The Librarian Ch. 01

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Samuel, mostly known as Sam, walked home from school after finishing his midterms. He was looking forward to the winter break where he was finally able to get his driver’s license, since he had turned 18 years old a couple ago. His parents had previously refused to take him to get his drivers license Being the youngest of three kids, he was seen as the outcast and was shunned by his parents, at least in his eyes. His older brother, Donny (21), would always bully him while at home, while his sister Katie (age 20) would laugh at his scrawny size always telling him that no girl would ever want him.

He did complain to his parents about his older siblings but his mother constantly told him that he was a mistake and it would have been easier on them if he was never born. His father constantly berated him for not being outgoing as he was and telling him that he was never going to be anyone. Sam liked his solitude. He had become antisocial and loved tinkering with computers, mostly on the software side.

From when he was 8, Sam fell in love with computer coding. It was the fact that he was able to create something from nothing and have it do what he wanted. Sam had started with Python but had also learned C++, Javascript, HTML, and Perl. He was also starting to learn Apple Code, which to him was surprisingly easy with what he knew. He had already had 3 side jobs from searching Craigslist and had a nice chunk of cash in the bank, something that none of his family had known.

As it was, the only ones in his family that he looked up to was his grandparents. His grandparents were the ones that purchased him the only 2 computers he ever owned, and they had passed away around November due to a car accident. Sam was planning to leave his family and never come back since he knew what they did behind closed doors.

A few weeks earlier, he had found his father balls deep in his sister, but tried to play it off like their father was helping her with Yoga poses, but Sam just rolled his eyes as he didn’t care what they did. Another time, a couple days later, he had come down late from his room to get a drink only to find his older brother pounding his mother from behind. They were quick to recover and his mother acted like she had dropped something on the floor. This time when he rolled his eyes and shook his head, his mother slapped him and told him not to come out of his room until the next morning.

Sam didn’t care and after that day, he started to get snacks and drinks on the way home from school so he wouldn’t have to come out of his room at all. They hated him as much as he hated them. He didn’t care what they did, he just wanted his family to love him like a family should, but that was too much to ask.

This was why he saw his grandmother and grandfather as his real parents and why their deaths hit him hard and made him realize that once they were gone, that he didn’t want to be around his family anymore. He had been offered to go on school field trips but never brought the forms home as he didn’t want anything from his parents. During his study hall, he would convince the teacher to let him use the computer for his homework and instead, he would work on his coding.

Sam knew this was how he was going to get into college if he decided to go that route and support himself. He had already decided he wanted to be a Software Developer or Computer Engineer but didn’t have a preference in what type of computer coding he would be doing. He even went as far as to tell people in school that he was adopted and that was why he didn’t like his family, not that many people would ask.

Other than being scrawny, Sam was an attractive young man with shoulder length sandy blonde hair and baby blue eyes, but his cold demeanor and antisocial skills kept the girls and guys away causing him to not have any friends. He was more interested in what he was planning than to deal with someone else feelings anyways.

Sam walked up to the back door and let himself in and could hear noises coming from the downstairs study that he did not recognize. Although he didn’t like his family, he didn’t want to have an intruder in the house that would rob, thus blaming him for more things that weren’t his fault. As he got to the door of the study, he slowly cracked the door open and saw his sister being split-roasted by his father and older brother while his mother was on the bottom running her tongue along his older brother’s balls and his sister’s clit. His sister was moaning loudly while she fingered her mother as well.

“Fuck Katie, your pussy gets tighter every time I fuck you,” Donny said

“Hell yes she does and her lips get even tighter around my cock every time you thrust into her,” Jake, the father, said.

“Well, you better hurry up and finish her as I want my turn before your brother gets home,” Jessica, the mother, said, more wanting to get another ride on Donny’s cock than worried about her youngest son returning home.

Just then, Katie bahis firmaları released her father’s cock and screamed. “I’MMM CUMMINGG BIG BROTHER, MAKE ME CUMMM!”

“Katie,” Jessica said with annoyance in her voice that it wasn’t her having a wonderful orgasm. “Keep your voice down. If your brother comes home and catches us, then we would have to explain to him what we are doing.”

“Don’t worry about him mom.,” Donny said “And besides, if the little bitch has a problem, then I will just whoop his ass.”

The three of them burst into laughter as Sam felt his anger boil up. Katie was riding out her orgasm too much to say much of anything.

“Jake, why the fuck did you have to get me pregnant with that little bastard. We wouldn’t be having to hide or have to worry about him if he wasn’t around,” Jessica said with a smile on her face.

That was the last straw. He knew his family didn’t like him but from what he heard, they wouldn’t miss him when he was gone and he was fine with that. A tear fell down his face as a part of him still wished that he had a loving family as he had seen with other kids since he was younger, even if it was only one of him, it would cause him to not want to leave. All he wanted was to be accepted and loved by his family, though not in the way they were currently engaged, but realized that would never happen, not after what he had heard.

