The House A Slave Training and Auction Chapter 3 , 4

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Chapter 3
Andre and Natalia and Mistress Ann
Mistress Ann- As I look over my slaves I know Andre needs a lot of work. I need to call some of my hardcore clients for him or he would make a lot of my rich ladies happy with the size of that cock let the games begin. Andre- I can’t believe this bitch is looking at me if she lays one hand on me I will fuck her up. This other bitch is looking at her like she wants to lick her boots it might be fun to see her lick her pussy, but the first chance I get I am out of here.

Natalia- Mistress is so pretty this guy is scary he looks like he wants to hurt her. My step-father looked at me like that when he touched me I knew I had to run away. Mistress- Let us begin you will only speak when I ask you a question Andre (fuck you) he hisses as my whip hits his back. Mistress- Natalia you are a virgin yes Mistress have you ever given a blowjob yes Mistress my step- father. Mistress where was your mother she was there watching.

Mistress- Andre have you ever given a blowjob (fuck you, hell no I am not sucking some fags dick) he hisses again as my whip hits him harder. Mistress- If you keep this up you will be bloody in the next hour so let’s try this again. Have you ever been fucked by a man as he hisses again when my whip strikes him? This time Andre cries out not by a man Mistress. Andre when you fuck girls do they enjoy it I don’t know I do Andre hisses as I strike again you will not be disrespectful. Andre yes Mistress. Natalia when you sucked your fathers cock did you enjoy it No I didn’t Mistress why because it smelled she said as she lowered her eyes. Did you lick your mother’s pussy yes Mistress did you enjoy it did she cum yes she did Mistress and no I didn’t enjoy it because she smelt also have you ever been fucked in your ass yes Mistress by my step-father what happened my mother held me down while he put it back there and did you like it no Mistress I ran away that night because I was told that they were going sell my flower and she looks at me and I wink she starts to cry so now you know I say as I pet her.

Mistress looks over at Andre and realized that he was hard standing there looking like he wants to fuck the girl and that she has a problem. Andre will have to be moved either with another guy or by himself which is what she will have to do. So, after securing each of them she steps out and makes a call to Lee. I need to put my male trainee by himself or he will hurt that poor girl set up a room with chains on the bed and get some knock out ready. After making her request she goes back in. Andre is still hard looking at the girl when she tells them that they will each be getting a new name either by her or their new Master or Mistress and for now they will be girl or boy. Andre tells her that he is no one’s boy she decides to put a gag on his mouth and a chastity belt so after grabbing him by his nuts and twisting I push the button as two monitors come in to assist me and we chain him to the wall. I tell him that if he was smart he would learn how to fuck at lot of rich woman and if he was good he might have been able to fuck the girl at which time she let out a small cry and she feels the whip across her left breast. Natalia- I can’t believe I said that as the whip comes across my breast and my pussy gets wet that is not a sad thing maybe I can convince her to keep me she is looking at me like she wants to eat me.

Mistress- I look at the girl and I see her nipples are hard she is turned on and my pussy gushes. I move the girl to the table where she lays down hands over head strapped downs she is hot and I want to grind my pussy right in her face. I see that the groomers did an excellent job no spots as I touch her smooth lips she groans as I run my hand up and down gathering her wetness I tell her that she must earn her orgasm at which she looks at me I ask her if she must ever cum she blushes and says yes Mistress once with my hand. I go to the shelf and get a small vibrator and I hear a small sound from the boy who looks uncomfortable. I shake my head at him. I put the strap on her along with the vibrator and I get the switch and I get on the table with my cat and I tell her I am going to stand over her head and hit her. I flick the cat as I turn the vib on I lift my skirt and tell her to lick when she doesn’t comply I hit her harder and she licks oh my, her mother taught her how to eat pussy, but she is all over the place because of the vib on her clit. I turn the switch off and tell her that if she wants to cum she must get me off first to always please her Mistress or Master first. Natalia- I can’t believe how good it feels and when she hits my nipple I almost cum, but I know that if I do she will hurt me more. Mistress begins to grind her pussy in my face and she smells and taste so good I want to worship her forever. Mistress- I can’t believe how those two tuzla escort fools sold their daughter to my guy for 20 grand thinking they will get her back in a few days so the father can fuck her. I make a note to have my guy pay them a visit to make them disappear for good. I turn the vib back on and begin to work her nipples. Natalia – I am trying so hard not to cum with Mistress hitting my nipples and the vibrator this is going to be big I must make her cum, so I flick my tongue over her clit and suck it into my mouth as her juice’s flood my mouth I run my tongue over her as I suck and she hits me harder and I feel that she is about to cum and when she does she lets loose on my body.

