The Lost City of Lust

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If I were forced to describe the Khmer women of Angkor in a word, it would be quite simply, goddesses. Their skin, although dark from the sun, is honey warm and silken as if glazed in a potters kiln. They wore their hair long, woven together and back, allowing their neckline, curved slightly like a coconut palm, to accentuate their angular jaws and delicate features.

They are also curvier than women of other races I’ve encountered, with fuller breasts and wider hips, but amazingly, uncompromised by a somewhat disproportionately taught waistline. The effect is astonishing, and I’d question any other outsider who did not meet one of them without finding a persistent ache in their loins, and an almost bitter ache in their hearts.

My time here in this alien city, hidden the jungle is unknown. I’d travelled for much longer than expected through treacherous seas, flooded rivers and jungles infested with poisonous animals. Those sent moons before by the Son of Heaven had never even returned, and their stories had since become drunken myths told by poets in empty tea-houses. I wondered if they’d seen the sights I now see, witnessed the feasting, the drunkenness, and more alarmingly the unrestrained, orgiastic nights of animalistic passion.

Inside my dwelling of the evening, the girls I supposed were sent by the King, Indravarman III, were hypnotic in their flowing, graceful movements, their nubile young limbs effortlessly contorting into positions of the Hindu Gods. The stone forms carved in thousands of incantations across the city never shone with the splendour of the female flesh before me. The suspended silks swayed in the slight breezes and incense twirled amongst the brown skinned princesses. A couple of the girls’ plinked colourful instruments as the others danced, playfully entwining themselves in the process.

Yet, I found it somewhat difficult to relax, with the thoughts in the back of my mind warning me to remain in control of my dangerously inebriated senses. I could have sworn I’d seen eyes a second ago, peering through cracks in the walls. I knew of the Soma these people ingested, and was only now beginning to understand the full ramifications of its effects.

I wanted to escape, yet wondered how I could extricate myself without disobeying the King’s wishes, who seemed unswayable in his resolve that I should stay. There were also the political implications to consider. Our two countries have an important alliance that cannot be compromised.

But as the music swelled, and the intensity in the eyes of the girls’ increases, I begin to forget where I am, and who I was. The intoxicating feelings of power, wealth and lust began to crush any doubts I was having about my safety, and wash over my slipping resolve to honour my family, so very far away in Peking.

She was before me, her eyes flashing green, her scent engulfing me, her breast tips singeing my chest. Then she danced away, sweeping into her girlfriends arms. They locked together in a kiss more passionate than any ataşehir escort I’d seen between man and woman. A kiss in which wet tongues slithered together and fingers sought crevices and plump protuberances. Yet this was the type of sight I was slowly becoming accustomed to since my seven nights from the fourth moon in Angkor. The women so willing to show their sexuality in the blink of a long eyelash, to follow their most basic and primal urges.

Sinking to the floor, the girls began growling like animals, stalking around the room amongst the peacock feathered pillows. They nipped each others rumps and swatted each others cheeks, before tumbling together like playful panda cubs, their gold rings and bracelets tinkling and catching the candlelight.

They came around toward me again, like hunters advancing on their pray, my erection highly obvious and protruding lewdly from beneath my loincloth. I could almost see them salivating as they eyed it shamelessly, and a quiet heartbeat of fear crept through me. Women are not supposed to behave like this. What kind of world have I been sent to uncover.

Speaking together in Khmer, the girls surrounded me, the sandalwood perfumes mixing with their undeniable scents of sharply aroused, yet elusive femininity.

“Do you not have husbands? Surely you are of marrying age!” I exclaimed in what was surely unintelligible Chinese to them, and my last pitiful attempt at removing self serving fault. Yet the one known as Siina looked at me with salubrious intensely.

“We are not yet ghosts, how may we be expected to sleep alone if our husband is off hunting?” She said this in such a way as to poke fun at my obvious lack of cultural knowledge. “Surely a woman is entitled to fetching her pleasures by whichever means she deems necessary. Besides, you are not from here, and maybe your taste is sweeter than that of our husbands!”

Many dainty hands tickled my erection, slipping skilfully beneath my clothes and encircling my burning flesh. I sagged, defeated and resigned to a night of uninhibited lust, my own family just a bitter seed of guilt somewhere in the recesses of my wanderingly lost soul. Warm Soma was held gently to my lips and I allowed it passage down my throat.

Plump lips sucked me, whetting the hardness and sliding down each side. I closed my eyes and felt other tongues licking together, sharing the seeping per-seminal fluids that I could feel sliding up and out with each pulsing, spasmodic flex of my inner muscles. The pressure was already building from a place deep inside my centre.

The girls’ tongues licked together, strands of my own sticky, clear fluid mingling with their saliva and forming extended links and shining strands. I pulled forward the long haired Siina, the one who understood my dialect and kissed her deeply, her youth ebbing into me, her tongue and teeth, saliva and lips clashing spectacularly with mine. Her kiss was in the realms of the divine, the powers of avcılar escort the universe somehow present within these women, these walls, this extraordinary city.

