The Magic Of Forbidden Sex

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Jason and Maggie’s have been seeing each other for over two years, that ended when she caught him in their bed with the stripper from the bar she works at. Two days later he try to come and see her at her parents house. Her dad met him at the door. He told him in no terms that he was never to come around her or his daughter again. She watch from the upstairs window of her old bedroom.

Half asleep her mother came into the room to wake her. “Maggie, wake up dear.” she said. “I’m up mom.” she said, sitting up in bed. “I need you to make sure dinners cooking by noon. We having chicken and dumplings in the crock pot, also have your dad get his garage clean out.” she told Maggie. Getting up she went to the window to see her mom pull out and drive away. The sun was already out so she took off all her clothes and lay back down and fell asleep.

Fred walk down the hall looking for his daughter, he found her laying naked on her bed. He stood in the door way and watch her sleep. The rise and fall of her huge, round titties. He felt his cock growing hard in his pants. She move her legs, and he saw more of her delicious pussy. His cock stiffen and he push his hand down his pants, rubbing his cock while he watch her hand move down to touch her pussy. Walking into the room to get a closer look, he ease down to sit on the bed. Her hand move, rubbing her clit. And he pull his cock out and stroke his cock.

Maggie open her eyes to see her daddy sitting by her on the bed, and he was stroking his enormous cock. She couldn’t believe his cock was so huge, it was bigger than any other one she’s ever seen. When he saw she was awake and watching him he jump back off the bed. “Oh baby I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean any harm, it’s just I came looking for you and I found you laying there and I just could help myself, your mother’s not giving me any for a while now and it’s not looking as if she will any time soon, It wont happen again honey.” her dad told her. Then left the room.

She plug in the crock pot then call her dad for lunch. While he ate his lunch she took her time thinking about what had happen in her room earlier in her room. She look up and saw her dad watching her, she went back to doing the dishes. “{Dad mom wants you and I to clean out the garage today before she gets off work.” she told him. “Yes I know honey, I’ll get to it soon.” he said. “We better do it today dad, I’ll help you get it done dad.” she told him.

Changing into her short shorts and white half T- shirt. She went down to the garage and found her dad moving boxes out. The next hour they got all the boxes out and was moving all his tools to the right side of the garage, then he told her he wanted to move the lumber out, because he was going to build a room in the garage, an office or a place to get away from things for awhile. Everything was out and he had two men and him working on the room, they had all three walls up. When they took a break she walk around the room, it was going to be a big room. She brought out drinks and sandwiches for everybody. She sat in the shade while she ate.

With her back to the bahis firmaları men, she bent over the boxes, pulling them closer so she could go thru them. “Dad what are we saving out of these boxes?” she ask. Those are mostly your mothers, call her and ask her.” her said. Going into the house she call her mother. She wasn’t at work today it was her day off. Calling her mother’s friend to see if she new where mom was. “Call her cell phone honey, she gave her the number.

Maggie call the number, “Hello mother,” she said. In the back ground Maggie could hear a man’s voice telling her to hurry up and get undress, he wants to fuck. “What do you want done with the boxes in the garage, dad said their yours.” Maggie ask. “Throw them out, and don’t tell your father anything, Maggie or you’ll be sorry.” her mom told her. She went to the boxes and started going thru them. She has gone thru the eight boxes when she found some tapes and some really sexy clothes, she place them in a box to go to her room. “Dad all these go to the trash, I need to get in and start supper.” she told him. He told the guys to take the boxes out to the trash pile. While he finish up the last of the frame for the door.

An hour later she call them to supper. She made enough for everyone so all the men. Giving them the room to eat she went upstairs to look thru the box. Pulling out the pictures and tapes, she put one in the VCR, ph wow it was one with her father and mom. Sometimes with another man. She watch for about 30 minutes, then turn it off pulling the tape out. Picking up the clothes she try them on. Standing in front of the mirror she like the sheer red grown with matching robe. Then she pull out a sheer black bra and pantie set with matching robe.

“Maggie, Maggie where are you?” her dad called out. “Up here dad, in my room.” she yell. Her dad stop in her doorway, watching her model the outfit. He got turn on watching her. He step back from the doorway and called out again. “Come in dad.” she call out. He walk in, thinking that she would have put on a robe, and stop. “Honey are you going to put on a robe?” he ask. “Don’t you like me dress like this daddy, I think it’s very sexy, and I like seeing the hard on in your pants.” she told him. “Oh baby, I’ve had a hard on sense you turned 18 years old. I’ve yet to go soft with you walking around the house in your skimpy clothes you like wearing.” he told her.

Going up to him she put her hand on his bulging pants front. “Between me and you dad, mom’s got a lover on the side, she told me not to say anything or I’d be in trouble, but I had to tell you cause I know that you wont tell her I told you.” she told her, rubbing his hard cock. Leaning over she put a kiss on his lips, slipping her tongue in his mouth. His tongue slip in to, pulling her closer he kiss her hard. Stepping back she took a deep breathe and sat down on the bed.

“WOW!! That was amazing dad, the kiss was out of this world, we are going to have to do it again soon.” she told her dad. “Honey it isn’t right, your my daughter and I can go to jail if I did anything you didn’t want.” he kaçak iddaa said, as he sat down next to her on the bed. She stood up in front of him and straddle his lap, taking his hand she place it on her pussy, and she put hers inside his pants. “What if I told you I wanted you to take me to bed. And we could fix up the room you just built, put in a bed and we can go there late at night and have some great times just you and me, and maybe Uncle Tommy too.” she whispers, as she lick’s his ear. He slips his hand in her panties and into her pussy. “Oh baby your so wet, god I want to feel you wrap around my cock.” he told her.

