The Man of Sin: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

From the day Xavier got the apartment, Lily had been hard at work on her back, on her knees, and on all fours, letting endless strangers have their way with her. She had been nervous at first, but after the first few men, she no longer cared. She would simply let them empty themselves into her, maybe suck them off, take a shower, and then get ready for the next guy. Xavier would come back in the evening with food and gifts, claiming he had spent the day busy at work. Everything he bought for her was with the money she had made, if he even bought it at all. She never connected the dots and the gifts kept her happy and docile. They would eat, have sex, and then he would leave to go back to the school to “avoid suspicion”. Then more men would come and fuck her. She never had enough time to be bored or even leave the apartment. She was always in the bedroom, letting strangers brutalize her, always with thoughts of Xavier in her mind.

Lily’s body was completely drained of strength, yet her arms continued to pump as she jacked off the two men. A third had his cock in her mouth, a fourth was fucking her pussy, and a fifth was sodomizing her. The apartment was filled with men, all eagerly awaiting their turn with the young whore. She had been selling her body since Xavier got the apartment, but she had never gone this long and with this many men. She had tried resisting at first, but no longer bothered asking for mercy or to be gentle. They merely laughed at her and some other man would force himself into a bruised orifice.

Her only rest came when she passed out, and she would wake up the same way she fell asleep, with some stranger raping her. Her stomach was literally full of cum, the only thing she had “eaten” in however long had this had been going on. Quite often, some man would force her to deep-throat him and he would trigger her gag reflex, causing her to vomit out the slurry of semen and stomach acid and further dirty the sticky bed. Her pussy and anus were in same state, two waterfalls of semen from the dozens of men that had ejaculated into her, and she was pretty sure they were both bleeding. Her jaw was killing her, her whole mouth sore beyond description.

At this point, her mind was just a blur. She didn’t remember her name, her past, or anything outside of this room. She no longer knew that they were supposed to be paying her for this. She didn’t know how long they had been using her. She only remembered seeing the sun fall, rise, and fall again. Xavier had never come back in that time. Her whole body hurt, and every time a man thrust into her, it felt like she was being penetrated with broken glass. Regardless, she was too exhausted and her mind was too burned out for her to cry.

Some man would approach the semen-drenched bed, pull her over, and on instinct, she would spread her legs so that he could force himself inside her and start thrusting. When someone stuck his cock in her face, she would start sucking it with the skill of an Amsterdam hooker. Sometimes it would be easy and she would only have to contend with one or two men at a time. Most of the time, though, they all ganged up on her and she would have to entertain them in groups like right now. When she became too disgusting, some man would toss her into the shower and hose her off like an animal, then drag her back to the bedroom and rape her.

How long had this been going on? How long would it continue?

“Ugh, what a mess.”

Xavier had entered the apartment, now empty, with Lily passed out on the bed. He stood over her, her small body caked with dry semen, making her look like a snake shedding its skin. Sighing in disgust, he snapped his fingers and she was bathed in flames, cleansing her body while her internal injuries were healed. The flames vanished and he checked her pulse. He was surprised to find her still alive. He was sure they had raped her to death. He also healed her brain, erasing the normally irreversible mental trauma. With her body and mind rejuvenated, she slowly woke up.

“Xavier? Is that you?”

“Hey, honey, looks like you’ve been busy.”

“Yeah. I made a lot of money for us.”

“Good girl. Now do what some love?”

She gave a tired nod and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. Xavier got undressed and got on top of her, fucking her with the same roughness as the dozens of men who had stood in that apartment before him.

Vacation had come to an end, and for Helena, it wasn’t nearly as bad as she had feared. Xavier had given her space, but when he did slither into her life, he was kind. He had talked her into going onto another two dates with him, they sparred three more times, and the worst he did was sneak into her bed a few times and finger her. To think that she had become so accustomed to being molested by the Antichrist…

What had originally been a traumatizing horror was now a mere annoyance. Considering everything else he had done to her, she knew to just pick her battles, let him have his way, and try not to have an orgasm. For some reason, the fact that he was the Antichrist seemed to make her less mad than she would have normally been. Were he a normal man doing this, she would have exploded in rage and beaten him to death, but since he wasn’t something that she would fight back against, she almost felt no need to be angry. When he touched her, she reacted with the same level of distress as if she had to walk in the rain. It was just a part of her life and she should just be glad it wasn’t worse.

Helena was now lying in bed, bored out of her mind. She had done all the extra credit work she could and studied until her head hurt. There was nothing left to do but wait for Sophie to come home. She had no idea what time she was coming back. If she knew when her train was coming in, she could have met her at the station. The clicking of a key in the door lock made her sit up in excitement, glad her friend was back. The door opened and Helena lost her smile, seeing the look on Sophie’s face. She was practically shooting daggers from her eyes. Oh God, there was only one thing that could make her so enraged…

Sophie stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. Not taking her eyes of Helena, she walked over and sat down on her bed. The two girls stared at each other, waiting for one of them to speak.

It was Sophie who broke the silence. “Why has Xavier been raping me?”

The way she spoke, it was more like an accusation than a question. Helena shuddered, knowing that this conversation was inevitable, but dreading it. She had hoped that it would never happen.

“Because of me.”

“I know that already! What the fuck did you do to make him do this to me?!”

