The Loving Husband Ch. 09

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In our last encounter, a woman named Maria moved in down the street from us into a large house with a pool, and invited us over. We learned that she and her husband had very relaxed rules about swimming attire. In fact, she loved to go nude around their pool. They encouraged us and I got to fuck her. Then, when Ann was with me, she once again demonstrated that she liked telling women what to do to me. She was very horny when we got home and for the next couple of weeks. I couldn’t wait to see Maria again.


Finally, after a couple of weeks with Tom and Maria not being around, we got a call to come over to their house on Saturday. Ann took the call and listened carefully. She grinned, looked at me, and nodded. She and Maria talked for quite a while. When Ann finally hung up she turned to me and grinned.

“You are a lucky man, John.”

I chuckled and took her into my arms. “Yes, I am. I am very, very lucky to have such a beautiful and helpful wife.”

“One who loves to see you fuck other women.”


“Good. We are going over there on Saturday and I have specific instructions for us. Okay?”

“Now why would I not be okay at going over to Maria’s house?”

Ann grinned. “No reason. In fact, you will love it this Saturday.”

I looked at her closely. “You can’t leave me hanging with a remark like that.”

Ann laughed and walked away. “Yes, I can.”

It was Thursday, so Saturday was only two days away, but that comment was going to drive be crazy between now and then.


After a very tough Friday, Saturday finally arrived and I was champing at the bit to get to Maria’s. Ann was very tickled by my impatience and made sure I knew it. Damn woman!

Before we left, however, she called me into the kitchen and asked me to sit down. What was this?

“John, I have three things that I need to discuss with you.”

This didn’t sound quite right. I sat down at the kitchen table.

“John, the first think I need to tell you is about Betty Jorgensen. You remember her?”

Of course, I remembered her. She was a beautiful Swede from the next block who lost her husband last year in an auto accident. “Yes, of course.”

“Well, when she lost her husband, she didn’t do too well. A friend of mine, Suzy from the PTA, said that she and Betty got drunk one night and Betty confessed something odd. Evidently, Betty is a bit submissive and she was having trouble coping because Don, her husband, would dominate her and take care of her sexually. Once he died, she had nobody to help and couldn’t imagine finding someone else with two young kids at home. Her daughter, Gwen, is now 19, but her son is only 12 and she can’t imagine going through boyfriends trying to find someone like Don with them at home. Anyway, I had Maria manage to meet her and invite her over.” She stopped and looked at me. “You can imagine what happened, right?”

I was thinking. “You telling me that Maria has become her dominant and is making sure Betty is doing well again?”

Ann grinned. “No, not exactly.” She looked at me pointedly. “I’m her new dominant.”

I stared. “You?”

“Yes. You know I like to order people around and make them do things. You saw how I was with K and then a little with Maria.”

“Yeah, but that was when I thought it was only with the two of us and you were making them do things to me. What are you saying?”

“Well, that’s true. In this case, I have been practicing and making sure Betty feels good while learning more about being dominate. And today, you get to see how well I’ve done. We are not like you hear or see on the internet, we are just playing and acting out things. You’ll see.” Ann stopped and looked at me for a second and then continued. “The second thing I will tell you about is that I have and will touch another woman as I order them around or dominate them. I didn’t want you to be surprised by that. Is that okay?”

I thought about that. I guess not. She was not talking about sexual contact, but just some kind of touching in keeping with her ordering the women around. She had already pushed the heads of a couple of women down onto me, so this was bahis firmaları a little new. “Okay, I can accept that.”

She took a deep breath. I was afraid of what was coming next. She had discussed dominating Betty and then how she had touched another woman. Now we were getting to the hardest of the three items and I thought I might know what that was.

“The last thing is that I want to touch Tom.” She stared directly at me and could see me thinking about that. In the beginning, I had said that I couldn’t reciprocate when it came to letting her have sex with another man. Now she was asking permission to touch one. How much further would it go?

“Why? We discussed this in the beginning. You know my feelings about this.”

