The Impressionist Ch. 02

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Aimee Tyler

Recap: Jean Claude finishes up a commissioned painting in Nice and gets ready to leave for Paris to start work on the mural for Boulan.

JC finished packing the last minute things just as the cab arrived and was on his way to the airport with plenty of time to spare. He got his boarding pass and went into the coffee shop to have some breakfast. He bought a paper and was reading the latest news and sipping his coffee when he happened to glance up and saw a very good looking woman looking at him. She looked away when he lifted his head and he went back to his paper. A few minutes later, he looked up again and she was gone so he went back to reading the article. When he finished his coffee, he went to the gate and was surprised to see her sitting there waiting for the call to board. He sat down opposite her and started reading a magazine he had in his case. When he glanced up a few minutes later, she was looking at him again and, this time, when he looked at her, she didn’t turn away and there was a slight smile on her face.

He closed the magazine and walked over to the seat next to her and sat down and asked if they knew each other. She said that she had noticed him in the coffee shop and was hoping he would introduce himself. Her name was Maria and she had a sort of Sophia Loren look with large breasts and a great body. He introduced himself and asked where she was headed. Maria told him that she lives in Paris and was just vacationing in Provence for the past few days. As they talked, they realized that they knew some of the same people in Nice but had never met before. When she mentioned Pierre and Marge, pieces of the puzzle started falling into shape as he vaguely remembered Pierre telling him about a fabulous Italian gal who was absolutely wild in bed and was one of the best lays he ever had. He was supposed to introduce JC to her but never got around to it.

As he remembered, Pierre had told him that she lives in Paris and comes to Nice to relax every few months. Maria told him that she was sorry to hear about Pierre and Marge splitting up but it looks as though things are working out for both of them as they still see each other every so often and are getting along beautifully now.

She said that she hadn’t seen Pierre this trip but she and Marge got together one night. JC surmised from the way she was talking that she had slept with both of them which gave him the opening to talk freely with her. Maria mentioned that she had heard about him and the way he likes to paint and would like to come by his studio next time she’s in Nice to see him work. In fact, she said she was thinking about having him do a portrait of her as she loved the painting of Pierre over Marge’s bed. That gave him a clue that she was bi and probably had sex with Marge while looking at the painting.

He asked where she was sitting on the plane and asked her to wait a moment, as he took her ticket and went up to the counter. He came back a few minutes later and told him that she was now sitting next to him as they switched seats with a willing passenger. The boarding call was announced and they got on the plane, stowed their belongings and sat down waiting for takeoff. He looked at her and asked whether she thought he did justice to Pierre in the painting and she looked at him with lust in her eyes as she told him that whenever she looked at Pierre’s penis in the painting she wanted to reach out and grasp it since it looked so real. She told him that she used to visit both of them when they were married and, in fact, stayed at their house when in Nice.

JC told her that he would be in Paris for about a month working on a commission and that they must get together sometime during his stay. In fact, why doesn’t she join he and his dealer, Odile, for dinner tomorrow night, if she hasn’t any plans. She immediately accepted and he gave her his cell number and told her to call him about 10 or 11in the morning and he’d give her directions to Odile’s place. He asked if she would like a ride into the city when they land but she told him that her sister was picking her up.

She asked about the commission and he told her, without mentioning any names, and when he finished, she looked at him and asked if the client was Boulan. He smiled and told her that he never even heard of this guy, Boulan, and was becoming very impressed with his reputation as everyone seems to know him. Maria told him that she had attended a few parties at his home and always enjoyed going as the action was endless. They talked about the people they knew and before they realized, they were in Paris and getting ready to deplane. Since Odile would be waiting for him at the curb and her sister would be in the baggage claim area, they parted company as she promised to call him in the morning.