The sound of her friend swearing left Helena momentarily stunned. “I was your roommate, that’s what I did. Sophie, do you know what he is?” She shook her head. “He’s the Antichrist. I don’t know what he’s doing here or what he’s trying to accomplish, but the day I met him… he said that he had developed a liking for me and wanted to make me his queen when he took over the world. I refused, and ever since then, he’s been tormenting me and playing mind games with me to try and win me over.”

Angry tears began to fall from Sophie’s eyes. “So that’s it? He’s been torturing me simply to get to you? I’ve been a slave because you didn’t want to be a queen?!”

Helena bolted to her feet, her eyes watery like Sophie’s. “Do you think he hasn’t tormented me as well?! Every time he raped you, he paralyzed and forced me to watch! Over and over again, he’s slipped into my bed and molested me! He’s made me humiliate and degrade myself! He gave you a collar, didn’t he? He put one on me first!”

Sophie stood up and two friends faced each other. “Do you have any idea what he’s put me through? What he and my sister have put me through?!”

Helena’s anger had the wind knocked out of it. “Wait, your sister?”

Sophie too calmed down a little and looked away, but her voice was still full of anger. “That’s right. This vacation was Hell itself.”

Helena grasped Sophie’s hands. “What happened? Tell me.”

Sophie sat down on her bed and Helena crouched down before her, clutching her hands and trying to comfort her friend.

“He followed me to my home. I thought he just wanted to continue fucking me, but he also wanted my sister. He attacked her, she escaped, and… he forced me to chase her down and drag her back so that he could violate her. He raped me first so that she could watch… then he made me wear some big rubber thing and take her virginity. I had to rape my little sister so that he wouldn’t. I thought watching Marian being fucked and sodomized was the most tragic thing possible… but it got worse.”

“How? What did he do?”

“It’s not what he did, it’s what happened to Marian. She snapped, turned into a completely different person. She became a ravenous harlot, always begging him to fuck her harder. She became addicted to his abuse. He would appear and disappear, and when he was gone, she would ask me again and again when he would come back and let her suck his thing. For the first few days, he would take turns using us. He would make me watch as Marian begged for him to cum in her ass. Marian would play with herself while she watched me get mounted from behind.

Then he got truly cruel. He began giving Marian assignments. He turned her against me…”

Sophie was in bed, napping. She had been up half the previous night, suffering from a chain of forcefully-induced orgasms.

“Sœur, Sophie…”

She slowly stirred, hearing her sister calling her. Second to Xavier, Marian was the last person she wanted to see. After what Marian had watched and what she had turned into, Sophie didn’t have the heart to look at her little sister. She kept her back turned, wishing to go back to sleep. At least then she wouldn’t feel sick with revulsion.

“What? What is it?”

She felt Marian climb into the bed with her.

“I’m horny.”

Marian then reached around and jammed her hand into her sister’s panties, working her fingers inside of her. Sophie tried to pull away but Marian held on, stirring her fingers in her pussy.

“No! Marian, stop! This isn’t right!”

“Xavier said this would be fun. Come on, take it.”

Sophie’s heart skipped a beat as she realized Marian was wearing the strap-on. She began to cry, refusing to believe what was happening. “Please, don’t do this. I love you.”

“I love you too, that’s why I’m going to make you feel good.”

Marian yanked down Sophie’s panties and then forced the dildo into her asshole. Sophie winced and continued to cry, wishing her sister would stop but not having the will to fight her off. The rubber toy was dry, and even after all the abuse her asshole had taken, the friction was agonizing, but Marian didn’t seem to care about her sister’s pain. Grabbing Sophie’s hair, she began ramming her backdoor with the sex toy, her thrusts increasing in strength and cruelty. Sophie cried out from both the pain of the sodomy and her sister’s betrayal. Marian climbed on top of her, slamming down onto her sister with her full weight and driving the dildo as deep into her asshole as possible.

“See sœur? Isn’t this fun?”

“Marian became just like him. She became my enemy. She would torment me with every chance she had. To her, it was like an innocent game. When our parents were around, she would conceal her actions and use her hands on me, forcing me to hide my reaction so that they wouldn’t notice. When they were gone, she would rape me with that rubber thing. Xavier would show up and she would beg him to compliment her for abusing me. Then they would gang up and double-team me for hours. I wanted to fight her off, to try and smack some sense into her… but I just couldn’t hurt her. No matter what she had become, she is my little sister. Besides, it was my fault she became so twisted. I brought Xavier to her and her to Xavier. I deserve her cruelty. I deserve to be punished by her.”

Both Helena and Sophie were in tears, overwhelmed with their suffering but grateful they could at last talk to each other share their feelings.

“Sophie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I never wanted you to be hurt.”

“How can we stop this? How can we escape from this?”

Helena got to her feet. “There is only one way I can think of.”

Helena knew where to find Xavier as if through some sixth sense. She could feel him, his presence in the school, and was zeroing in on his location. She at last met him on the quad, where he was dozing under a shady tree.

“All right, I give in.”

He opened one eye and looked at her. “Excuse me?”

Helena clutched herself, staring at the ground with her teeth clenched. “I’ll become your queen. I’ll do whatever you want. Just please, leave everyone else alone.”

“No deal.”

She looked up at him, feeling the ground falling away from under her feet. “What?”

Xavier stood up and strode over to her. “You heard me. I don’t accept your offer. I told you that I would win your heart. You think I’ll make you mine so that you can simply play the martyr?”

“But… wasn’t that the whole point of tormenting Sophie? tuzla escort Weren’t you trying to blackmail me by holding her hostage?”

