The House Guest: Shower Scene

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The following takes place between Chapter 1 and 2 of The House Guest, depicting a highly requested scene mentioned in the second chapter.


When Kaitlin announced her intention to go on a run, I’d had a minor panic attack. After our initial encounter, Brittany and I hadn’t really been alone together again. And while the initial thrill of being with Brittany had been an incredible high, it all came crashing down once I’d seen Kaitlin again, remembered how much she meant to me and all that I’d betrayed by fucking her best friend.

So when Kaitlin left, I was glad to not be in the same room as Brittany. Assuming she was in her room, I’d made my way to my own to take a shower. The very same shower where I’d first seen Brittany naked… where she’d touched me for the first time… where it began…

I shook my head, trying to chase off the thoughts. The shower was supposed to distract me, keep me from thinking about Brittany. Not that I should’ve expected it to work; she’d been on my mind constantly ever since. Even now, I was fighting the urge to jerk myself to the thought of her huge tits, her gorgeous face, her firm ass. Truly, she was all I could think about.

And so it was that it seemed like I’d summoned her through sheer willpower as the shower curtain slid back and a completely nude Brittany stepped in.

“Brittany, what’re you doing?” I said, pressing myself back against the shower wall. She slipped past me, allowing the water to cascade over her body. She closed her eyes and put her head back, moaning slightly as she wet her chestnut hair.

“I know, I’m a naughty girl,” Brittany said, letting the water run through her hair. “You keep telling me not to use your shower, but here I am.”

I swallowed, enjoying the sight before me more than I should. I’d seen Brittany wet and naked the first time we’d hooked up, but to see the water actually running across her body was on another level.

“Brittany, we can’t do this again. What happened the other day –“

“Was the best sex of your life?” She said, cutting me off. She stepped out of the water and closer to me, that infuriating, gorgeous smug smile on her lips.

“It can’t happen again,” I said, completely sidestepping the question we both knew the answer to. Brittany just stood there smiling, staring, so I continued. “I know you have that pic, and… and I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, but… I love Kaitlin. I can’t betray her trust again.”

Again, Brittany said nothing for a long moment. She did briefly glance down, and I felt foolish, knowing the immense erection she saw. God help, I wanted to mean what I was saying, but all she’d have to do is reach out and grab me and I’d be hers.

But that wasn’t what she did.


“I… what?” I said, not quite believing my ears.

“Okay,” Brittany said, giving a slight shrug of her shoulders, my eyes drawn back to her tits as they jiggled with the motion. “Like, I thought we were having fun, but if it’s that uncomfortable for you, we can stop.”

“I don’t… but you said… the photo?”

“Well, maybe I got a little too into the ‘Mistress’ role,” Brittany said with a chuckle. “I don’t know, I figured having the excuse would help you give in. But if not, well…”

“I… I didn’t think it’d be that easy.”

“Colin, I don’t want to have sex with anyone who doesn’t want to have sex with me,” Brittany said. She then ran her hands over her breasts and down her flat stomach. “I don’t need to.”

“You definitely don’t…” I said, voice barely a canlı bahis whisper as Brittany turned away from me. Again, I couldn’t help myself from looking at her pert ass and thighs, especially once she reached back and gave her cheeks a squeeze.

“Exactly.” She glanced back over her shoulder at me, spreading her ass and giving me another look at her asshole and shaven pussy. And once again, that fucking smirk was wide on her lips. “Why would I want anything to do with a guy that could look at me like this and want nothing to do with me?”

“You’re not telling the truth, are you?” I asked. “You’re just playing with me.”

“Ethan, don’t be paranoid. Although, that’s an interesting choice of words… ‘playing with,’ I mean,” Brittany said, turning back to face me and putting her back against the far wall. “I mean, I got into this shower to have fun, you know?” Her hand slid up the wall, reaching for the showerhead. “And if I’m not going to have sex, I may as well play with something, right?.”

