The Journey Ch. 03

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-Sorry to take so long to continue the story, but I have more to post very soon-

The next day, I woke up feeling completely relaxed. Everything that had happened yesterday was still fresh in my mind, and I got quite stimulated remembering how the girls had played with my body. If this was what they had in mind for our times together, I was certainly ready for more fun today. I made sure to eat a good breakfast with lots of protein, and then took a long shower. I made sure to scrub all over, and I paid particular attention to my rear. Ever since Suzy had played with my ass yesterday, I kept remembering the feeling of her slipping a finger inside me. I wasn’t sure why, but it had felt incredibly erotic to me and I was hoping for more today. As I soaped up my dick and balls, I scrubbed my way between my legs until I reached the tightness of my anus. I soaped up my ring finger and pressed against the opening while I consciously relaxed the muscles. My finger slid inside a short ways. I pulled it out, soaped it up again, and slid it in again. It went in even further this time. After the next time I soaped it up, it slid all the way in until my anus was around the base of my finger since my rear was already slick with the soap. I rinsed off my body, turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. By the time I finished getting ready, it was almost time for the girls to arrive. I sat on the edge of the couch and looked at the newspaper waiting for them.

The sound of the doorbell startled me. I quickly put down the paper, made my way to the window, and looked out. Sandy and Suzy were standing in front of the door with their towels in their hands. I made my way to the front door, took a deep breath, and pulled the door wide open. Both the girls gave a little look of surprise as their eyes traveled over my naked body.

“Well! Well!” said Sandy, “You certainly know how to answer a door and make a girl feel welcome!” She reached down and took hold of my dick. “Hello to you Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear. How nice to see you again!” She turned to her sister. “Suzy! Come and say hello to our Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear!” Suzy walked up closer to me and took hold of the tip of my dick just above where her sister had hold of me. Between the two of them, my dick was completely covered in their grip.

Suzy leaned in closer to me and put her lips close to my ear. “I can tell that Fuzzy-Wuzzy is happy to see us again too!” Sandy stepped past me, and with a gentle tugging on my dick, she pulled me away from the door. Suzy released her grip on me, and as Sandy led me away, Suzy turned and closed the door.

Sandy turned to look me in the eye while still holding on to my dick. “Now Michael, I just wanted to be sure that you remember the rules. You accept that Suzy and I are in charge, and that you agree to do whatever we want without question. Are we still playing by the same rules?” I nodded in agreement. “Well then come along Fuzzy-Wuzzy and let’s get out to the pool.”

She tugged on my dick and led me through the house and out the back door. Suzy was right behind us, and grabbed the tanning oil and a towel for me as she followed us out the door. The girls dropped the towels and oil by the loungers, and the three of us headed to the pool. Sandy still had hold of my dick, and pulled me down the stairs and into the water. She stopped when the water was up to my waist. As I stood in the cool water, Sandy moved to my side and pressed herself up against my skin. I could feel the pressure of her tits on my arm and her smooth tummy was on my hip. As her warmth spread over my skin, she began to stroke my dick. Sandy had a firm grip on me, but her hand moved in a slow and lazy rhythm. Suzy came around to my other side and moved her body along side me until her position matched Sandy’s. Her hands came down below my waist until one was resting on front of my hipbone, and the other lightly grabbed my ass. Her fingers toyed with my pubic hair while her other hand was grabbing and squeezing my rear. My hands had been out to my sides, but with the girls snuggled up to me, I lightly put my arms around each of them. It was all I could do to keep my hands resting on their hips and not sliding them down to feel their asses.

Sandy slid her hand down to the base of my dick, and started to wiggle it up and down through the water. Suzy kept her hand on my ass, but her other hand slid down and cupped my balls. Both girls were intently watching the movement of my dick as it traveled through the water. Sometimes the head of my dick would break the surface of the water as Sandy flicked it upward. On one of these occasions, she stopped the motion and held my dick so that the head was up and out of the water, and clearly visible.

