The Lawn Boy Ch. 04

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies, but should be a concern for everyone today.


Summer was coming to an end and my “coming of age” adventures with older women in the neighborhood who had watched me grow from an innocent boy into an experienced young man was going to be seriously curtailed; I would be leaving for college in a few weeks. I was grooming my friend, Katie, to take over my lawn mowing business since she would be going to a local college and needed the money.

Katie was a very plain, tom-boyish, girl with a nice figure who didn’t always shave her legs or underarms. She liked to camp, hunt, and fish; I cannot recall seeing her wear a dress during all of our school years. She always wore jeans, western shirts or tank tops, and boots, either ropers or hunting boots. Our parents thought nothing of our taking the dogs and going coon hunting alone until late at night, or all night if the dogs go lost. We often built a fire and sat around telling stories and talking about our future; all perfectly innocent, at least until Katie went to get something out of the glove box of my old pickup and found a box of rubbers.

“I didn’t know you were having sex.”

“Well, we have never talked about it, except when it involved the dogs, so I just didn’t bring it up.”

After that everything changed; Katie wanted to know about sex. She was a virgin and was well educated about breeding dogs, but knew nothing about sex and people.

On the way home from school, a few days after finding my rubbers and asking a million questions, she asked, “So why haven’t you tried to have sex with me; it seems like you have with about everyone else?”

“Katie, in all the times we have spent together, you have never shown any interest in our being intimate; I just figured you were not interested.”

“So, you would like to have sex with me?”

“Of course, I would. How about right here, right now?” I laughed.

“No! I’m serious. Besides, when I do, it won’t be in a pick-up truck.”

I chuckled, “Okay, how about if we tell our parents we are going hog hunting in the National Forest Friday night; we can take a couple of dogs and go to the hunting cabin and spend the night.

Katie smiled, “That sounds like a good plan. You will have to bring the rubbers.” She paused then asked, “You do know I’m a virgin, don’t you?”

Teasingly I said, “That’s what all the girls say.”

She put her fist right into my stomach. When I stopped for a school bus, I reached over and kissed her. It was a bit awkward, but not too bad for our first kiss.

On Friday afternoon, we loaded her best hog dog into the dog box with mine. Her Mom fixed us plenty to eat and snack on while we “hunted”; I almost felt guilty deceiving her like that, almost. During the hour-long drive to the cabin, Katie had more questions; questions about sex in general, questions about my experiences, and questions about what she should expect. It was almost dark when we arrived; we fed and penned the dogs before going inside and building a fire.

It was obvious that Katie was nervous; for the first time I held her in my arms and kissed her.

Afterward, I told her, “You know, we don’t have to go through this if you want to change your mind.”

“No, I really want too; I’m just a little nervous. I know you have seen my bare butt and my breasts, but my brother is the only guy who has seen me nude; I almost shot him for it too.”

After eating some of the food her mom had fixed for us, we curled up on the sofa in front of the fireplace and began making out. As we kissed, I rubbed my hands over her body and pulled her against me; when my hand moved over her breasts, she took a deep breath and moaned. I unbuttoned her shirt and gently squeezed one of her pert, breasts; her hips began to squirm as I rubbed my fingers over her nipple. I opened her shirt and kissed both nipples, flicking them with my hot, wet tongue.

It wasn’t exactly the first time I had seen her pert, B cup sized breasts; I had often gotten a quick glance at them when we changed out of our sweaty clothes after a day’s hiking. It wasn’t that Katie was showing off or anything, it was just our cleaning up at the end of the day; we had also seen each other peeing in the woods. With Florida’s abundance of rattlesnakes, it was not a good idea to be dropping your pants in the woods without someone to keep a look out for you.

As my lips and tongue worked over her hard nipples, I slid my hand down to her crotch; I felt the heat and softness beneath the thick, denim fabric. Her breath quickened; her moans increased as I pressed my hand firmly against her fleshy mound.

I moved back smiling; my hand still between her thighs, “How are you doing, Katie?”

“I’m doing marvelously. I never knew it could be this wonderful,” she pulled me back to her lips, “Just don’t stop now.”

