The Magic Ring

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It all stared when I was called out to work an accident on the edge of town. I have twenty-five years in the city police department all of my time has been in traffic division. I have only four more mouths till retirement. The city has what they call a seventy fine year plan. I started at age twenty-five, worked twenty-five year an am now fifty adding up to seventy-five. I was ready to go out the door and get my new life started as a bar owner down on the coast road.

I am fifty years old, single no wife or kids to worry about. However over the years I have come close to getting married. But as luck or not would have it I am still single. In my job I get to meet a lot of women. Some are mothers of accident victims. Other are involved in accidents and I see them at the sight and on follow up. Several have been so thankful for my services that I have been rewarded with their most cherished position. Or so they thought it was I having my doubts in some cases.

This accident was a bad one. Both mother and son were killed. After the ambulances were gone, the cars had been towed I was still out there doing my measuring and taking pictures for the record. I was ready to wrap it up when I saw a little silver ring in the gutter. I picked it up and looked at the unusual design a small dragonhead with rubies for eyes. It was warm to the touch and for a second I felt a sensation of sexual arousal. But it passed as I dropped the ring in my pocket.

I had gone off duty and was having a beer at my local neighborhood bar when I remembered the ring. I pulled it out and slipped it on my finger. I knew it was much to small but to my surprise it slipped on easily. All at once I got a warm sensation in my groin. I felt a hard on starting to swell in my jeans. At first I had no thought it was the ring that had caused this sensation. Because for months I had been trying to get a date with the owner’s wife. He was a sick old guy and was not around much so I had been hitting on his much younger wife.

She was working at the other end of the bar and every time she bent down to grab a beer out of the well I could see the cure of a sweet firm ass. I was thinking how much fun it would be to have some of that when she turns around and gives me a smile a yard wide. She even wiggled her ass as if to say “Hi buster this could be your night.” I was smiling back when she came up to my end and said. ” Old man your looking very good tome tonight. What have you done different?” I said I did not have a clue. But if she wanted to come up to my place after closing we could try to fine out. She placed her hand over mine and said. ” It’s a date. I’ll see you at two fifteen when I close up.”

I was showered and waiting for her arrival the bed had clean sheets the window was open so we cold hear the surf. The lights were low and some old blues were wailing in the background. The door was open so she walked in looking at pretty as ever. June is twenty years my junior and it never occurred to me that she would take me up on my invitations. She asked me where the shower was.
I showed her and handed her a clean towel. She handed it back to me and said, ” You can lick me dry if you want. ” I want.” I said.

June was tall really a big girl, but with bağcılar escort her height she carried her pounds well. Long dark hair, broad pointed breasts set off my one of the smallest waist I had eve seen on a girl that big. Her ass was narrow but plump and it sure looked good. Dripping water from head to foot she walked slowly toward the bed. My erection was standing at attention ready for work. June came into my arms and we kissed slowly a first then harder till my mouth hurt. My hands were feeling those fine breasts and my thigh was pressed up between her legs.

The thick hair on her puss was dark but it could not disguise a sensitive clitoris. It was long protruding out like only a few I had ever seen this way. Leaving her warm lips I kissed down her neck. Stopping only a minute to pay homage to her fine breasts then her belly and finely I captured that clitoris between my lips and suck hard on it. She screamed so load I thought for a moment I had hurt her, but the way she grabbed my head forcing my mouth tight into her wet pussy I knew she was not hurt. Her clitoris was stiff like a small little cock except it had no head. She screamed again and I tasted what few men have ever tasted the nectar of the gods.

Only a few times in my life had I ever tasted it and it is the sweetest taste in the entire world. Some men will only dream of it while I had been privileged to taste it four times in my sexual active years. June gave me what is by some to be called the sweetest of all sweets. I licked her juices as they flowed from her like a tiny river over flowing its banks. She was tired to the point of near total exhaustion when it was over. So I held her in my arms and let her rest. I fell asleep but was awaken by June licking my erection from the base of my balls to the tip of my bulbous head.

She was licking it like a child would an ice cream cone staring to melt. My cock seemed to grow with every rake of her tongue up my shaft. I pulled her up and as I did she lifted herself up to sit across my hips. He pussy was quivering as I entered her. She had a hot wet pussy and I filled it to capacity. I could feel the loose skin on my cock slide to greet the walls of her pussy. We were literally bonding together. Our bodies were working as one. I have never thought of myself as a super stud. But I was proud tonight that every thing was working so well she was lifting up and slowly letting herself down on me. It was as if she wanted to feel the sensation of that first entry time and time again. Then she stared to rock back and forth letting me feel the inside of her pussy from with the head of my cock. It was rubbing her deep and all over in there.

She shook her head and wiggled her hips as if to get more of me inside her. I was shaking so I was sure I was going to go off to soon. But some how I managed to wait till just the right moment when she had her second climax. This time I exploded with her filling her with a load that even surprised me. I could feel the throbbing as my muscles pumped more and more up and out of me. I had never climaxed like that in my whole life. June felt it too and said, ” Oh, my god, Oh, god. Fill me up.”
She collapsed across my chest bahçelievler escort while I was still pumping my sperm into her.