He spotted Odile’s Renault and headed for the car. Odile popped the trunk and he threw his bag inside and closed it before getting into the car. Odile was leaning towards him for a kiss and they embraced as he fondled pendik escort her breast and she squeezed his rising cock through his pants. A gendarme motioned them to move so she put the car in gear and they headed to the city. She told him everything was ready for him at Boulan’s and he could start work anytime. He told her that he would start working at noon tomorrow and would like to meet with Boulan at that time. Meanwhile, he told her all about Maria and that she was going to join them for dinner tomorrow night. He told her she was going to go absolutely wild over this woman as Maria looks terrific. If she has the talent to go along with the looks, she’s going to be some find and he can’t wait to see Odile’s face when she meets Maria.

They pulled into her parking spot and she popped the trunk so he could get his bag out and she led him around to the back of the gallery where there was an entrance to her apartment. As soon as they closed the door behind them, she came up to him and pressed her body against his and they fell into an embrace as their hands roamed each other’s bodies. It didn’t take long for them to peel off their clothes and when they were naked, she took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom where she asked him to please lie back and relax as she wanted to drink from his fountain for a while before they do anything else. She told him that, for some reason, all she could think about all day today was sucking his cock. She got comfortable between his thighs and held his thick shaft in her hand as she looked at it from all angles before snaking out her tongue and licking it from the base to the crown.

Then she went back down to the base and started nibbling on the thick shaft as she worked her way up to the head. When she reached the crown, she teased it with the tip of her tongue just before covering it with her lips and nursing on the sweet meat. She had his balls in her hands and she was kneading them as she sucked his crown and he started moving his hips and moaning from the exquisite sensations she was giving him. He loved watching her when she sucked his cock because of her enthusiasm and genuine love of penis. She was moving her head up and down his thick shaft and drawing deeply on his organ as she moved from top to bottom and all the while her hand was caressing his balls and occasionally she would slip a finger into his anus to tease him. Then, knowing his weakness, she took him deep down her throat and started milking his shaft as she swallowed around his penis.

Shortly thereafter, his cock erupted and shot hot ropes of his cum into her throat which she gulped down to keep from choking and then backed off a bit so that his cum would land on her tongue and she could taste it before swallowing. He pumped load after load into her hungry mouth and she kept sucking firmly until the very last drops came up the pipe. Then she squeezed his penis from the base up and licked off the very last of his cum before crawling up alongside him and cuddling in his arms as she told him how good that was. She told him that now that she got her morning fantasy out of the way, he could do anything he wants to her.

JC told her that he would really love to fuck her in every hole right now but his penis is not cooperating at the moment so he would appreciate it if she would get up and sit on his face a while which should help get it hard. He watched as she straddled him and lowered her crotch to his waiting mouth. He saw her gorgeous cunt framed by those sexy thighs descending slowly as she knew he loved looking at her crotch before sucking it. Her labia were swollen and parted like the petals of a flower and revealed the pink, moist flesh of her vagina. He couldn’t resist taking her cunt flesh in his mouth and sucking it and the rest of her delicious crotch. She tasted and smelled heavenly and he was getting high with each breath he took as he licked and sucked every part she offered him. He noticed that her clitoris was erect and peeking out of its hood as she held it in front of his eyes and then lowered the hard little button to his lips.

He lovingly drew it into his mouth and sucked it like it was a tiny penis as he ran his tongue back and forth over it. She was breathing heavily and each time he sucked firmly, she gasped and threw her head back in total abandon as she lost herself in pleasure. Then she cried out that he shouldn’t stop what he was doing as she was going to cum and then bore down on his mouth and rubbed her cunt all over his face as she fed him her juices. He loved sucking her cum juices and told her it was his special health drink. He drove his tongue deep inside her hole to capture every tasty drop and after a few minutes, she lifted herself off his face and lay back down alongside him. His cock was still at rest although it looked quite thick and appealing and she was just about to grasp it when JC suggested that they go out for dinner and come back and fuck themselves silivri escort to an early sleep as he wanted to be fresh when they meet with Boulan tomorrow.

