The Ladies Ch. 04

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Chapter 1— Our first orgy Part D

This is a continuation of the story of the ladies Part C and our get together. We are at the love hotel where both Risa and Yumi had just finished getting fucked in their asses. We had all soaked in the tub and had something to eat. Now Miki was springing a new idea on me.

If you want to get to know M chan better you might want to start at the beginning with M chan “Chapter 1—First meeting!” If you’d like to get to know how this story all got started I would recommend that you start when I first meet this group of ladies in M chan “Chapter 6-Later in the night!”


“Let’s you and me jump in the shower for a couple of minutes, Jkun.” Miki ordered me, as she led me in that direction.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw the other ladies cleaning up and getting together to talk and giggle.

Miki and I jumped in the shower room and started kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. My cock was still soft and if it was going to come back to life it was going to take a bit of time, but Miki was giving it her best. I slipped a couple of fingers into Miki’s pussy and was happy to find it wet and ready for an insertion of something. I worked on moving my fingers in and out slowly and every couple of seconds, I pulled my fingers into her G-spot.

“God Jkun, your fingers are so good in my pussy, I’m cumming nicely already, but I have to stop you. I have something else in mind for you.” Miki moaned.

She slowly pulled away from my fingers and body.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall and spread your legs for me, my sexy stud.” Miki ordered me.

In this position, Miki have access to my ass and she could also get between my legs to play with my cock and balls. I could feel the hot water raining down from the ceiling hitting my shoulders and back and running down the crack of my ass relaxing my muscles. Miki had grabbed a sponge and was lathering up my body starting at my neck and slowly working her way down my body covering my back, chest, arms, stomach, ass, and legs in a thick flowery smelling foam after turning off the shower. She then took the shower hose from the corner and turned the warm water on full blast and cleaned all the suds off my body. She then got down between my legs, leaning her back against the wall putting her face right in front of my still soft cock. She soaped up her right hand and started rubbing back and forth between my legs from my ass to my balls, slowly slipping one of her fingers in and out of my asshole.

“I want your ass, Jkun. I’m going to get you cleaned up and then I’m going to play with your asshole.” Miki told me as she continued to finger my ass, adding another finger so that I now have two fingers moving in and out of me.

She then took the tip of my cock in her mouth and softly licked and sucked on me as she continued to finger and clean my asshole. When I felt my cock start to stir, Miki dropped my cock out of her mouth and removed her fingers from my butt hole. She picked up the shower hose again, cleaned the soap off inside and out by forcing water up into my ass, giving me a powerful enema, which really cleaned me out.

“Time to play. We’re going to have so much fun with you.” Miki giggled as she took my hand and led me out of the shower / tub room back into the main area.

The other four ladies were really going at it in the dining room area. Honoka was lying flat on the table on her back with her big tits and those really dark nipples pointing straight up in the air. Risa was sitting on Honoka’s face getting her pussy eaten again, facing towards her lower body and pulling Hono’s hard nipples like she was milking a cow. M chan was on her knees in front of Hono’s pussy eating and fingering Hono’s pussy like crazy. Yumi was lying on her back on the floor, fucking a huge dildo in and out of her own wet pussy and her head buried under M chan’s pussy and ass. All were moaning and squirming from orgasms and didn’t seem to notice that Miki and I had reentered the room. Just watching the girls go at it started to get the blood pumping back into my slowly hardening cock.

“Okay Bitches! Do you want a shot at this stud or can I have him all to myself?” Miki shouted as she slapped me on the ass and pushed me forward towards the table.

Yumi and M chan jumped up and got out of the way as Miki guided me to a position in front Honoka’s wet pussy. Risa and Hono stayed in their positions, with Hono not giving up on licking Risa’s pussy and having her hard nipples pulled. Risa’s eyes had a glassy look to them, showing me that she was orgasming from Hono’s licking and sucking.

Miki wouldn’t let me get on my knees to get at Hono’s pussy, but had me bend over at the waist and spread my legs. M chan got down between my open legs and swallowed my cock down her throat, really working on making me rock hard again.

“Come on Jkun, show me that big hard cock of yours.” M chan moaned swallowing me completely again.

“Yumi get to work, you göztepe escort know what you have to do.” Miki spoke as I felt Yumi’s hands on my ass cheeks which she started to spread apart. Then I felt Yumi’s hot, long, wet tongue start to lick and circle around my asshole. She then slowly started to push her sexy tongue into my asshole as I relaxed to allow her enter.

