The Meeting

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I was terrified and excited! I was about to get off the plane and meet the man I have dreamt about, fantasized about, and mentally had my way with for 10 years. We both have our everyday lives. I have a husband I love and adore and 3 kids and he has a wife he loves deeply and one adorable son. So why have we agreed to this? How could we not!?

We agreed to meet in a public place so that we could both get over our nerves. I got checked into my hotel and decided to shower and change clothes. I wasn’t going to do the femme fatale thing, that’s so not me, but I did want to be fresh and not jet lagged. I took a slow, hot shower, feeling my large breasts slide through my soapy hands as I enjoyed their weight and the rosy tips puckered with anticipation. Soon, they would be HIS hands! I shook myself free of my imagination. I wanted to save all my energy for him. I had seen pictures and heard his smooth, seductive voice and couldn’t wait to hear it in my ear with a whisper of his breath not the hiss of a phone line.

I dressed with care but not out of character. My black lace underwear and black bra made me feel racy and sexy. My jeans and peasant blouse made me feel like me, confident and comfortable. I also know that my jeans hug my ass just so and my blouse is flattering to my large, full chest. My hair is long and blond and loosely pulled up on top, allowing the rest to cascade down my back. I put in small silver earrings that dangle and wink in the light and dab scent in my cleavage, on my wrists and on my neck. I’m ready.

I leave the hotel and decide to walk to the agreed upon meeting place, a small café where we can have coffee and chat for a while. We have also been friends and a shoulder to lean on when we both needed it from time to time. As I walked I realized that the time was here!! I was finally going to be able to do all the things I’ve dreamt about for so long and what was the reality going to be like? How would he be different from my imagination? Would he actually like me in person??? What if he didn’t want me after all this time, anticipation and build up?

I arrive at the café and stand outside for a moment, under a tree. Is he here? Will I recognize him? Pictures are great but, in person, sometimes we look different. I guess it’s time. I take a deep breath and begin to take a step when a hand closes over my mouth and I am pulled up against a tall body behind mine. I let out a yelp of surprise and turn to find him holding my arm, smiling down at me with a warm welcome on his face. “I can’t believe it’s you!” I say throwing my arms around him, just so glad to be able to hug my friend after all this time.

We proceed to the café and spend the next couple of hours chatting, laughing and flirting. We both finally relax into the friendship and camaraderie that we have had for over 10 years. As the sun begins to set, and the lights grow dim, the mood alters and the chat turns to more innuendo laced dialogue. I begin to feel nervous and excited. I can feel my breath beginning to hitch and my panties are getting moist as I anticipate the next several hours. I look at his big, strong hands gesturing as he talks and begin to imagine them on my body, squeezing, rubbing, and arousing me beyond the point of return. I look at him and see the same look on his face that I imagine is on mine… the look of a starving person who sees food for the first time in a long time. I WANT IT NOW!

“Get the check.” I purr softly, “It’s time for us to go.”

I slip a piece of paper across the table along with a room key, “Meet me here in 20 minutes.” I stand up and walk out, feeling bold, scared, excited and nervous.

Upon returning to the hotel, I walk to the bar, order a shot of whisky, down it in one gulp and have the bartender put it on my room bill. As I walk out of the bar and across the lobby, I’m so ready to get fucked the way I have dreamed about for 10 years. I get to the room and turn one lamp on, just enough to see but not enough to light all the dark corners. I stand at the window, looking out over the city and the twinkling lights and wait. Finally, after what seems like ages, I hear the door open and shut. I stop breathing and wait. He says nothing but crosses to me and, once again, puts his arms around me from behind.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life!” I reply, my breath hitching.

He moves my hair and his lips nibble the side of my neck, just below my ear. My knees go weak and the only thing holding me up for a moment is his strong arms. I can smell his scent mixed with the waft of sexual need and I feel a gush in my jeans. “Oh my god, it’s finally happening!” is all I can think. His hands skim up my sides, making me shiver as they come to rest lightly cupping my heavy breasts. I notice, dimly, that his hands fit my breasts perfectly, as if they were made for his hands. He flicks my nipples through my bra, making me moan and laugh at the same time. I’m still too shy to turn around to face him but my hands slide up his thighs, feeling the muscles tremble under my hands.

