The Kidnapping

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Dani Burns slowly woke up. Her head hurt, her mouth was dry and she could not seem to move either her legs or her arms. She was confused, and could not figure out what was wrong with her.

Her last memory was of Alex parking the car across the street from the restaurant, and of her getting out and joining him so they could walk across the street.

“Oh God,” her eyes popped open when she remembered the van. A big black van had roared up next to them, the door had opened and she had been jerked into the van. “Alex” she thought, “where is Alex?”

Dani looked about and saw Alex laying facing her, on another table, duct tape over his mouth, hands taped in front of him and tied to the table. He was looking at her with fear in his eyes. “What was happening?” she thought, “had they both been kidnapped?”

Dani was laying spread eagle on some sort of a table that was cut like a giant cross. Her arms and legs were secured and she also had duct tape on her mouth. She could hear voices talking, but could not make out what they were saying. Since the voices were getting louder Dani realized someone was approaching. She glanced at Alex, and could tell by the look on his face that it must be the kidnappers.

She looked toward the sound of the voices and saw 3 men standing there with Halloween masks on covering part of their faces.

Dani was afraid; she wanted to scream out in terror, when she saw one of the men flip open a knife. He walked to her and put the knife to her throat, leaned down and whispered, “Are you scared?” Then laughed at her look as he said, “Good, then you will do what we want.”

He walked to the end of the table and took her shoes off, saying “you aren’t gonna need these right now.” Then he walked between her legs, grabbed the hem of her dress and ripped the dress in half.

She lay there on the table, dressed only in a sheer bra and thong panty set. The leader slid his knife between her skin and the bra cutting the front of the bra open, exposing her tits. Then he slid his hand in her panties, rubbing his knuckle along her slit, brushing against her clit as he cut her panties off.

Dani found herself totally naked, realizing that they were going to rape her, and make Alex watch.

As the other 2 men approached the table standing on either side of it, the first man leaned over her body, and said, “I bet you think we are going to rape you”

All Dani could do was look at him with eyes wide open as he said, “we aren’t, but we are going to tease you until bahis firmaları you beg us to fuck you.”

With that remark, he pulled the duct tape on her mouth off. As she took a deep breath to scream, he smiled and said, “Scream all you want, it will turn me on. But we are miles from anyone who can hear you.”

As she lay there attempting to gather her thoughts, the taller of the two silent men ran an ice cube across the nipple of her right tit, making the nipple get hard. Then he sucked the nipple into his warm mouth biting the nipple and sucking on the tit, and then he repeated the same process with her left tit.

Dani was scared, but was slightly aroused. She loved having her nipples bit.

The leader watched this action. Then he started lightly teasing her pussy, brushing his knuckle up and down her slit, passing quickly over her clit. She closed her eyes and willed herself not to get excited.

She started thinking about Alex and how much she loved him. Sure, their sex life had become boring, but that was only one small part of their marriage. They loved each other; he worked hard to give her a nice home, taking her places and buying her presents. She worked hard to give him a happy warm place to come home to.

The leader saw her closed eyes and started rubbing her clit. Dani bit her lip to keep from moaning in pleasure but felt liquid seep out her pussy and run down the crack of her ass.

The leader had been watching for this and said, “ah, you are feeling good.” He slid a finger up and down her slit, teasing her clit with gentle touches and her pussy by circling all around the hole, but not putting a finger in. Dani wanted to scream from the torture of it.

At his nod the third man joined the leader and started playing with Dani’s ass, lightly biting the checks of her ass, circling her asshole with his finger and lightly pressing her puckered anus.

The man at Dani’s tits pulled out nipple clamps placing them on her nipples. Then he started nibbling and biting on them, squeezed tight by the clamps.

Dani looked at Alex, lying next to her. She could not help but feel turned on by what these men were doing to her. She wanted to be fucked, and she no longer cared by who. Her hips were moving, searching for the fingers that touched her, wanting more contact.

As she watched Alex’s face she felt someone start licking her cunt. Her eyes glazed over with lust and she gave into the feeling, moaning “yes, god yes” She heard a voice say “do you want to be fucked” kaçak iddaa and she nodded her response, but she heard the voice tell her that she had to say it if she wanted it.