Ann reached over and grabbed my hand. “Just as with the women, I will not be having sex with Tom and he will not be touching me in ay way. It’s just that in the scenario I have in mind, I have to grab Tom’s dick. I know that this is asking a lot, but it’s important to me to define what I can and can’t do in my new role. You see, I have a complete scenario laid out in my head on how I am going to direct the action today. I’m not going to just be directing a woman who is having sex with you, but directling you, Betty, Maria, and Tom. I will not be having sex with anyone, but I will be making contact with their sexual organs. I really want to do this and I would like to know that you can support me in this.”

I think I was staring at her rather directly by this point because she looked away and then back again. “What?”

“I’m not sure if I know who you are. You are talking about dominating people, directing them in sex, and touching other men and women. I’ve never heard or seen this from you.”

Ann sighed. “Well, in all fairness, you’ve seen glimpses of it with the way I handled K, then Maria that one day, and also with Jennifer when I supposedly caught her with you that night after babysitting. It’s just that after Maria got Betty over there, it allowed me to expand myself a little and I am completely enthralled by the idea now.”


“And, well, we will both benefit in the long run.”

I looked at her closely. Ann and I had communicated very well all our lives and even during this new period in our relationship. I had no reason to doubt what she was saying. “Okay, well, I guess it’s okay. Let’s see how it goes with this one before we make this part of our routine. Okay?”

Ann stood and came and sat in my lap. “Of course. We will be together forever, so we have to work all this out. I just want to try this with you so that we can see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll stop or I’ll stop or whatever we have a problem with we’ll stop. Okay?” She leaned over and kissed me.

“Perfect.” I kissed her back. This was definitely sounding very interesting.

Finally, it was time to leave. I put the kids in my car to take them to the grandparents for the day and Ann went to the Wilson home in her car. That would give her the required 30 minute head start she said she needed.

When I arrived at the Wilson house I walked right in. Ann had sent me a text to come in and go to the room they used for a changing room. I did. When I got there, Ann was standing there waiting for me and I did a double take. My normally easy-going, suburban housewife was dressed like I had never seen before. Ann was wearing a small mask, a black corset (looked like vinyl) that cinched her waist and put her tits on a shelf to display them, a black, vinyl thong that was tight up against her pussy, black thigh high patterned stockings, and black heels that looked to be about 4″ high. She looked like she was right out of a catalog. I stared.

Ann grinned. “Do you like it?”

I shook my head. “Wow! I never imagined what you would look like in something like that.”


“And you look very sexy and very hot.” I walked toward her. “Maybe I need a sample right now.”

Ann put up her hand. “Stop! Remember, we have a scenario that I have planned.”

I stopped. “Okay. But I’m going to want you to wear that at home some time.”

Ann grinned again. “Don’t worry. I plan on it. Now get undressed.”

I undressed quickly. As soon as I was nude and my cock was free Ann came over. It was already hard. “I’m glad to see that I can still have that effect on my husband.”

I reached out and tweaked a nipple, causing her to squeak. “Honey, you can always get a rise out of me.”

“Good thing!” She held out her hand. “Now come and meet the toys.”

We walked out toward the pool and the other three people were sitting there on loungers. They all stood. Ann introduced me. “John, you already know Tom and Maria, but you haven’t bet Betty yet. This is Betty Jorgensen.” I shook hands with her and she looked directly at my cock. I looked down at her beautiful tits. She was a few pounds over what she was when she was young, but she looked delectable. I noticed that just to the side was a camera. I kaçak iddaa wondered if it was already on. My wife loved watching our sexcapades.

Ann immediately got things rolling. “Okay, all, take your positions.” She turned to me. “You come and lay right here on the center lounger.”

I sat down and Ann pushed me back so that I was reclined on it. Marie was laying back on a lounger to my left and Betty had knelt on a mat to my right. Tom stood back away from us all.

Ann continued her directing as she patted Betty on the head. “Betty was in a normal dominate/submissive relationship with her husband before he passed. In the year since then, she has had problems finding someone to replace some of the things she needed. Well, today, you get to help me fulfill another of those items. She loves to get fucked in the ass. Right, Betty?”

Betty was looking at the ground, but answered. “Yes, Mistress Ann.”

