The Last Time I Saw Jeff

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When Jeff’s massage was complete, we both sat up crossed legged on my bed, and he asked me, “Mommy, will you please touch yourself for me, will you masturbate for me?”

Without answering, I scooted closer to him, and rested my knees over his knees, and I thrust my pussy up as close to his face as I could get it, without touching him. And I fingered myself for a few minutes, up my vagina, around my stiff and pointed clit. I was very very wet, slippery, and extremely aroused, but it was much more than simply a sexual feeling — I thought to myself, ‘I guess this is what they refer to as really EROTIC”, and it felt warm and exciting, but I was aching for something more.

Jeff must have sensed my longing, so he reached across me, brushing my both breasts with his hand, my nipples were sticking out like the tops of those little umbrellas that come in an exotic drink! He took my vibrator from the nightstand, and played with the speed dial a couple of times. Then he said, “Just lean back a little bit.” and he placed the tip of my vibe against my cunt, and slowly slipped it into my love hole, while he adjusted the speed to high.

He fucked me good and hard with it — withdrawing its length and sliding it back in again and again. I went berserk with trembling and groaning and almost screaming.

And he said, as he grinned broadly, “Feels a lot different than when you do it to yourself doesn’t it, Mommy?”

I sighed a long cool, “YYYYYEEEEESSSSS baby!”

With that act completed, Jeff asked me, “Mommy, can we go watch some bahis firmaları TV?”

“Sure, baby,” I told him.

He put his shorts on first, then his shirt. I led him into my living room as I slipped on my shortie silk Victoria’s Secret robe. I sat on my sofa, toward one end, and he sat toward the other.

I handed him the remote control and he said out loud, although it was almost hard to tell if he was really talking to me, directly, “I am a channel surfer. I can keep four TVs, all with cable, and four remotes, all surfing at the same time, and never lose track of what channel I am on, on any one of the sets!”

“You are amazing, baby!” I complimented him.

I was thinking, ‘Jeez, reeks of erotic sex, body of a Greek god, electronic wizard, computer geek — what more could a Mommy ask for!’

After a few moments, he settled in on the History Channel, so I softly whispered to him, “Baby, come here and lay your head in Mommy’s lap for a while. And if you fall asleep baby, it will be ok, I will wake you up in time for when you want to go home, so you should have no worries, honey.”

I put a small pillow in my lap, and he laid his perfect dark brown head of wavy hair on it. With both hands I softly caressed his head, gently rubbing the whole area of hair with my individual fingers. I thought he had dozed off, until I heard him mumble something to me.

“What was that, baby, I did not hear you.” I tilted my head down to him.

So he repeated it, hardly louder, but I had my ear nearly pressing on his lips, “You kaçak iddaa know, that rubbing you are doing? Well, you can do that a little bit harder if you want to.”

I chuckled softly to myself, feeling satisfied that I was still giving him pleasurable feelings.

“Ok, baby, I was not sure if you wanted me to really mess up your hair all that much!”

“Oh, Mommy, it is such a mess already, it’s ok.”

So I rubbed a little harder, and I kissed his whole head and face a little harder too, and I tongued his whole ear, running the tip of it all around his lobe and rim, afraid he would feel me drooling on him, as I tongue-tipped each of his ear piercings. And I smooched his cheek, and made kissing noises on it, but only soft ones, cause I knew he was either dozing in sleep, or entranced in ecstasy.

That was how we spent our afternoon together, our second meeting, my baby boy Jeffrey and me, right up until it was time for him to go. I kissed him a peck goodbye on his lips.

As he walked toward his car, I called after him, “I love you, baby!”

He did not answer me.

I will tell you quite honestly how I felt that day, after he was gone. I missed him immensely barely one second after he was out my door. And I longed to just lay my eyes upon him once again.

So I went into my bedroom, and I sprawled my body, stomach down, spread-eagled, on the entire area of it. I placed my face right exactly where he had laid his head. And, inhaling as deeply as I could, I caught his scent in my breath. And I was moaning loudly, kaçak bahis and sighing, and almost near tears that he was not there to lay with me.

After a long while, I reluctantly arose. My next-door neighbor, Joaquin, was knocking on my door, wanting to inquire as to how my date went.

Still in my shortie robe, I opened the door wide, and leaned out it and he asked, “Is he gone?”

I shook my head yes.

“Well, how did it go?” he wanted to know.

Some kind of gutteral, breathy, mumbly, garbled sound came out of my lips. I thought I was saying, “Oh My God!” but it sounded more like “AAAAAaaaaauuuuuuuhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm ggggggggddd”, and my lips were blubbering together, and I was trembling all over, and shaky.

My legs were turning to softer rubber as I tried to keep myself standing on my feet, by leaning back against the door.

“Oh, my god, he must’ve really been SOMETHING!” Joaquin smiled at me knowingly. He could see that I was still in the throes of the intoxicating and hypnotic effect Jeff had placed on me.

Truthfully, I felt as if I had just chugged down a fifth of Jack Daniels on a cool summer day, and was just feeling the first effects of the high from the drunk that I was going to be getting from it — you know that feeling — like the first high you ever had from the best drug you ever took — thinking and wishing and praying that feeling would stay with you forever. But knowing it is fleeting, and once it is gone, you know goddam well you are never ever gonna get quite that same good feeling again, no matter how much or how many drugs or drinks you take!

And, little did I realize it then, and I don’t even know if I fully realize it now — but that was the last time I saw Jeff. August 21, 2004

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