Once again she was asked, “do you want to be fucked.” Her body was straining against the ties holding her down; she heard the voice say, “Tell me” as she felt a finger probe her pussy and asshole. Dani yelled, “yes, fuck me”

She heard zippers being undone as the men stripped off their clothing. Then her head was lowered, till it was hanging at an angle.

One man was at her mouth with his cock in his hand. He rubbed his cock over her lips and said, “Open your mouth.” Dani opened her mouth, and he straddled her head, shoving his cock down her throat, fucking her mouth saying, “suck it bitch, suck my cock.” He leaned over her body, releasing the nipple clamps so he could suck and bite her tits. Dani was filled with lust; she pursed her lips tightly, sucking hard as he worked his cock in and out her mouth her tongue frantically swirling around the head and down the shaft.

The person licking her clit stopped. She felt her legs being lifted and placed on one of the men’s shoulder. The he rammed his cock in her pussy, fucking her with long hard strokes. He started rubbing her clit and she was starting to enjoy herself. She could not see Alex, but she could hear him moaning, and could hear him breathing hard.

The man fucking her in the mouth said “I’m going to cum” He pulled his cock out of her mouth, holding the head just inside her mouth saying, ” lick it.” Her tongue danced over the head, swirling under the rim, around the tip, along the cut before sucking on just the head. He moaned and sprayed his cum over her lips before shoving his still pumping cock in her mouth, filling her mouth with his cum. Dani swallowed several times before licking the cum off of his cock then her lips when he pulled his cock out.

Seeing this, the man fucking Dani grabbed her hips. He started fucking her as hard as he could, groaning as he felt his balls get tight, cum rising up his cock before spraying jets of cum in her pussy.

Dani watched carefully as the leader walked over to Alex. He removed the tape on his mouth, undid Alex’s belt and pants, before pulling them off. Alex’s hard cock popped out. He said, “Look, your husband liked watching you get fucked”

Dani looked at Alex, his cock was oozing with pre-come. She arched an eyebrow at him as he shrugged. Dani looked as the leader flipped open his knife. The kaçak bahis two silent men approached and held Dani still as she was cut loose. They turned her on her side, slid the panels of the table in, and then rolled her table towards Alex’s. They put them together so that Dani’s head was at Alex’s cock, and his head was at Dani’s pussy.

The leader then got up on the table behind Dani. She felt something cold touch her asshole. Before she could wonder what was happening, he shoved his cock up her ass, and started fucking her. She cried out in pain. She had never been fucked in the ass before. It hurt, but after a few moments it started feeling good.

Alex watched his wife being fucked, just inches away from his face. He could hear her rapid breathing, and knew she was excited, but knew she would not cum without attention to her clit. He leaned forward and carefully licked the clit that was standing out, begging for attention. Dani watched Alex’s cock dancing in her face. She grabbed it and started sucking, her hand wrapped around his shaft as she jacked him off. His groaning let her know it felt good.

The leader mashed Dani’s cunt into Alex’s face as he drilled her ass with his cock, She was enjoying being fucked in the ass, sucking a cock as her pussy was licked.

She could feel her climax climbing building. She started sucking Alex’s cock with abandon, taking his cock all the way down her throat, while slamming her ass back to meet the other cock.

Alex sucked on Dani’s clit as the leader reached around, grabbed one of Dani’s tits, squeezing the nipple hard. With that Dani started coming. She grabbed Alex’s ass and held him still has her head bobbed up and down on his cock sucking and licking it. He moaned, shoved his cock down her throat, emptying his load in her mouth

The man felt Dani’s ass tighten and spasm around his cock. He hissed “yes” in her ear, ramming his cock in her one final time before thick ropes of cum inundated the walls of her ass.

The leader pulled his cock out of Dani’s ass, and then he and the other men cut Alex free. He sat up, jumped off the table, picked up his pants, and took money out of his wallet, handing it to the leader.

Dani quickly sat up watching this silently as she wondered what was going on.

The leader took the money, walked over to Dani and kissed her. She looked at Alex who grinned and said, “you said you wanted some spice in our sex life”

She looked at the three men asking, “He paid you to fuck me?”

They nodded yes. Dani looked at Alex, smiling broadly, then she looked at the men before saying “how much to do it again?”

As she watched cocks stirring back to life, Dani wondered how much money she had in her bank account.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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