She called her favorite seafood restaurant and made a reservation which gave them time for a quick fuck but she said that as long as they were coming right back after dinner she would prefer waiting until later. Besides, she wants to keep him horny all through dinner so that when they return, he’ll be really ready for her. They showered and dressed and were on their way to Claude’s a short time later. The attendant took their car and they entered to find a beaming Claude with his arms open wide for Odile waiting for them at the entrance. They shook hands as JC had met him on his last trip to Paris and he was surprised when Claude remembered his name. He showed them to a quiet table off to the side and they ordered drinks and started discussing the Boulan job.

JC wondered aloud whether he should have brought one or two interns to make sure he’s in the proper mood to paint but Odile told him not to worry as there are plenty of interns at Boulan’s. As they were talking, a very attractive couple walked by their table as they followed Claude to theirs and the guy gave Odile a quick wink as they passed. She saw that I had noticed and told me that his wife is not able to have sex and has absolutely no interest in it so she doesn’t mind if he plays around discretely. She said that she’s had sex with him a few times and he’s very good and, in fact, it would be a good idea for JC to get together with him as she would love to be there to watch and partake in the action since he’s bi also.

JC filed the thought away for future action and they decided to start off with a clam cocktail, so that they’ll have the energy to do a good job on each other later, and follow it up with lobster which is not filling and will not hinder their sexual acrobatics. As they talked during dinner, a few of Odile’s good clients came in and came over to say hello when they spotted her. A very good looking mature couple came over before sitting down at their table and said hello to Odile. She introduced them as Peter and Michelle and, as soon as she mentioned JC’s name, Michelle’s eyes opened wide and she told him that she has seen his paintings in a few of her friend’s homes and Peter has been thinking of having him do a portrait of her. JC told them to contact Odile any time they decide. When they went back to their table, Odile told him that they are regulars at Boulan’s parties and she probably saw his paintings there.

They were just finishing their coffee when JC motioned the waiter over to pay the bill so they could get back to her place. He told her that he had an absolutely unstoppable urge to fill her with his cock and wanted to get her in bed as soon as possible. As they left, they passed Michelle and Peter’s table and nodded to them as they passed. JC noted that Michelle was looking at him with raw lust in her eyes as Peter gave both of them the once over. When Odile’s car was brought around, they headed home and, as she drove with her left hand on the wheel, her right hand was massaging his penis through his pants until he warned her that he was very horny and couldn’t wait to get her in bed and removed her hand as he didn’t want to waste any of his juices now.

As soon as they got to her place, they stripped and Odile lay back on the bed with her thighs parted and her arms open to receive him. She confessed that she had been thinking of having his cock inside her all through dinner so he’s not the only horny one around here.

He smiled as he leaned forward and dipped his tongue into her wet hole and then brought it up to her to lick off as they soul kissed. He moved his erection so that his crown was just at her vaginal opening and pushed it into her smooth, warm hole and listened to her gasps and cries while their tongues were entwined as he fed his organ into her. They were holding each other close as they kissed and she was moving her hips to meet his thrusts when she groaned and started to shudder and forced herself into him even more as she wet his shaft with her orgasm and clung tightly to him. He rested for a moment and held his throbbing organ deep inside her until her contractions stopped and then he began a slow, sensuous fuck which had her climbing the walls in no time at all.

She loved the feeling of having his penis deep inside her. She had bigger and even thicker cocks inside her before, but she always felt that JC’s was the perfect cock for her as it did things to her insides that no other penis has ever done.

JC started moving his thick rod in and out of her tight, wet, pussy as she wrapped her legs around him and met his thrusts with her hips. Her pussy was gripping his shaft and milking it as he stroked in and out of her and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came so he asked her to turn around as he wanted to fuck her spoon şirinevler escort fashion so that after his orgasm, they could fall right asleep. She turned around and he fit his throbbing penis to her wet hole and fed it inside as he caressed her breast and nipple and felt the warmth of her gorgeous ass pressed up against him as he fucked her. Soon, his organ swelled and he began shooting ropes of hot cum inside her in one beautiful spasm after another and she cried out again as another orgasm washed over her. He kept his penis deep inside her and they fell asleep with their organs entwined.