He turns me gently to face him, “Hi.” he breathes against my lips as he takes my mouth with his and takes my breath away with his kisses. His tongue is thrusting into my mouth mimicking the actions to come. He kisses me deeply and passionately, nibbling on my lips. His güvenilir bahis kisses trail down my neck and he nibbles my neck and shoulder. I can’t breathe, I can just gasp with desire. I can’t get enough, I want more! I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him back passionately, my hands clutching at his broad shoulders and press myself against him feeling his hard cock through the layers of clothes. I let my hands fall and squeeze his ass, hard, filling my hands with him as I pull him closer still. He nibbles his way around my throat and begins on the other shoulder as I whimper in delight. Then all thought ceases and I go wild. I begin to tear at his belt trying to get to him. I can’t make my hands work the belt to undo it so I rip the buttons from his shirt and slide my hands over his chest, feeling the maleness of him. He grabs my hands and slows me down, “We have all night.” he laughs. I pull my hands away and say, “Yes, we have all night so I can have you now and later!”

He pins my hands at my sides, “Let me undress you.” he says. I nod silently. “The only catch is that you can’t move until I say so.”

Oh. Dear. God.

I agree to this and the torture begins.

He stands me in the middle of the room and just walks around me, looking me up and down like a sweet treat, caressing me with his eyes. He doesn’t touch me other than to brush by, lightly and my body is craving his touch. He knows how exquisite torture works. We walks up in front of me and my hands clench into fists with the desire to grab his visibly hard cock and feel the thickness and heat of it, but I just stand there. I’ve given my word. He unties the string at the top of my blouse and it parts down to a deep V exposing the lacy top of my bra. He traces the line of my cleavage down into my bra and one of his large hands slides into my bra and fondles my breast, thumbing my now diamond hard nipple. I bite my lip. He slides both hands under my shirt and pulls it slowly over my head, leaving me standing in front of him in my jeans, breathing raggedly, my face and chest rosy with desire. He leans close, reaches around me and unhooks my bra allowing my breasts to spring free into his waiting hands and, thank you lord, lips! As his lips close over my left nipple, my knees threaten to give out, leaving me in a heap on the floor. He grabs my elbows just in time and holds me upright never breaking the suckling at my breasts. Once he makes sure I won’t drop to the floor, he begins working at the button of my jeans. As he slides my jeans down his mouth follows a line down my torso and onto my belly, planting little kisses and tongue flicks.

“Please!” I moan. He just laughs and says, “You have no idea how hard this is for me.”

He laughs against my lower abdomen and I can feel his breath just above the top of my lace underwear. His tongue then follows the line of them, tracing the beginning of the only barrier now left between my hot, wet pussy and his mouth. He leans down and helps me step out of my jeans. He walks me backward and I feel the edge of the bed against my knees. One push, and I’m on my back across the bed. I reach for him, desperate to feel him against my skin, but he pulls away, shaking his head, “I’m not done.” He grabs a pillow off the bed and kneels between my knees. His mouth is on me now, breathing through my black lace and stimulating the most sensitive part of my being. He flicks his tongue against my clit through my panties and I jackknife into a sitting position. He slowly presses me back down as his mouth continues to tease me, his hands coming to rest on my hips, pinning me in place. He nibbles on my thighs as he slides the final wisp of lace from my body. He attacks my pussy with a single minded determination, licking and sucking and nipping at my clit. At this point, I am gasping, crying, moaning and climbing to a peak about to cum all over his face.

“Keep going!” I beg. His laughter against my flesh just makes vibrations that add to the sensations, it’s almost too much. He closes on my clit and thrusts two long capable fingers into my soaking wet cunt and it’s too much. I explode all over his fingers and into his mouth, crying out on a long moan of ecstasy. The orgasm leaves me shaking and moaning, as his fingers thrust slowly in and out, driving the peak farther than I’m used to almost to the point of too much. He withdraws his hand and kisses my thighs as he unwraps my legs from around his body. As I begin to come back to myself, I realize that I had totally let go.

“Oh my god, how loud was I?” I ask, embarrassed at my total lack of control.

“You were perfect.” He replied, smiling at me.

“Am I free to move now?”


I smile up at him, “My turn!”

“Ooh, I’m scared.” He says, holding his hands up in mock arrest.

I stand up and walk him backwards until he is against the wall. My hands slide under his ripped shirt and smooth over his chest following around to his back lightly raking my nails over his flesh and watching the goosebumps rise on his skin. He hums low in his throat in appreciation. I have to taste his mouth. I pull his mouth down to mine, fisting my hand in his hair, and kiss him like the starving woman I am, sweeping my tongue around his mouth, tasting my own saltiness in his mouth. I love the way I taste on him. I nibble on his neck, flicking my tongue over his skin, leaving türkçe bahis a slight wetness that I then blow on, causing him to shiver. My hands are still on his torso sliding down to his hips as my mouth works on his chest. When I get to his nipple, he gasps. I tease it with my teeth and flick the other nipple with my nails, getting both to rise, and eliciting a moan from his lips. I see his hands fist in frustration and laugh, “Turn about is fair play, my dear!”

