The Guitar Lesson Ch. 02

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Sam strode through the door and out to the pool deck. I spun around on the couch up into a sitting position and looked at him, my eyes wide with terror.

‘I’m dead, I know it.’

With a cold, hard expression on his face, he walked right up to Renee’

“Looks like you two have been having quite the time!” he said in a loud, curt voice.

Renee’ began to sob.

“Oh Sam, you don’t understand.’

“Oh, I understand, alright. Get rid of old Sam, so you can fuck the guitar teacher! My God, Renee’, it sounds like a bad romance novel! Do you think I’m stupid?”

I said nothing; having just in the last, few seconds become a religious man.

‘God, please get me out of this one, and I’ll be good!’

He stood in front of Renee’, his hands on his hips, glaring down at her, every once in a while she looked at me in disgust.

“I see now why you wanted these lessons. I guess my cock isn’t good enough. You need several to make you happy, Renee’.”

He was beet red with anger and growing more so as each minute went by. I thought about trying to leave, but found myself frozen with fear, sitting there, naked, caught like a child with my hand in a cookie jar. Renee’ continued to sob, and began to speak in a choked, unintelligible voice that I could barely understand.

“Oh Sam! I never meant to hurt you! It’s just that, well, you’re never here, and when you are you’re so cold and distant. I’ve been so lonely, Sam.”

He grew silent now, and looked down at his wife, a blank, cold expression on his face.

“I can’t believe you would go to this length, Renee’. I’ve been a good husband to you. I’ve given you a good life, this house, all of your nice things. How do you repay me? By being a slut, by fucking the first guy that comes along. I just can’t believe it. I knew something was up tonight, you know. I left for my flight, and I definitely had the feeling that something was wrong.”

As he spoke, he turned around and walked toward the door, his back to us. He grabbed the back of a pool chair and pulled it back toward us. He placed it about 6 feet in front of the couch, facing us, and sat down in it. He continued to speak.

“I was angry when I found out that my flight had been cancelled, but, deep inside of me, I was a little relieved, because I couldn’t shake this gnawing feeling that something was wrong. I drove back here, and parked down the street, away from the house. I made my way around the house, being very quiet. I looked through that window right there. You were sucking this man’s cock, Renee’. I saw the whole thing. I watched you fuck him with that slut pussy of yours.”

Renee’ just looked at him, her mouth open.

“You were spying on me?”

“Yes, I was. It was really quite entertaining, Renee’.

To say that I was extremely uncomfortable at this point would be a dramatic understatement. At this point, I just wanted to escape with my life. I decided to speak up.

“Umm, Sam, I’ll tell you what. I’m just going to go, ok?”

He looked at me, a half smile forming on his face.

“You’re not going anywhere, my friend. I’ve just begun with you. Patrick Stephens, professional musician, and teacher extraordinaire. You have some interesting techniques, don’t you, son?”

I looked away in shame.

He continued.

“I checked you out, Patrick, the first day you were here. I know where you live, what you do, where you play. Do you realize the damage I could do to your career if I wanted? The way I look at it, you owe me. You’ve taken my wife, filled her with your seed. How do you feel about that, Patrick?”

I looked at him directly, feeling a twinge of uncomfortable anger. I thought about telling him that Renee’ had completely seduced me, but as I considered this, I glanced at her. She was a quivering mess, tears streaming down her face, and I felt a wave of compassion for her.

“Look, Sam. It’s obvious that you and Renee’ are having problems, so why don’t you just let me back out and I won’t bother either of you any more.”

Sam stared at both of us for a long time, not talking, just shaking his head, an angry, tight- lipped expression on his face. To say that I was embarrassed and scared, sitting there in the raw would be a dramatic understatement!

Gradually, a change seemed to overtake him. Sam broke his gaze, and lowered his head into his hands in a seeming gesture çağlayan escort of resignation. I took this opportunity to glance at Renee. She was still crying, her eyes red and swollen, and her whole body quivering with fear. I felt another wave of pity for her. My eyes fell to her body, and focused on her heaving breasts. For a fleeting second I forgot about the situation and admired their shape; the protruding nipples, the large, dark areoles around them, and the perfect, pear shaped firmness that was rare in a woman her age.

‘What was I thinking?’

I turned my gaze from them and focused on the dark form of Sam, who still sat there motionless, his head still buried in his hands. After a few minutes, he raised his head and stared directly into my eyes, and began to talk in a low voice.

“She’s good, isn’t she, Patrick.”

“What?” I said, incredulous.

“She’s good. A good fuck.”

“Sam, please.” I said.

“Just admit it. She’s hot.”

“SAM!” Renee cried. “Stop it!”

He continued his voice an even monotone.

“Is his cock better than mine, Renee?”

She started to cry audibly.

“Patrick, I want you to do something for me. Slide over to her.”

“Sam,” I protested.

“Do it now.”

The way that he said this scared me even more. I slowly slid over toward Renee, my bare buttocks squeaking on the vinyl material of the couch.

“Put your hand on her leg. Feel that soft skin. Do it now.”

