The Interview

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Her story……

My job is such a pain, you know I could really use something new. Would you consider having me work for you? You would? Well, ok, got to follow company procedure though. Wouldn’t look good if you were showing favouritism. I’ve had one interview already. Went pretty well, I thought.

I come into your office for a second interview. Standing in front of you, I stare directly into your eyes… waiting for questions. You stop and take a minute to look at me, rethinking your decision on hiring the other girl. She was more qualified, but nothing like me. You had called me back for a second interview just to see me again. As you hoped I am dressed even better than before. A short black skirt, black heels, and a white silk top that leaves nothing to hide.

Before you can say much, I sit down in the chair in front of your desk. You know I have noticed the way you are looking at me, as you see a small grin on my face. You ask why I think I’m the person for this job? I tell you again of my interest in this type of work, and then, you tell me that you do have one candidate who is more qualified. (There is RAGE in my eyes.) You tell me this interview was just to make sure you had not made the wrong hiring decision.

As you say that, I slowly spread my legs… placing each onto the arm of the chair, giving you the ULTIMATE view!!! You look into my eyes and see a very evil twinkle. You look down at my crotch and notice that my silk panties are stained with moisture. As I pull them to the side, you notice how shiny my sweet pussy is.

You watch me as I grab my pocket book, extract a dildo and …. anal beads. Quickly, I begin to lick the anal beads making them so wet and ready. I stand up and remove my panties hiking up my tight skirt and throwing my sexy smelling panties at you. As you catch them, you bring them to your face, smelling me, as you feel your cock, rock hard straining against your pants. Once again I sit down putting my ass to the edge of the seat and grabbing some oil letting it drip out all over my pussy… droplets even find my tight tunnel!! You watch as I push the tip of my finger inside my butt hole, preparing myself. I take the first bead and slowly begin to shove the bead inside. You watch as the yellow bead disappears into my tight rim! Then my finger slips inside, pushing it soooo deep. With each bead, I follow the same procedure. Finally, all 5 medium size beads are in.

My clit and lips are sooooo swollen from the excitement. I take the dildo and begin to suck on it. Your eyes glued on me the whole time. Sucking on that dildo as if it were your own cock!! The dildo is sooooo wet now, I place the tip at my slightly parted pussy lips, rubbing it up and down my slit. You watch me intently as bahis firmaları I continue to tease my clit.

The toy finding my opening, I begin to push it inside, moaning and wanting more! You see the head slipping inside of me, as my moans become stronger and louder. You watch as I push it deeper inside finally it is buried completely! You see the dildo thrusting in and out… my smooth, hairless pussy lips wrapped around it, my juices covering the dildo with the oils spread on my juicy love box.

I stand. Turning around, I place my knees on the chair, bending at my waist, my legs spread giving you the show you’ve always wanted. And, frankly, it’s the show I’ve always wanted to give you. You see the dildo penetrating me, a scene you have often dreamed of. As I pull the dildo out, I put it back into my mouth tasting my plentiful juices. Licking it clean!!!! mmmm. I begin to tug on the anal beads… You see how they begin to slide out one by one with each pull my aahhhhhhhhhhs and ooooooooooohhhs echo through your office. You walk over closer to me. Now wait, . It is not your turn yet.

With the last bead coming out, you see I am about to cum .. My fingers circling my clit round and round. You insert two fingers … sinking inside my sweet mound.. in and out, in and out they go faster and faster. My legs begin to shake and my body begins to quiver.. massive orgasm shooting through me. I can barely stand the excitement as I feel my pussy tighten around your fingers, my hips bucking back to meet your thrusts. You reach down and open your fly, your cock swollen and erect. You move closer to me, taking the head and rubbing it up and down between my cunt lips as I lean forward on the chair. You feel my hand on your shaft as I guide you inside of my waiting pussy.

You reach out and grab my hips, pulling me back against you as you sink inside of me, feeling my warmth surround you. You feel me arching my back, as I take you deep inside of me, my pussy so warm and soft as my velvety folds surround you.

Then I stop. Pulling away… your cock suddenly lost from where it had been, I turn and give you that look. Are you sure about your decision,? You’re not sure? Well, there won’t be any more till I see an offer letter! I push you back to your chair.

As you sit down I kneel in front of you. Taking two fingers I dip them inside of my pussy and bring them to your mouth, allowing you to taste me. Your cock still so hard, I wrap my hand around it and begin to jerk you off… my soft hand running up and down your cock so hard and ready to cum!! (Do it for me, hon.) I slip my lips around your cock wanting to taste your cum Just sucking on your cockhead, my tongue moving in such a way it drives you crazy, grazing your hard cock with kaçak iddaa my teeth, my hand still sliding up and down your shaft. You begin to shoot thick, ropy jets of cum down my throat, the taste like sex and the milky white cum dripping from my lips as the cum goes down my throat, my hands so sticky from your cum.