Sam slowly crept his way away from the study and made his way upstairs as quietly as he could. He found one of his larger bags that he would use when his parents used to ship him off to summer camp or his grandparents for weeks. He put his computer and anything else he needed into his bag. He didn’t have any sentimental items such as pictures of his family or anything that would be a reminder of his family as he hated them. He grabbed his clothes and also had to dig through his things to find his fake IDs.

He had the fake IDs made when he started programming so that it would show that he was old enough to work. He had made friends with someone on the dark web who was nice enough to make 4 of them for him so that he had one for all ages that he would need them for, each with different information so that it didn’t throw up any red flags. He liked one of them in particular as not only was it for when he was older, but Sam also liked the name, Seth McKenzie. He had even opened up the checking account online using that name.

Once Sam had everything he needed, he said his last goodbye to his room, before silently heading back downstairs. As he now heard his mother’s moans loudly throughout the house, smirking as she was yelling at Katie for doing the same exact thing. Before reaching the door, he hid their keys in one of the kitchen drawers before looking back at the house that was never truly a home to him.

Sam wanted to yell out his anger and frustration at them to show them the anger and hatred that they had caused, but he knew if he did that, not only was he going to get another beating, but that they would be able to stop him from leaving or force him to leave without his stuff and he couldn’t afford to leave his computer behind, not when it was his way to keep his finances going. Instead, he decided on a different plan of action and he grabbed the front door and slammed the door so loud, he knew they would jump up to see what was going on. He wished he could be there to see the expressions on their faces, just to get a little satisfaction.

Sam ran down the street as quickly as his little legs could take him with his bag on his back and rounded the corner. Sam made his way to the bus stop a couple miles away from his house. He had to walk 4-5 miles to and from school each day so the walk didn’t bother him but he had fear in the back of his mind and kept looking over his shoulder as he walked the whole way, making sure his family wasn’t coming after him. After making the bus, he got to his bank and withdrew all $280,000 from his account and left to go to another bank so he could re-deposit most of the money under a different name. He was able to take a Greyhound bus out of town so that he would never have to see his family again.

Once he got to the town he decided upon for his escape, some 400+ miles away, he rented an apartment using his fake ID, purchased a used car, as he only needed one to get places quicker and didn’t need anything fancy, and even started to get the ball rolling on his GED. So far, all was going good as he had a nice 1 bedroom apartment that had a couple pools and a 24hour fitness room. He kept most of his things packed and on edge the first couple years just in case his family found him and he had to escaped quickly.


Five years later………

Sam was sitting in the public library of the city doing some research on different companies that he was contracted for. After he turned 18, he had paid a lawyer to have his name changed and kaçak iddaa his records sealed so that his family could not find him using his old name. He didn’t think they would come looking for him, but wanted to cover his tracks to be safe. He had even finished his GED and finished 8 different computer certificates so that he was comparable to others like him that didn’t have any college training yet.

He was going to apply to college eventually but was going to take it slow as his work was very demanding. He was working as an Ethical Hacker that was a contracted position but he had become close, at least over email and the phone, with a head hunter that loved his skills. Since he had started 2 years ago, he had made over $780,000 doing contract work for various companies, trying to hack their systems and do as much damage as possible to show them their vulnerabilities.

One company had praised him so much, they wanted to offer him a full time position but he declined it as he liked being able to work his own hours and not being tied down to a single company. He had moved his apartment to the other side of town once his name was changed and even sold his car to a used car lot, one of the more shady ones so he wasn’t tied to it, and purchased a different car under his new name.

While sitting there researching the company he was contracted for, he kept noticing one of the librarians that kept walking by. The librarian was cute and he thought she was around his age, but he had work to do and shouldn’t be distracting himself from things like this while he was working.

He had visited that library a couple times, to get books but also to do research into the company that he was looking into. He needed as much information as possible about the company, the owner and anything he could get his hands on. This was why he used all the methods he could get his hands on so that he could hack their network and provide the best job possible. It was also why the companies had loved him so much as he was a lot more thorough and professional than anyone else his age.

When the librarian made this pass, he made sure to look up at her and could see her cheeks getting red as she quickly realized he was looking at her and quickly looked away scurrying off to wherever she was headed, with the books she had in her hand pulled close to her chest. Sam,now known as Seth, was no virgin. He had not had a real relationship but per-se but he had used a call-girl service, after he turned 18, which he made sure the girls were not only clean but also made sure to use protection each time, so that he would know what to do in the bedroom as well as how to be able to talk to a woman.

There was one girl that he paid a little extra for so that he could learn how to talk to women. She had helped him by acting as his girlfriend and showed him how to not only understand how women act but also to show him how to react back to them and how to flirt. She was as sweet as they came and he often wondered why she was in that line of service, though he was nice enough not to ask.

The next time the librarian (Sydney) made a pass, he made sure that only his books were there as she walked by. When she made the pass, she saw that he was not there and stopped in her tracks. Her heart shuddered as she had been trying to gather up the courage to spark up a conversation for the past couple weeks as she had seen him in the library at least 2-3 times a week. She had not had a steady boyfriend in a while and was starting to think that she would be alone forever, but when she started to see him come in, it would make her feel things that no person had made her feel.