“Of course not. That would be too easy. If you become my queen so that you can sacrifice yourself to protect your friends, then you haven’t really given in to me. You still consider me your enemy. We’ll be in bed, our bodies intertwined, and you’ll be thinking ‘better me than Sophie’.”

“But then… why? Why would you hurt her like this?! Why would you turn her and her sister against each other?”

“That was actually totally unexpected. I never would have guessed she would turn into such an obedient little sadist. But as for why, tell me something: Which was worse when Sophie confronted you? The pain you knew she had felt?” He stepped forward and lifted her chin, looking into her tearful eyes. “Or the fact that I lied to you? Helena, I’m the Antichrist. What could possibly make you think that you can believe me when I say “trust me”? I originally made Sophie my victim to weaken your resolve, expose you to depravity, and use her to make you go through those trials. I resumed tormenting her simply so that I could lie to you.”

Helena fell to her knees, robbed of her strength. “Why?”

“Instead of asking me why, ask yourself. Why did you trust me? Why did you believe me? Why did you believe me over your own instincts? It’s because you needed to find some good in me. You needed to find some redeemable aspect in me so that you could use it to justify your feelings. No matter how much you resist it, you have developed feelings for me. You hate me because you think you’re supposed to and your pride and beliefs are telling you that I am your enemy, but your heart cannot turn away. You know this, so you tried to justify that desire by saying “at least he’s a man of his word, I can appreciate that”. You could like one part of me and hate the rest, guilt-free.”

Helena covered her ears and shook her head. “No! No, that’s not true! I hate you with every fiber of my being! You’re evil! You’re a monster! You hurt the people I care about!”

Xavier grabbed her by her shoulders and dragged her to her feet as if her body was weightless. “Then why did you smile and laugh on our dates? Why was I able to make you happy? When you thought I had erased Sophie’s memories and stayed away from her, you struggled to find a rational reason to hate me. No matter what you had seen me do, the fact that I was able to clean it all up and not leave even a single scar behind slowly crept into your mind. You began to realize that it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as you thought.”

He dropped her back to the ground and snapped his fingers, with a small spark of darkness popping. “There, I just erased her memories of everything I or her sister did to her and replaced her with happy ones. She’ll look back on that vacation and smile at all the quality time she spent with her family. Shall we go back to your room so that you can see her humming and thanking God for this beautiful day?”

He snapped his fingers again. “And now she’s back to being traumatized. She’s probably sitting on her bed, contemplating suicide.” He snapped his fingers over and over again. “Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. See how insignificant it all is? All the suffering she’s gone through can completely disappear and she can be even happier than before.”

“You can’t just deny everything you did to her! All of the pain you’ve inflicted!”

“What pain? She has no scars, her virginity has returned, and right now she’s thinking back to eating dinner with her family. She doesn’t even know I exist. Back home, her sister is the sweet and pure-hearted girl she was before she met me. Does it matter now what I might have done to her? Tell me, which would be more evil? Torturing her and making her miserable every day of her life, then on her deathbed, give her memories of the happiest and most fulfilling life she could have possibly lived, or to let her live that happy life, then on her deathbed, give her memories of absolute hell?

Half of reality is what happens, the other half is how we perceive it. Right now, what you think I did to her is nothing more than a fantasy, a delusion. According to her, she’s been happy all this time and nothing bad has happened. People don’t care about the real world. They simply care about their own happiness. They want the things that make them happy, even if they aren’t real. It’s why it’s so hard to convince someone that they’re wrong or break them free of their ideology. They don’t care about reality, as long as they can continue to live in the delusion that they are right. It’s the same thing when they say they want the truth. They don’t really want the truth. They just want what they want to hear to be the truth.”

Helena didn’t reply, having no idea what she was supposed to say. Xavier’s words had smothered the flames of her anger. Her heart still ached from the pain she knew Sophie had gone through, but if Xavier really had erased her memories… was that pain even real?

“Like I said, the real reason you’re angry isn’t because I hurt your friend. You’re angry because I lied to you. I will say, though, that that was the first lie I ever told you and I will work to abstain from lying to you again. I really don’t take any joy in lying to you.” A minute passed, in which Helena remained kneeling on the grass with Xavier standing behind her. “Let’s go get a coffee.”

Helena didn’t know how Xavier got her out to that café, but there they were, sitting in the shade of an umbrella, each with an espresso.

“Tell me something, have you honestly considered my offer? I would be disappointed if you said no to me in the church and never bothered to actually think afterwards.”

“I won’t do it.”

“Tell me why.”

“Because you’re evil, because you hurt people. How could I ever love someone as demented as you?”

“You love God, and he isn’t any better. In Africa, a thousand children will die today from war, from disease, from starvation. They’ll cling to the bibles that the missionaries gave them out of guilt for living their rich, white lives in leisure. They’ll be told that God loves them while they suffer. In some country in Eastern Europe, a single mother with three children will be raped by a police officer. She’ll clutch her crucifix and beg God to save her. No answer comes, even when she finds out she’s pregnant, when she’s denied an abortion, and when she dies from complications in the pregnancy and leaves her children to be snatched up and sold into slavery. In the hospital three miles away, your friend lies in what would have been an irreversible coma. He had suffered debilitating brain damage that would have left him as a vegetable until he died of old age or his pancreatic cancer got him. He was a man of the church, a priest who helped hundreds of children like you find a home in Rosewood University, yet God didn’t protect him, heal him, or save him. I did.”

