The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 73

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Chapter 73

Maggie’s Tales – Part 3

Maggie turned to the Uber driver who had given her a lift home. “If you pull up right over there,” and she pointed towards a dark patch between two street lights, “I’ll show you my appreciation for the ride.” She had to fight to keep from slurring her words, even though the driver, a married man who looked well into his thirties, knew that she was pretty drunk. She hadn’t been the one to call for his services. That had come from a Mrs. McCoy.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” he replied gently. “I really can’t. I’d lose my Uber license if I did anything other than drive you home.” He wasn’t all that attracted to the drunken, middle-aged woman who reminded him of his first wife as it was. Offering, for the third time, to show her appreciation for the ride was getting tiring as well. She’d already flashed her flabby tits at him once, and that was all he needed.

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” Maggie smiled, adding a slow lick across her lips as she let her eyes droop closed. “Whoa! I’m drunk!” she called out suddenly, adding a healthy burp as punctuation. The car pulled to a stop at the end of her driveway a moment, she noticed, and then she rolled her head back to her driver. “Want to come in for a night-cap?”

“I’ve got other call waiting. I’m sorry,” he added, though he obviously wasn’t. “You have a nice night, Ma’am.”

Maggie pushed the car door open and as she swiveled to kick her feet out, she looked back and said, “If my son’s still up, I sure will!” She struggled to her feet and just as she pushed the door closed, her driver wished her a Merry Christmas. She paused and waved as the little car moved away into the darkness. It was chilly, and Maggie had her coat open, having not secured it after giving her driver a full-on view of her matronly breasts. The cups of her bra were still bunched beneath the globes, and the nipples popped as the night chill washed through her.

Maggie staggered her way up the drive and onto the front porch. She found her house keys after a few minutes of searching through her purse, and then went on inside. The front room was lit by the lights of the Christmas tree, and the dozens of presents under it were ready for the children to open in the morning. It was nearly two in the morning, Christmas Eve, when Maggie had finally arrived home after the party she had attended. It had been an adult only get together, with lots of alcohol and quite a bit of marijuana on hand, as well as a few other, stronger, items which Maggie had passed on. She had found other ways to enjoy the evening, not the least of which was giving two blow-jobs in the bathrooms, one in each the men’s as well as the women’s. Neither of the men she knew, but she enjoyed their hot loads none the less. Maggie had hoped to get fucked before the night had ended, but she couldn’t find any willing souls, or rather, dicks.

Maggie dropped into the recliner and kicked her shoes off. She felt the room spinning around her, but shook off the urge to pass out. She didn’t want her little children to find her in the living room on Christmas morning passed out drunk. After a few minutes, she struggled back to her feet and went into the kitchen for a bottle of water. She chased that down with a glass of orange juice, a combination she had heard fought off a hang-over before it hit you. With the glass half-empty and in hand, Maggie headed for her bedroom. As she passed through the house, Maggie paused to check in on her young children. Both Arty and Katy were sound asleep, although she knew from experience that they would be up well before dawn. It was Christmas morning, after all.

She paused at her oldest son’s room and looked inside, pleased to not find him sleeping in his own bed. Since he’d moved out some time back, the room was virtually empty with the exception of the bed and dresser. Arty and Katy still shared a bedroom, and despite her offer for her youngest son to move into Patrick’s old room, Arty wanted to stay in the same room with his sister, at least for the time being.

Hoping to find Patrick in her bedroom, and her bed, she continued on down the short hall to the end door. However, disappointment washed through her when she turned on the bedroom light and didn’t find Patrick in bed. He wasn’t there waiting for his mother. He wasn’t there sleeping either. Upset, Maggie left the bedroom and headed back through the house looking for her oldest son. She found Patrick in the back room, the television still on but the sound turned down.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked under her breath. He didn’t respond, and she realized that he had fallen asleep while watching television. She took note that it was on Cinemax, and the movie that was still playing was a soft-core porn movie she and he had enjoyed a few weeks earlier, after an enjoyable fuck-session on that very back room floor.

