The Greatest Party of My Life

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It’s amazing what beer and peer pressure can do to a person. When these two things are mixed, it seems all inhibition goes out the window.

Which leads me to the best night of my life. The summer before I went off to college for my freshman year, my parents told me they were going to go away for a weekend for their “second honeymoon” in Bermuda. Right when they told me they would be gone, I started planning a party in my head. I called my friends up and told them the situation, and they we’re ready to party that night. My rents we going away the second weekend of August so my party was pretty much going to be the last time my friends and I would be all together before we all went off to college. So I knew it had to be a great party that no one would forget.

The weekend finally came, my parents left friday night and weren’t coming back home till late Sunday night. So saturday was going to be the day for the ripper. I used some connections and I was able to get a full keg for my party. You say keg or beer in my small town and everyone says “where?” When the word got out that there was going to be a keg at my house, a lot more people showed up than I expected. It seemed like half of my graduating class was at my house, including two of the sexiest girls in my grade, Sarah and Leah. They were best friends and every guy tried to get in their panties but as far as any one knew they were still virgins, just like me. I had a crush on Sarah long before I went though puberty. Sarah was a brunette with nice fully developed breasts. She played soccer and lacrosse and was very athletic and had brains to match. Leah was a blonde bombshell who also played soccer and lacrosse as well as basketball but she wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb. They both walked in together through my doorway right when the party started going and were wearing mini skirts that barely hid their white thongs underneath and had tight t-shirts on that obviously didn’t have a bra underneath and if you looked closely you could see their nipples poking out. They both walked right up to me and hugged me simultaneously and told me that they were looking forward to this party for awhile. I could feel there amazing boobs pressing against my chest. After we talked for a bit, they both went straight to the keg and poured some beers and started drinking away.

The party was going pretty good, everyone was having a great time, there was plenty of beer, and the cops were no where in sight. After I saw that the party was off and going rather well I started hanging around some of my closer friends, which included Leah and Sarah. I noticed Leah and Sarah were knocking beer after beer down and kept getting up to refill.

“This is a great party man” one of my friends said.

“Yeah, no problems so far” I replied.

“Yeah me and Sarah are having a great time” Leah said after downing another beer.

“Well as long as your having fun than I’m happy” I said

Leah giggled and than Sarah started wispering something in Leahs ear. “You ask him” Leah said with a smirk to Sarah.

“Ask me what?” I asked

Sarah looked at Leah and than turned to me and said, “We noticed you had a pool out back”

“Yes I do”

“Well Leah and I were wondering if we could go for a little swim”

“Sure, I’ll turn the lights on out back and meet you tuzla escort out there”

“Okay, don’t be long” Sarah said with a wink

I ran upstairs turned the lights on and sprinted to my backyard like I was fucking superman. Before I walked through the gate which surrounded my pool, I recooped myself breathed in and casually walked though the gate door and nearly fainted when I saw what happened next. Sarah and Leah were taking each others clothes off each other. I watched in awe as i saw their bare breasts bounce when their tight t-shirts were lifted over there heads and I admired there perfect round asses that were begging me to spank them. Than they both slowly walked down the steps into the shallow end of my pool wearing only their white matching panties. I remember thinking “I wonder if they planned to wear the same color thong?” But that thought quickly disappeared when Sarah turned around and saw me and motioned for me to join them in the pool.

I’ve never stripped down to my boxers quicker than that night. Before I knew it, i was walking down the steps and swimming towards two beautiful topless chicks. I finally reached them, I sat inbetween them on a step. I didn’t know whether i should look at their bare breasts or not so I put my arms around their shoulders and just kept alternately looking up and down their gorgeous bodies. I was wondering if I should make the first move but my thoughts were answered when Leah came around and met my lips with hers. We kissed for what felt like forever. I could tell Sarah felt left out, she was rubbing my chest waiting for her chance to meet my lips. Sarah finally got impatient and grabbed my mouth away from Leahs and thrust it into hers. I could feel Sarahs tongue inside my mouth, she was much more aggresive than Leah. Sarahs perfect round breasts were rubbing against my shoulder and it felt amazing but suddenly I felt something… it was going down my shorts… it was a hand… it was Leahs hand. I felt her hand slowly rub the head of my cock, it was hard the second after she touched it. She than started moving her hand up and down my shaft. I was trying to concentrate on making out with Sarah but it was exceptionally hard to do that with Leahs hand down my shorts. Suddenly i heard a noise behind me and I unwillingly broke away from from Sarahs luscious lips and looked behind me. I knew right away we weren’t the only ones there. I looked at Sarah and Leah but they didn’t seem to care at all, in fact they were smiling.

“I have an idea,” Leah suddenly said.

Sarah and I looked at her and wondered what she was thinking.

“Instead of pretending like we don’t see them lets give them a show.”

I couldn’t believe it, was she serious? Sarah turned to Leah and than back to me and than she put a big sexy smile on. “I’m up to what ever you guys are up to” I said with a returning smile.

We got out of the water. Leah and Sarah grabbed their t-shirts, which accidently got soaked by water, they put their wet t-shirts on and than Leah grabbed my wrist and Sarah’s as well and lead us through the basement door into the basement. It seemed like everyone was crowded at the door and the windows that overlooked my pool, watching and listining to what we just did. They all acted like they didn’t see anything.

