The Halloween Party

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There are times in one’s life when the lines between fantasy and reality get blurred. Your imagination can ask you questions the your rationale cannot answer. The wonder of it all becomes your guide into life’s mysterious wilderness…and yet somehow the most simplest of things can seem so unreal, as if the mundane no longer exists, or at least, not be acknowledged. That’s when you know that a new chapter will begin in your life, and then after the first page of the rest of your life is written, all the previous pages become an archive to the illusion of your past…and that is where I begin.

My lover, Vanessa, and I had received an invitation to a Halloween party. It was the usual costume type affair that we get invited to each year; for which allows us to use our creativity and culture awareness to create the most clever of costumes. We usually do a couples-type arrangement: like a Bonnie and Clyde in our earlier giddy-like years, to something a little more sexy or sinister by doing a Dom like theme – which usually raises a couple of eye-brows from the high and mighty, to a sly sneer from the wannabe’s and the sorry types who are virtually losers with absolutely no game. Our costumes usually reflect a certain type of image we wish to project based on the type of mood we may be in, or to the degree of the level of naughtiness we wish to expose.

Upon selecting the theme of costume to wear, Vanessa and I decided to play it somewhat safe as far as the costume goes, then stretch out the possibilities as to what kind of attention we intend to attract. It’s no secret that these parties usually carry the unwritten rule of most adult parties, “What happens here, stays here.” And so with that in mind, Vanessa and I ponder as to whom we should be expecting the night of the party, so we may set up our costume accordingly. Last year, we broke ice with a newly acquainted couple and engaged into some very hot, erotic action. Vanessa’s very sexy cat woman, caught the eye and the tongue of a very sexy Red Riding Hood, followed by the big cock of the Big Bad Wolf.

Eventually, we decided to dress as the most romantic of the evil spirits, I would be Dracula, and Vanessa would be my fair maiden/feast. Granted that this would not be the most original of costumes for a Halloween party, but nevertheless, we would bring a little drama to our characters, as if to act them out in a very seductive, alluring fashion. The beauty of Halloween, is that it’s like an actor’s holiday, because you can wear any type of garish outfit, and then sell it by the way of a special presentation, to act out the roles of our disguise. By doing that, it really does make the usual costume a bit more provocative, especially to those who we do not know, because after all, that’s who we put the show on for anyway. This is why Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year; obviously the most sexiest by far.

I assembled my costume in a mid-19th Century attire, with an ascot, stove hat, velvet coat and tails. My make up was done up in a pasty light grey, with the rendering of shades pronouncing my cheekbones and eye sockets. I looked to be a rather ghoulish looking fellow, perhaps in preparation for a feast of the flesh. I put in specialized contact lenses to make my eyes look a very pale blue, faded to almost white, with the dot of my pupils floating within this particular look of death. I like to use the weapon of my stare to perpetuate an image of allure, with the presiding possibility of impending evil.

As for Vanessa, well she was a look of breath-taking vulnerability. The deep-plunging neckline of her flowing Peasant dress, enhanced by the very impressive cleavage that she possesses. Her large breasts were snuggled in a very tight push-up bustier and sprinkled with a touch of sparkle that gave her a very glowing appearance. However, the radiance of her glow came from her eyes. The look of her innocent, sweet gaze profoundly displayed her vulnerability, with a captivating a sexual seductiveness. She was a moveable feast indeed! One look at her and I became very hungry to devour her, a complete gourmet vision. I thought to myself, what entrance we shall make at this engagement, turn it from a paltry soiree to an elegant and magnificent extravaganza!

As we prepared for our small journey to the party, we drank in each other’s vision and felt really satisfied on how our costumes came out and what they will be representing upon our arrival. I moved up close to her and looked into her eyes, raised her chin up, gave her a nice soft kiss, then slowly dragged my fingers into her cleavage. My hands then covered her soft, pillowy bosom and gently caressed her beauty. I thought I would work her up a little, because Vanessa is at her best if she is a bit turned on. In all actuality, she already was turned on, I just brought up the heat a little more. My lips kissed over her luscious breasts, using my tongue to create an extra sensation she so much enjoys. Vanessa responded by reaching down and sliding her long fingers across my protruding bulge in my trousers. I could feel her delicate fingers dance over my hardening shaft through my pants. The only thing is, is that I become much more emboldened and a little mischievous when I am aroused at a party. The last couple of parties are a result of that.