“Jesus Yumi, your tongue is amazing. It feels so good going into my ass, so warm and soft.” I moaned as more and more of Yumi’s sexy long hot tongue worked its way further into my tight ass. I was a little distracted by what M chan and Yumi were doing to me, and was forgetting what a beautiful feast I had right in front of me.

“Are you going to help Hono chan or would you like me and Risa to take over for you?” Miki joked, before starting to push my face down into Honoka’s open wet pussy. It was dripping with her juices, which were flowing out and down over her sexy tight ass.

“Honoka, your pussy looks so delicious, there’s a river of juices flowing out of you, Baby.” I said as I relaxed my tongue and started at the junction between her asshole and the bottom of her pussy. I licked up very slowly collecting her juices as I made my way over the entrance to her pussy. I drove my tongue into her hot wet hole as far as I could go before pulling back out continuing my way upwards. When I got to her Urethral opening, I licked it and pushed my tongue in as far as I could get it, before I licked up to her swollen clit.

“UMMMM! AHHHH!” Hono screamed into Risa pussy as my tongue slipped over her hard clit. As I sucked her clit into my mouth, continuing to lick, suck, and flick it around, Hono’s ass started raising higher off the table and her thighs started to shake, making even more juice flow from her pussy all over my chin.

As I was making Honoka cum hard, I could see that Risa was grinding her pussy down onto Hono’s mouth and tongue, while she pulled on Hono’s pointy nipples, then Risa looked me straight in the eyes before starting to slap the sides and nipples of Hono’s big tits. In our positons, I could see that Risa was in the middle of her own big orgasm and that she was really enjoying the abuse she was raining down on Hono’s breasts.

“Lick my pussy, Hono. That’s it Baby. OHHHHH! Your tongue is so gooooddd! That’s it, shove it deep in my pussy. UMMMM! I’m cummmmmiiiinnnngggg so good. Don’t stop Honoka.” Risa moaned as she moved her pussy area back and forth on Honoka’s face.

While all this was going on, I have no idea what Miki was up too but Yumi and M chan were both working over my lower body. One of them had my balls gripped so that she could put on them, while M chan was sucking my still soft cock,taking me into her throat before quickly moving up to take just the head, flicking it a couple of times before swallowing me back into her throat again. Yumi was fucking my asshole with her tongue, pulling out now and then to lick over my stretched ball sack.

“Okay Yumi, move your sexy ass and let me get at Jkun’s ass.” I heard Miki order.

Yumi quickly pulled away from my ass and moved around to get under my chin with her back to M chan, in front of Hono’s pussy and ass, below my face.

“Jkun, push her legs up so I can lick her asshole while you do her pussy.” Yumi instructed me while getting herself into a good position. I did as I was told, moving my hands from the sides of Hono’s pussy, putting my hands behind Hono’s knees and pushing her legs up towards her chest, spreading them at the same time so that I wouldn’t interfere with Risa’s actions on Hono’s sexy tits. In our new position I had to lean me head to the left while Yumi leaned to the right, which gave both of us unrestricted access to Hono’s asshole and clit.

“UMMMMM…OHHHHH…UMMMM!” started coming from Honoka immediately when Yumi and I touched her.

M chan had slowed down her sucking on my now slowly growing cock. She was mostly licking my shaft and playing with my balls but not sucking on me as much. That’s when I felt someone, I guessed it was Miki, spreading lube around my asshole, occasionally slipping a finger inside my tight hole.

Honoka was cumming so much from all the attention that was being lavished on her body. She was trying to buck her ass off the table but with Risa sitting on her face and pulling on her hard nipples, and with me holding her legs up so her asshole was spread wide open, so Yumi could fuck that sexy long tongue into her, there wasn’t much room for Hono to move. She was pinned to the table, with more and more intense orgasms racking her body. I was amazed with how much juice was flowing out of Hono’s pussy, it tasted so delicious that I had to share it with Yumi at times, when she pulled her tongue out of Honoka’s asshole.

Miki was really having fun fucking my ass with her fingers. When she went in deep she would tap my prostate gland, like I tapped the girls G spots, making my legs weak. The sensations going through şerifali escort out my body felt like waves of the beginning of an orgasm but I wasn’t cumming, it was like my body was tingling from Miki’s attention. This sensation must have continued for more than 15 minutes. At the same time M chan was tightly squeezing the head of my cock while she continued to lick and kiss around my shaft.

