiss. You roll your thumb over my clit hard and I begin to spasm over your fingers. You kiss me again, harder, wetter, deeper, tongues mating. As my orgasm slows, I feel you smile against my lips. I open my eyes and look at you, your pupils dilated, dark with need. My hand continues to move under the blanket, caressing your hard cock, squeezing, rolling my thumb over the tip, around your head. You slowly move my hand and stand up, covering your open pants with your hand. You pull me to my feet. Tugging down my skirt slightly, you grab my hand and we walk down the aisle of the plane in the darkness. Looking around we can see that most people are taking advantage of the night flight and are sleeping. I hear you chuckle to yourself and instinctively know what you are thinking, they really don’t know what they are missing.

You open the bathroom door and look around for the flight attendant, not seeing anyone and pull me inside the bathroom quickly. Giggling softly I allow you to tug my into the very small, very compact bathroom. We are wedged together in the bathroom, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, breast to chest.

I slide my hands up your shirt pushing it out of the way as your lower your head to kiss me again. I meet your mouth halfway, eager, wanting. I feel your hands lifting my shirt up, over my head. I shake my head and you toss my shirt on the floor. You reach back and unclasp my bra, as I undo the buttons of your shirt, ripping it aside, hungry now, impatient, needing to feel your skin kaçak bahis against mine, without the impediment of clothing. Pushing your pants down, kissing your chest, your shoulder, anywhere, everywhere I can reach. Running my tongue over your chest and sucking on your nipple as your hands clasp my breasts. I moan in pleasure, arching my back.

I feel your hands slide down over my back and hips. You wrap your arms around my hips and pick me up, pushing my back against the wall. I wrap my arms around your shoulders, kissing you hard, hot, tongues thrusting against one another. Just as I’m about to beg you, in one thrust you bury your hard cock inside me. We both stop, gasping for air, pulses racing, sweat dripping off your brow, trickling down between my breasts.

Then you start to move, thrusting your hips up against me. We spin in the small confines of the bathroom, your ass now perched on the edge of the sink, holding me up with your arms under my ass, clasping my cheeks in your hands, bouncing me up and down over your cock, deeper, deeper, with every bounce. I brace my hands on either side of the mirror, arching my back, tipping my hips up, meeting you thrust for thrust. Pushing down as you push up, whimpering, our breathing sounding harsh in the small room.

My hands drop to your shoulders, clutching, as every muscle in my body tenses, running my hands over the hard muscles of your chest, arms, shoulders. I feel myself climbing higher, higher as you push in and out of me harder, faster, deeper. And in a burst of light, I feel myself drop over the edge. Cumming hard, fast, over and over each waves crashes over me. As my muscles clench, I hear you groan and with a final deep push of your hips I feel you cum deep inside me. The sensation pouring over me, making me cum again. I scream and you kiss me to subdue the sounds of my screams. I collapse against your chest as I feel your arms trembling as you hold me. Sliding my legs down and as my feet touch the floor, I lean close, unsure if my knees will hold me up.

Faces flushed, sweat covering us both, we rest a moment and then tidy ourselves up, but our hands never stop caressing, touching, just deriving pleasure in a simple, single touch. We reach our seats with no one the wiser about what we were doing in the bathroom. I slip into a short nap as you hold me in your arms. Awakening as the pilot announces the flight landing.

As we are leaving the plane, I hear the flight attendant utter “I hope you enjoyed your flight, Sir?”

You reply “You have no idea.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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