We worked on her kissing and she was improving; she quickly learned bahis firmaları to use her tongue. My hand began to feel the dampness through the rough, thick fabric of her jeans. I moved my hand to the button and deftly unfastened it; when I slid the zipper tab down I felt the smoothness of her skin and the softness of her cotton, bikini panties. I glanced down; they were white, very appropriate for a young virgin. It was difficult to slide my hand into the front of her tight fitting jeans so I pushed them over her very sweet ass. My hand slipped between her smooth thighs and felt the slick, damp cotton fabric covering her puffy lips. I love the slick, wet feel that an aroused woman’s juices give to different fabrics: cotton, nylon, or silk. I moved my fingers to my nose and inhaled.

“What’s that about?” She asked.

“Men are just like dogs, they love the aroma of a female in heat.”

She moved my hand close to her face and inhaled, “Mmmm, I like that too.”

I rolled between her legs and leaned forward to suckle her small firm breasts; Katie pushed her hips against me. I sat back on my haunches, pulled her jeans and panties down below her crotch, and guided her right hand between her thighs.

“I want to see how you give yourself pleasure.”

She smiled and slipped her center finger between the puffy lips covered with sparse, blonde, pubic hair. Her finger went deep; when it reappeared at the top of her slit, it glistened with her juices. She moved her finger around her clit, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and began pleasuring herself in earnest. My fingers plucked and gently pinched her hard nipples; her hips and legs writhed as her moans and sighs grew louder. She cried out then quickly wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, heaving to catch her breath. When she relaxed, I sat back on my haunches and took her hand into my mouth and licked her fingers clean.

Katie laughed then reached for my fly, “I want a good look at what you are going to stick in me.”

She giggled as her fingers opened my fly, “I’ve seen it in the woods when you peed; it looked pretty harmless.”

As soon as she pulled it out of my jeans, my bent, half swollen cock sprang to life. In her soft, warm hand it became completely engorged.

“Wow, that’s more like it,” she laughed even more.

I stood up and removed my clothes then took her hand and pulled her up in front of me. Her shirt fell down her arms as I stooped to pull her jeans and panties off. Of course, I lifted her panties to my face and inhaled her pungent aroma before standing and holding her naked body against mine. We moved to one of the several nearby beds.

She immediately asked, “Where are the rubbers?”

I chuckled and reached into a nightstand and removed several.

“So, it looks like you come up here to fuck, not hunt. You should be ashamed for not bringing me up here to fuck sooner.”

I kissed her and pushed her back on the bed. I still was not ready to fuck her; I had something planned. I wanted to taste her beautiful, delicious pussy. I began with her feet; the delicate feet I had often seen in dirty, grass covered tennis shoes when we mowed lawns together. The sweaty feet I had seen in her old, blood covered, hunting boots. I kissed them, licked them, and sucked her toes. I worked up her shapely, clean shaven legs to the hair covered juncture of her crotch; I pushed her legs open and admired the beauty of her pink, glistening lips nestled in a patch of curly, blonde, pubic hair.

I began to kiss the tender, juicy parts with my lips before adding the lapping of my tongue. Katie giggled and wiggled as she pulled my head closer into her crotch. She yelped when I slipped my finger into her tight ass; a tight ass that I was certain no one else had ever probed. Within minutes, she was bucking against my face moaning and hollering as I lapped the little button her fingers had played with just minutes before. The results were no different, except she was more expressive the second time around.

We poured a glass of wine and walked out on the back porch naked to cool off in the night air.

“Is it going to hurt the first time?” she asked.

I thought for a moment, “Do you remember the time I took the splinter out of your foot?” She nodded, “Probably like that, but you can hold on to me tight and I will be careful. I’ll only penetrate a little then I’ll stop until you can adjust. Okay?”

I held her in my arms for some time as we looked up into the starry sky as we had done many times out hunting or camping.

Katie kissed me then informed me, “I’m ready.”

We went inside and moved to the bed. I opened the rubber pack with my teeth and cursed under my breath about the companies making it so hard to open. I stood up and handed Katie the rubber and showed her how to position it to roll it down my cock. Before placing the rubber on the head of my cock, she leaned forward and kissed it several times. She studied carefully as she placed it on the head of my cock and began to roll it carefully down the shaft. She smiled, pleased with her accomplishment.

I directed Katie onto her back, “What I kaçak iddaa want you to do is pull your legs up to your chest, on the count of three, stretch your legs straight toward the wall with your toes pointed; do it in one fluid motion.”