I lick them off as I stand before you. I kiss you making you taste yourself, too… “mmmmmmm, so good,” I say as I pull my skirt down and adjust my blouse. Looking over my shoulder I say, “Yes I can start on Monday.” You look up and say you did not offer the job. So, how ’bout it,? Do I have a job?”

His story, as he takes control of the interview……

“Not so fast sexy lady…. the interview is not over.”

I stand before you and place my hands on your shoulders and turn you around to face your chair……then gently push the back of your shoulders and you take the hint and kneel on the chair again….nothing is spoken…. you know what I want.

I raise your skirt and caress the cheeks of your arse….. you break the silence with a ‘sigh” as my hands gently swirl around your cheeks…. the angle you kneel at allows a perfect view of most sacred hole, and the bottom of your vaginal lips….. my gosh…what a sensual sight you are!!!!!!…… you look between your legs and notice how hard my cock has become again.

You see me reach over for the beads and your tiny hole twitches in anticipation….. your arse is well lubed and I gently prise open the puckered hole with my left hand, and push the first of the beds inside you….. you raise your arse to help me (what a helper…lol)… then the second goes in, then the third and fourth and finally all the beds are deep inside you…. I can help your muffled sighs and guess you are biting the cushion to avoid crying out.

I move the head of my cock to your sodden vaginal lips and you can feel the head pressed up at the entrance to heaven…you are not sure what I am going to do next, particularly as you feel me lean forward without penetrating you, but instead put my right arm around your waist and gently masssage the sensitive skin where your pubic hair used to be…..

The head of my cock slowly moves inside those silky inner lips…. deeper and deeper until I am in you to the hilt. I stop and my fingers gently swirl around your clit through its hood….. you cant beleive the sensation of the lubricated hood massaging your clit….your vagina full of me, and your arse full of beads…. my cock can feel the beads through the thin thin skin separating your vagina and arse….its and exquisite feeling… you feel my left hand move between us and grab the end of the string holding beads…

I begin to withdraw my cock and at the same time I gently kaçak bahis pull the first of the beds from you….. I can feel your vaginal muyscles tighten around my cock and you let out a muffled scream…..

My cock begins to slowly push in and out….. you are not sure when the next bead is going to be removed, but you are becoming highly aroused as your clit is stimulated through the lubricated hood (like the palm of a hand massaging a cock), and the feeling of your pussy being penetrated deeply.

I can sense you getting close to cumming and I thrust in and out a little harder…my fingers dancing a delerious tune on your clit….I can feel your body tensing and withdraw the second bead, which sends you over the top and you scream out “yessssssssssssss, I am cumming…shit….oh yessssss…….mmmmmmmmmmmm” as you bite your lip to muffle the screams.

I slow down to allow you to recover momentarily… know this hasn’t finished as, you arse still has three beads imbedded inside, and you know I haven’t cumm yet….

You can feel me slowly begin to push my cock in and out again….my fingers feel for your clit again…this time pulling the hood upwards to expose your sensitive bud…. the contact is a direct contact of lubricated pal of finger directly on your clit…. this brings you to a high state of arousal almost immediately and I pull another bead out quickly, while maintaining a steady in and out of your tightening vagina.

I can sense you ready to cum almost immediately again and I quicken the pace on your clit….my cock moves in and out more quickly and I can see your body begin to tremble and feel your vagina begin to tighten around my cock…….you are biting the cushion and screaming something I cant understand into it, but I understand what your bosy is telling me…. the entire body going rigis, your clit swelling under the ministrations of my finger, and your vagina gripping my cock like a vice….. you thrust your head back and scream ‘oh GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” and convulse…your vagina grips me too tightly this time and I cumm, wave after wave deep inside you…. our bodies shaking and trembling in exhausted unison……

Then your realise your arse still has 3 beads in it…. you feel me lean back and slowly remove the third bead.. “noooooooooo, not again, I cant, I cant” you scream at me as I sense your body about to reach another high…. unrelenting I quickly pull the fourth bead out and I now know you are going to cumm again…. your body trembles then goes stiff as another orgasm overcomes you…at the same time I remove the fifth bead to heighten the sensations you had never been to before….. I look down and you scream as if you are in pain…. your body is shaking and convulsing as wave after wave of pleasure overcomes your exhausted body…..

I collapse over your back and give you a gently hug and gently kiss your neck…..

I whisper in your ear, “ou have yourself a job sexy lady….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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