The Hunt Ch. 14

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14. Pizza day.

“Wakey, wakey everybody. We’re almost there, tomorrow will be the last time I wake you up.”

Ashley slowly opened her eyes. Jennifer was calling the reveille as always.

“You too, lovebirds, time to wake up!”

She felt someone tickle the bottom of her feet, and she quickly pulled back her leg. A moment later Phoebe who was lying on her arm, suddenly moved too.

“Jennifer, I’m awake already,” Phoebe grumbled. “No need to start tickling my foot, thank you very much.”

It was promising to be another hot day. Early morning and the sun was out in force, heating up the land quickly. The girls all had breakfast together, and talked a bit about the previous night.

Sarah told that there were maybe a dozen men hunting that afternoon, but when she was taken to the mansion they saw the plane land bringing in a few more. That night was busy, eighteen horny men, and it was hard work for just three women to satisfy them all. And for today, she was told, they expected to have a full house.

A full house, that meant twenty hunters. They all realised it was going to be hard to remain hidden, many of them would be found over the course of the morning and the afternoon.

The girls started to become a bit weary after a full week of playing the same game, and the stress the continuous semi-consensual sex put on them. Two more days to go, of which the second day they would have to be found, no matter what. And then it would all be over, and time to collect their cheques. That final thought is what kept everyone going.

Ashley went for the same place she hid herself last time, even though it was rather uncomfortable, as she felt safe there. Phoebe went her own way, to their favourite niche hideout, which they did not want to use together as the weather was too hot.

It was indeed a busy day. Twenty hunters, that meant they could easily cover the whole area, and search it very thoroughly. Ashley heard several men walk by her hiding place and search the surroundings, yet none managed to find her.

When the session was over and the men had left, she climbed out and went for a dip in the pond, before going for lunch.

In the cabin there was a little surprise: a note had appeared on the kitchen table.

Pizza tonight!

As you ladies have been working so hard these days, you’re in for a little treat. No need for you to cook tonight, if you have any preferences for toppings please write them down and leave this note on the kitchen table.

Delivery will be about 19:00 tonight.

Angel and William.

The girls cheered. They all liked pizza, and if the other food they had in the mansion over the week was anything to go by, it would be great pizza. Much better than their own cooking. They wrote down a few preferences, and after finishing their lunch they left the note prominently on the kitchen table.

The sun was burning mercilessly that afternoon. Temperatures continued to soar, and combined with the high humidity made for rather uncomfortable weather. Having to squeeze oneself in a rock opening or under thick bushes made it only worse.

After lunch all the women went to the pool for some time of cooling down, joined later by the three that were caught in the morning. Quite late before the start of the afternoon hunt they quickly made their way to their hideouts. The horn sounded just when Ashley hid herself again high up the rock. She strongly hoped to be spared unwanted dicks for the whole day.

It seemed the men were on a roll. Soon after the game started she heard the first female protest screams. She could not make out who it was they caught. Her area was searched twice as well, but again the men didn’t go far enough in their search.

A while later she heard cries nearby: that sounded like Jennifer. So they got at least two already, she thought. And that was well within the first half hour of the hunt. Not exactly promising. But at least she hoped that the men would have caught three of the others already when she is found, if that were to happen.

An uncomfortable and quiet hour later she heard someone searching her area again. She heard him rumble around, muttering by himself how he was so unhappy and how he couldn’t find anyone. Hearing that, Ashley knew, is a bad omen. A very bad omen, a prelude for being found. She started to get nervous, her heart was beating harder, she couldn’t breath well, and started to feel really hot and sweaty.

And she was right. Suddenly she saw a bunch of red curls appearing, followed by a pair of blue eyes.

“Nice hide you got there, pretty lady. Really nice. I almost missed you. But it’s my lucky day, I found you! And you know, you’re all mine now. No sorry, ours I should say. My friend is here too. But you’re mostly mine as I found you. Just as said this morning: the first three we find are for the main course, any others you may have for appetiser.

“Now what’re you waiting for, come on out please. It’s too hot for us to have to drag merter escort you out. But we’ll do that if needed.”

Ashley slowly started moving, swearing a bit under her breath as she was so angry at being found again. And now this man was pretty smooth talking but from her club experience she knew that those also tended to be the more demanding and more evil customers.