Sandy leaned across my chest and spoke softly to her sister. “You won’t believe how much fun this is Suzy! Why don’t you take over here for a while?” Sandy let go as Suzy took hold of my dick just below the head. Suzy’s touch was different than that of her sister’s. It was softer, but also somehow a little more urgent. She began the stroking again kartal escort but she concentrated her efforts on the end of my dick. Her strokes were shorter and a bit quicker than what her sister had been doing to me. She kept her hand on my ass and was gripping it tightly as she stroked.

Sandy leaned close to my ear and her voice was soft. “I’ve wanted to do that since we left yesterday. I kept thinking and wondering about it and so once we were here I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s even nicer than I imagined it might be. I told Suzy about it, and she said that she was thinking about it as much as I was. So I just had to share with her since it seems you have more than enough for both of us.” She turned to her sister again. “I know it’s hard to stop Suzy, but there is plenty of time to play some more later. Why don’t we let Fuzzy-Wuzzy cool down a bit while we enjoy the cool water.”

I could sense that Suzy didn’t want to stop, but she slowly released her grip on me. The cool water was a change from the heat of her hand as my dick sprang free. I reluctantly let go of the girls as the three of us moved into the deeper water. I dove under the surface, feeling the rush of the water, and recovering a bit from the intense pleasure my dick had received from the girls. We swam a little but mostly just hung around the edge of the pool and talked. This day was a strange mix of some very intense stimulation and some completely casual interaction with the girls.

“I think it’s time for us to get a little sun on our skin,” Sandy said after a while. We climbed out of the pool and made our way over to the same three loungers we used yesterday. Sandy said “Michael, why don’t you take a towel and dry me off. I want you to work your way from my hair down to my feet.”

I reached over and grabbed her towel as she stepped up in front of me. I wadded a corner in my hand, gently dried her face, and then stepped around behind her. I lifted the towel and laid it over her wet hair. I massaged it dry, working my way from her scalp to the ends of her long locks. I shifted the towel and used it across her shoulders and back. When they were dry, I moved back around in front of her, and tenderly dried her neck. I was a little unsure about the next part, but she had been very clear that she wanted me to dry all of her. I draped the towel over my hands, and began to dry her upper chest, sliding the towel down her breast, over her nipple, and then patted at the underside. I did this several times on both sides of her chest. Her nipples were hardening under my fingers, and I could hear her breathing deeply. My dick hardened in response to the pressure of her nipples. My touch moved downward over the expanse of her flat tummy, and I ended up in a kneeling position at her feet. I leaned forward and wrapped the towel around behind her, and worked my hands over and down her bottom. I dried down the back of her thighs, over her calves, and down to her ankles.

I pulled my hands away and leaned back onto my heels. I tilted my head upward a bit, and I found myself looking directly at the bottom part of her suit where it stretched tightly over her mound and disappeared between her legs. It was a beautiful sight to have literally inches from my face. I wrapped the towel around her ankle, and began to dry my way up her leg. She shifted her weight and spread her legs further apart as I made my way up and over her knee. As she did this, I could see all the way up between her legs. The small triangle that barely covered her was clearly exposed, and it was pulled so tightly against her cunt, that her smooth skin was exposed on either side. I dried the tops of her thighs, and I could watch the towel brushing lightly against her. As I was enjoying the delicious view, I realized there was no sign of any hair under her suit, because it was completely smooth as it lay against her skin. I was awestruck, and my dick was throbbing with the knowledge. Somehow, I managed to pull my eyes away. I moved back and stood up again in front of Sandy. She was looking directly at my dick, and it was literally twitching with excitement. She reached down and ran a single fingertip over the tip.

“Well, Michael,” she said. “It looks like you enjoyed that quite a bit, but I’m thinking you probably need to cool down a bit before we lay out and get some sun. Why don’t you hop in the pool for a minute and then join us again.”

“I think that’s a very good idea” I replied, and turned to jump into the water. Suzy had been watching this whole time, and I could tell she had been staring at my dick as well. Sandy was definitely more of the leader of the two, but Suzy was not shying away from any of it either. I stepped off the edge and let myself sink down to the bottom of the pool. The cool water felt great on the hot skin of my dick, and I could feel the throbbing going away. I slowly rose to the surface, and made my way to the shallow end. Stepping out of the pool, I moved back to join the girls. They had moved three of the loungers so that kurtköy escort they were now side by side, and they were sitting on the ends of the outside pair putting on some of the tanning oil. The oil on their skin gave them both a warm glow in the sunshine. They were just finishing up and the two of them stood up as I arrived. Suzy moved up close to me and reached out her hand, lightly grasping the head of my dick with her fingertips. She turned to Sandy and grinned. Sandy cupped her hand and tenderly laid it under my balls, lifting them slightly.