Maggie had entered the room from near on end of the sofa, the end where Patrick had his head resting on a throw pillow. The sofa, bahis firmaları a soft red leather Davenport to be exact, was one of the few pieces of furniture that remained from her married years. Patrick was lying on his back and still wore his blue jeans and a blue t-shirt, the same clothes he’d had on hours before when Maggie had left him to watch his younger siblings. She had planned to be home long before midnight, but she had been enjoying herself. Patrick might have been trying to stay up to be there when she did get home, she assumed, and that was why he’d fallen asleep where he had.

For a few brief moments Maggie scrutinized her son, first with the eyes of a mother, which brought up her maternal feelings, feelings which she felt deep in her chest. Next, Maggie gazed upon her young lover with the lustful eyes of a woman who had too many drinks and not nearly enough attention that evening. This, she felt between her legs. Her eyes slid down his prone form to rest upon the crotch of his jeans, and the image of her son’s manhood, a tube of powerful man-meat that she had grown rather fond of in the months since their first time.

Maggie quietly moved to the side of the sofa and knelt. She was in line with Patrick’s hip, and even though she let her eyes roam up and his body, she had only one area in mind. His legs were parted, with his near foot resting on the floor. Maggie slowly reached out and touched her son’s hand, which lay across his belly. He was warm, but her touch didn’t change his facial features. He remained asleep. Slowly, she slipped her hand from his hand and onto the front of his jeans, beneath which snaked his cock. She felt the curve of the shaft, angled away from her. She traced her hand along the curve to the tip, where she held her hand for a full minute. She watched her son, her young lover, continued to sleep peacefully.

Maggie brought her right hand up and found her son’s jeans button. Using both hands now, she eased the button through the fly, and then slowly, agonizingly so for her, she pulled the zipper down. She peeled the front of Patrick’s jeans open, and found him wearing a dark blue set of underwear. The bulge of his cock was more prominent now, and she again laid her hand atop it. She looked to his face again, to see Patrick still sleeping, his face unchanged.

Maggie returned her eyes to the point of her desire and pulled her hand away, only to reach for the top edge of his underwear. She lifted the elastic band with her left hand, and then slipped her right beneath. Her fingers found his shaft easily enough, and she wrapped her fingers around it. Again, she studied his face, and again there was no change. She grinned, enjoying herself. In her hand, his penis began to react, however. In the few seconds that she’d been holding it, it had thickened and lengthened quite a bit. Subconsciously, Patrick was beginning to enjoy what she was doing to him.

Maggie tugged his underwear down until his full manhood was exposed, as well as his scrotum. She tucked the elastic waist band beneath his balls and then turned her full attention to Patrick’s cock. She opened he palm and looked at the underside of his penis. The vein was thick, running the full length of his shaft. His balls were lightly hairy, having been trimmed along with the rest of his crotch by her just a few nights before. His cock-head was a pale point atop the shaft, and she curled her thumb to stroke the sensitive underside of it, just below the piss-slit that was the release point of so much hot cream that Patrick had fired off into her. His cock grew another half inch as she rubbed that spot.

Maggie placed Patrick’s cock on his belly and then lightly ran her fingers up, from the swell of his nuts, along the length of his shaft, to the very tip once again. His cock rose slightly as he fingers grazed his knob, meeting her touch, and after slipping her hand beneath it once again, she lowered her mouth and gave the tip a loving, lingering stroke with her tongue.

Maggie opened her mouth and guided her son’s cock into her mouth. For the third, or was it fourth, time that night, Maggie had a cock between her lips. This time, however, it was a cock that she loved and worshipped. She held only the first inch or two in her mouth and savored the taste of her son’s warm penis. Slowly, she twisted her head, moving the knob within her mouth as she stroked the tip with her tongue. It continued to grow, harder and longer, until she felt that he had reached full extension. She worked downward until nearly two-thirds of his cock filled her mouth, and then she slowly backed off and let it fall free. She gave his face a lingering look, expecting to see his eyes open and his mouth smile. Instead, he remained deeply asleep, however awake his manhood was.

Maggie moved her mouth down and gave her son’s healthy scrotum a few wide-tongued laps before dragging the tip along the underside vein back up to his knob. She opened wide and gulped most of his wonderful cock back into her mouth kaçak iddaa before wrapping her lips tight around the base. She hummed into his flesh as she slowly slipped back to the tip, where she held his knob tight between her lips as she twisted to again look at his face.