Mistress- This girl is a keeper as I come down I know that I must make her cum and I think I got just the thing. I stand at the bottom and turn the vib up while I flick her clit with my cat she screams so loud as she cum I see my light turn on an I know Lee is watching when she squirts oh she is a squitter.

Andre- I can’t believe I am locked in this thing and must watch this bitch cum all over the floor and my dick hurts so bad. I look at Mistress who is looking at me with a smile that is telling me that I will never fuck the girl. Mistress tells me that she has something for me and goes to a shelf and gets lube and a small thin vibrator. What the hell is she going to do with that as she stands behind me with a glove. Oh, hell no! I will kill this bitch. She tells me if I want to cum I will be still and I want to cum so I stand there she puts a lubed finger in my ass as she tells me she will be fucking me with her dick soon while I am sucking her guys dick. Like hell I will! Then she puts that thin thing in me and it feels weird at first until it hit something that makes my eyes roll in the back of my head she tells me that it’s my prostate gland and that she will be milking me and I cum all over myself. As I stand here shaking I can’t believe that just happened.
Mistress tells us that she wants to talk to both of us and then she has some guy take the girl into another room and wait while she talks to me. After she takes the thing out of my mouth she tells me that she will take be down, but I have been quiet and listen to her so I tell her that I am listening.

Mistress- I let him sit in the chair with his legs still in chains. Andre, you had brought her to be sold as a slave however I think that it will take a lot of work with you to be submissive he starts to say something, but I hold up my hand. I don’t think you will ever be a sub he shakes his head. So here is what I am thinking and the choice is yours. One I will train you to become a Dominant to either help train new subs or to work in my other business where rich people pay lots of money to be whipped fucked and dominated of course if you pick this option you will make a lot of money you will have your own place and all the pussy or ass you want to fuck. Option 2 is you will be blindfolded and given to someone who will make me look like a nun. He looks at me for a second ask why Mistress so I tell him. You have a nice body and a nice cock but you don’t know how to use it. You also have an anger problem and looking at your file I know that you have had a hard life, and if you don’t rain it in you end up like your mother or worse your father and I would rather make us both money with that thing than see that happen so I tell him to think about it and after lunch I want his answer and he says yes Mistress.

As I go into talk to the girl I see she has a visitor. My slave Eric looks up at me with a smile I tell him he may speak. Eric- Hi Mistress I thought I would see if you wanted me and then I saw her sitting here. I look at him and tell him that I need to talk to the girl and that I will see him after, he looks sad so I tell him that’s ten and he says yes Mistress.

Natalia- I don’t know what is going on is this guy another trainee or is he her boyfriend. When Mistress sits down she ask if I have any questions so I ask her did my parents sell me to you? She says yes! When I ask why she tells me that they met a guy who was looking for a girl. Mistress- She is being really clam about what her parents did to her so I ask her how long has your mother and step-father been using you she tells me for 2 years I ask about her real father and she tells me she doesn’t know who he is her mother got with her step- father about 2 years ago and he started touching her. Before that she tells me that her mother would beat her because she hated that she was pretty and that he dates would look at her. Natalia- Mistress ask me what I want and I tell her someone to love me. She looks at me with sad eyes so I kneel and put my head in her lap. As I look down at this girl I know I would do anything to protect her. I tell her that I am looking for a female sub and I was hoping to find one in the trainees tuzla escort bayan she looks up at me with wide eyes when I tell her that if she can learn to be a good girl that it might be her, but it will be hard, work I have dark desires and I am hard on my slaves. She asks what happened to the last one so I tell her that I had her killed because she tried to betray me. She looks sick. So, I go on to tell her that I am very rich and have powerful friends and clients who will do anything to protect me and them.