The sun came in the window waking us together. June looked at me and said “Old man I have to get home. But I must say you awaked in me something that was dormant for a long time. I never knew it could be like that. Thanks for being the one to wake me up to what life should be.”

June left and I was sure I would see her again. I just did not know when.

After she was gone I showered and took the little ring off my hand. Almost at once I felt a sexual relief as if I had been on Viagra for a week and just came down off a great high. It looked so small surely I could not have had that on my finger. I thought about checking with the family to see if it was on a victim at the time of the accident. It was after lunch before I got around to calling the home of the deceased. A girl answered the phone telling me she was the daughter and sister to the peopled killed in the crash. I told her I wanted to come by and talk if that was all right with her and other members of the family. She said, ” Please come any time we will be her all day.”

The home was set off the road up a wooded lane. There were two people at the house. One was the daughter a Miss Audrey Cornell and a Mrs. Blanch Chester the sister of the mother. They invited me in to the den where they were having coffee. I sat on a winged chair in front of a fireplace. Both ladies sat across the coffee table from me on a long sofa. They were dealing with their grief well and before long were talking like old friends. The couple Mother and son had been to a party at Mrs. Chester’s home. But she assured me they were not drinking. As we talked I slipped my hand into my pocket and some how the little ring l\slipped right on my finger. Almost at once I fell my erection grow that same warm feeling was growing I my groin.

Mrs. Chester smiled at me and said ” Officer King is it?” I told her it was Kelly King but everyone calls me Buster. She said ” Buster, if you promise not to put it in your report I tell you about the party we had at my home.” I smiled nodding that what ever she told me would be held in confidence. Audrey smiled and sat closer to her Aunt. Blanch said.

” Well we were,” she blushed. ” We were having a sex party. My sister and I have been fucking our sons for nearly two years. Then last year we started to fuck each other sons. Audrey was supposed to join our little incest group next week here in this house. My son would have been here today but he had to work. Audrey has fucked both her brother and my son but never in a group. Now we will never get the chance to share one another as a family.” This did not sound strange to me it sounded as if it were the natural thing to do when you had a loving family. I reached across the table and held out my hand. ” Blanch, Audrey I wish I could be part of your family it sounds so wonderful, so loving.” I paused and look at them and they looked at me. Then as if it had been rehearsed we said, in unison ” Why not.”
Two minutes later I had a girl in each arm walking up stairs. The master bedroom was large and the bed was a bahçeşehir escort king size. I started kissing one and then the other. While we groped and dropped clothing as we moved toward that kind size bed. Blanch was a fine looking lady of forty six, she had a soft round body with everything a lady needs to give a guy one hell of a good time. Her tits were full and hung down just a little her hips were starting to get that middle age spread but it was not too wide yet. I was taken by her looks and candid way of talking.

Audrey was not about to be left out of this party she was holding my fully erect cock in her hands. Both hands I fact. Audrey was small not five feet with pointed budding breasts and the firmness of youth. He little ass was already kind of wide for her size and I thought if looked just right for a tender fucking. The girls were on either side of me. Blanch in y arms kissing me while Audrey was busy jerking my cock making it grow even larger than last night. Blanch told Audrey to suck my cock she was sure I would like that. Blanch had no idea just how much I would enjoy Sweet Audrey sucking my cock. For such a tiny girl Audrey was taking almost all my cock down he throat. I had deep throat before but not like this sweet twenty year old was doing.

It was only a matter of second before Blanch move down to give Audrey a time out. Which she gave up so she could move up to sit across my face? Audrey’s pussy was wet and the pussy lips were long and hung down inviting me to chew on them. I was giving Audrey my full attention when I felt Blanch get up and straddle my groin. Blanch had a tight pussy for a lady that had children and was fucked regularly. Audrey turned around so she could face her aunt they were kissing and fondling each other’s tits. Audrey was the first to cum. She flooded my mouth till it ran down around my neck. It was a pungent but not to bad a taste. Not that sweet nectar of last night. Blanch got to jerking and riding my cock as hard as she could before she let out a sound like a train tooting. She just stiffens and collapsed on the bed next to me. My cock was still stiff as a rod so Audrey being a nice girl that she is started to suck me again. I was holding her head in my hands helping her keep a good rhythm going.

When I said, “Audrey have you every been fucked in that tiny ass if so I would like to fuck it for you.” Audrey sat up smiling like a cat that stole the canary. She jumped around so she was on all fours in front of me. I got off the bed and stood on the floor with my fucking cock ready for some hot ass action. It did not take any K-Y jelly for me to get my cock up her well-oiled ass hole. She had been fucked many times and loved it.

Grabbing her by the hips I jerked her back on old stony and gave her a fucking she will not soon forget. Blanch in the mean time was fingering my ass and getting a hand full of Audrey’s tint tits. When I cum it was again as last night it pumped long and lots till Audrey had to pull free of me. Blanch was my cock was still pumping and she took hold and helped my jerking me till it was bone dry. We showered and kissed each other goodbye. Now if I wrote that all up it would make one hell of a report. I slipped the ring off my finger returning all other things back to normal. I guess that was the moment I was sure that it was the ring that caused me to be a lot more man than I had been up till now.

It also seemed to wake up whom ever I have an interest in and that sure makes it easy to get anyone I want. On the way back to the station I had an idea how to give this hypothesis one more try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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