Yumi and I were continuing to lick, suck, and fuck Honoka’s ass and pussy with our tongues. Risa was pulling and flicking Hono’s tits, while Honoka was eating her pussy. I know Hono and Risa were both cumming hard from the groaning noises they were making, but the other three ladies were delivering the pleasure and not receiving any that I knew of.

Miki really knew what she was doing with my prostate. I guessed that this wasn’t her first time playing with a man’s prostate. We must have been in these positions for more than 30 minutes, when Miki pulled her fingers from my ass and said “Everyone over to the bed. Let’s take this to the next level.”

We slowly managed to untangle ourselves, but Honoka’s strength was gone and she just lay on the table like a doll.

“Are you okay, Kitten?” I asked as I moved around to gently kiss her forehead and then her mouth.

“This is all so amazing. I never knew that sex could be so much fun with a group of women and you of course. I don’t know how many times I’ve cum so far. Sometimes it’s like there’s lightening or explosions going off in my head and I can only see the flashes.” Honoka moaned as I helped her sit up and then slide off the table onto her feet. She was a little wobbly, so I scooped her up in my arms and carried her over to the bed, where the other ladies where lying around playing with each other’s nipples and clits.

“Jkun, you get in the doggie position in the middle of the bed and we’ll please you.” Miki commanded me.

“Risa and Honoka, you both lay down under Jkun so that you can lick and play with his nipples. Yumi you get in the 69 position and suck on Jkun’s cock, but don’t let him cum. M Chan and I are going to fuck his virgin ass.” Miki instructed everyone.

As I listened to this orders, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I looked back and noticed that M chan was strapping on a long thin black dildo and Miki was lubing up a prostate massager that looked like a thin penis about 10cms (3ins.) long with a vibrator in the head and a base that made it look like an upside down “T”.

I figured I had fucked all these beautiful ladies in their asses and they all seemed to have enjoyed it very much, so now it was only fair that they get to do the same to me, thus I made myself relax as much as I could and got ready for what was coming. It didn’t hurt that at that precise moment Yumi took my cock into her hot sexy mouth without using her hands and swallowed me down until her nose touched up against my pubic area.

“Don’t let him cum, Yumi. You can have fun with his cock but don’t let him shoot off. There’s going to be lots of fluids for you to play with, so enjoy it.” Miki told Yumi.

Risa and Honoka starting softly rubbing Yumi’s hard pointy nipples and my lower back at the same time, while I focused my attention on Yumi’s sexy pussy below my face. I had to stay on my knees and extended arms so the girls could continue to play with Yumi’s big tits, but it didn’t stop me from reaching Yumi’s clit. Yumi actually help by using her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart to expose her clit more, and raised her ass off the bed a little.

“Do you want a finger in your ass, Yumi?” Risa asked.

“Ummmmmm!” Yumi moaned with my still hardening cock buried in her throat.

At that moment, Miki slipped the massager into my ass and switched on the vibrating action to the lowest setting, moving it up and down tapping again my prostate gland. The feelings were immediate and I could feel it in my legs and lower body area. Miki seemed to know what she was doing because she was really making me feel great. Next she moved the head of the vibrator back and forth a little bit, never leaving my gland area, then she would stop and wiggle it up and down to tap me again.

“Yumi, I’m going to cum soon if you keep sucking me like this.” I groaned as I could feel my hot sticky juices building up in my quickly hardening cock.

“No you don’t. Yumi let his cock go now. He can’t cum yet.” Miki ordered Yumi.

Yumi popped my cock out of her mouth, but chomped down on the crown a little, before letting it escape. The pain took my mind of shooting but not the pleasure I was receiving from Miki. Yumi started kissing my balls and the area around my cock but never actually touching it.

Then Miki quickly pulled the vibrator out, but I could feel someone moving between my legs in a squatting position supporting themselves by putting their hands on my ass checks and then putting something at the entrance to my asshole.

“Here it comes, ümraniye escort Jkun.” M chan told me as she slowly pushed her dildo in my ass as far as it would go, stopping for a second before pulling back out, only to repeat it all over again. M chan started fucking into me slowly at first but then she got faster and faster, even taking the time to slap me on my left ass cheek. Then all of a sudden the dildo in my ass started vibrating up and down the length of the shaft. It really felt good and the ladies were all working as a team to build my pleasure, so it wasn’t as I thought getting fucked in the ass would be.

