The Limo

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You get a text message on your phone, with only a time, an address, and details on what to wear.

“Midnight. At an old factory. Wear only a blindfold (from the time you leave your house).”

You do as instructed and walk outside, with a blindfold in hand. To your surprise, a limo is waiting for you, the driver holds the door open, and instructs you to tie your blind fold on, tight.

As you are finished, he places a restraint on your neck, which has wrist restraints behind you. He locks your hands into place, and guides you into the car, and shuts the door. As the car pulls away, music comes on; dance, bass pumping music.

You spread your legs and start to grind into the hump in the middle of the seat. When the song is over, you hear breathing in the cab. You are not alone.

The next song starts, and you slowly get back into it, trying to put on a show for whoever is there, for whoever is watching.

You feel the car pulling into a driveway of some sort, and the car stops. The music stops and there is silence. The door opens, and the driver guides you out by clipping a leash to your new collar.

The air is warm, as summer air is, and you can smell a campfire nearby. The smell is getting stronger as you get closer, you can hear the fire crackle, and some music maltepe escort is playing.

The driver whispers in your ear.

“Say nothing, or it will be over for you.”

You nod your head, and he sits your down on a padded bench that feels like a padded massage table, but with a velvet covering. He takes off your restraints, and lays you back. He stretches out your hands above your head, and ties you in. He pulls you back down the table and you can feel your ass is right on the edge of it. He places your hands in the stirrups, and straps your feet in. You can feel someone else placing a strap around your waist, and snugs it up.

You can’t move. You can’t speak.

You don’t know who is there.

The fire is close; you can feel it on your skin.

The music gets louder, and the bass is pumping. You can feel it going through your body.

Suddenly, you feel a feather tracing its way down your tummy, to your already moist and throbbing clit, and circles it.


You feel someone else turning your head and holding your mouth open, and you can smell ‘sex’. You stick out your tongue and feel the tip of a cock, already wet with precum. The cock moves closer to you, and you take it in. He holds your head, and pumps your mouth. pendik escort

You feel the feather person still teasing your body on your nipples now. You can feel them moving between you and the fire, up to your hands, and they slowly lower themselves onto your hands. You feel a moist pussy, with plump large lips, already spread, and you begin to tease her clit, and probe her with your fingers.

A third and 4th person are now at your pussy.

Rubbing it.

Spreading it.

You feel your cheeks spread, and someone slowly inserts a plug in your ass. You moan, with the cock in your mouth. You now feel the plug vibrate.

Many hands are now rubbing your pussy.

Pinching your clit.

Pulling on your lips.

You are about to cum…and the music stops.

The people leave, and you are there, alone. Aching for more.

All you hear is the crackling of the fire.

What feels like forever, you wonder what is happening, as you hear vehicles in the distance leaving; 2, you count.

When all is silent, you feel a tongue on your clit, and smell the familiar scent of my cologne. You moan as your pussy in taken and tasted.

The anal probe is removed, and you feel a tongue on your ass, licking all your juices ümraniye escort away.

I untie your feet. I untie your hands. I sit you up, and kiss you. Deeply.

I grab you by the back of your head, and pull you down to my cock, already hard, already wet. You take it in and cup my balls, and grab my ass. As I am about to cum I pull you away from me and I release on your face. Warm, wet cum is dripping down your nose, your cheeks. I pull you up to my face, and I lick the cum off of you. You can feel that I am still hard.

I turn you around and bend you over the table. I spread your legs, and bind your feet. Next I bind your hands behind you, over your ass. I rub my cock between your cheeks, and I pull away. I put my cock head on your pussy and in one hard stroke, I am in you.

I slap against your cheeks with every hard stroke. You can feel my balls hitting your clit. You moan, like you are about to cum, and I stop and pull out. I start fucking you again.

Harder. Faster.

I am all the way in you and you are about to cum and you do with such force.

The fucking doesn’t stop though, and your orgasms continues, like waves of a boat. 2, 3, 4, 5, then you feel me tense up, and I cum deep inside you.

I pull out, and lick your pussy, teasing your clit some more, and you cum one last time.

You can hear me leave, walking away.

You can hear someone coming. It is the driver, he unties you, leashes you and leads you away to the limo, and guides you in.

You sit down, and as I take off your blindfold, we drive away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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