I looked at Renee and our eyes met. We could see the fear and confusion in each other’s eyes. She almost imperceptibly shook her head as if telling me to do as he said. I hesitated, then reluctantly reached out and place my open hand on the tender skin of her leg.

Sam continued with his instructions.

“Spread her knees apart.”

I placed my hand on the inside of her leg and gently pulled it toward me. Renee spread both legs apart. I could feel her trembling.

“Touch her pussy, Patrick. I know you want to. Stroke it.”

I looked at Sam hard, trying to see any indication of what was going on in this unpredictable man’s mind. He just glared back at me, that same stern expression on his face. I slowly moved my hand along the soft flesh of her legs and encountered her soft pubic hair. I noticed that it was still damp from our earlier love -making. I placed my fingers flat across her opening and began to stroke her slowly, up and down. I heard a small, almost inaudible sigh come from her soft lips, and she slid her ass out more on the couch, affording me better access.

‘What the hell am I doing?’

I heard a sound come from Sam. I turned my head to him, and found him unfastening his pants. He opened them and raised his ass up off the chair, sliding them down to his thighs. His hard cock bounced out and jutted straight up angrily. He stared at us, a strange expression on his face, and wrapped his fingers around it. He slowly started to massage it, up and down. I then made the obvious observation that this situation had just taken a very strange turn indeed.

‘He’s being turned on by this!’

I turned my head away from this bizarre sight, and looked at Renee. I continued to stroke her pussy more firmly now, and could feel her wetness increasing. I started to feel hot and prickly, the blood rushing to my face, my cock feeling a very familiar twitch of arousal.

“Patrick, I want you to get on your knees and eat my wife’s pussy. Do it now.”

I looked at him sharply. Sam was stroking himself, his hand gripping his hardness, the bulbous, swollen head showing prominently above his fingers. I knew from his expression that there was no turning back now, that I was forced to do exactly as he said, so I slid to the floor on my knees in front of Renee. I pushed her long legs further apart, bending her knees back. I placed both hands on her thighs and pulled her torso further out on the couch. I bent my head down and extended my tongue to her soft, wet pubic hair. I found her pussy lips and pushed my probing tongue in between them, parting them. I heard her emit a gasp of pleasure.

‘Oh, I love this taste so much.’

I felt her body involuntarily spasm as my tongue searched her moist womanhood. Throwing all caution to the winds, I began to run my hands over her thighs, pushing my head further in between her legs and inhaling çapa escort the musty scent of her pussy. I heard a noise from behind me, and was soon aware that Sam was now standing there over us. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. I could hear the sounds of his masturbation, the soft slapping sound of his hand manipulating his hardness.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she, Patrick. Renee has a nice warm, wet pussy. I haven’t shared her with another man, but you have forced my hand, so I am going to enjoy this. You and I are going to give this little slut what she craves for!”

I was becoming very aroused now. The stress of the day’s events seemed to have sharpened all of my senses to peak level. My cock was as hard as a rock, sticking straight out there between my legs. Renee shifted her body slightly forward on the couch. I looked up for a moment, and saw that she had taken Sam’s prick into her hands, and was licking the head. She licked it all over once like a lollipop, every so often pulling her head away a few inches to blow on it softly. As she did this, I saw a little ribbon of pre-cum hanging between the tip of its purple head and her sweet lips. She then took the entire head into her mouth and began to suck it.

I felt the gooseflesh on her skin as she shivered with pleasure at the ministrations of my tongue on her clit. She moaned softly, making a humming sound as Sam slid his cock in and out of her mouth. I felt faint at this sight, the arousal almost overtaking me completely. For the first time I realized that, Sam was completely naked. Renee reached up with her free hand and gently cupped his swollen scrotum, kneading it slowly as she sucked, playing with his balls.

Sam groaned with pleasure.

“Patrick, stand up here. She needs to suck us both.”

I slowly raised myself to a standing position next to him, my hard cock sticking straight out and bumping against Renee’s swollen cheek. She removed her hand from Sam’s balls and wrapped it around my swollen member. As she slowly slid the loose skin back and forth, I closed my eyes and moaned. She then released his cock from her mouth and moved her head to mine, licking the end of it up and down in a rapid motion. She looked up at me, and I could see that, for the moment her fear had dissipated, replaced by the absolute lust of the moment. I saw passionate desire in those eyes, and I started to feel it, too. She parted her lips and took my cock into her wet, warm mouth. I closed my eyes, and pushed my hips forward. I heard her choke slightly as she took it all the way into her throat, so I pulled back slightly. I placed my hands on her head and stroked her soft hair as her mouth sent me to paradise. I knew that I was close to Cumming, so I stopped rocking back and forth. She looked up at me with those eyes, and I could see that she understood. She pulled her head back, freeing my glistening wet cock from her mouth.

“Ahh, Patrick,” Sam said, “I think I know what little Renee wants now.”

At this, she looked down, as if ashamed of her own arousal. Sam took hold of her arm, and gently pulled her up to a standing position. She would not look at him, even as he massaged her erect nipples with his fingers. She looked at me, and I did not break the gaze. Our eyes melted together.