I slide my hands under his waistband and grab his ass hard, pulling his groin against me sliding up and down against the hardness. A wet spot appears and I know it’s time. I undo his belt and undo the button with my hands as I pull down the zipper with my teeth. As his jeans fall to the floor, I gasp greedily at the hard cock straining against his boxer briefs. My mouth waters as I anticipate the feeling and taste of it in my mouth. I slide the boxer briefs off and his big, beautiful cock springs free, jerking and drooling, begging me to take it in my mouth. I blow on it to make it twitch and look up at this man I have dreamt about for so long. As our eyes meet, I take that cock into my mouth, down to the root in one swift move. His eyes roll back into his head and he groans loudly. I scrape my nails down his inner thighs as I suck his cock, up and down and up and down, swirling my tongue around the shaft with every motion. I cup his balls, massaging them as I slide up and down his shaft. I take him deep into my throat and hum, vibrating my throat around the head of his penis. I can taste the precum and I want more. I pull back and blow lightly on his twitching, jerking cock. I take his hand and lead him to the bed. I push him down and kneel between his legs. I wrap my breasts around his cock and fuck him with my breasts, all the while watching his face, that face that I have had etched on my mind for so long. He is almost gasping for breath now and I know he’s close. His hands are fisted in the sheets. With his throbbing cock still between my breasts, I drop my head and take the head in my mouth and suck and flick at the head, still fucking the shaft with my breasts. This is the final push, he explodes in my mouth and the load is huge. I pull back and allow the rest to land on my heaving cleavage as I watch his face frozen in a moment of passion. I continue to slide up and down, flicking the head with my tongue and nipping with my teeth until he begs me to stop.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be?” I ask with a smile.

“Better.” He replies, still gasping for a deep breath.

“Let’s rinse off. Give me your hand.” I say.

We stagger into the large, white bathroom and turn on the large, walk-in shower and just stand under the spray, holding on to each other. I grab the soap and begin to slide it over his body, slowly.

I make sure he’s clean and he repays the favor. We towel each other off and move back into the bedroom.

“Hungry?” I ask. “Let’s order room service.”

An hour or so later, energy replenished, we sit talking and laughing on the bed, TV on in the background. We talk and sip wine and talk some more. When the subject turns to fantasies, we are both ready to discuss in detail. I tell him that I am living my fantasy, right now. He tells me that his fantasy involves a blindfold and having his “prey” at his mercy.

“Show me.” I say, slipping out of my robe and handing him the belt.

He stands up and takes the belt in one hand and my wrists in the other and uses the belt to bind my wrists together lightly, enough to get the point across but with enough give that I could get out if I really tried. He grabs one of the pillows off the bed and pulls the pillowcase off and ties it around my eyes, rendering me completely blind and at his mercy. He lays me back on the bed and begins to tease me, touching here and there, surprising me with each touch. A nip here and a kiss there, a tickle here and a light slap there. He finds an ice cube from the wine bucket and slides it over my hot body. My body is almost in overload sense wise and so sensitive to each brush, each breath, each pinch. He pinches my nipples, making them hard as stone, teasing the large pink rounds into tight buds. He bites them lightly making me arch my back into his mouth. He pulls back chuckling. He bends over me again, at least that’s what I think he’s doing, and I feel his fingertips running up my leg, lightly swirling higher and higher. I squeeze my legs together blocking his way to my now sopping wet pussy. He uses both hands to pull my knees apart and sets himself between them, holding me open to his attentions. He tickles the outer pouty lips of my cunt, tracing the lines with one, evil, teasing fingertip. He slips that finger between my lips and just flicks the opening to my hot, tight cunt. My hips buck to feel that finger enter me but he stays just out of reach, knowing that he is driving me crazy. He grabs another ice cube and slides it down my pussy lips, the shock of cold delicious against the hot of my skin. He slides the ice cube into my pussy, making me gasp, it is an amazing sensation. I feel him shift on the bed but cannot tell what he’s doing, until I feel the head of his big beautiful cock teasing me right at the mouth of my clenching pussy. I want him inside me so badly, I’m almost crying.

“Do you want me, baby?” He asks.

“Oh God güvenilir bahis siteleri Yes!!!! FUCK ME!” I pant loudly, my hips bucking and thrusting, just trying to grab his cock.