He could see the effect of his words on her, the noticeable stress on Helena’s face.

“Your words won’t destroy my faith.”

Xavier reached into a small tin in the middle of the table and pulled out a sugar packet. He mixed it into his coffee. “Back during WWII, I spent some time in Germany. I watched as Nazis exterminated Jews, gypsies, the disabled, and other groups of people. The citizens of Germany watched it happen. They did nothing to stop it. Everyday people lived just down the road from concentration camps, knowing exactly what was going and not caring at all. In genocides, those people are called the bystanders. They watch as something terrible happens and do nothing to stop it. If a new genocide were to happen, would you be a bystander? Would you sit quietly by while people were murdered in front of you?”


“Then why does God?”

They stared at each other, Xavier waiting for Helena to respond.

“B-because he has a plan for everything. He works in ways that we cannot possibly understand.”

“What kind of plan could incorporate men being slaughtered, women being raped, and children being enslaved? If that is his plan, then doesn’t that mean he not only allows those crimes to transpire, but actually commits them? If I really am the enemy of God, why doesn’t he stop me? How many women do you think have begged God to save them from me? Over vacation, your best friend sobbed as she choked on my cock and her little sister raped her from behind. She prayed for God to stop me, but he did nothing.”

“No, you’re wrong!”

“Then help me. Tell me the truth. There are three possibilities: he doesn’t have the power to stop tragedies and is thereby incompetent and weak; he simply doesn’t care about suffering and is indifferent, looking down on mankind like you are ants or bacteria; or he actually enjoys watching people wallow in agony and gets his rocks off in creating humans simply to inflict pain on them, and is sadistic.”

“God isn’t like that!”

“How would you know? Have you ever spoken to God? Have you ever met God? You know nothing about him and you refuse to acknowledge anything that goes against your fantasy. It’s just like I told you before: people don’t care about reality, only about what makes them happy and lets them feel right. Admit it: I’m the only possible proof you have that God even exists. Without me, you’d have nothing to go on but what people have told you about him, and even then, you ignore all the bad stuff. You’re Catholic, you know the story of Job. My father was able to convince God to torture an innocent man just to prove a point. Does that sound like a loving creator?”

“You’re the Antichrist, everyone knows that you’ll speak out against Him. Why would I ever trust your words?”

At that, a flash of annoyance moved across his face, and when he spoke, it was with anger. “Don’t do that. Don’t hide behind your bible and shrug me off. Listen to me not as the Antichrist, but as a man. This is supposed to be a debate. You’re supposed to counter my claim with a logical argument of your own, not throw a temper tantrum. If you want to continue to refuse me, fine, but don’t do it by acting like a toddler. At least Thomas Aquinas put some rationality into his arguments. Don’t be some mindless drone. You’re better than that.”

Regardless of her hatred of him, the way he spoke to her made Helena embarrassed. It was the same way she felt when a teacher scolded her.

Xavier ordered another coffee and calmed down before he resumed speaking. “You didn’t answer my original question. Have you really considered my offer? Have you thought it through? Or have you just blocked it out of your mind and equated it to ceasing to exist?”

“I… I… I don’t know. I just… can’t seem to see it.”

“I’m curious, how well do you visualize yourself as becoming a member of the Swiss Guard? Have you truly planned it through? Did you constantly fantasize about it before you met me? Were you able to visualize everything that you would do and what your life would be? Or all this time, have you not been advancing towards your goal, but simply clinging to it? Are you actually looking towards the future, or is your claim of joining the Swiss Guard just a defense mechanism when someone asks you what your plans are and you realize you have no idea? What does the future mean for you?”

The fire in her eyes flared back up. “I’ve always been resolute in my goal, and your tricks won’t change that.”

Xavier stared her, his face unreadable. “I want to see if that’s true. Come on, let’s go somewhere more private.”

Having paid for their coffees, Xavier took her to a quiet area of the city and sat down with her on a bench.

“I want to see what your future looks like.”

She stared at him quizzically. “What are you talking about?”

“I want to see what your mind creates when you imagine your future.”

“Wait… you mean read my mind?! No way! Never!”

“Relax, I won’t dig into anything. Besides, I let you into my mind, remember? All of those memories I shared with you? Just think of it as putting on a presentation. You won’t show me anything you don’t want to.”

Even after everything that had happened between them, Helena struggled to find a reason to say no. She wanted to say it, she knew she should, but when she looked at him, she couldn’t remember why.

“Ok, but no weird stuff.”

Xavier gave a small smile and reached out towards her. She scrunched herself up, fearing his touch, but strangely became calm when Xavier placed his hands on her cheeks, so gently she almost didn’t feel him at first. His palms were warm. With the connection made, she felt a channel open up in her mind, like Xavier had just put a window in her forehead and all her thoughts could be seen. Not wanting to show him anything he could use against her, she focused only on her aspirations.

The image appeared before her mind’s eye, and she knew Xavier could see it. She was standing at the Pope’s side, carrying a ceremonial halberd and dressed in the uniform of the Swiss Guard with a look of stoic pride on her face. But… that was it. Try as she might, she couldn’t deepen the fantasy beyond that. For a moment, an image of her and her fellow guards fighting off assailants flashed in her mind, but tuzla escort bayan was crushed by her rational mind questioning the likelihood of such an event actually happening. After all, when was the last time the Pope had been attacked?