“I can’t believe you’re sleeping through this,” she sighed, though not loud enough to wake him. She returned her mouth to his cock and began to slowly work up and down its length. She felt the knob bang against the back of her throat, and Maggie twisted for a better angle to swallow him. She had been practicing her deep-throating of Patrick’s cock for some time, and had only managed to give him that pleasure a couple of times, although each time she had gagged heavily and had to give up.

She twisted her head back and forth while forcing her mouth downward. The knob was hard against her throat but wouldn’t go down, not from that angle. She backed off and then tried again, but still couldn’t take him all the way in. She tried a third time, with still no luck. She was breathing through her nose heavily and noisily, fighting to get her son’s manhood to drive down her throat. It was to be her very special Christmas gift to him, to be able to take every inch of her son into her body, in all three of her willing openings. Only her throat remained to be taken on a regular basis.

With her son’s cock deep in her mouth, she recalled something she had read about giving deep throat. She held his cock in her lips as she slowly turned, moving her hips towards Patrick’s head. His cock swiveled in her mouth. Bumping her hip against the sofa, Maggie again began to work hard at taking her son’s cock into her throat once again. She had most of his shaft held within her mouth, but a final half-inch remained just out of her reach. His knob was hard against the back of her throat, but wouldn’t make the turn down. She gulped hard, and felt it twitch. She started to gag and pulled up for air. She was panting hard as she again looked at her son’s sleeping features.

“I need a better angle,” she muttered between breaths. Maggie looked again at Patrick’s face, and although he had turned slightly, he still looked fully asleep. “Maybe this will wake your ass up,” she told him, and then stood up, hiked her black leather skirt up to her hips and eased a leg over her son’s upper body. She pushed her knee into the crease between the sofa’s back and seat, and then pulled the other knee up. Now straddling him, facing his upright cock, Maggie wagged her thick hips playfully, and then returned her full attention to his dick.

Maggie’s heavy rack settled onto Patrick’s belly as she settled atop him. They had often performed oral sex on each other in this manner, the classic sixty-nine, though her son was usually awake for it. Maggie had her elbows pressed into the cushion to either side of his hips and captured Patrick’s cock with her mouth once again. She slowly worked her way down its length, retreating and then advancing, until she again felt the knob press against her throat. Holding her son’s hips with her hands, Maggie sucked in a deep breath through her nose and then pulled, hard. After a second of pressure, her throat finally opened and her son’s cock head popped down.

“Uuunnggghhhhh!” she growled into her son’s penis, and a moment later it was returned as Patrick awoke beneath her.

“Mooommmggghhhfffff!” Patrick groaned as, in that moment of recognition, Maggie pressed her pussy mound down hard against Patrick’s face. Her panties, damp from her excited state, muffled his moans as he began to wise up to the fact that his cock was down his mother’s throat. He reached up and grabbed her hips, and while trembling excitedly beneath her, Patrick tugged and pulled at his mother’s underwear until he had her naked and stubble-covered pussy exposed enough to enjoy. He sucked in a deep lungful of her scent and then pulled her ass down to bring her hot box fully into contact with his mouth. He put his tongue to work immediately, and began to lap away hungrily at her dripping slit.

Fighting back the urge to gag, Maggie held her son’s cock deep in her throat, her nose pressed hard into his manly-scented scrotum, Maggie hummed under her son’s own oral attack. She felt his tongue slip and slide across her entire crotch, and as he dug deeper, she felt him jab into her opening. Her body shook and a fresh load of her sweat nectar rolled onto his tongue. She slowly pulled up, her lips tight around his shaft to slurp up her spit and his leaking pre-cum, until she only held his knob in her mouth. She sucked in a fresh lungful of air, and then slammed her mouth back down to his crotch. Her throat opened and accepted his knob past once again. Patrick’s hips humped upward, forcing another full inch down her throat as her nose was pressed tight into his balls. His hands grabbed her shoulders in an attempt to hold her down, but Maggie had to recoil. She was on the verge of gagging and needed to breath. Patrick let her up, all the while sucking kaçak bahis hard on her pussy.