He puts his hands on my hips holding me down and dips just his head inside, making me whimper. His hot cock head warming the icy skin just inside my cunt. He withdraws and then dips again, just the head. My bound hands are clenching so hard I can feel my fingernails biting into my palms, tears of frustration seep out of the corners of my eyes. I can feel his arms trembling with the effort of holding back. Then, finally, in one swift move, he skewers me to the bed with one long hard thrust, filling my pussy with his hard cock, making me gasp in pain, pleasure, and satisfaction. The heat of him instantly warming up the cool tunnel. He gasps at the meeting of hot and cold. My muscles contract hard around this invasion, making him groan in delight. His hips begin to move as my legs fall open wide then wrap around his hips pulling him tighter with each thrust. My hips rise to meet his with a slapping sound that just adds to the other sounds in the room, heavy breathing, wet noises and the low rumble of the TV. I can feel his cock filling every inch of my cunt, stretching me wide and tripping every sense I have available. I feel his ass under my legs flexing as he pounds into me, the rhythmic movement driving us both to the edge.

“I don’t know if I can hold back.” He pants.

“Then don’t.” I say, squeezing my inner muscles hard in time with each thrust milking his cock from within.

This proves the final straw and he cums, loudly, shouting as his large load fills my pussy. I continue to squeeze his prick with my muscles making him shudder with each squeeze. I am so close to cumming and I want to cum again with him still inside of me. I use my legs to slide him up and down over my clit until I, too, explode with delight. He is still buried inside me, feeling the ripples of my pussy as the climax hits. I can feel the rush of juice as I squirt all over his cock. He collapses on top of me as I continue to shudder and shake from the magnitude of my orgasm.

We both lie still, stuck together by our sweat and body fluids, gasping for breath, hearts hammering.

“Holy shit.” I murmur. “I knew it would be good, but I had no idea it would be THAT good!”

I have wiggled out of my blindfold at some point but hadn’t noticed until now. My hands are beginning to tingle, letting me know that I had pulled the belt tight around them during the amazing, mind-blowing sex.

“Help.” I say through en exhausted laugh.

He lifts his head, sees my hands and shifts to the side, reaching for them. He unties the belt and gently rubs the red marks left on my wrists, kissing the inside of each wrist, making me melt. Too tired to move, we curl up on the bed, he pulls the covers up over our now cool bodies, turns off the TV and the lamp by the bed and we slip into post-coital sleep of the dead.

I open my eyes in the dark room and see the dim beginnings of pre-dawn at the edges of the room curtains. I know what this means and I’m not ready for it yet. I turn to look at him, seeing the faint outlines of his face in the dark, sleeping on his side facing me, one heavy arm over my midsection. I look at him, really look at him. While I know, without a doubt, how much I love my husband and would never, ever leave him for anyone, I also love this man. He has been my friend and fantasy lover for so long, how could I not love him?

I slowly move out from under his arm, taking care not to wake him. I go to the bathroom and wash my face to get rid of the grogginess. I wash my bits, freshening up, noticing how tender and sensitive they are from the earth moving sex and decide, I want more. Now!

I walk swiftly and quietly back into the bedroom, pausing at the foot of the bed. He has rolled onto his back, lightly snoring. I pull the sheet free of the foot of the bed and climb under. I begin flicking my tongue over the flesh on his thighs, blowing where I have flicked, noticing the rise of gooseflesh. He moans but does not wake, thank goodness. I part his thighs and stretch out on my stomach between them. I am now eye to eye with his also sleeping penis and his big heavy balls. I squirm a little remembering how they slapped against my ass when he was fucking me. I run my tongue over each round, loving them with my tongue and lightly scraping with my teeth. This gets a reaction from the not-so-sleeping cock, who is now semi-hard and waving at me. I lick my lips and respond by taking the rapidly hardening dick in my mouth, lightly running my tongue around the head, feeling it expand and grow. I suck gently and run the tip of my tongue down the underside of the shaft, all the while lightly scraping my fingernails down the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs. He begins to moan more, shifting his legs, not awake but no longer sleeping. I move up his body until my breasts are hanging over his cock, surrounding them with soft heat. He smacks his lips, still in a semi-dream state. I kneel up and move my legs so that I am now straddling him, my wet heat cradling his cock in my cleft. I raise up and ever-so-slowly lower myself onto his now hard and straining dick, feeling him touch the center of my cunt, feeling the shaft continue to expand, filling me even more than I thought possible. In this position, it’s almost too much cock but I want it all. I begin to move, rubbing my clit over his skin every time I slide down. I have to really pace myself so I do not hurt myself. Up. Down. Grind. Up. Down. Grind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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