Natalia- I can’t believe that she just said that. Mistress also tells me that the girl that she picks will never have to work again and will want for nothing. I hope she picks me. Andre- After being led down the hall in chains I was put into a room with a bed, as I looked I realized that I would be chained up in hear as well. I thought I would have a roommate? I guess not! That bitch got me thinking I could end up like pops dead or strung out like mom. Maybe I should try it her way and I would get to fuck. I might also try some of the stuff I dream about doing to girls. Natalia- I am in a room with two other girls I hope Mistress doesn’t see them they are both pretty. They are both in shock so I say hi they both look at me like I am stupid. Kathy- Why are you so happy? My Mistress was nice to me. Jessica- Our Master hit us hard and my jaws hurt from having that thing in my mouth. I want to go home. Natalia- Not me I ran away from home this is much better. Kathy-You only think so.

Chapter 4 Mistress Liz Michael and Molly

Michael- I can’t believe my Master agreed to let me come here. I want to please him so much. Mistress comes into the room and greets us I look over at Molly and I know that she is scared. I had to sign a lot of papers and my Master told me that if I miss up I might be killed that thought scared me but I might have been killed out on the street and it’s not like I don’t know I am a masochist I have been getting off on pain for years.
Mistress Liz- Let us begin I am Mistress Liz you will only speak when I ask you a question. Michael I know that your Master sent you here we have we are old friends. I know that you are a pain slut who can only cum while being whipped, and flogged. Yes Mistress. Molly looks like she is going to be sick.

Molly- I can’t believe these people and this guy wants to be here and his thing is sticking out. Mistress snaps her whip and I know I am in trouble. Mistress Liz- Molly how many men have you fucked? Three Mistress. Have you ever sucked a cock yes Mistress, have you ever had anal sex no Mistress? Michael, have you ever been with a woman yes Mistress. Does your Master know yes Mistress he was there, did you like it I liked what she did to me before when she beat me, but when she told me to have sex (you mean fuck her) yes Mistress I lost my erection so Master fucked me while I fucked her, get into slave pose Molly watch Michael hands behind your back chest out? Today we will begin with impact play Michael your Master said that you can only cum at the end of the session and only if you have earned it. Your Master also told us some of the things that we need to work on, so each time you cum with asking or being told you will be caned including on your balls. Michael looked at her like he was going to say something, but choose not to and his erection went down.

Molly I can’t believe I am sitting here about to be whipped I need to get out of here, but I don’t have anywhere to go. I was taken from Texas while out looking for mom I think her boyfriend did something to her. Mistress points to a shelf as she begins to tell us what things are, she picks up a small whip and slaps my breast with it and I hiss that hurts and then my nipples throb and my pussy gets wet (I like it) I am just like the freak next to me. Mistress- Molly just got wet I knew she was a masochist also this is going to be fun. I have Michael face Molly and tell him to twist her nipples. I also tell her that if she cum’s I will chain her to the cross and she goes pale. I stand behind her and slapped her ass hard and she screamed I look over at Michael and realize that I is not twisting hard enough so I slap his balls and he shoots cum all over Molly. Michael- I can’t believe that I just did that I know I will be caned, therefore Master wants me trained here I can’t control it. As I wipe cum off her I beg Mistress to forgive me. Molly while Michael gets off on being hit that was hot and I want to touch myself but I know Mistress will hit me if I move. I tell Michael to bring me the cock ring on the shelf and have him put it on, I cuff him to the cross and I ask him to tell me why he is being punished he tells me he came without asking. I get a bamboo cane and I strike first his ass I tell him he will get 10 and he counts after each stroke. I ask him if he wants to cum he tells me that he does so I tell escort tuzla him that I would let him after I strike his balls. After grabbing the small whip, I strike his balls three time hard as he cries and moans. When take the ring off and tells Molly to get down and put her mouth on his cock nice and tight as I pull his nuts he cum’s so hard and he passed out.

