The Man in the Mirror

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It was a cold winter’s night and the moon was full and ripe shining its light like silver fingers through the window; Maxine was alone in bed listening to the wind fiercely howling like wolves outside her window and the rain drumming on the roof. A perfect night for loving.

Maxine, unable to sleep decided to run herself a hot bath, she swung her long tanned legs from beneath the snow white bed clothes and put her feet to the ground feeling the soft springiness of new carpet beneath her toes, for some reason tonight she was much more aware of herself but was unable to put her finger on the reason why…

Clad in only her black satin thong she walked across the bedroom to the en-suite. Walking that short distance even though the central heating was on full blast made her nipples erect, she stood for a moment savouring the feel of her breasts slowly firming up and her nipples tightening and hardening into little buds before stepping into the bathroom her feet almost gliding across the smooth surface of the warmed marble floor.

She padded over to the large Jacuzzi bath, turned on the taps and added a little of her favourite scented oils to the water, then caught sight of herself in the full length mirror.

She sat on the edge of the bath as it filled and eased off her thong already wet with her mounting juice revealing her tight shaven pussy, still looking into the mirror Maxine began to play, sliding her hand down her body over the soft swell of her breasts and her hardened nipples, down lower across her flat stomach bahis firmaları and lower still until she reached her pussy so smooth and warm.

Spreading her legs further apart, Maxine watched in the mirror as she slid her middle finger down over her swollen clit and let out a gasp as electric currents flew from her clit and dissipated through out her body, then allowing her finger lower into her wetness, teasing her hole evoking more juice to flow making her tip her head back and close her eyes in sheer pleasure.

When she opened them again and looked into the mirror she saw herself flushed from her little session but then she saw a man, wearing only black boxers staring at her… she looked around the bathroom no one was there but when she looked into the mirror again there he was staring directly at her, he had the buffest body she’d ever seen on a man broad chest and strong arms corded with muscle tapered waist and lean, long athletic legs.

He smiled at her, got up and walked round the side of the bath and straight through the now rippling mirror towards her…

Maxine’s body went into overdrive, her nipples went even harder and when he stripped off his boxers her love juice over flowed and started gushing down her legs.

This was the man that invaded her dreams, the one that made love to her night after night and assaulted her senses in her waking state and now he was here naked in front of her in the flesh!

She felt as if she was to faint, as light-headed as if the oxygen had thinned in the room, kaçak iddaa as he knelt down in front of her. He looked her deeply in the eyes his soft brown eyes the shade of caramel clashing with hers of emerald green, passion flew between them like lightening sparks.

Maxine breathed a sigh as without a word he parted her thighs and tentatively lapped at her swollen pussy sending pleasure rocketing through her now trembling body.

She began to run her fingers through his jet black hair pushing him closer to her wetness he obliged by lapping more urgently and then slipping one then two fingers into her pussy, she was moaning for him over and over she was so close to orgasm, she knew she was going to cum.

Then he stopped.

He looked up at her and smiled then said in a slow deep passion drugged drawl “I know what you want, and you love it when I do it don’t you?” Maxine opened her eyes and managed to nod her head every movement heightening her arousal, her need for him. “But im not going to just give it to you this time, I’m gona make you work for it. Do you think you can do that?” she nodded again. He smiled and raised himself up from his kneeling position.

He got in the Jacuzzi bath and slipped into the warm scented water beckoning her to join him, she did slipping in and straddling his waist, she could feel his long thick cock pressing against the lips of her pussy and she couldn’t resist the urge to slip her pussy down onto it.

He let out a low guttural moan as he relished the feel of her tightness around kaçak bahis his member which was joined by more as she began to bounce up and down on it. She was enjoying it too and knew that it wouldn’t be long until they both came, the warm water adding to the pleasure they were both experiencing.

Maxine’s moans got loader and more passion laden as her bounces got harder and faster taking him even deeper inside her she opened her eyes to watch his pleasure as she rode him to the brink he had his eyes closed and he was moaning freely now, she could feel his strong arms covered in butter tanned skin helping her forcing her almost violently onto his shaft, she could feel him building up for his climax and she too ached to come.

Then like magic the fireworks came.

Her pussy clamping round him as she exploded her juices and him pulsing deep within her as he finally unleashed his torrent of hot cum inside her moaning her name.

They stayed like that for a while as they recovered from there high. Then he lifted her gently off him and laid her in the bath as he got out and dried himself off. He turned to her again and whispered “good girl, I hope I satisfied you tonight as u satisfy me every night” then he ran his hand over her eyes and sent Maxine into a deep sleep in the warm water.

He turned and walked naked back into the rippling mirror once more and disappeared.

Maxine woke with a start from her sleep a little confused but feeling wonderful she looked around the bathroom and wondered if it was all a dream.

Until she saw the black boxers hanging on the side of the bathtub… She smiled to herself as she fingered the soft fabric.

“He’ll be back for these… And when he does I’m going to make him stay.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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