With that, Brittany took the showerhead in her hand and removed it from the wall. I blinked as a stray stream hit me in the face, opening my eyes to see Brittany holding it close to her chest, allowing the water to spill in heavy rivulets over her tits. With her free hand, Brittany reached up and began massaging a breast, closing her eyes as she started tweaking her nipple. A slight moan, barely audible above the sound of running water, slipped through her lips, and she started moving the showerhead lower… lower…

And just like that I was mesmerized, frozen watching as Brittany began pleasuring herself in earnest with the showerhead. With practiced ease, she switched the setting to a focused stream, tracing water along her thighs, up and down, back and forth. Every time she returned to her groin, she’d pause a moment, letting out a small moan as the pressure hit her crotch. After a few rounds of that, she lifted one leg, placing it on the edge of the tub to allow herself more direct access, planting the showerhead so it hit her directly in the pussy. All the while, her other hand teased her tits or ran along her stomach.

She knew I was watching, of course. She knew exactly what she was doing, the effect masturbating in front of me would have. But at the same time, with her eyes shut and head leaned back, mouth half-open as she whimpered… it was almost as if she’d forgotten me completely. Just lost herself to the pleasure. And it was intoxicating to watch, and something I had to be a part of. As I watched Brittany’s ministrations, I took my erection, hard and throbbing, and began to stroke it to the show she was putting on, a show that got better as her free hand left the hardened nub of her nipple and moved further down to begin teasing her clit.

I fell back against the opposite wall, unable to contain a groan as I jerked my cock to the sight of Brittany’s wet, shuddering body. Again, it was as if I was forgotten completely with the way she carried on, biting her lip or letting out the occasional whispered “fuck”. Water didn’t make the best lubricant, but I was already aching and so close to the edge to begin with. From the sight of Brittany’s body… the knowledge of how wrong this all was… how badly I wanted to slide my cock against her soft, wet skin and start thrusting…

“Oh, Colin, yes…” Brittany moaned out suddenly, her fingers moving faster against her clit. If I hadn’t already been paying attention, her calling my name would’ve pulled me in. “Ruin me with that big dick of yours… fucking tear this pussy up… f-fill bahis siteleri me with that… hot load…”

Brittany’s eyes opened, confident as ever, but glassed over with lust and pleasure. She smiled, her hand speeding up, and I felt myself on the tipping point. Suddenly, her eyes rolled back, thighs clamping shut as she yelled out, “Show this filthy slut she belongs to you!”

And as Brittany nearly doubled over with orgasm, I was right there with her, moaning deeply as my dick erupted, long, powerful spurts of jizz shooting across the shower. If I wasn’t out of my mind with pleasure, I’d have made more of an effort to aim it at her convulsing body, but it was a rapturous release all the same, heightened by the high-pitched shout of pleasure Brittany was giving out at the same time.

As my orgasm began to subside, I collapsed back against the wall, and for a moment, the only sound left was that of panting breaths and the showerhead, now dangling loose and spraying water across the bottom of the tub and against my ankles. It was a struggle to even stay standing, my vision unfocused as I came down from the high of what had just happened. Brittany didn’t even have to touch me to give me the best orgasms of my life, an intoxicating thought that made me question just how resolved to not fuck her proper I even was. And, really, I wondered why I was even bothering.

Finally, I snapped back as the spray of water suddenly travelled across my body. I focused, watching as Brittany reached up and slipped it back into its holster. That done, she turned back to me, our eyes locking. For what felt like the first time, that smug smile wasn’t on her face as she stared at me, replaced instead by the same look of lust that had been there as she masturbated. A look that told me she still hungered as much as I did. And who the fuck was I to deny as from feasting?

As if on cue, we both moved forward, our bodies coming together with a dangerous urgency. We slipped, Brittany gasping and then laughing as we spun, her body ending up pressed between mine and the wall as I attacked her neck with kisses. Our hands roamed, grabbing at slick flesh and exploring each other’s backs, and our lips did the same, tongues darting and teasing at one another. The water was losing its temperature, but the heat between us was more than making up for it. My dick, pinned between us and teased by her wet stomach, was already getting hard again. There was no stopping this, not now. Brittany had teased me with by spreading her ass and offering herself up to me, and I was going to take her. I was going to fuck Brittany just like she wanted, make her moan for my dick, have her–

There was a knock at the door, and we both froze.