They slept until 10 and decided not to knock off another one in the morning as he wanted his balls full in case something came up at Boulan’s. Soon after they got up, Maria called and he gave her Odile’s address and told her how to get to the apartment entrance in back of the gallery and asked her to be there by 6 pm as they would have an early dinner so they would have plenty of time to get to know one another afterwards. They showered, dressed and had breakfast and were on their way in plenty of time to reach Boulan’s by noon. Odile drove up to a large wrought iron gate and a uniformed guard came out and asked their names. He consulted a list on a clipboard and told them to drive to the house and park in the small parking lot off to the side. He opened the gate and they drove up a tree lined driveway for about a half mile until they reached the mansion.

It was three stories high and very large. JC estimated that there must be at least 40 rooms in the house. They parked in the lot and walked up to the main entrance where a maid was waiting for them. She was wearing a uniform with a very short skirt and she had magnificent legs which Odile nudged him about as they followed her inside.

The entrance foyer was huge and consisted of marble floors and walls with a large circular staircase leading upstairs. As they entered, a distinguished looking gentleman, wearing a silk robe descended the staircase and greeted Odile. She introduced JC and they shook hands warmly as Francois led them into the sitting room and motioned them to sit. He told JC that he owns two of his paintings and has never grown tired of looking at them and is looking forward to the mural very much. Boulan handed him a list of about 50 names which he said were the people he wanted in the mural. JC asked him exactly what he wanted depicted in the mural and Francois told him that every sexual activity known to mankind was practiced at his parties and he wanted JC to show as many as possible. He told JC that the names with a star next to them were the important ones which should be featured in the mural.

JC told him that he would like to start interviewing each person on the list tomorrow as he wants to see what they look like and find out what their particular sexual interests are. Boulan asked him how much time he would need for each interview and JC told him told him about 30 minutes. Francois said that he would have them available starting at noon and JC asked that he have the starred names appear first.

Boulan suggested that they have lunch before he takes him upstairs to look at the mural wall and, just as they were getting up to leave, a striking woman with auburn red hair and a gorgeous body walked into the room and Boulan introduced his wife, Camille, who was also wearing a silk robe like his. She looked into his eyes and told him that she loved his work and was looking forward to the mural as she wanted to watch him paint. JC told her that he didn’t like having an audience while he painted so that would be out of the question. Camille looked at him with a smile and mentioned that she had heard about his interns and wouldn’t they be considered an audience. He told her that his interns are busy working while he paints and are not there just to watch. She answered, with a twinkle in her eyes, that perhaps she could qualify as an intern sometime, if he showed her what she had to do.

JC smiled back at her and told her he would definitely consider that as soon as he starts working. Then she accompanied them upstairs and as they walked down the large hallway, JC noted the quality of the art hanging on the walls. All the major Impressionists were represented as well as a few major Abstract Expressionists and all the works were of very high quality. Francois led them into a very large room where five or six men were working on a very large wall on the right side of the room. All of the furniture had been moved to the other side of the room so the men could work freely. One of the men came over to them and Boulan introduced JC to him. He told him that they were just finishing up and that the wall would be ready for him to paint by morning.

JC had gotten the name of these craftsmen from one of the curators at the Louvre and had told Boulan to hire them so he felt confident that they had prepared the wall properly. He thanked the foreman, who went back to work, and Francois explained that this is the room where all his parties started and the mural would put everyone in the right mood for a good time. He asked if JC and Odile would like to stay and have dinner with them tonight but he told them that they had another appointment this evening but would see them in the morning. They said goodbye to them and headed for their car.

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