“Hey, Daniel, I got one here!” he called out over his shoulder.

“Well done,” she heard another man say.

A moment later a muscular man with a crew cut appeared. That must be Daniel, Ashley figured.

She slowly climbed out of her hole, and climbed down the rock to the ground. She was standing in front of the two men, moving a bit to stretch her muscles, and just waited for them to make a move. She was obviously going to be abused again. On the upside, she wasn’t going to miss tonight’s pizza party.

“Great find you have there, mate,” the crew cut said.

“Sure, it’s really a beauty, isn’t she?”

“Absolutely. Will you share her with me?”

“Of course, that’s what friends are for. And I’m sure she can handle the two of us.”

“Thanks, mate.”

“You welcome. I’m quite proud of this find. I mean, look at that, doesn’t she look good?”

The redhead slowly started walking around her, looking at her intently. “Pretty eyes, I like that. A pleasure to look at when she’s sucking your dick. Hair a bit messed up, gives her a nice wild look.”

Ashley felt he had moved closer to her back, and suddenly felt two hands grab her breasts from behind. She let out a short scream in dismay, from being grabbed like that and the description he just gave her.

“Those tits are really nice, a perfect hand full. I love them small, just like this.” He massaged her breasts a bit, and pinched her nipple, hard.

“Ouch, that hurt!” Ashley screamed, bending forward in reflex.

“Oh, really,” the man said. He pinched her again.

“Ouch!” Ashley screamed again, it really hurt her. The stinging pain caused her to bend forward, and she tried to pull out of the man’s grasp.

She saw Daniel looking at her, laughing. “Sounds good, mate.”

“Ouch! Now stop that, bastard!” Ashley screamed, as she her nipples were pinched a third time, and really hard now. She struggled a bit harder, and the man let her go now. “Fuck you, that really hurt. I know you’re allowed to play with me but I also have my limits.” She covered her breasts with her hands, hoping to lessen the pain.

She didn’t notice Daniel had moved behind her in the meantime, and a moment later her arms were roughly pulled behind her back, and before she knew it he had handcuffed her. “That’s better, you don’t need those hands anyway,” Daniel commented.

“Let’s see whether those eyes are as beautiful as I think they are,” the redhead said.

He pushed Ashley down on her knees, and unzipped his pants. His half-hard cock came out, and he grabbed a handful of her hair, “Now get to work, pretty lady, and don’t forget to look me in the eyes while you’re at it.”

Ashley opened her mouth, knowing she had better follow his commands. She started licking his dick and balls without much feeling, while looking the man in his eyes. Evil eyes, she thought. His dick started to grow and stiffen quickly, and soon was standing up proud. She continued to lick the sides of it, slowly coating it in her saliva. She took one of his testicles in her mouth, then the other, gently sucking them. She let her tongue run along the length of his shaft, circling the purple head for a bit, before running her lips along the side back down to his scrotum.

She took her time licking him, not because she liked giving head to this man so much, but because she figured any alternative would be worse. It was the lesser evil of things she could think of they could do to her.

For a while, the redhead let her do her thing. “Those eyes are really pretty, you know. Now why don’t you take my cock into your mouth, that’ll make your face look even prettier.”

By her hair he pulled her head back a bit, and positioned his throbbing cock in front of her half open mouth, and started to push it in. Ashley, wondering why it was he thought she looks pretty with a cock in her mouth, slowly opened her mouth to let him in. He was thick and rather long, she could barely his whole length without gagging. Looking her in the eyes he slowly pushed further until her lips touched his pubes. She could now clearly smell his body odour. She did not like the smell. He slowly started to move in and out of her mouth, all the time looking at her eyes, while Ashley started to suck. It took all her willpower not to start gagging, or worse, as she felt the head of his dick reaching her throat.

“Daniel, you see that? Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Sure she is. Looks great with your dick in her mouth. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you being sucked by such a pretty chick. The last ones weren’t that great.”

“Definitely one of the nişantaşı escort best recently. And she really sucks nicely, you see those cheeks?”

“Yes I do, looks like she’s a good little cocksucker.”

“Beautiful isn’t it, just beautiful. And she’s gaining bonus points for being able to take me all in. You wanna try? You really should try her out. She’s good.”