Molly- I look over at Mistress and realize she’s got a hard on wait she has a dick! Yes, I have a cock and I also have a pussy and both are throbbing. Mistress tells me that it is important to keep myself ready for anything that my new master may want. I stand up and she puts her hand between my legs and she puts the tip of the whip in my pussy she can tell that I am wet. I groan! She asks me if I want to cum and I say yes tells me that I must earn it and with that she slaps my pussy hard I cry out it feels like fire down there and I throb she grabs a clip and puts it on my nipple she tells me that these are nipple clamps and she adds the other to my right nipple and I hiss as she tighten them. Then she tells me that I will be allowed to cum if I can like this and then she is hitting my nipples with the clamps on and then she reach for my clit and puts a clamp there and I scream and then I feel it as I am stand there with clamps on being hit with a whip I have a screaming orgasm as juice’s run down my legs. (that was the best orgasm I have ever had). I push her down on the floor and walk over to sit on her had as I put my pussy on her mouth and nose and tell her if she doesn’t make me cum I will beat her until she passes out or dies and she begins to lick as I punish her pussy for making me want to cum so bad. After I cum twice I make her suck my dick while she is gagging and crying she has welts all over her. I slam my dick in her mouth while I whip her pussy and tell her to cum she, convulses while I cum in her mouth.

Molly- I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open my body is so sore when I try to stand I almost fall Mistress tells us that we will be taken to our room and that we both will be wearing a belt so we don’t play with ourselves. I look over at Michael and he has a dreamy look on his face I know he is happy I make a note to ask him about his Master.

Michael- We are led down the hall to our room we see others some of them crying I also see the big black guy in chains wearing a belt also. When we get to our room there are no beds and I smile I know I we will be sleeping on the floor. Molly looks like Mistress beat her up and when she notices that there are no beds she cries I shake my head at her. Molly- I thought I would at least get a bed. Michael tells me that he is ok with sleeping on the floor he has done it before. I ask Michael why he agreed to do this and he told me because he knew that if he didn’t learn to submit that he is afraid that his Master would replace him. He tells me that I can ask him some questions so I do. He tells me that his Master found him working as a prostitute his mother sold him to one of her johns his Master paid her once a week for a year so he didn’t have to work the street. He also told me that his mother beat him and once she noticed that he liked it and made him cum.
Michael- I can’t believe I am telling this maybe it would help her. My mother let her pimp beat me and tie me up liked it, she wouldn’t let him fuck me and when she died I had nowhere to go I knew her pimp was going to take me until Master came and got me and took me to his house. When Master took me home I was a mess I was thin from lack of food he told me that he paid my mother a 1000 a week to take care of me until I turned 18 and when I told him what she did he was mad and I thought he was going to punish me, but he said that they had a deal and he should have looked after me better. Master began training me, but I was too far gone and I couldn’t control myself. I wanted him to burn me with cigarettes and he wouldn’t do it.

Molly- I looked at him like he was lost I could tell he is trying not to cum. He tells me that he loves his Master and doesn’t want to leave so he agreed to come and get fulltime training with Mistress he also tells me that his Master is looking for a girl also. I ask him about his Master he tells me that he is rich and lives in a big house on an island that they must fly into, and that he has his own room when he is not sleeping on his Master’s floor. I tell him I was looking for my mother when I was kidnapped and that I think my mother’s boyfriend sold me. Michael I asked her why and she said that she left right after he told her he would he made her suck his cock. Mistress Liz- I sit and listen to them along with Ann she is right you know he killed the mother and we were going to pay him when she ran so we tracked her to Texas when we took her. Master J yes everything is fine I heard that you are looking for a girl we may have found her no not a virgin unless you want one ok we will begin training her for you same fee yes good day.

Chapter 5 and 6 coming soon

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