So off we go to our cevizli escort function, all dressed up and panting like animals in heat, so to be consistent with the mischief I’m prone to, I reach under Vanessa’s dress to feel her very warm and wet pussy. She just freezes as my fingers slide underneath and probe her wetness. She wasn’t about to stop me as I pushed a finger inside to get it nice and wet, then slid it over her engorging clit. She just leaned forward and braced herself against the wall as my fingers started to work their magic. Vanessa has a nice big clit and is very responsive to my maneuverings. I started moving my fingers back and forth across her clit, finding the precise spot that will trigger her intensity, and then go to town. I could hear Vanessa’s moans and hard breathing as I fingered her faster. Her hips started to move with my fingers, as she gripped tight and let out a tightly sounded squeal as her body convulsed and came hard. I could feel her entire body tighten up before her release of her now extreme wetness all over my fingers. I pushed my fingers back inside her deep, gathering her juices, and then slid them back over her pussy. From there I pulled them out and offered them to Vanessa, for which she earnestly licked them almost in anticipation of the potential of her getting a real taste of pussy tonight.

Well we finally make it to the entrance of the party. The decorations are of that of a haunted house, lots of fog, black light, webs, scary noises, and a greeter that looked like Lurch from the Addams Family. He greeted us with a, “Good Evening, Sir and Madam, right this way please.” As he escorted us towards the festivities and as I looked around, something seemed a little different this time for the party. There was much more effort and design to the place, as well as some very pleasant surprises! As we headed through the corridor, there were strobe lights effects and hands reaching through the jagged draperies, lightly and creepily touching us. As we walked further, Ol’ Lurch turned back to us and said, “There is no turning back from this point on, you must enter at your own risk.” Then he walked away doing his best horror movie scary laugh that seemed to echo through the hall. I was now very intrigued by all this and was very impressed with the staging of it all. I couldn’t wait to locate the hosts and compliment them on such a fabulous production. Vanessa was a little apprehensive to make our way without the escort, so she grabbed my arm and had me lead the way in.

As we went down the hall, we heard a crack of a whip snap closely in front of us. There was a little room off to the side of the hall, and as we approached, we could see a naked woman strapped to a rack, with her arms and legs in shackles. Then coming out from behind the apparatus, was a Dominatrix with a cat-of-nine tails in her hand, sliding over the girl’s skin, taunting her, telling her that she needs to be punished and to not look at the passers-by. So immediately she does, and gets a hard slap of the tails across her thighs, making her cry out in pain. The Dom then sneered over at us and said, “What are you looking at? You want to take her place?” We just kept on moving, not knowing what to do or how to handle that particular situation.

We reached the next room of the Catacomb, and saw something else completely different. The room was all dark except for a light moving across the room as if it was like a searchlight, scanning the area. It had the look of something like a POW camp, or worse, like an Auschwitz. As it reached the target of our view, a red light glowed upon the moving light. We stopped to look a little harder, then saw a man in a stockade, with just his head exposed through the holes. He was moaning out, “No no no! Someone please save me!” The light kept roaming back and forth, enticing our interest and intrigue. It was then we looked a little closer and could see that the man in the stockade was really bound to a Guillotine! And then, as if on cue, the light locked on target, and the blade dropped and slid down the mechanism of death and beheaded the moaning man. Vanessa let out a scream and I just stood there in disbelief as to what I just saw, It looked so real. I couldn’t believe how well the portrayal was performed.

To intensify the situation, a partition came down behind us, cutting off the access for our retreat as some Hun from the death scene grabs my arm and shouts at me, “Are you next?” Vanessa screamed again as pulled my arm away from his grasp and was about ready to deck him when she pushed me away to get out of the situation. As we were making our getaway, the Hun threw the disembodied head down the hall and at our feet. I felt it hit me as I looked down and could have sworn that this head was real! The feel of the hair and the skin, and then the texture of the blood, it made me look closer to it. Oh my God, the head was real! I quickly let go of it and grabbed Vanessa’s hand to make a run for it. The lights in the hall went out and we were left in darkness, except for the roaming searchlight back in the cubby hole where the Guillotine is. We kept going forward in the dark, feeling our way down the hall, soon to be followed by the Hun yelling to us, “Get back here, you’re next!”

