The Long Drive

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So this morning I was trying to go back to bed when my thoughts wandered off in a wicked fantasy.

I thought about going for a long drive with you to the middle of nowhere to look at the stars without the city lights interfering. We drove down a grid road until we couldn’t see the light of the cars from the highway and stopped the car.

We pulled out a blanket so that we had something to sit on more comfortably while we just chilled looking at the stars. It was so clear that even the little stars were twinkling. I was starting to get a little cold so you put your arm around me to warm me up. You started to rub my back and if I were a cat, I’d have purred. I love having my back rubbed, actually I love having anything rubbed. You moved your hand down and concentrated on my lower back. I was starting to warm up but I didn’t want to move. I felt like a puddle.

You moved behind me and started to rub higher. You rubbed my shoulders and my arms, every once in awhile your hands would brush against my breasts and a small moan escaped my lips. I heard you laugh at the noise. You continued to rub leaning down and kissing my neck before whispering in my ear. You ask if I want you to keep doing what you are doing. I nodded, not really wanting to take the effort of saying anything. I love feeling like a puddle.

You moved your hands slowly down my sides before you started to work your way back up. This time your hands worked their way to the front gently cupping and massaging my breasts. You leaned down bahis firmaları and whispered that there was something in the way. You started to unbutton my shirt starting at the bottom and working your way up. I wished you would hurry up. The suspense was killing me. You reached the top button and opened my shirt. I don’t know if it was the cold air or the arousal but my nipples were so hard.

I moved up to my knees and turned to straddle you. Reaching up to the front closure of my bra, I opened it letting my breasts spill out, the cold air making my nipples even harder. I put my hands behind your neck pulling your mouth down to mine. I kiss you firmly, brushing my tongue against yours.

Your thumbs brush against my nipples as you take my breasts in your hands. Your hands continue massaging my breasts as I start to squirm in your lap. You start to play with my nipples, occasionally squeezing them. I shift my balance backwards, pulling you on top of me as I lay down on the ground. I wrap my legs around you so I can feel your hardness press against my pussy.

You break the kiss. You start kissing and nibbling a trail as you work your way down to my breast. You trace the outside of my areola with the tip of your tongue before taking my nipple into your mouth. Your hand is still massaging my other breast. Your tongue circles around my nipple making it feel harder. You squeeze my nipple with your fingers while you gently bite the other one scraping it as it fell out of your mouth. My back arched trying kaçak iddaa to get closer to the sensation.

Unwrapping my legs, I used them to guide you into switching places. I kiss your mouth running my hands down your arms. I reach your hands, which are resting on the small of my back, and move them above your head pinning them to the ground. I break the kiss and kneel between your legs. I am so wet that I am squirming as I fumble with the button on your zipper. I finally get it undone and move the zipper down so I can see your underwear beneath your pants. I start to move your pants and underwear down until your cock springs free. I run my hand down the length of your cock enjoying the feel of it in my hand. I reach the base of your cock, circling it with my fingers. I start to move it back up while I take your balls in my other hand. I gently massage your balls as I start moving my hand back down, this time following the path with my tongue.

I leave my hand gripping the base of your cock as I follow the path I’d made back up to trace the ridge in your cock with my tongue. I take the head in my mouth. I move my head down taking more of your cock in my mouth. I suck harder as I start to move your cock out of my mouth. I repeat the motion until I feel your hands on the back of my head adjusting the speed.

Each time you guide my head down further, so my mouth takes more of your cock. You move your hands and I raise my mouth from your cock. I trail my tongue down your cock and gently massage your balls kaçak bahis with my tongue. I take each of your balls in my mouth and continue to massage them with my tongue. I suck harder before I allow each one to drop from my mouth.

I slide my tongue back up your cock as I move to take your head back in my mouth. I move my head back up and down your cock. The feel of your cock sliding in and out of my mouth made me so wet. I take your cock out of my mouth and raise myself on my knees so I can work my pants and underwear off.

I straddle your cock guiding it until I feel it slide into my wet pussy. I move slowly at first allowing time to adjust to your size. I start to move up and down faster and harder until I feel my pussy start to tighten around your cock. You put your hands on my ass and lift me off your cock. You lay me on my back and position yourself between my legs. You lift my legs until they are on your shoulders before guiding your cock back into my pussy.

I was so wet that you were able to start pounding my pussy until it started to tighten again. This time you kept driving your cock into me as my pussy came all over your cock. You drove in one final time before tensing up and you splattered your cum inside me.

You pulled your cock out of me, watching as our cum dripped out. As you stood to pull your pants back up I knelt in front of you. I gently took your cock in my mouth enjoying the taste of our cum. I slowly licked your balls making sure that you were clean before getting dressed myself.

As I put my clothes back on, you folded up the blanket and put it back in the car. We got back in the car and drove back to the city. We listened to music and just relaxed as we drove back to the city

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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