“Did you like what you saw?” Leah asked everyone

A tuzla escort bayan long quiet silence overcame the crowd…

“Well I hope you did cause your about to see a whole lot more!” Every guy in the room, including me, was stunned. “Turn the music up,” Leah said to the closest guy to the radio, she than grabbed Sarah and they both got on top of the pool table, which was in the middle of the basement, and started doing a striptease with each other. Every guy started roaring, cheering, and clapping egging them on. I sat in a chair and just started watching this two magnificant woman strip for the second time that night. Guys were grabbing chairs left and right trying to get a front row seat to the action.

Leah started taking off her wet t-shirt, but stopped halfway and turned to the audience and said “should I take it off?”

“YES!!!” every guy said. So she took it off and tossed it into the crowd, Sarah soon followed. Than the two girls turned to each other and than they got closer and closer until their lips were inches apart.

“KISS! KISS! KISS!” every one was cheering. Than it happened, the two hottest girls I knew were making out in my house, on my pool table, right in front of me. They started getting pretty aggressive, you could see tongues going into each others mouths. Than Sarah started moving from Leahs mouth down to her breasts. She was rubbing them together and starting licking those perfect nipples.

Than it was brought to the next level. Leah told Sarah to lie down on her back. She did and than Leah picked up one of her legs and started licking it up and down. She picked up the other leg and did the same thing. Than she started rubbing Sarahs panties and licked the outside of it. Sarah was starting to let out some moans, she was fully enjoying it as well as every guy in the house.

“Should I take the panties off?”

“YES!” as if she needed to ask.

Leah grabbed the panties and started pulling them down Sarahs legs. Once they were off, Leah flung them out into the audience. She than went back to work on her pussy. She stuck her tongue into her sweet pussy. Now Sarah was screaming, she couldn’t hold it any longer.

After Sarah must of cum for the 5th time she grabbed leahs head and made out with her some more. They curled up with their arms around each other looking exhausted. Sarah wispered something into Leahs ears and than they gave those all familiar smiles to each other. They turned to me and motioned for me to join them on the pool table. A million thoughts were running through my head, my entire grade was about to watch me have sex on a pool table, was it going to be awkward? My questions were answered again when everyone around me cheered me on and my friends picked me up out of my chair and pushed me to the table.

I got onto the table and had to get on my knees so i didnt hit my head on the roof. Leah and Sarah crawled towards me. After we made out some more, both of them started to go down south. The pulled my already hard dick out of my boxers and started sucking away. Leah started first and actually deep throated me, she was pretty good at that, it seemed like she didnt have any gag reflex. While Leah was sucking away, Sarah was going at my balls, she sucked them and fondled with them. After a while I completely forgot that people were around escort tuzla us, clapping and cheering us on. It was Sarahs turn to suck, trying not to be out done, she tried deep throating but gagged half way. I could tell Leah had more experience on blowjobs. But Sarah gave a pretty good blowjon though

Leah than lied down and said “I want you in me”

This was it, I was about to lose my virginity on a pool table in front of a group of people. I’ve seen plenty of pornos and have friends who have told me what it was like but I was about to do it for real. We were so drunk that no one thought of a condom but we didn’t really care. Leah took off her thong and flung it into the audience. I took a breath and I stuck the tip in and than I put it all the way in. I was on top of her going back and forth and it felt amazing. People were all around us cheering us on but all I could hear was Leah moaning. On top of it all, I was making out with Sarah while I was fucking Leah. I could tell Leah must of came a couple times but I was holding on to mine as long as i could.

Sarah than said “My turn and I want to be on top.”

I pulled out of Leah and lied next to her. Sarah was kneeling over my cock ready for it to go in. I put my hands on Sarahs hips and Leah actually grabbed my cock and positioned it right into Sarahs sweet warm pussy. When I intially put it in i felt like my dick hit a wall, I pushed ahead and I saw what looked like blood drip out of her pussy, I guess she really was a virgin. I didn’t mind the blood, I knew what it was, I turned my attention to Sarahs beautiful boobs that were bouncing in front of me as she moved her body up and down on top of my cock. I grabbed her breast as Leah made out with me. I felt like i was in heavan.

I felt like i was going to cum 100s of times but I kept holding it in waiting for the big finale. Once Sarah was so exhausted to bounce any more I said “Now its my time to choose a position, i want you two to get into the 69 position with Leah on top.”

For a second there i thought I might of pushed it too far and they were going to get off the table and leave me with my dick in my hands in front of all of those people. But to my relief they put those sexy smiles on and did as I said.

Sarah lied down and Leah got on top of her with her pussy right in front of Sarahs mouth. After they had some fun with each other, I said “Now its time fo rthe big finale!”

As Sarah was licking Leahs pussy, I stuck my dick straight into Leahs asshole. At first she was shocked i did this and turned around but instead of getting mad she gave me this sexy smile and said “Put it in deep.” I nearly came there but luckily i recovered and started fucking her ass hard, and i did as she said, I put it in deep. Leah was moaning like crazy. I knew if i was going to lose my virginity, I might as well fuck a chick in the ass as well.

Now i was really ready to come. I started really fucking her ass hard and got faster and faster until i was on the verge. I pulled it out of her ass and started cumming all over Sarahs face, I came so much you could barely tell afterwards that Sarah was under there. Sarah was surprised at first but than she started licking it up and i could tell she liked it.

Everyone was on there feet around us clapping and I could tell they all couldn’t believe what actually happened, neither could I.

Nevermind the best party of my life, this was the best night of my life, and I will never forget my first time

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