I looked back and could cihangir escort make out the silhouette of someone coming towards us still yelling at us, and it sure sounded like he was getting a lot closer. So I grabbed Vanessa and we raced down the hall that seemed to never end. We made our way through the pitch black of the corridor, feeling our way down it as the Hun was moving a little faster than we were. My courage was now under the challenge of the intimidating factor that this Hun may be the real deal — a cold hard killer! Then suddenly, we ran out of hall by hitting another partition that ended our passage way. The Hun had slowed down now as if he was the lion that has trapped his prey. We stood there still and scared as I tried to calculate some sort of move or plan of attack towards this guy, but I figured that I’m at a big disadvantage as we were cornered in the hallway. “Are you going to come with me now or do I have to drag you back by your feet?” He snarled, “And then when I’m done with you, I’m going to have a go with the little lady!” He let another one of those Lurch laughs, very loud and menacing, and then shouted, “Now!”

As he said that he hit the walls hard with his hands, and the sound reverberated all throughout the hallway, vibrating through the ways and our feet. The Hun took a big swing towards me. I pressed myself against the wall hard to avoid the oncoming assault. It was then we felt the floor give way like a trap door. The bottom gave out and we found ourselves sliding down a chute feet first uncertain where we were headed. We bounced down the tube until we were dumped out onto a bunch of oversized pillows. Thanks goodness for the pillows to cushion our entrance or we would had landed real hard considering the speed we picked up during our descent. I checked to make sure my Vanessa was okay and safe with me after all we’ve already been through, she was really shaken up, I don’t know how much more of this she can take.

The room was softly lit, not like before with all the dungeon-like atmosphere, this room was airy and warm — much to our relief. There were sections of soft, satiny, pillows all in distinct areas, as if they were set up as beds throughout a gigantic boudoir, and a very welcomed sight after all we’ve been through. Finally, we were at peace and took advantage of the situation and rested on the soft pillows. It felt so good, even though our hearts were still pounding hard, that now a calm had started to envelope us. I looked up and saw a very beautiful woman approaching us. Her movements were like she was nearly floating in air as she made her way towards us. Everything just flowed with her, her hair, gown, hands, every part of her presence, a magnificent vision to behold. I thought there was something that may have not been right with her, but when she made her way to us, the power of her goodness was in full glory.

She approached us and took Vanessa’s hand to guide her to her feet. She moved closer to Vanessa, stroking her hair, scanning her body, sliding her hands over her shoulders, running them down her arms, and then puts her hands in Vanessa’s. Ursula leaned forward and gave Vanessa a kiss. The kiss became a deeper kiss, and I saw Vanessa’s body language giving in to Ursula’s prowess, as Vanessa’s arms wrapped around her, bringing the kiss back to Ursula. Their tongues intertwined, dancing together, in the sexual of rhythm. It was a kiss that seemed to make the time stand still and everything remained completely in the moment. The women broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes for a long time, somewhat of a sexual staring contest, but instead of the intensity and competition, there was passion and desire.

The moment came to a sudden pop as Vanessa pulled herself back into reality, as she placed her hand across her chest as if to catch her breath. Ursula, being the hostess that she was, offered us a glass of wine. Vanessa quickly reached for one and drank it back in the most immediate of fashion. I was much more casual about it and gladly accepted the beverage and sipped from the glass. The wine was exceptional, it was like something I had never tasted before. It had a special taste, it was very sweet at first, followed by the strength of the alcohol in its aftertaste. A most delightful blend, with a noticeable seductive quality, much like an aphrodisiac.

The effect of the potion began to appear, an euphoric cleansing developed throughout my senses, conditioning my awareness in a very erotic demeanor. My God, I was feeling very amorous, very turned on, and very au courant. Ursula had taken Vanessa to one of the pillowed beds and laid down with her. They returned to their kissing, with deep passion as I saw Ursula’s hand reach behind Vanessa and grab a hold of the zipper on the back of her dress and pull it down. I could see Vanessa’s sexy back and shoulders as her dress parted from behind. Her soft skin glowing, and it appeared evident that there was nothing underneath, as Ursula’s long fingers stroked the length of her back, working her dress off until it had been completely removed from my fair Vanessa’s body. My beautiful love turned on to her back, facing up towards a woman she is prepared to give her body to. All I could do was to be a witness to a beautiful sexual event, erenköy escort and I wouldn’t miss this show for anything.

Ursula stood up, never removing her eyes from Vanessa’s, and undid her zipper from the side. I could her a slight purr from Vanessa as Ursula slid her dress off revealing an incredibly sumptuous body. She had the deepest of blue eyes, supple, lustrous breasts, and her silken, milky-white skin, mixed with her long flowing auburn hair, created such a mesmerizing effect, I was in complete awe of her hypnotic attraction. She stood there, flaunting her ephemeral existence, showing the power that makes the rest of us feel somewhat mortal to her majesty.