“Good, but for now, we need to loosen you up. Please assume the plug position.” Betty turned and faced away from me, and then got on all fours on the mat. She then put her head on the ground, arched her back so that her hairless ass and pussy was on display for me, and reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I stared. Her pussy was already a little wet and her bright pink anus looked like a bull’s-eye to be aimed at. God, she was hot and obedient. Ann continued. “Tom, please fetch the lube and medium plug.”

Tom rushed over to the picnic table and came back with a bottle of lube and a pretty good sized butt plug. Ann took it. “Okay, my little butt slut, here we go.” Ann took the lube and squirted some directly on Betty’s ass and then on her fingers. I watched, completely shocked, as my wife then proceeded to bury her index finger in Betty’s ass. Betty moaned. Ann looked at me and grinned. Then she put her middle finger next to her index finger and worked two fingers into Betty’s ass, sawing them back and forth several times. Ann just finger fucked her ass while I watched and I think my dick got harder, if that was possible. “Okay, here we go.” Then Ann took the butt plug and slowly worked it into Betty’s ass until the large part disappeared and Betty’s ass closed around the neck. Ann let it settle in there. “All done. Now my pretty little butt slut will be ready to be fucked in the ass later, right?” She ended that question with a slap on Betty’s ass.

“Yes, Mistress Ann.”

I was still flabbergasted at this. Ann turned to me and winked. She leaned over and whispered, “As long as I’m wearing the mask I feel like a different person.”

I just nodded.

Ann turned back to her ‘toys’. “Maria, lay back on the lounger and spread your legs. Show us your pussy.” Maria did just that. She lay back, her large tits flattening out as she pulled her legs apart. She spread them, displaying a very wet pussy. It looked like it had been ready for a while. “Butt slut, get over here and eat this pussy.” Betty scrambled over to the lounger and readied herself to eat Maria’s pussy. Ann grabbed her hair at the last minute. “Ask Maria for permission, slut.”

Betty did so. “Maria, may this slut eat your pretty pussy?”

Maria was smiling. “Yes, please eat my pussy.”

Ann let go of Betty’s hair and she dove in, licking and sucking on Maria’s pussy. Ann turned to me. “Honey, why don’t you stick your cock into slut’s pussy and see how tight it is with that butt plug in her ass?”

I walked over and got down behind Betty and aimed at her pussy. Betty was probably about 5’5″ and must have weighed about 130. She had a great shape and her ass was gorgeous. She had great tits, true, but her ass with that plug in it looked amazing.

I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, picking up some moisture and she moaned into Maria’s pussy. I found her opening and slowly worked my cock into her pussy, watching as it slid just past the bottom of the butt plug she had in her ass. She was pretty tight for a 40 year old woman with her experience, but it had been a while for her, and the butt plug seemed to push down against my cock, too. I watched as Maria writhed under Betty’s oral ministrations and I slowly got completely buried. I let out a big sigh.

Ann leaned over and watched as I fucked Betty. “Looks good, honey.” She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “I love you.” Then she pulled my head sideways and kissed me hard. Her mask, which only covered her eyes, poked at me.

Ann leaned back and watched. Maria was getting close. She walked up near Maria’s head. “Ready to get off?” Maria nodded. Ann reached down with both hands and grabbed Maria’s nipples. She pinched them and pulled up on them, bringing them and Maria’s tits skyward. Maria groaned and Betty continued. Finally, as Ann pulled up and down on Maria’s tits, she let out a loud grunt, started spasming, and said ‘oh, fuck’ with each spasm. She came beautifully.

When Maria collapsed back against the chair, Ann let go of her tits. “That’s enough butt slut. Let her rest.”

Betty kaçak bahis stopped and I stopped. Ann looked at me. “Go ahead and pull out of butt slut. She’ll get hers in a while.” Ann turned to Tom. “Come closer Tom.” Meanwhile, Betty moved to the right and Ann and Tom stood on the left side of Maria and her lounger.

Tom came up next to Ann and she looked down at the three of us. “Slut, move out of the way so John can fuck Maria’s wet cunt. She needs a good load up in there, don’t you think Tom?” Tom agreed. “What about you, Tom? You ready to cum, too?” Ann reached down and grabbed Tom’s smaller dick. He flinched.