She slid up my body and I suddenly felt her hot liquid centre settle lugubriously on the tip of my manhood, slippery and sensitive on its glans. I felt her hard nub of flesh sink into the eye of my swollen penis. She pressed it down, moaning with the faraway lost voice of a young girl. Her friend’s hands assisted in rubbing her clitoris over me, while spreading her slithering juices down my shaft, and teasingly over my testicles and even my clenching anus.

When she sank onto me, and I felt myself slide up into her body, nudging her womb, our pubic bones met deliciously, and the other girls came forward, licking their lips.

She began to slide up and down, the music dying, leaving only the delicate squelching of our wrestling sex organs to fill the room.

She lifted off me, my slickened erection now cold in the open air, but quickly engulfed by a hungry, waiting mouth. I could barely comprehend the pleasure the girl seemed to be getting from licking and sucking the creamy innermost juices of her friend from me.

Standing before me, I gazed upon her naked curves and heaving breasts as the next girl impaled herself on my weeping stalk. Siina stepped forward until I could smell the cream of her privates, her thighs shining with juices, and lowered herself onto my face.

The flavour and smell was excruciatingly decadent and I felt my erection give an incredible tremor, as if drawn taught by an archer ready to fire a bow into his target. I sucked and licked at the most beautiful woman I’d ever met, feeling her inner lips and sucking them into my mouth, then deeply licking out each delicate fold, her clitoris nudging the tip of my nose. Her cream was reminiscent of the sweetest tasting honey in China.

Like a starving peasant on a steaming bowl of chicken broth, I licked inside her silky hole, squeezing past the web of muscles and reaching within to taste her deepest secrets, before moving up and fixing my attentions upon her clitoris.

I licked circles around the nub, and felt her legs start to tremble. The girl sitting on me began rising and falling faster, slapping herself down on me, my pubic hair pressing against her smooth skin. I felt her tongue meet mine beneath Siina’s parted thighs and we kissed her juices together.

Her clitoris seemed to swell and protrude from its little hood of flesh with my ministrations. I let my fingers gently caress the folds beneath my twirling tongue, rubbing her juices as they slid down her thighs and holding my fingers out for the other girls to suck the juices from.

They slurped them eagerly, their hands pleasuring Siina by squeezing her breasts and pulling her pink and erect nipples.

I slipped my middle finger up inside her, making her groan like a prostitute on the gates of the Forbidden City, my avrupa yakası escort knuckles pushing against the muscles of her anus. She seemed to appreciate this and pulled apart the cheeks of her bottom. I felt for her g-spot and rubbed it tenderly, all the while unrelenting on her engorged clitoris.

Her moans became squeals and shrieks, and her knees began to give out, but the other girls helped her remain upright before the dam walls collapsed, not allowing her to escape our desecrations.

Her orgasm was hot, viscous and liquid, splashing all over me and continuing to spray fragrantly as she came. The other girls held her tightly as her fluids drained upon me, my finger continuing its pressure and my tongue flicking beneath her clitoris, licking at her open urethra. Her juices flooded my mouth, and I must admit I gulped them down, wanting as much as I could of her as my own.

As if they could see my impending explosion, they started caressing me, pinching my nipples and inserting their fingers into my mouth and anus, their tongues in my ears, sucking my neck and squeezing my bulging testicles.

The girl riding up and down on me stepped up, leaving my red, swollen erection coated in shiny juices. It was quickly engulfed by another hot mouth, black hair obscuring my view of her face.

There, I felt it from my prostate, the thick fluid of my lust beginning to bubble.

Showers of white semen exploded into the air.

The girls crowded round to enjoy the spectacle.

Sperm landed on cheeks, in hair and breasts, thick ropy jets fell back upon me, mixing with the girl’s distinct juices. Kisses pecked me everywhere and the girls hugged me tightly as my orgasm subsided. Siina’s eyes shone and her face nuzzled lovingly into the side of my neck.

The head of my penis was engulfed by hot mouths once again and I felt the last remnants of my seed being slowly drawn from me.

“Well, Mr Ta-Kuan…”

I flinched with the sound of the male voice within the room, and instinctively covered my erection, but looking around at the naked, sticky girls I realised my efforts were less than futile.

“Girls… You may leave us now,” he gestured, stepping around the foot of the bed, between the swaying and now menacing silks. It was Indravarman III himself. The King of Angkor Wat.

Scampering together like little mice, the girls snatched up a few garments and headed out, obviously terrified their King had shown his face within these quarters.

“Mr Ta-Kuan,” the King smiled, his voice dark and resonant. “Do you think it is wise to do as you please within the kingdom of Angkor. There are things about our culture you shall never understand. There are pleasures reserved only for the true bloodline of our civilisation which you have unthinkingly harvested. That, Mr Ta-Kuan, is a sin which you are guilty of and you therefore must face the harshest of penalties.”

He smiled dangerously. “Unless of course, you’re prepared to correct your mistake…”

I looked up with the most firm resolve I could muster.

“I can only apologise for doing what I felt I had your permission to do, Son of the Gods. But I will do whatever is necessary, in the hope of maintaining relations between our two great nations.”

The King threw back his head with laughter, then narrowed his eyes and yelled, “GUARDS!”

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