“Sure, mate, let’s do it.”

The redhead pulled out his dick, and Daniel moved over to her, his already hard dick sticking out through the fly of his pants. He had not even bothered to open his belt, he just took out his dick, and moved it into Ashley’s mouth. He also started to fuck her mouth slowly while looking at her eyes.

“She’s even more beautiful from this angle,” he commented.

“Told you so!”

“And she really sucks good, I love it.”

“Mind if I put her on all fours now?”

“No not at all mate. I’ll sit on that rock over there, looks like the right height.” Daniel withdrew his cock from her mouth, and sat down on a rock a meter or two away.

The redhead removed her handcuffs, and said, “You heard it, down on your hands and knees. Oh and that doesn’t mean you should stop sucking my friend.”

Ashley crawled over to Daniel, and continued to suck him. The redhead moved behind her, and ran a finger over her pussy, and then stuck it in. She was still pretty dry, so she cringed and moaned from the pain when he did that.

“Pretty dry. Oh well. May I borrow that mouth for a bit?” the redhead asked.

Ashley felt a hand grab a bundle of her hair, and roughly pull her up from Daniels cock. The redhead stuck his cock in her mouth again, and moved it a few times. Then he pushed her back to Daniel, and she continued sucking.

“That should take care of the dryness. There we go again,” he announced, and started to push his saliva-coated dick in Ashley’s still mostly dry pussy. It hurt, and she screamed, muffled by Daniels cock. The force at which the redhead tried to enter her pussy pushed her deep onto Daniels dick, making her gag. That was too deep. She could hardly breathe, her nose being pushed in his clothes. The redhad moved in and out a few times, and then his whole dick was inside her pussy. It hurt badly, Ashley had tears in her eyes. She felt so miserable. First her nipples, now her pussy, does that man really have no mercy?

He started to move in and out slowly, and Ashley found that she was slowly getting wet. That at least lessened her pain, but it also encouraged the man to fuck her harder, pushing her even deeper on Daniel’s cock. She was gagging, and managed to let the cock slip out of her mouth. She coughed, but the redhead would not stop fucking her and Daniel just grabbed her head and put his dick back in her mouth.

“This slut is getting wet fast, I think we have a candidate for slut of the month.”

“Agreed. Beautiful, sucks good, fucks good, perfect little tits, those are rare.”

“I’ll leave her cunt for you to sample now, not going to shoot my load just yet. It’s just an appetiser. The main course is waiting for us.”

The redhead pulled out, and Daniel pulled her off of his cock by her hair.

“Well then I’ll fuck her to perfection, mate. Appetisers are to take the edge of the hunger, and that’s what I really need now. My first pussy in at least a week.”

The guys pushed Ashley on her back, and the redhead grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs towards her torso, making her ass stick up a bit.

“Oh yes, of course, you only arrived well after lunch. So that congress last week was boring too?”

Daniel penetrated her, and started moving in and out. Slowly and deliberately, while continuing to talk to the redhead. The way her legs were held it was easy for him to penetrate her deep, she could feel the rough edges of the zip of his fly against her pussy lips, and the rough fabric of his pants against her ass.

“Yes, only guys, and in the middle of nowhere. So boring, but I have to, it’s part of the job. At least the talks were quite good.”

It was as if Ashley wasn’t there. These guys were just talking about their daily life, while Daniel was fucking her, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do. She had never felt so humiliated, so much reduced to just meat, made disposable, a pure commodity.

“That’s something. Now what do you think of this pussy?” The redhead then turned his face to Ashley, and looked her in the eyes again. “Please clean me up now.”

His dick was dangling in front of her face, not as hard as it used to be. And at least he asked nicely, that was quite something. She opened her mouth, and the moment he slid his dick in between her lips Daniel started to fuck her harder.

The redhead let go of her ankles, which now rested against Daniel’s shoulders, held in place by his arms. The redhead held her head by her hair, and she dutifully started to lick him clean, tasting her own juices. He also quickly started to get hard again. Soon though ortaköy escort he pulled out, and she saw him pushing back his hard cock in his pants, and zipping up.