“What do you think Suzy? Is he cooled down enough yet?” she asked.

“I think our Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear is okay – at least for now,” she replied.

“Then I think it’s time to put a little oil on our Fuzzy-Wuzzy so he can keep working on his tan. We certainly don’t want him to get sunburned. Put out your hands Suzy and I’ll give you some oil to put on.” She took the oil and squeezed a small pool onto Suzy’s hands, and then covered her own hands as well. “You take care of Michael’s back side Suzy. I’ll take care of the front side.” Suzy slid her hands across my shoulders and down my back, spreading the oil over a large area. She massaged it into my skin, working her way lower and lower. At the same time, Sandy started working the oil over my chest and stomach. She reached to the side, covered my arm from my shoulder down to my fingertips, and repeated the process on my other arm. She moved back up to my chest and ran her fingers over my hardening nipples. She circled each one several times, and then ran her fingertips back and forth across them. She moved lower, running her palms over my stomach, and out to my hips.

Suzy had been moving lower down my back, and had already reached my ass. She reached for the oil, and filled her palm again. When her hands returned to my skin, I could feel the oil dripping down across my cheeks. She quickly shifted her hands down to the top of my legs, and spread the oil back up and over my ass. She was squeezing my flesh as she coated it, and her fingers were slipping up and down between my cheeks. She started to pay special to this area, and when her fingers reached my anus, she pressed lightly against it. I couldn’t help myself and my hips shifted back in response, pressing myself more firmly against her touch. Sandy’s hands had moved down from my belly. Her fingers were playing my pubic hair, covering it with the oil, and pulling on it gently. Sandy put more oil onto her hands, and then cupped them around my dick. The oil flowed down my shaft and onto my balls. She slid her hands along my dick and encircled my balls, spreading the slickness over them. She stroked my balls with her fingers as she ran her thumbs up and down the underside of my shaft.

Suzy had sensed my response to her touch, and as Sandy was working on the front side, she had been completely focused on my backside. Her fingers were tracing small circles around my anus, making it very slick. She moved into the center, and began to push with a delicate, but insistent, manner. I relaxed and could feel the tip of her finger entering me. With so much oil on my ass and her hands, her finger slid in to the first knuckle without any resistance. She held it there for a little while and then continued to push until her finger had slipped completely inside my ass. She rubbed her fingertip inside of me for a few moments, and I felt her slowly pull it completely out, until her fingertip was resting against my anus once again. My ass suddenly felt quite empty and I wanted her finger back inside me. My hips shifted backward again, pushing on her fingertip and causing the tip to penetrate me once more. She seemed to get the message and plunged her finger fully inside me before slowly withdrawing it. I let out a soft moan as Suzy began to slide her finger in and out of my ass. Suzy’s other hand would softly grab at one of my cheeks, and then slide across them to find a new place to grab.

Sandy had begun to slide her hands up to the tip of dick and then back down to my balls, and Suzy was matching the motion by moving her finger in and out of my anus in the same rhythm. The intense sensations of feeling of Sandy on my dick and balls, and Suzy working on my ass were pushing me to the edge. If they kept it up much longer, there would be no way for me to hold back. I was trying to decide if I should say something when Sandy slowed her stroking. She eventually stopped and was holding my dick tightly with both hands. Suzy had slowed also, matching her sister, and had stopped moving her finger inside me. My dick was throbbing in Sandy’s hands, and I could feel my anus clenching Suzy’s finger at the same time. I could barely stay on my feet, and was ready to fall over when I felt Suzy’s finger slipping out of my ass. I started to sit down and my dick slipped out of Sandy’s grasp. I looked at the girls and I could see a flush of excitement on both of their faces. I leaned back on my elbows and my dick was literally bouncing with each throbbing of my heart. maltepe escort I looked down and saw that a large drop of precum had gathered at the tip of my dick.