“Yes, Mistress Ann.”

“Good.” Ann let go of his dick and then came to me. “Fuck her good and hard. Don’t worry about making her cum. She already had her fun and besides, she’s just a cum dump for this round.”

I pulled on Maria’s legs and she scooted down the lounger so that I could fuck her while kneeling at the end. She was starting to perspire from being in the sun and having already been made to cum once. She looked down at me and then at my cock. I pushed her legs back and opened up her pussy. It was very pink and very wet. I took my cock in my right hand and ran it up and down her slit, wetting my cock and teasing her a little. I looked up and Maria was smiling at me. I looked up at Ann and Tom and they were both standing there watching closely.

I centered my cock on Maria’s pussy and pushed. It went in like the proverbial hot knife through butter. I was buried immediately. Maria put her head back and moaned. I heard Tom groan, too, and could see him standing there watching while his small cock bounced to his heartbeat.

Ann leaned over and patted me on the ass. “Fuck her hard, honey. Fuck her hard and fill her up with cum. Tom has never seen that and he wants to see you cum deep in his wife’s pretty pussy.” She turned to Tom. “Right, Tom?”

Tom just nodded and watched as I started fucking his wife. I think he was as turned on as she was.

I started pulling out slowly and then forcefully pushing back in. Maria loved it. I watched as her entire body rippled with the effect of me bottoming out hard. Her tits jiggled wonderfully. I looked up at Ann and I could see that she loved it as well. She was squirming a little, her vinyl g-string looking very tight on her pussy.

I started fucking Maria hard then. I put my hands around her thighs, which were spread side and used them for leverage. I started pounding her and watched as her tits jiggled and shook. I looked up at Ann and she could tell that I wanted to cum. She moved over beside Tom, who was just to her left and even with Maria’s chest. She snuggled up against him and reached down and grabbed his cock.

“I think you like watching your wife get fucked, Tom, don’t you?” Tom stared down and nodded. Ann started jacking his cock. “My husband is going to cum soon and will fill your wife’s cunt with his cum.” Tom groaned. “My husband has a nice fat cock, and I’m sure Maria is enjoying it. Look at how her body bounces when John fucks her hard. Her entire body shakes. Her tits jiggle nicely and her pussy is making wet sounds. Look down at her pussy, Tom. Look at how that cock is splitting her lips open. She loves being fucked, doesn’t she?” I think that was rhetorical, but Tom nodded anyway. He was starting to thrust into Ann’s hand, so I knew he was close. “Cum in that pussy, John. Show Tom how much spunk you can put in that tight pussy. Show him how it looks to see a man fuck his wife and cum in her. She is moaning like a fucking whore, begging to cum and for you to cum in her. You see that, Tom? She loves being fucked by my husband’s nice cock.

Ann’s goading and Maria’s tight pussy did it for me. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” I announced it for Ann and Tom’s benefit and then I exploded into Maria’s pussy. I thrust and spurted several times and I was just stopping when I heard Tom say he was going to cum. I looked up and Ann was jacking his cock hard. He suddenly tensed and his cock started spurting up into the air, his cum splattering his wife’s tits and some on her face. Ann jacked him until he stopped and started taking deep breaths. It was quite a sight to cum like I just did in a woman while my wife goaded her husband and jacked him off onto her tits.

Ann pulled her hand away and turned toward Betty, who had moved to be kneeling right next to Ann. “Hand.” That’s all she said as she held out her hand for Betty to clean some of Tom’s cum off it. Then she turned to me. “John, pull out of Maria slowly. I don’t want butt slut to miss out on any of your cum.”

I pulled out slowly and Betty was right there, ready to lick and suck. She licked and sucked my cock a couple of quick times to clean it off, and then dove into Maria’s pussy. She licked and slurped and Maria put her hands on her head to hold her there. Ann slapped at her hands.

“This is clean up only. No cumming.” Maria groaned and put her head down.

Betty finished cleaning her up and then sat back, awaiting her next command.

Ann turned to me. “How was that pussy, John?”

“Very nice. Maria has a nice, tight pussy.”

“Good.” Ann turned to Betty. “How was her pussy and John’s cum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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