Yumi still wasn’t touching my cock, but just kissing and licking around that area. Risa and Honoka were both still sucking and licking mine and Yumi’s nipples which felt great and was adding to the pleasure going all over our bodies. I was sucking on Yumi’s clit but I don’t think I was doing a good job because my mind was distracted by the pleasure that the other ladies were giving me.

“My God guys! You need to see how much he’s leaking. It’s all over my neck and chin.” Yumi excitedly told the other women. Risa and Honoka immediately abandoned our nipple region and moved so they could see what Yumi was looking at. As I looked down the length of Yumi’s sexy body I could see Risa and Honoka spreading my pre-cum all over Yumi’s tits, then both of them starting sucking and pulling on her hard pointy nipples agian, so I renewed my attack on Yumi’s clit.

M chan pulled her dildo out of my ass, and it was immediately replaced with the massager again by Miki.

“Risa, you’re next. Get yourself ready.” Miki ordered.

M chan moved into Risa’s spot, still wearing her strap on dildo, and when I looked Risa was finishing up putting on her strap on. It was a little thicker and longer with little raised bumps all over it.

“Yumi change places with Honoka, you’re next after Risa. Remember Hono, he can’t shoot his load, so don’t go crazy on his cock.” Miki commanded the girls. I didn’t want to let Yumi’s pussy escape but she wiggled her way out from under me, then Hono slid back in her place, so I dove into a new wet pussy that I had enjoyed eating earlier.

I also got to see how much fluid I had covered Yumi’s tits with. Miki took her chance to quickly suck one of Yumi’s hard nipples in her mouth, to get some of my juice before she and Risa attacked my ass anew.

Miki slowly continued her massaging of my ass while the girls changed places, and everyone got into comfortable positons. Honoka immediately grabbed my cock and placed the head on her wet lips, then she started licking my shaft as she took about half my length into her hot mouth before slowly pulling it back out.

I wanted to drive my hips down so that Honoka would have to swallow all of my cock, but Miki was interfering with my idea by using the massager in such a way, as to keep my ass up in the air. I really didn’t need to do anything because Honoka started swallowing my length again this time taking me deeper and she also started picking up more speed. I knew that Honoka wanted me to fill her mouth with my hot sticky cum, and she was doing a great job of accomplishing that goal, as I was quickly building to my release.

However, Miki was the leader of this session and she was in complete control. She knew, as I, what Honoka was up to.

“Oh no you don’t young one. I know what you want, but your task is to not let him cum. If you let him spray his hot juices, you’ll be punished. We’ll tie you up and make you watch and you won’t be able to cum anymore tonight, for the rest of this session.” Miki scolded her. I looked down between our bodies as Miki put her hand on Hono’s forehead and pushed her down off my cock, making me pop out of Hono’s wet mouth.

To help distract Hono chan, I slipped two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and started playing up into her G spot, while at the same time M Chan and Yumi attacked her nipples with renewed energy. They also started spreading the clear pre-cum that was leaking out of my hard cock, continuously in amounts I had never seen before all over Honoka’s body.

“OHHHHH Jesus! Miki can I suck his cock pleaseeeee? He’s making me squirt. AHHHHHHH! I’m cumming so hard. I want him to shove his cock down my throat and fill me full of cummm. Pleaseeeeee!” Hono was moaning and bucking under me and then her pussy let go shooting pussy juice about 2ms (7ft) across the room soaking a huge area on the bed and floor.

At the same time Miki changed positions and Risa drove her lubed up dildo deep into my ass holding it there for about 30 seconds. She then grabbed my hips and started fucking in and out of my ass at a quick pace. My ass felt so stuffed and the sensations were traveling from the head of my cock down to my feet and up my back to my head. I dove my fingers back into Hono’s still pulsing pussy making her squirt again right into my face.

My body felt like it does when I’m cumming hard and shooting cum all over the place, but when I looked at my cock head it wasn’t shooting white cream like I expected, but there was loads of clear fluid coming out, and it didn’t all stop after a minute like it does when I normally cum, but continued over and over. It was spraying all over Hono’s tits, and Yumi and M chan’s faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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