“I thought as much. Joining the Swiss Guard isn’t your real goal. It’s just the best you can come up with. You’re afraid of leaving Rome but you have nothing to go on but your faith, so you want something that will let you put your violent zealotry to use. It’s not the future that you’re looking towards; you’re just desperate for a way to remain in the present.”

Helena didn’t respond, realizing now that there was undeniable truth to his words. Before, that image of her in that uniform had been all the motivation she needed, but now Xavier was showing her the hollowness she had always ignored.

“Now, how would like to see your future if you join me?”

Before she could answer, the world around them was blurred and distorted as if they were phasing out into a parallel universe. It was just like Xavier’s memories, but now when reality solidified, they had moved forward in time. Rome wasn’t very different from what it was in the present, but it did look more… militarized. The buildings had all been reinforced, as if expecting a mortar attack, and walking by the bench was a group of soldiers, all wearing suits of armor that incorporated Kevlar with the metal plating. On their chests were the three sixes of Xavier’s brand, and their weapons of choice were machine guns with scimitars attached, worn on the arm and resembling a lobster claw.

Xavier stood up and held out his hand to Helena. “This is five years in the future of the world we’ll rule together. Shall we take a look?”

Slowly, she took his hand.

Helena had to admit, Rome didn’t look bad at all. Xavier had told her that he wanted to rule the world instead of destroy it, and even then, she had expected Hell on Earth and the suffering and torture of every human on the planet by bloodthirsty demons. She didn’t see any of that. Life in the city looked no different from before. The people appeared kind of despondent, but that just came with the territory.

“Let me guess, you assumed black skies, lakes of fire, and the enslavement of all mankind?”

Helena turned to him, having been awestruck by the sight of the fully restored Colosseum. “Um… yeah.”

“Well, had I been alone in taking over the world, it would have been a little bit like that. There would be a lot of blood and a lot of suffering. But you were with me and took it upon yourself to right the wrongs of the world. Everyone on Earth now gets free housing and healthcare and nobody goes hungry. There are no wars because all the nations have been united under our rule. The “countries” still have elected officials, but since you and I control everything, they merely delegate our rules, taking all of the bluster out of politics and making it so much more civil and easy than before. Think about it, no deadlock, no parties, and no rhetoric. Officials are elected based on their competency rather than their fake promises. I’m the Antichrist and even I think that’s great.”

“But the people don’t look very happy.”

“Oh please, you act like everyone smiles all the time in the real world. The only reason the people in the future would be unhappy is because their ruler is the Antichrist. They cling to the old Judeo-Christian belief system and continue to think that they would somehow achieve a world better than the one you and I have given them. Their only problem is that the media is forbidden from use of rhetoric and can’t criticize the kingdom. As long as they say nothing bad about us and don’t try to invoke a rebellion, free speech is a given right. It’s the perfect partnership: I rule with an iron fist and you give everyone what they need.”

Try as she might, Helena couldn’t come up with an argument against him. The world was gloomier than she would have liked… but there was no reason for it to be. If she and Xavier really did all the things he said they did… was this really such a bad world?

“Come on, I want to show you the real reason why I brought you here.”

Taking her by the hand, he led her to the Vatican. St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica had been remodeled to look more like a castle, with all the statues of saints and angels removed. Soldiers patrolled the area like ants, not all of them human. Demons, clear as day, could be seen moving in and out of shadows, no different from the gargoyle statues on the roofs of cathedrals. This world was just an illusion, so nothing so much as glanced at them as they made their way to the entrance. About to step inside, the gonging of church bells echoed across the city. Helena looked up, hearing powerful wing flaps, and felt her jaw hang slack.

The sky was filled with demons, flying over Rome like migratory birds. Among them was a dragon, right out of a fantasy novel, as large as a 747 and with a body like sterling silver. Helena couldn’t quite see from this distance, but it looked like there was someone on its back. Was that… Xavier?

“Come on, let’s go inside.”

They made their way into the basilica, and as they crossed through the grand hall, Helena looked back as the silver dragon landed in St. Peter’s Square. She watched as the masked rider got off the dragon’s back and rubbed it under its chin. The grand cathedral was filled with people, either soldiers standing guard or bureaucrats handling the paperwork of the monarchy. Xavier came to a sudden stop and Helena bumped into him, nearly falling to the floor. She looked past him and her eyes widened. Underneath the main altar of the basilica were two thrones, and in one was Xavier. He had allowed himself to age, now looking like a man in his early twenties, but with an air of maturity that made him appear much older. Helena couldn’t deny that he was very handsome. He had a sly smirk on his face, looking straight through Helena and the real Xavier. But if he was there, then who was…

The sound of trumpets echoed through the basilica and one of the guards called out. “All hail Queen Helena!”

There, striding down the hallway towards them was her future self. Helena stared at the woman before her, unable to even recognize her. Having removed her helmet, the future Helena was even more beautiful than the original, with her crimson hair now hanging down the length of her back. But it was more than just her appearance that struck Helena. It was… the aura her future self seemed to have. The way she walked, that confident smirk on her face, that powerful gleam in her eye, the majestic shine to her hair; it gave her a commanding authority that a woman so young could never possess in the real world. Helena almost felt intimidated by this version, staring at her as if looking at a goddess in the flesh. It was almost as if she had fallen in love with herself.