Daniel was fucking her so hard that it hurt, and she started to moan. This only seemed to encourage him more, as he was fucking even harder. He didn’t last long. She felt his dick harden, and starting to pulse as he shot his semen deep into her, while he let out some loud moans. When he finished pulsing, he pulled out and let go of her legs.

“That was good, thanks again for finding such a hot bitch, mate, I really needed that,” he said, looking at the redhead. Then he looked at Ashley, and said, “One final job for you, then we’ll let you go.”

He moved his dick down to her face, and into her mouth. She could smell the sperm on his dick which tasted like a combination of pussy and sperm. He soon pulled out, and put his cock back into his pants, and zipped up. The men were standing next to her, and continued to talk.

“You know going to such a congress is not that bad, really,” Daniel said.

“No, why?”

“Well for one after that the sex is always extra nice.”

“Because of the extra desire.”

“Absolutely. That’s why I booked this event for right after the congress.”

“Like last year, right?”

“Indeed, they always coincide. And this congress is the driest of all.”

“You’re in the wrong business, man.”

“As if you’re doing so much better.”

“Well most of the congresses I go to have plenty of chicks around. Usually I can get some pussy there. It’s a bit of work but that’s also part of the fun.”

Ashley was just lying there, legs a bit spread, listening to the men. Cum was dripping out of her pussy. She felt as if she was just a disposable product to them, to be used and discarded. Those men were just talking as if she wasn’t there, and if nothing special happened. She felt disgusted by the experience. Men like that are part of the business, she knew that long time. But she had never before experienced it so explicitly as now.

“Agreed. You can just pay and have what you want right away, but I also think it’s more satisfying when you actually have to chat her up first and have the risk of rejection,” Daniel said.

“The main problem is to get rid of them later. And shouldn’t we start walking back? It’s almost time.”

The men started walking away from Ashley, slowly, continuing their talk.

“Just tell them you have to fly out the next day”

“Then they see your congress is to last another three days.”

“You shouldn’t hit on the smart ones.”

“The dumb ones are too easy, no challenge.”

Their voices faded, and Ashley was alone again. The horn sounded, indicating the hunt was finished.

She slowly got up, and felt more of Daniel’s cum run out of her pussy, and trickle down her legs. She felt very dirty, and quickly started to think of better things, such as the refreshing water of the pond, and the promised pizza for tonight. She was also wondering how Phoebe was doing, and started to cheer up already, looking forward to see her again.

She walked to the pond, and soaked her body in it. It felt like she was cleaning away all the disgust she was feeling together with her sweat and the other juices the men left behind. The other women joined her, but Phoebe was not there. That was a great downer for Ashley. Was she caught again? Must be. Poor girl, getting caught so often, and then on such a busy night. With people like Daniel and that redhead around. She shuddered at the thought. She really felt for Phoebe. They were both so looking forward to the pizzas, Phoebe told her she loves pizza very much.

The women had a splash in the water, and half an hour later the twelve of them walked to the cabin, eagerly waiting for the promised pizza delivery.

Shortly past seven the pizza delivery came in the form of Angel carrying a large bag. She looked beautiful as always, simply dressed in a tight tank top and knee-long skirt, leaving a small strip of skin of her belly exposed. No bra as usual, Ashley noticed her nipples pushing out the thin fabric. And that big bag of fantastic smelling pizza made her look like a true angel, coming down from the sky.

Angel opened the bag, and took out a large bowl of Italian style salad, followed by six large pizzas. “You guys had quite some requests, we couldn’t fulfil them all, we had to make a selection. Six different pizzas, it will be more than enough for you, we just didn’t want to disappoint too many of you for not having your selection. The cooks did their best on them, these pizzas came out of the oven in the mansion just fifteen minutes ago. Eat them while fresh.”

The pizzas were put on the table, cut into slices, and it quickly became silent as all the women, Angel included, were enjoying the Italian style goodness. Ashley had never tasted so good a pizza before, the cooks in the mansion were really good. The salad was fantastic too. She hoped that Phoebe would also have some good food to eat, and that the men wouldn’t treat her too harsh.

After dinner Angel held a short briefing again.

“Tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day of the event. Please tell what I’m about to tell you to Phoebe, Jennifer and Janet when they come back tonight. They will be tired, but it’s important for them to know what’s going to happen.

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