As I watched, the precum dripped off and fell to my waist, leaving a thread of it still connected to the head of my dick. With the next throb, another drop followed the first. Both girls were watching as well and seemed completely entranced by the sight. Suzy reached out her fingers and dipped them in the drops on my waist, and then brought them up to her mouth. She hesitated a moment, and then she reached out her tongue and licked the liquid from her finger. Sandy and I followed the movement of her hand and gazed at Suzy as she explored this new taste. Another drop was oozing out of my dick and when Suzy saw it, she quickly scooped it up with her finger. This time she closed her mouth around her finger and sucked it clean. She reached and gave my dick a squeeze and another large drop gathered at the tip. She wiped it onto her finger again, but this time she held it out and offered it to Sandy. Sandy hesitated, but when Suzy nodded that it was okay, she leaned over and closed her mouth around her sister’s finger. She held her sister by the wrist and slowly pulled her mouth away as she sucked.

Sandy and Suzy looked back to my dick. The throbbing was easing and there was only a small amount of precum leaking out the end of my dick. Sandy slowly turned to me with a questioning look on her face.

“Did you…you know…did you…umm…was that your…er…” I realized what she was asking, and that by even asking she revealed her lack of knowledge about the subject.

“Oh. No. Not at all.” I said. “If that had happened, there would be no doubt about it. You would definitely know. This stuff is what comes out first to kind of get things ready. I was very close to what you thought might have happened, and that’s why it’s coming out. Now, if you two had continued what you were doing for very much longer, then something more would definitely have happened.”

Suzy seemed intrigued by all of this. “So, how would it be different? How would we know for sure?” she asked. I could hardly believe we were talking about all of this, but I could tell that they really didn’t know and were asking questions to find out more. I shifted into the role of a tutor to the two girls. “Well,” I said, “The first difference is that what comes out is sort of a milky white, instead of kind of clear like this first stuff. It’s thicker too. The next thing is that there would be a lot more of it. It would certainly be more than just a few drops. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t just drip out – it actually shoots out of my dick. Remember how my dick was throbbing before? Well, when it happens, each time my dick throbs, it squirts some out of the tip.”

Sandy spoke up again. “I’ve heard some girls talking about making a guy “squirt” or having him “shoot”. Is what you’re talking about the same thing?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s the same thing” I replied. “You can see why they called it “squirting” or “shooting”, because that’s the way it actually happens.”

Sandy nodded her head. “Wow!” she said. “There’s just so much to learn about all of this kind of stuff.” I nodded this time.

“I know what you mean,” I responded. “I know something about my body and what happens to me, but there are so many things I’m still discovering. And I know a lot less about your bodies and what happens to you.”

Suzy had a kind of dazed look on her face, and was silent as she lay back on her lounger. Sandy didn’t have any more to say either as she laid there in silence. I wasn’t sure why I did what I did next. I guess I just wanted to assure them that everything was okay. I reached out to both sides and gently took the hand of each girl. I laced my fingers in theirs, and gave them a tender squeeze. Both of them returned the embrace. We lay there together enjoying the sun in silence, even as each of us had many thoughts running through our minds. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed after that. Something had changed, and the girls and I were in a different kind of relationship. It was hard to decide exactly how it wasn’t the same, but I knew that we all felt it. When we swam, or sat, or talked, there was a new softness and openness to it all. It was like we had crossed some sort of threshold, and had become closer in the process. When we finished for the day, we walked to the front door hand in hand. I opened the door to let the girls out, and each of them gave me a light kiss on the cheek before they left. I was a little surprised by the kisses, but it didn’t seem strange to me at all. I said goodbye to Sandy and Suzy, and that I would see them in the morning.

I headed into the shower and scrubbed myself thoroughly, but I actually avoided playing with my dick. My feelings about the day made it somehow rude or disrespectful to the girls to give myself an orgasm. So I ran some cool water until I had calmed down again. That night as I lay in bed, I was awake until deep into the night. I thought a lot about what had happened earlier in the day, and that sense of something different. As I finally wound down enough and getting sleepy, I found myself wishing that Sandy and Suzy were lying next to me, just so I would feel their warmth against my skin. I fell asleep imagining the three of us sharing my bed together.

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