As the queen walked, everyone got down on their knees, and for a second, Helena almost did as well. Could this be true? Was this really the woman she would become? The future Xavier stood up and greeted the future Helena, and the real Helena became flushed as she watched the two of them share a passionate kiss.

“How was Russia? I take it the rebellion was easy to crush.”

“Everything stopped as soon as I got there. I almost didn’t even have to get off Roroaka to scare everyone into submission. But it was nice to get out for a day, and best of all, no one had to die. Still, I wish I could have gotten at least a little action.”

She snapped her fingers and servants rushed over and helped remove her armor. She stood only in spandex shorts and a sports bra, and staring at her, the real Helena could almost feel herself becoming a lesbian for her future self. That mature body was magnificent to say the least. It practically steamed elegance and sexual confidence. And her tits! Helena thought hers were fine now, but damn!

“Well tonight, we’ll feast in celebration of your victory.”

The future Helena pressed herself against him and gave him a kiss. “Darling, we feast every night. How about just some Chinese and a movie on the couch?”

“Of course. I’ll find us something good to watch.”

“Right now, I think I’ll go see Adam. He must be hungry.”

The real Helena turned to Xavier. ‘Adam?’ she nonverbally asked.

He merely smiled.

She and Xavier followed her future self through the castle and saw her enter a guarded room. When they went in after her, Helena felt her heart skip a beat and she covered her mouth to suppress her gasp. Her future self was sitting in a rocking chair by a crib with an infant in her arms. Bathed in the light of the setting sun shining through the window behind her, she had a warm smile on her face as she nursed him. Looking at her with that child, Helena felt her whole world become turned upside down. At that moment, she seemingly forgot everything she knew and thought. Never in her life had she been so… entranced, so overwhelmed with emotions. A baby? She would really… have a baby? Not once in her life had she ever given any thought into having kids. She had always planned on giving her life to the church and being married only to her job, but seeing that child in the arms of her future self made her feel more desperate to have one than she thought possible.

She slowly moved forward, her legs feeling numb, reaching out to the swaddled infant. She knew that none of this was real, that this was just an illusion created by Xavier, a mere fantasy, but to her, that child was the most real thing in the world. If she could just feel him squeeze her finger with his tiny hand, hold him and smell the top of his head, she could…

She jumped in shock and pulled back, another hand reaching through her as if she was a hologram. The future Xavier had entered the room and was doing what she had tried to do. She watched as he rubbed the top of Adam’s head, the three of them as happy as could be.

She looked over to the real Xavier, standing in the doorway. There was a strange look on his face, sad almost. He was watching the three illusionary figures the same way she was. It was as if… this was his first time seeing them. It looked almost like this was all as new to him as it was to her, and it was having the same effect.

After watching the three of them have dinner, the real Xavier led the real Helena upstairs, simply mimicking their future selves. In the lavish bedroom, she watched as their illusionary counterparts began kissing and stripping off each other’s clothing. Her face was bright red from embarrassment. This was all just a fantasy of Xavier, but it was incredibly unnerving.

“Now we get to the real fun.”

“Oh God, you’re not going to make me watch this, are you?”

“Come on, you know you want to. Just enjoy the show.”

On the bed, the two adults were completely naked with their tongues dancing. Helena was on top, riding Xavier’s cock while he gripped her taut ass. She pulled her lips away from his, grinning as she thrust back against it.

“How does it feel to be back on your true throne, my queen?”

“It’s so comfy, I could sit here all day. Riding on Roroaka’s back is nothing compared to this, my king.”

Helena watched them with disgust. “Oh please, this is so corny.”

“Corny? Well then how about I dirty it up a bit?”

The future Xavier sat up and kissed the future Helena, then separated from her. “I have a present for you, a new girl.”

He stood up out of the bed and clapped his hands as if to turn on a light. From a side door in the bedroom, a young woman stepped out, dressed in a nightgown with nothing underneath. She was sixteen, short blonde hair and good-sized breasts, looking incredibly nervous and cute as a button.

“Don’t worry, she’s eager to please. She just needs to be broken in a little.”

Helena got up out of the bed and walked over to the girl, a smile on her face and a swagger to her walk, as if eager to let her see her naked body. She stood before her, the girl averting her gaze from Helena’s round breasts and lustful smirk.

“Oh, very cute. What’s your name?”

“M-Millie, your highness.”

“Well, Millie, you get to be our toy for a while. I know you’re scared, but that’s what makes it so much fun. Before long, you’ll be begging for more.”

She raised her hand and stroked Millie’s cheek, making her shiver, then held it there before the girl’s lips, inviting her. Unsure of what else she was supposed to do, Millie nervously flitted her tongue between her fingers.

“Good girl.”

Helena then pulled her in front of her and grabbed her from behind, one hand fondling Millie’s breasts and the other between her legs, just as she had learned from Xavier. The girl whimpered and blushed as Helena groped her, but did not fight back.

“My, my, what a beautiful body you have. You’re so sweet and tender, and these breasts of yours are to die for.”

The real Helena turned to Xavier. “Ugh, you’re despicable.”

“Hey, you complained about it being corny. In this scenario, some of my sadistic traits rub off on you and you develop a taste for girls. You love it when we take turns with them, both playing with them yourself and watching escort tuzla me have my way with them. This is just a fantasy. It’s not like we actually traveled forward in time. It’s all up to you if you end up like this. But let’s watch.”