She had made sure to avoid him when he would check out, making sure to disappear from the front when he would checkout and have her co-worker (Angela) check him out instead. She would tell Angela all about her feelings and how he made her feel. Angela would constantly mess with her, telling Sydney that she should talk to him, otherwise, Angela was going to do something to force her hand. Sydney would always find a way to talk her out of it, but today, she finally decided that she was at least going to say something to him when she saw him come in.

As Sydney stood there, she did a 360 trying to see where he had gotten off to, but couldn’t find him. Finally sighing, she held the books she had tight to her chest while her eyes started to water up, thinking she had lost her chance and that she didn’t know if she would have the courage to talk to him again. As she made her way back to the main bookcases, she rounded the corner and was stopped in her tracks and startled when he was standing there looking right at her.

“I keep seeing you walking back and forth. I didn’t know if there was anything you needed specifically or if you were looking for me?” Sam asked.

Sydney felt her cheeks heat and her nectar start to fill her canal as she eyed him, glancing down as his arms that were crossed across his chest, loving kaçak bahis the way his muscles moved, wondering what it would feel like to have his arms wrapped around her as their lips met. “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to make it weird,” Sydney said. “I just wanted to check on you and see if you needed anything”.

“Oh,” Seth said, taken back as he was more expecting her to be someone that his family had hired to track him down. Letting his guard down, he smiled “I almost expected you to be flirting with me, but I guess I was wrong,” he said shrugging his shoulders as he started to walk towards her, passing her on the way.

“Wait!” Sydney said as she grabbed his arm, accidentally dropping the books she had in her hands, cursing herself that she would get distracted and not take care of the books she coveted. “Umm, I get off my shift in an hour. If you aren’t doing anything, would you like to get some coffee?” She asked smiling at him before looking down still worried about being rejected by him.

Seth looked at her and how attractive he found her and decided, what the hell. “Sure, I don’t have anything planned for the rest of the day. Would you like me to wait here for you or at the coffee shop?” Seth said.

“Really!” Sydney said excited that he said yes. She tried to contain her excitement. “Umm, would you mind waiting here for me?” She asked him with a giant smile on her face. She felt her heart fluttering as he smiled back to her before turning to head back to the table he was sitting at. They ended up walking side by side and she used her hip to bump his once they got back at the desk as she smiled at him. “See you in an hour.”

Seth sat back down in his chair. He hoped he would find a nice woman soon but didn’t expect it to be the hot librarian that he saw. He had always thought she was too hot to be working in a library, but the quiet ones generally don’t take more social jobs. Sydney was had light brunette hair that came down to just below her shoulders that she generally kept held in a ponytail. She also had one of the nicest asses that he had ever seen but he had only gotten a few good looks at it as she generally wore skirts that didn’t show off her curves much.

The two occasions had been when she was wearing slacks and he had caught a glimpse of her bending over putting some books away. It had caused him to have an immediate erection on both occasions to where he had to leave earlier than he wanted to so that he could get it taken care of. On one of the occasions, he had called the escort service and had a girl meet him at his apartment and he imagined himself making love to her all night, which coincidentally gave him one of the biggest orgasms that he ever had during sex. One thing that he could never determine was her bust size.

He figured she was between a B cup and a medium D cup but since most of her blouses were loose and she also wore sweaters, he could never tell. To him, she was beautiful enough that he didn’t care about her body. She had a smile and that would lighten up his day. Her green eyes were like emeralds that glistened in the sun. To him, she belonged on a runway modeling some expensive clothing instead of working as a librarian, but he was also happy that she was there or else they would have never met.

After an hour, she came over to the table he was at to get him. She stood before him holder her hands in front of herself, just smiling at him as she saw he was deep in thought reading through one of the books he had picked out. After about a minute, she cleared her throat to get his attention as she saw him look up through the strands of his sandy blonde hair and smile at her. He stood and closed up the book as he returned it to the shelf. And then re-joined her at the table before leaving the library.

“Ready to go?” She said as she smiled at him.

“Definitely. I’m always ready to try and entertain a beautiful woman.” Seth said as he did a semi bow and presented his hand to her.

Sydney couldn’t help but to giggle at his act and her cheeks heated up as she knew how he was starting to make her feel. “After you my knight in shining armor” She said as she took his hand. She didn’t know why, but she felt safe being near him. She knew it was odd to feel this way, especially since she didn’t know anything about him, but she would still be on her guard and try to say in places that were more public, at least until she knew more about him.

They walked next door to the coffee shop that was to the right of the library and both ordered a coffee, which he paid for, and found a seat so that they could talk.

“So Sydney, tell me about yourself.” Seth said as he wanted to get to know her better.

“Well, as you know I work as a librarian. I got a BS in Accounting with a minor in Business, but after looking into becoming a CPA, I decided I didn’t want to start my own business or work in a big corporation, so I started working at the library and have been there for the last 6 years after graduating. I am 28 years old and I was an orphan and grew up with a foster family that only wanted to have me around for the money and released me from their care as soon as I graduated high school.”

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