“Colin?” Kaitlin called. “Hey, do you know where Brittany went?” I pulled away from Brittany, a minor panic attack striking as the bathroom door opened. “Colin?”

“Oh, hey, babe,” I said, hoping the water would mask the shakiness of my voice. I was thanking god for the dark shower curtains, but still terrified at the fact that Brittany was in here with me. All she would have to do is say a single word and this would blow right up. And sure as fuck enough, that smirk was on her face again.

“Uh, no, haven’t seen her in a bit.”

“I figured, but it’s strange, I can’t find her anywhere. She was just hanging out in the living room when I left for my run.”

“Yeah, that is weird. Maybe she went for a run, too?”

“Maybe,” Kaitlin said, sounding uncertain. “But she said she was feeling tired when I asked. Said she was thinking about bahis şirketleri taking a shower, actually.”

Brittany’s smirk broke into a full-on toothy grin at that comment. I wanted to kill her, but she paid no mind to the look I gave her. Instead, she just reached down and picked up a bottle of body wash. I watched, uncertain, as she opened the cap, turned up the bottle…

And shot several blasts of soap across her chests. For a moment, my fear was forgotten as I watched Brittany begin to lather and spread the suds across, between, and underneath her tits.


“Huh?” I said, my brain lagging a moment behind my mouth as I realized Kaitlin was still talking to me. “Yeah, sorry. No idea where Brittany is.”

Brittany stepped towards me, and I made no move to step away.

“I guess she’ll turn up,” Kaitlin said. “You going to be much longer? I’d love to get cleaned up from my run.”

Brittany’s eyes locked with mine, staying that way as she sank to her knees.

“It’ll be at least a bit,” I said, doing my best to keep my voice level. “I actually just got in.”

I bit the inside of my lip hard to stifle a moan as Brittany lifted her tits and wrapped them around my erection.

“Okay. Guess I can use the guest bath.” I heard Kaitlin take a step closer to the shower. Her voice dropped an octave as she spoke again. “Or… I could maybe join you in there.”

“No!” I said, a bit too firm and quick. I cursed myself for it, but what else was I supposed to say given that I was already beginning to thrust into the soft embrace of Brittany’s cleavage.

“Oh, uh, okay,” Kaitlin said, the hurt in her voice obvious.

“Sorry, just… I’m a bit worn out,” I said, doing my best to mitigate the situation.

“It’s fine, I get it,” Katlin said, still clearly not meaning it. “I’ll leave you to it. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” I said, barely keeping it together. Kaitlin left the bathroom, and I held it together beyond that as long as I could before nearly doubling over and starting to fuck Brittany’s breasts with vigor. “Holy fucking shit.”

“You didn’t want her to join us?” Brittany asked with faux astonishment, body shaking slightly as my dick continued to ram in and out of her soapy tits. “Think how much fun the three of us could have together.”

“You’re fucking insane,” I said, balancing with one hand on the wall and the other gripping her shoulder as I continued fucking her tits.

“And that’s why you want me,” she taunted, starting to meet my thrusts by lifting and dropping her breasts in time. Fuck, the slickness felt amazing, as did the knowledge of how close we’d just come to getting caught. “I take you to new heights of pleasure, and it’s worth every danger and risk.”

“Fuck…” I hissed through my teeth, feeling myself back at the edge of orgasm.

“Just think how much more fun it would be if she was still in here,” Brittany continued, pushing me harder against the wall as she continued jerking me off with her tits. “Just on the other side of those thin sheets, completely unaware that your about to give her best friend a beautiful pearl necklace.”


“Cum for me, Colin.”

“Oh, god!” I moaned, pushing forward with one last thrust as I fired another massive load for Brittany, this time hitting her in the chin, across the chest, even over her face. Her eyes shut as my seed splattered across her, the smile on her lips wide and satisfied as I again proved how deep my passion for her — for our affair — went.

And as Brittany’s eyes opened to stare up at me, as she released my shrinking cock from between her cum-drenched breasts, it was clear she knew just how fully I belonged to her. And I knew I would be proving it to her again and again as her visit wore on.

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