Her hand closes around his cock stroking him, bring him to a getter state of hardness. Pulling his sweet pants down she points his cock at her pussy, rubbing his hand and her clit. “Oh god baby what are you doing to me.” he said as she pushes herself forward onto his cock. With his cockhead resting inside her pussy he takes her lips his. Kissing her hard as he squeezes her tits together. “Maggie, Fred I’m home.” her mother yells out. He gets up and runs to his room, and Maggie goes into the bathroom. With the water running, she quickly undress and hide the outfit in the drawer under the washrags. She got wet and step out of the tub as her mother walk in. “Maggie where’s your father?” she ask. “Down stairs in the garage finishing up the room he’s building for an office I guess.” she told her, grabbing a towel and heading to her room.

Dinner was on the table when she came down. Eating dinner was hard when all Maggie could think of was getting into her dad’s pants again. “Fred I have to go out of town this weekend for a semanier for work. I wont be home till late monday night.” his wife told him. He nodded his head, to say he understood. “Mom can I go with you so I can shop for some new clothes?” Maggie ask. ” Not this time Maggie company’s paying for the room and no one else can be in the room.” she said.

Later that night Maggie couldn’t sleep, so she went downstairs to the garage. She saw her dad sitting on the bench. “Dad, what’s wrong can’t sleep?” she ask him. Looking up he saw her standing there with the light behind her, she wasn’t wearing anything under her grown. Standing up he undid his pants and walk up to her, closing the door he lead her to the bench. He lay back on the bench and stroke his cock. “come baby and ride daddy’s train to heaven.” he told her. She straddle him and ease down onto his hard throbbing cock. She could feel her daddy’s cock filling her pussy, leaving no room for anything. Once she buried him deeply inside her pussy, he grab her ass and pulled her to him hard and fast. “Ride me baby, ride daddy’s cock, till I fill your sweet, hot, cunt with my hot cum.” he told her.

She rode him hard and fast. When he yell he was cumming her pussy suck him deeper, filling her cunt with his cum. Sitting up he holds her to him and stands up he walks her to the wall. Her legs slide to the floor and he plunges his cock in deeper into her pussy. “Oh sweet baby I talk to your Uncle Tommy and he says he wants to come for a visit this weekend, and kaçak bahis I’m giving the men the weekend off, so they can see they’re girls or wife’s.” he tells her. “MMMMMMM. great that gives me two days, and one night to get some sexy clothes.” she said. “If it’s sexy you want , come into my office baby and we can order them tonight and have them delivered tomorrow afternoon.

She sat on daddy’s lap and order alot of things, and so did her dad. She spent the rest of the night fucking her dad. The next morning she waited for her mom to leave the house, Dad was out working on the new room when mom came downstairs. “Now Maggie don’t call me unless it’s someone gets hurt, and keep the dinner from burning. I’ll be home late monday night around 10 or 11.” she told Maggie. “Okay mom I will have a safe trip.” Maggie said. Maggie watch as her pull out of the drive way.

She was working on lunch when she heard a big truck stop in the driveway, grabbing the money dad had left her she made it to the door as the door bell rang. “Hi I have a COD package for a Miss Maggie Benson.” the man said. “I’m Maggie Benson.” she told him. “I need $324.90 please.” he said. Maggie gave him the money and went inside with the box, sitting it on the coffee table. “Dad the box’s here.” she called out. Opening the box she pull out the outfits one by one. “Oh baby those are going to look wonderful on you. And the red one, Tommy’s going to love that one.” dad told her. She pull her up her dress, and drop it to the floor. “When is he coming daddy?” she ask, as she slips on the red sheer Teddy. “He’s on his way now honey.” he said, as he watch her. “Why don’t you come over here and give daddy some of your special loving.” he told her. “What kind of loving do you want daddy?” she ask. “Your mouth baby, your hot mouth.” he said as he pull out his hard cock and sat down. She kneel in front of him and took his cock in her hand and stroke him, feeling the heat she lower her mouth and took him deep into her throat. Sucking his cock hard and fast.

Tommy walk in and found her giving head to her dad, and from what he could see, she was giving it to him real good, he’s never heard the things coming from his mouth when they use to fuck his sister in law. Tommy watch as his niece’s head bobbed up and down, he felt his cock getting hard and pull it out. Just then he heard Fred cried out that he was cumming, and Maggie took all 9 inches of her dad’s cock into her throat. “I see that you enjoy sucking cocks baby, would you like to suck on mine for a while Maggie?” Tommy ask. Maggie turn to see her Uncle standing there with a enormous hard cock, bigger than any one she seen before. Tommy walk over to her and she reach up and took his cock from his hand, licking the head she took her time with his cock. “Your so big Uncle Tommy, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.” she stated.

Tommy couldn’t believe she had just suck his 12 inches cock and deep throated him to boot. Now he watch as she walk around the room wearing just the sheer red robe. He was still hard, even after she suck him. He wanted her badly, wanted to get his cock up her pussy. Laying back on the floor he was as she came over and stood over his waiting cock. Lowing her pussy she felt his cockhead push in, she took a deep breathe and drop down, burying him deep inside her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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