She had her sites on Vanessa, lucky girl. She slinked her body along hers as the moved in for more kissing, followed my each of their hands roaming over the soft womanly curves. Ursula rolled on top of Vanessa, pressing her breasts against hers, nipple to nipple. I could hear the familiar whimpering moans of Vanessa, who at the moment, is in for quite a sexual encounter. Ursula’s kisses moved from Vanessa’s lips, to her neck, nibbling and licking her gorgeous neck. She was really working her neck, and it had a nice effect on Vanessa, for I’m sure she was feeling the same enraptured feelings as I was. Her kisses lowered onto her chest, causing Vanessa’s hands to roam over Ursula’s back, pulling her closer. Ursula’s hands slid up to caress Vanessa’s lovely breasts, kneading and fondling, working her fingers to her nipples, gently tugging and pinching.

Vanessa’s breathing became nearly orgasmic from Ursula’s attentive touch, which began with her fingers, and now with her mouth, as her soft lips kissed over Vanessa’s breasts, licking her nipples, wrapping her lips around them and sucking on them. Her nipples were so enlarged from the deep sucking she was getting from the lovely Ursula. She held tight to her new lover, not letting her head lift from her chest, rocking side to side, giving all of herself to this woman, doing all that she can to keep her mouth on her body. Ursula was happy to oblige, judged by the extreme sensuality of her lustful ministrations.

She kisses and licks her way down Vanessa’s body, kissing over her stomach, her hips, her pelvic area, causing an involuntary motion for Vanessa as she parted her legs. Ursula ran her tongue on the insides of Vanessa’s thighs, moving her in towards her pussy, dragging her kisses along the way. Vanessa started panting from all the delicate, soft, and deliberate activity working on her pussy, or at least headed that way. Then all of sudden, Ursula stopped, raised her head a little, looked towards Vanessa with her deep mesmerizing eyes, raised up a little more, pursed her lips in a sheepish, but seductive smile, then buried her face into Vanessa’s pussy. Her tongue sliding over the wetness of Vanessa’s pussy, long slow licks, occasionally dipping inside her, gathering more wetness to spread over that beautiful pussy. Vanessa’s hips pushed towards Ursula, wanting more and getting more, as Ursula’s tongue swirled around her clit, around and around, faster and faster. Her moans increased in volume as Ursula wrapped her lips around her clit and began to suck on it. Pulling on her clit with her lips, Ursula’s magic tongue stroked her while sucking her, making Vanessa shift about approaching her orgasm. Such power overcame Vanessa as her moans became screams of pleasure, making her hold Ursula’s head to her pussy, raised her legs high up in the air, quaking, shaking, then abruptly stiff, then a loud scream as she released into a most incredible, explosive


The vision before me with Ursula on her knees and her ass in the air, bent over Vanessa, licking her pussy to one massive explosion, then licking her a little slower to build her back up again, my resistance disappeared , and I felt it was my time to participate (especially with Ursula on her knees with her ass in the air, I mean come on!). So I dropped my pants to release my willing, my aching, my enlarging, my beastly cock and let it guide me to my destination. I moved down to where the girls were, and positioned myself behind Ursula. The look I had, seeing Ursula’s soft, round ass in front of me, I had no other choice, I’m going to fuck this woman while she licks Vanessa. I rubbed my big cock against her soft skin, making her push her ass back towards me. I slid over her wet pussy, getting my cock the special lubrication only a nice wet pussy can give you. I placed my hardness at her opening, wiggled it a little more, then slowly and gently felt her pussy take my cock in. The warmth of her pussy when I slid in was amazing. This seductress makes it work for either gender, a magical tongue making Vanessa cum and cum, and her pussy wrapping around my thick, hard, cock while I fuck her hard. I kept giving her deep strokes as I would look over her to my Vanessa cumming hard from Ursula’s tonguing. I heard Ursula’s moans mixed in with Vanessa’s , and then mixed in with my own as the three of us were in unison with mutual orgasms. I grabbed Ursula’s hips and pounded her pussy over and over with long, hard strokes from my cock. I felt the cum rising in my cock as I felt Ursula’s pussy give way and cover my hardness with her pussy juices from her mammoth orgasm. It only made me slam deeper, until I felt myself ready to shoot, so I straddled her hips and pounded her with all my might, getting as deep as I could, stuffing her tight pussy. I pushed down hard on her as my cum started pumping into her pussy, filling it up with spurts and spurts of cum until it overflowed. I collapsed on top of her with my cock slowly retreating from inside her depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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