The future Helena pulled Millie’s nightgown away, then crouched down and began hungrily sucking on her breasts. The girl panted from the sensation of Helena’s lips on her nipples, as well as the sweeping strokes of her tongue. She then brought her over to the bed and laid her down, with Xavier literally throbbing with anticipation. Helena climbed on top of her, hefting her breasts over Millie’s face.

“Go on, you know you want to.”

Slowly, Millie raised her head and began sucking on Helena’s breasts, just as she had done. The only difference was that Helena’s body was producing nourishment for her infant son, and that nourishment was now running down Millie’s throat.

“Good, isn’t it? Don’t be shy.”

The girl began switching back and forth between them, drinking from one and then the other. Helena gave a soft moan and craned her neck, feeling not just the lips of Millie on her nipples, but Xavier’s tongue as he went down on her from behind. He then switched down to Millie, spreading her legs and licking her virgin honeypot.

The real Helena tried to turn away, but Xavier had a firm hold on her shoulders.

On the bed, Xavier had just mounted Helena from behind, and was thrusting into her like an animal. The sound of her ass clapping against his thighs was like music, with Helena crying out in ecstasy as she was both hammered and had her tits sucked.

Standing by, Xavier whispered in Helena’s ear. “Look at yourself, look at how happy you are. This is the Helena that knows how to enjoy life, how to have fun, how to command everything around her and make it her own. In the future you so pitifully scrapped together, you were nothing but a pawn, wasting your life in the service of yet another fraud. You would spend the best years of your life doing nothing but standing in uniform and becoming dusty with boredom. In your future with me, you live your life to its fullest, basking in fulfillment with a smile on your face every day. You have a loving husband, a son that you cherish, a world that you lead into the golden age of mankind, and your nights filled with passion and sexual euphoria.

Is this really so bad a life? How long will it be before you realize that your puritanical narrow-mindedness is just getting in the way of your happiness? That you cling to an obsolete world in desperate need for a change? That you have the chance to do more good than you could ever have done in that ridiculous uniform?”

One the bed, the future Xavier grunted as he came, shooting jet after jet of semen into Helena’s womanhood. She purred in ecstasy and moved forward. She hovered her pussy over Millie’s face, the young girl wincing as drops of semen fell on her face.

“Come on, baby. You tasted your queen, now you get to taste your king.”

Behind her, Xavier kneeled between her legs and rubbed his cock against her virgin slit. “And now you get to become a woman,” he chuckled.

Giving in, Millie raised her head and began to drink the semen out of Helena’s cunt. At the same time, Xavier deflowered her, with her voice echoing through the bedroom.

Helena at last broke free of Xavier’s grip. “Enough, I want to go home.”

Xavier sighed and snapped his fingers. The illusion disappeared, returning them to that bench in the street.

Helena turned to him, a look of anger on her face that she had never worn before. “Why? Why do you keep coming after me? Of all the girls in the world, why are you so obsessed with me? There are plenty others who would jump at the chance to be your queen, go ask them. Hell, Daphne attacked me because she was jealous that you picked me over her! Go put a crown on her head! Or are you so pathetic that you can’t handle someone saying ‘no’?”

He stood up off the bench and walked towards her. This was the first time she had seen him angry at her. “Do you know the difference between us? What really sets us apart? We’ve both spent our entire lives lying about who we are, but at least I’m honest about what my heart desires. How long are you going to keep lying to yourself? If after all this time, you can look me in the eyes and honestly say you feel nothing for me, fine, I can live with that. But what I can’t stand is you lying to me and hiding behind bullshit. For once in your life, tell the truth!”

As he had again and again, Xavier walked past her, this time bumping his shoulder against hers, leaving her alone with her mind racing.

Helena returned to her dorm room, finding Sophie there, smiling and full of life. She had no memory of the things Xavier had done to her, not even a single scar. So… had he really done them?

“Hey, you ok?” Sophie asked.

She perked up as her friend called out to her. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Where have you been all day?”

“Oh, nowhere. Just enjoying the last day of vacation. Come on, let’s go get dinner.”

Night had fallen, and Sister Olivia was lying in a bathtub in the staff bathroom. She had jammed a towel rack into the door so that no one could disturb her. The water was warm, just like the blood pouring from her slit wrists. She could no longer endure Xavier’s torture and had decided to end her life. As she waited for the darkness to consume her, a shadow shifted across her face.

She looked up into the cold eyes of Xavier. “Please, just let me die.”

He grabbed one of her bleeding wrists, healing the wound. “Not yet. Your body still belongs to me.”

“Xavier! You’re back!”

Marian jumped out of bed, running across her room and tackling him. Funny, she was almost like Lily, except she was less pitiful and more masochistic, not to mention sadistic.

“Yeah, I’m back.”

“So what do you want to do to me? Will you fuck me in my pussy or my ass? Can I swallow your cum?”

“I have a better idea. I’m taking you somewhere you can have a lot of fun.”

Daphne sat on her roommate’s bed, holding the girl like a straightjacket. She had tied her up and was torturing her with clothespins and cigarette burns. She bolted up when Xavier appeared at the foot of her bed. “Master, what are you doing here?”

“I need you for something.” He looked down at the sobbing girl, drooling on the ball gag in her mouth. “Also, bring her, I guess.”

Xavier grabbed Sophie by the throat, waking her up in her bed but keeping her silent with his strangling grip. Nearby, Helena slept soundly, while Xavier returned all of the memories of Sophie’s torture.

“You’re coming with me. Your sister will be there.”