She did it several times perfectly. I climbed between her legs and had her to repeat the motion. Just to tease her I rubbed my engorged, latex encased cock up and down her soaking wet slit. She began to move her hips slowly.

“Okay, lift your legs,”

I could see an anxious look on her face as I positioned the head of my cock beneath the thin, tight membrane. She winced at the extreme pressure but held firm.

“Okay, one, two, three.”

Katie preformed perfectly and I felt the tear that freed my cock to enter her hot, slick tunnel. I held perfectly still with about a third of my cock in her. She tried to muffle her cry; I took a corner of the sheet and wiped away her tears. In just a few minutes she lifted her hips to feel more of my cock. The worst was over and we were both thrusting our hips to fully enjoy our very first fuck. The rubber dulled the sensation enough stop any chance of me ejaculating; I was in it for the long haul and Katie was making the best of it. The anxiety and pain were long gone; she would be sore the next day or two, but she was now a full-fledged woman.

Before our first fuck was over, Katie experienced being on top riding my cock and being on her knees with her face down and her ass up. After we were completely exhausted and the bed soaking wet, we, again, moved to the cool air of the back porch. Katie rolled the rubber off of my still hard cock and began, what I thought was, experimenting with giving a blow-job.

“So how do you feel now?”

“I feel great! It hurt for a minute then it felt wonderful; I’m a bit sore, but I’ll get over that.”

She teased me between attempts to swallow my cock, “I still say you should be ashamed for not fucking me sooner.”

It was nice to feel her warm, wet mouth on my engorged cock. As her head bobbed up and down my cock, I suspected that I was not the first person she had given a blow-job. I knew it would not be long before I filled her mouth with a full load of hot, creamy semen. I guess I should have warned her, but I didn’t. I moaned loudly and leaned against a post to steady my rubbery legs. Katie easily took my entire load and swallowed it completely, then cleaned up the remnants with her mouth and tongue. She stood and kissed me passionately; I had left a salty taste in her mouth.

I just had to ask her, “That was an awesome blow job, was that your first?”

She laughed, then blushed, “No, I made the mistake of asking my brother what the girls at school meant when they talked about giving blow-jobs one weekend when he was home from college. He took it upon himself to teach me how to give one, under the guise of furthering my education, of course. He made sure I practiced on him until I got it right.”

“He certainly taught you well,” I sampled another salty kiss.

There was more fucking before the sun came up and we took to the woods with the dogs to get a hog or two; we couldn’t go home without being muddy, sweaty, and scratched by briars since we were old hats at hunting.

Katie and I continued to slip off for a quickie from time to time as we worked mowing lawns. I had introduced her to almost all of my long time customers and took her with me when we picked up new ones. She didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask if she was screwing anyone else; she was intrigued by the fact that I had fucked a number of my lawn customers, especially the older ones.

I teased her, “You should try one of the older men; I have had women tell me they really know how to please a woman. You also have several female customers who are bi-sexual; I’m sure they will make a pass at you; if they haven’t already.”

“Do you mean like Peggy? She has been very friendly and touchy-feely,” She smiled.

Katie asked a bunch of questions about bi-women when I drove her home, dirty and sweaty, after a day of mowing.

It was misting rain the next morning when I hurried up to Mrs. Hopper’s porch and rang the door-bell; Katie had a meeting with her college advisor and didn’t get to meet her newest customer. I heard the chime inside then footsteps of someone moving toward the door; the door opened.

“Good morning. Mrs. Hopper, I’m Will. I got your message to stop by to see you.”

“Yes Will, come on in and have some coffee with me. And please, call me Jae.”

As I shook her hand, my eyes couldn’t help but glance from the pretty smile down the curvaceous body of the attractive, forty-something, blonde woman; she was wearing a short denim skirt that hung around her hips and a knit halter top that left her tanned mid-drift bare and her ample cleavage showing. I followed her from the foyer and through the living room, taking careful notice of how her very firm, round bottom seemed to glide with a fluid motion as she moved. Thank goodness for some of my lady “customers,” at the Garden Club, that mentioned my name to her.

Jae directed me to a breakfast nook overlooking her flower gardens kaçak bahis in the back yard, “Have a seat and I’ll pour us coffee. On these rainy mornings, I like a little Irish in mine. Would you care for some also?”

“Thank you; that would be nice.”