Maggie was panting for air and pushed up onto her hands. Her hips pressed down and forced her pussy hard against Patrick’s face. She felt the first trembling orgasm begin to roll and announced it in a deep, passionate groan, “I’m cumming, Baby! Mommy’s cumming!” As her climax peaked, she collapsed onto Patrick’s body and sucked his dick back into her mouth. She began to slurp as noisily at his manhood as he was doing to her womanhood.

In the many months since they’d begun fucking, Maggie had seen a great improvement in her son’s stamina and staying power. Many times early on he would blast his load into her belly just a few sharp thrusts after penetrating her. Other times, Patrick would nut off into her mouth well before she began to enjoy herself. But all of that had slowly changed as he grew more confident as well as comfortable with their relationship. Through the autumn, Maggie had begun to feel that Patrick was growing away from her, even to the point where her son was dating girls his own age again. She wasn’t exactly jealous, but she also wasn’t ready to give up on the good thing her son brought to the table. Maybe it was hypocritical of her, since she had several other men on the leash around town whenever she wanted a little something from them, in particular Frank Vaughn, her boss. Having her son, however, in her own home, just about whenever she wanted it, made her life so much the better. Having her son’s cock in her mouth was just one of those little perks.

Maggie slowly worked her head up and down her son’s length. She’d tighten her lips as she pulled up, and then slackened her jaw as she plunged down. Her right hand was tight around his shaft’s base, while her left cupped and rolled his balls. Up and down she slurped, working his strong cock smoothly and lovingly, as every mother should want to do in her mind. She tickled his piss-slit with the tip of her tongue when she’d pause at the top of her stroke, all the while jacking his shaft. She tasted the salty goodness of his pre-cum many times, and as she worked, it began to get stronger. A sure sign that he was getting even more excited and nearing his own climax. Maggie pushed her hips back again and smeared her pussy against Patrick’s mouth, getting his tongue back into action once again.

“That’s it, Baby! Eat mommy’s hot pussy!” she moaned between gulps.

Patrick could feel the wonderful sensations of his mother’s mouth on his cock. Waking up to find her fat ass and smelly pussy pressed against his face was one thing, but having his cock wedged into her throat was something different. He enjoyed eating out his mother, and she knew it. She’d asked him on several occasions to go down on her in strange places, and for the most part he didn’t mind. Hell, he loved the way she tasted and since this was the end result of his fantasies in the first place, who was he to upset the apple cart? He sucked at her fat, flabby labia, tugging each of the thick lips in between his teeth to gently bite down on them, and in response his mother groaned hard into his cock while releasing a fresh mouthful of goo for him to lap up. He sucked hard at her hole and felt the thick cream slide onto his tongue and down his throat. Not for the first time Patrick wondered if this felt the same way his load felt to his mother when she swallowed.

Maggie trembled atop Patrick as his mouth again brought her to an orgasm. She reached around his thighs and pulled hard, pushing her face down into his crotch, and as her climax burst, his cock popped down her throat once again. She screamed into his crotch, a noise completely muffled by his cock, and came on her son’s tongue once again. Needing air, she backed up Patrick’s shaft, sucked in a deep lungful once again, and then started a fast head-bobbing she knew would bring him off quickly. Her tongue flailed across the sensitive tip as she lunged down and up, sucking hard at times while humming at others. Beneath her, Patrick’s hips began to move more, thrusting upward to meet her. His balls grew hard in her hand and when she felt the first hard pulse of his shaft between her lips, accompanied by a low growl from his mouth, still pressed against her pussy, she backed completely off and began to slowly jack her son’s cock in her fist.

“Cum for mommy,” she purred. A moment later, he did. The white, creamy semen began to boil from his piss-slit the moment it winked. A strong pulse fired the first rope upward, to drop down across her knuckles. Patrick moaned loudly as another, less violent pulse sent the next thick shot up and across her thumb. Maggie lay her head on his left thigh as she admired the ejaculating cock in her grip. She continued to stroke up and down, smearing her son’s cooling seed from base to tip, until finally, the last of his creamy cum had bubbled out, and his manhood began to soften in her fist.

Maggie released his cock and slowly eased from atop her son, to drop to her knees once again beside the sofa. She was grinning wide as she looked to Patrick’s face, and seeing the glistening mess her pussy had made across his face, she began to leisurely lick at her gooey fingers.

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