Lily walked to the apartment entrance, yawning and rubbing her eyes. A loud knocking had woken her up in the middle of the night. What was going on? She opened the door, finding Xavier.

“Get yourself ready, there are men coming over.”

“Oh… uh… ok.”

“Also, there will be other girls with you.”

“Helena, wake up.” He shook her, trying to get her to stir. “Come on, wake up.”

“Unh… leave me alone.”

“Helena, now.”

She rolled over, turning her back on him. “As long as you let me sleep and put nothing inside me, do whatever you want. I’m too tired to care.”

Xavier grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her up, shaking her until she had the tiredness exorcized from her body.

She rolled her head back and sighed. “You know, I preferred when you would just crawl into my bed and finger me. What is with you lately? You’re acting crazy.”

“Get dressed, there is something I need to show you.”

“Just go away.”

“Either get dressed or I can bring you there in your underwear.”

Xavier and Helena materialized in the hallway of a dingy apartment building. Before them was a door, and behind it were the clear sounds of crying, moaning, grunting, and the squeaking of mattress springs and other pieces of furniture.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m going to teach you the meaning of despair.”

He opened the door and brought her into the apartment. Inside were dozens of men, divided into groups and clustered around women. Sophie, Marian, Sister Olivia, Daphne, and other students she didn’t recognize. Everyone in the apartment was naked. It was a massive rape orgy. Marian was the only one not sobbing as she had all her holes filled. If anything, she was overjoyed, switching between the men trying to jam their cocks in her mouth.

On the bed was Lily, a dull look to her eyes as yet another man fucked her in the asshole. A lot of these men had fucked her before, but she had learned to block out their faces. In the kitchen, Sister Olivia was sobbing as her pussy was stretched near to tearing. She had two men fucking her at once. They didn’t seem to care that their dicks were rubbing against each other. Sophie was on her knees, crying from the stinging blindness as the men ejaculated onto her face over and over again. She was literally drenched in semen. There was also Daphne, pressed against the window as she was fucked from behind, her eyes darkened with the pain of Xavier’s betrayal. Her roommate was being crushed under some fat guy, and another girl was doing a handstand as she had both her pussy and asshole violated.

Helena stared in shock, feeling like she was going to throw up at the sight of so many people getting raped. She turned to Xavier, tears in her eyes. “Why? Why would you do this? Why would you torture these women like this?”

“To show you the truth of this world. Look at this, look at how easy it is to make people suffer. There is no such thing as freedom in this world, only chaos and the illusion of order. You think me evil because of the things I do, but that’s only because the world lets me. You think that because of who and what I am, I corrupt this world, but this world is already corrupt. I simply parody this twisted nightmare you call reality. I am the serpent, slithering through the crumbling foundations of the kingdom of man. I don’t need my powers to blend in. I’m already surrounded by horror.”

Helena tried to run back out into the hallway, but he grabbed her by the arms and forced her to watch, squeezing so tight that she cried out in pain. “Don’t you dare turn away from this! Don’t you dare shut it out! You think that this is anything unusual? You think that I am some exception to the peace of the world? No, horrors like these will continue on until mankind’s end, just as they have occurred since mankind’s beginning. Look at these women, their minds twisted and their hearts crying out for someone to help them. They pray to God, but he doesn’t answer. Where is your God? Why doesn’t he stop me? Why doesn’t he save them?

All over the world, people suffer just like these women. They are enslaved, raped, and murdered. It has been like that for eternity. Yet you sit in your lofty university, hidden within the extravagance of Rome, believing that this world is God’s paradise. You believe that life is fair, that God will provide for those who are loyal to him, but the bloodshed never ends!”

“Please! Just stop this!”

“You can stop this yourself! You have the chance to break the endless death march of time! Use me! Use my power to make this world into what you want it to be! I am offering you the kingdom! I’m offering you a chance to end the horror once and for all! Whether humanity thrives or suffers, I couldn’t care less, but can you really just ignore everything around you and remain stagnant like this? Maybe I should just destroy this world! Maybe I should create Hell on Earth! How can you claim you’ll stop me if you can’t even stop the evil already around you?!”

“I told you I’ll give in! Please, I’ll do whatever you want! Just let them go!”


Xavier tossed her aside and then clapped his hands together. All the men in the room burst into flames, their flesh peeling off their bones with streams of fire pumping from their veins. All of the women lost consciousness and vanished, teleporting back to their homes. Only Lily remained, passed out on the bed.

He turned back to Helena. “Enough lying! Enough lying to me and lying to yourself! Why are you so scared of the future? Why are you so unwilling to accept your feelings? The Helena I know and love has eyes full of passion and a will to fight, but look at yourself now. I offer you a life beyond your wildest dreams, a chance at happiness and the ability to protect mankind, and you fall apart into a pathetic wreck! What are you so afraid of?! WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?!”

“I DON’T KNOW!” Helena screamed as she held herself, sobbing harder than ever in her life. “I don’t know anything anymore! I’m afraid! I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of every day! I’m afraid of the day after! I’m afraid of growing up and my life changing! You’re right, ok? You’re right. I’m terrified of the future. I don’t know why, but I just can’t move forward.”

Xavier stood over her and lifted her chin. She clutched his arm, crying into his hand.

“There is only one way to help you. You’re unable to face the future because you can’t get over your past. You’ll never be able to live until you stop ignoring your wounds and actually let them heal. Come on, I’m taking you home.”

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