Jae served us then took a seat rather close to me. She told me that she no longer wanted to mow her own lawn and wanted me to mow it for her. We discussed it for several minutes and I told her about Katie taking over for me. She got up to refresh our coffee and stood beside me as she poured the second round; her hip pressed against my arm, her hand was on my shoulder as she poured. She leaned forward to add the Irish cream and gave me a good look at the tops of her very ample, unharnessed breasts nestled in her knit, halter top. When she sat down, her chair was even a little closer.

“Will, I was told at our Garden club luncheon that I could talk frankly with you; is that true?”

“Of course,” I could tell that the Irish cream had mellowed her somewhat even though she was a bit tense; I rested my hand on hers.

“When I mentioned a certain issue I was having during our luncheon, which included several martinis, Nora spoke up in front of everyone, telling me that I needed to stop mowing my own lawn and call you. I thought it was strange since I hadn’t mentioned anything about lawn mowing. Several other women giggled then agreed with her; it seems that you have quite a flowing.”

We both chuckled then she continued, “Will, my husband was very ill for several years prior to my putting him into a nursing home two years ago.” She paused and looked at me nervously, “I haven’t enjoyed a man’s “company” in years.

I lifted her hand and kissed it, “Should I assume you occasionally take matters into your own hand, so to speak?”

She blushed and held my hand a little tighter then smiled, “Yes, I’ve learned to do many things around the house without the help of a man.”

I kissed her hand again then guided her middle finger into my mouth, thinking that was the digit she used to pleasure herself; I gently sucked on her finger and swirled my tongue around it. She took a deep breath then smiled a sultry smile.

“Tell me, when the horny gods come to visit late at night and you slip your hand beneath the covers, what fantasies do you think about while your fingers bring you pleasure?”

She laughed out loud and blushed a deeper red; she fanned herself with her hand, “My goodness, we really are speaking frankly.”

It took a moment for her to regain her composure, “Well, the one I think of most often, has two men kissing my body as they peel off my clothes. Their hand’s explored all of my nooks and crannies. Once they are nude, I hold their turgid tools in each of my hands.” She took a deep breath and sighed. “I feel greatly empowered holding their pulsing meat.”

She giggled a girlish giggle, “I cannot believe I told you that. I got that idea from my brother-in-law’s Penthouse when I visited my sister. I have never experienced anything like that.”

“So, in your fantasy, what do you do with their ‘turgid tools’ in your hands?”

With more blushing and fanning she finally admits, “I have oral sex with one while the other one has intercourse with me. Sometimes I’m on my knees and sometimes I’m sitting on one while I ‘service’ the other one.”

“Is that a fantasy you want to stay a fantasy or would you like to make it a real life experience?”

I pulled her from her seat, lifted her skirt, and guided her legs over my lap. Without a word I lifted her knit, halter top up and over her head then she pulled my tank top over my head.

“I don’t know two men who would do such a thing, but if I did, I’m certain I would make it a reality.”

Holding her softball size breasts in my hands I kissed each one then I told her, “Well, you now know one guy who probably knows a few guys, maybe we could get together in a threesome.”

Jae looked me in the eyes, “Oh my, I’m sure I would love that.” She paused for a moment, “Tell me, why do you think so many women at the Garden Club luncheon gave you such a resounding recommendation.”

It was my turn to blush; as I kneaded her firm breasts in my hands, I admitted, “I have been working in the neighborhood for a number of years; my mother taught me to be nice and help older ladies.”

“Then you must have started young and have been very busy,” she said smiling.

I lowered my head and showered her firm breasts with more kisses; her half-dollar size, dark, brown areolas and long nipples hardened like rocks. I felt the heat of her cunt against me.

“Oh Will, that feels so good; it’s been so long since I have felt this way.”

I moved from her breasts to her lips. We kissed passionately; our tongues probed and struggled with each other. Jae ground her crotch against my lap; her breathing increased and she began to moan and sigh. I moved the cups and plates on the table to the nearby counter and picked her up; she chuckled as I laid her on the table and lifted her feet to my shoulders. I kissed my way down the backs of her thighs to the crotch of her lavender, hip hugger panties; I kissed the smooth skin along the lace trim of her panties before pressing my lips against the silken fabric covering the soft, puffy lips of her vulva. Wisps of light brown, pubic hair peeked out the sides of her crotch.

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