Sam continued.

“All right, you little slut. Lay down on the couch, on your back.”

She let herself fall to the couch, at once turning her head to the back cushion. She spread her legs wide, one foot up on the couch, one on the floor. I looked down at her, and took my swollen member into my hand, stroking it at the sexy sight before me. Sam immediately took his place between her legs, and began to prod his swollen cock at her opening. Finding the wet hole, he slid into her in one motion. She let out a little yell almost sounded like pain, and grabbed his forearms with her hands. She pushed her torso against him as he quickly began to thrust into her. Sam was moaning her name as he fucked her hard, his cock pushing deeper and deeper into her depths.

“Yes Renee, you are my little slut. I love fucking you so much, I don’t care who’s here. You know whose cock is the best. You know that we were made for each other!”

I looked down at them. Part of me wanted to smash Sam in the face for talking to her in that manner and part of me wanted to call her names cennet mahallesi escort too. Part of me wanted to make love to her so sweetly and gently, and part of me wanted to fuck her hard, down and dirty like a slut, like Sam was doing right at that moment. I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist stroking my cock as I watched. He picked her legs up and put them on her shoulders, slamming his cock even deeper inside of her. She was growling with satisfaction now, his cock sending waves of hot lust through her body. I could hear her mumbling an almost inaudible mantra from her lips.

“Fuck me. Yes. Fuck me hard.”

Sam suddenly tensed up, his muscles flexing, his face twisted in a grimace.

“Oh God! I’m Cumming!”

He pulled his long white, shiny prick from her pussy, and moved up on her body, over her tummy. He grabbed it, stroking it hard, and aimed it at Renee’s breasts. I watched as he shot hot cum all over her beautiful tits. He pumped and pumped, shooting load after load on her body. She looked up at me, her eyes shining, and smiled as a glob of Sam’s cum hit her cheek.

Sam fell back on the couch, exhausted.

“Oh God, that was so hot.” He said in a near whisper.

He looked up at me.

I suppose you want her now, don’t you? You want your turn at the slut.”

I looked away, not answering.

“Do her from behind. She loves that. Don’t you, slut?”

She glared at him. “Whatever, Sam.”

“Shut up, slut! “He almost yelled. Get up on your knees. Do it now!”

She looked at him once more, and then quickly turned away. She rolled over on the couch, and raised her body up into a kneeling position, her ass up high. My erection had not diminished at all, and I was still incredibly aroused. The sight of her there in that position made me feel like Cumming, right then and there. I moved behind her on the couch and slid my fingers up into her wetness. I rubbed her pussy lips and clit, and she rotated her hips against my hand. I could almost swear that I heard her purring like a cat. She moaned loudly as I slid my hard cock into her in one thrust.

‘God, I love her so much!’

There, I had said it. I knew it then. I had fallen for this woman. I could not believe that I was fucking the woman I loved, here on this couch, her husband watching, leering at us.

I began my fuck rhythm, sliding in and out of her in long strokes. I clutched her ass with my hands as I fucked her, her wet pussy clutching at my cock. She met my thrusts perfectly, and we seemed to be totally in synch with one another. Minutes that seemed like hours passed, and we became so lost in enjoying each other that we lost all track of time. Then, I felt it, like a thousand tiny electrical charges taking over my entire body.

“Oh God, Renee! Cum with me!”

We picked up the pace, my hips slamming into her hard, and her breasts swinging back and forth.

“Oh God, Patrick! Yes! I’m Cumming!”

I pumped my cock into her relentlessly, and we came together, our juices blending in one frenzied explosion of orgasmic euphoria that seemed to last forever.

As my orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock from her wetness, and slid it up and down her crack, rubbing my semen in between her cheeks and over her crinkled asshole. We fell into a heap, clutching each other.

As I regained my senses, I looked around the room for Sam. I saw him lying down on a cushion by the pool, his chest rising and falling rhythmically. He had fallen asleep! I looked at Renee in disbelief. She returned my look with one of cynicism.

“He always does that after sex; he can’t help it. You’d better go now.”

I hurriedly dressed as Renee gathered up my guitar and sheet music, and together we walked from the pool deck to the front door. I turned to her, my eyes sweeping over her naked, sweaty, cum covered body. I looked into her eyes, and almost felt like crying. I knew that this was our last meeting, and that Sam had won. She set the guitar down and looked up at me, her eyes big and tear-rimmed with sadness.

I then took her into my arms, and held her close to me.

“Goodbye, Patrick.”

“Goodbye, Renee.”

I didn’t say it, but we both knew it. We were in love.

I picked up my instrument, turned, and left quickly, not looking back.

I spent several painful days thinking of her. I could not get her out of my mind. I was sick with worry. Had he beaten her? Was she safe? Should I call? I paced my apartment, frantic with longing. Then, it happened, a soft rapping on the door. I ran to it, not knowing what to expect. I pulled it open, and there she was her suitcase by her side, her eyes tear rimmed with joy. I took her into my arms. She had come home.

The End

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