The Hot Springs

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The last hundred miles have been driven in total silence. We are both tired and angry. The very long drive has taken its toll. The strain of the argument we had over an hour ago lingers. Neither one of us has the desire to patch things up. We both just want the drive to be over. It is late. It is very dark. And it is cold. Very cold. The thermometer on the dash reads -36’F. Not an unusual temperature along the Alaska Highway in January.

“How much longer are we going to drive? I really think we need to find a place to stay.”

“Yeah, well that’s obvious. Laird is about another thirty miles. It’s a small town. There’s a lodge where we can spend the night. But there’s some hot springs coming up here in a few miles. I wanna stop there for a bit.”


“Because they’re beautiful. I stopped there my first trip up the highway twenty years ago. I gotta see them again.”

“Michael, it’s eleven o’clock. We been driving all damn day. It’s fucking cold. I don’t want to stop at some hot springs. Let’s get to the lodge.”

“No, you gotta see them. They’re really neat.”

“Oh shit, go ahead then. Do what you want. You always do. I don’t care.”

A few minutes later I pull the car into the deserted parking lot. The smell of sulphur fills the air. Ahead of us is a wooden walkbridge leading to the springs. There is a thick fog coming off the waters. There is one lamp on a pole shining above the springs. But the light from it does not penetrate the rising steam.

“Let’s go check it out.”

“Are you crazy? Look at this place. It stinks. You can’t see a thing. There’s nothing and nobody here. It’s almost midnight and it’s too fucking cold to be messing around here. Let’s get out of here. Please.”

“No, I’m telling you, we gotta go in here. C’mon, just for a little bit.” I get out of the car. I go to the trunk searching for a towel. I find one and open your door. “C’mon!”

“YOU’RE NUTS! You’re really pissing me off. What do you think you’re gonna do, go for a swim?”


I bahis firmaları cross the bridge which goes over the stream which empties the water from the springs. On the other side is a wooden walkway along the hot pool. The fog is so heavy that it is possible to see only a few feet. Even with the bitter cold, the rising steam provides a welcoming warmth. Despite your desire to leave you follow me to the springs. We reach a point where the walkway is next to the waters.

“C’mon, let’s take a dip!” I throw my hat and coat onto a nearby bench. I am quickly getting the rest of my clothes off.

“Michael…you’re really going in there? Isn’t it too cold? You’ll freeze when you come out.”

“It will be OK. The water is over one hundred degrees. C’mon!”

I get the last of my clothes off. I stand naked on the boardwalk. The cold bites into my skin. There is no choice. I go straight into the water. The startling contrast between the extreme cold of the air and the heat of the enveloping waters is invigorating beyond description. The sensation is incredible.

“Oh my god, you’ve got to come in. This feels so good. C’mon, trust me, you’ll love it.”

You are very uncertain. Logic tells you to stay out. Swimming outside late at night in Arctic temperatures doesn’t make sense. Yet emotion tells you to get in. There is a wildness about the place. An otherworldliness. And the spontaneity thrills you. Emotions win out. As you take your clothes off you feel the anger and fatigue from the trip drop off with them. The cold makes you hurry. You are literally tearing at your clothes to get them off. There is no hesitation once you are naked. You come right in to the warm waters.

Near the walkway the water is only a few feet deep. By squating down it comes up to our necks. As we move to the center of the pond the water gets deeper. The steam gets so thick that it is only possible to see a foot or two. We hold hands and move slowly across the water. There is an eerieness. And an incredibly surreal beauty. kaçak iddaa The scene is so far removed from our existence that we might as well be on another planet.

Halfway across we stop. We get very close so that we may see each other. Our hair is frosty white from the steam freezing on it. We smile. We are alone in our own separate world. We share an experience unlike any we have ever had before. We are intoxicated with our surroundings and with ourselves. As we kiss and hold each other, our passions rise.

“Michael, let’s find a comfortable spot to make love. I want to. We have to. This is incredible. I want to fuck you in this water.”

We move over to the other side of the pond. There are large boulders lining the edge of the water. We lean against the rocks but the water is too shallow. We are too far out of the water to do anything. The cold would be too much no matter how hot we might be. I reach above my head on the rocks and pull down a handful of snow. I laugh as I rub it on your breasts. You scream but you easily dissolve the snow and the freezing sensation by dunking yourself in the water. As I go to reach for more snow you spank my ass hard. This time I scream and dive back in the water. We laugh.

We move further down the pond. Although we cannot see it, we hear what sounds like a waterfall. Following the sound to the far side, we discover that there is indeed a waterfall. The springs are in two sections, upper and lower. The upper springs empty into the lower at these falls. They are about ten feet high. We approach and explore them. The water is even warmer here. The spray from the falls mixes with the steam. Visibility is virtually nil. Holding hands tightly, we duck under the falling water. It pours down on us. We laugh hysterically as the water pounds on us. We hold each other close and kiss. The feeling is beautiful.

Moving off to the side of the falls, we discover a small cove carved out of the rock by the force of the water. Inside the cove is a long wooden bench. As kaçak bahis we sit down, the water still sprays on us but with a much less powerful force. It is like sitting in a shower inside a steam room.

“Well, baby, do you think we can get comfortable here?”

You lay down on the bench, spreading your legs. I am immediately on top of you. We make love with a magnificent passion. Our bodies meld into one. I thrust my cock into you with a rhythm which is neither slow nor urgent. I move my hands over you, exploring your wet and steamy body. Our tongues slide in and out of our mouths. We experience each other with the joy of an erotic fuck in the wildness of one of nature’s most exotic dens. The steam, the spray, the darkness, the cold, the cave, the falls all add their effect to our rising passion. Off in the distance we hear wolves howling. We both erupt into intense, explosive orgasms. We continue grinding our hips until we are both satiated. We hold each other tight feeling our hearts pounding. Our breathing slowly begins to return to normal. Our love is complete.

We sit on the bench for a bit, enjoying the scene. After awhile we walk back across the pond. We joke about what we will do if we can’t find our clothes in the dark and fog. But we manage to find our starting point. We both linger at the boardwalk.

“You first.”

“No, that’s OK, you go first!”

We laugh loudly. Neither one of us wants to pay the price for our interlude in the springs. For now we must expose our wet bodies to the subzero temperatures.

“OK, let’s do it together. We’ll hold hands. Let’s do it!”

We climb onto the boardwalk. The cold hits us with a ferocious chilling. We both scream as we grab for the towels. We dry as much and as quickly as possible. Our clothes go on in a frenzy. We rush back to the car shivering in a freezing state. I turn the car on but it takes many minutes for the heat to crank up. We huddle together trying to get warm again.

“Michael…this was beautiful! Thank you so much for taking me here! But can we get to the lodge, like NOW!”

We drive off into the cold Arctic night. We have had an experience we shall both remember forever in this warm oasis on the cold and desolate Alaska Highway.

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