The Graduation Gift

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The ink wasn’t even dry on her diploma that said “Juris Doctor,” and like that Millie was a lawyer. Well, almost a lawyer, anyway. The bar exam awaited, and the study course she had planned was three months of insane study, 12 hour days of case law and preparing mock arguments and learning and re-learning and comprehending and understanding the history and nuances of the law. And the bar exam was exactly 3 months and 5 days away. So much fucking law! Three months. Five days.

Those five days, boy, she needed them. NEEDED. THEM. Water to dying man in the desert needed them. Five days to do nothing except try to put her life together a little bit. See her parents. Drink wine. Smoke pot. Chill out. CHILL OUT.

For the average undergrad, law school is a grueling three-year test to see if a person’s brain can be inundated with more information than average people consume in a decade. It’s a mental test every single day. EVERY. DAY.

Millie was older than the average undergrad – 34 now.

At 34, she was a put together type. Thirty-four years of experience, of life, of loves and loves lost, of random sex, of a couple of bad jobs and a couple of good ones and a giant leap of faith to finally use her bachelor’s degree for something more than a decoration.

But the itch that comes for a woman in her 30’s, after three years of law, class, concentrating daily, 14 hour days plus trying to have a life… That itch needed an angry lion to claw it right now.

Millie had invested in two things for these five days. She bought the best weed she could buy… something called “my blue heaven.” And she bought a case of Pinot… the better stuff. Not the best stuff, but the better stuff.

She was a bowl and a half into the my blue heaven and on her third glass of the pinot, when she heard the rap at the door.

Adrian. She opened the door, the smoke wafting into Adrian’s senses, as a wry smile crept across his face. They embraced for a long moment. “It’s so good to see you,” she breathed into his ear.

For the next half hour, Millie, the curvy, tall, radiant redhead and Adrian – 6 feet and muscle and brains and dark curls and deep brown eyes -toked on “my blue heaven”, talked about nothing, kissed, caressed and loved on each other as they had for years. They were never really a couple. Not because they weren’t attracted or didn’t think the other might work in a relationship kind-of-way, but because Millie was in law school and Adrian was a hard-charigng lobbyist, splitting his time between Washington and Miami.

But when they got together, their lovemaking was to be envied. Adrian knew the buttons to push and Millie responded with fervor. She loved Adrian’s dirty talk, oral play, and willingness to do anything to please her. She was his cum machine. He wanted to see the machine run and finish. She always returned the favor in only the best ways, of course. She never disappointed. Adrian’s best attribute was his willingness to try anything. IN-EE-THING. That’s why he had arrived first.

Jay rapped on the door, not knowing he was second to the party. Millie answered the door, smiled, grabbed Jay gently by the hand, and pulled him into her front room, the odor of smoke and lust and wetness permeating the air.

The men didn’t know each other. Jay, 6-3, with an average-guy body, beard, a blond shock of hair and plenty of God-given talent between his legs, looked through the haze at Adrian, and back at Millie. He said, simply, “who’s your friend?”

“That’s Adrian, Jay,” Millie said matter-of-factly.

Jay and Millie really only connected on the horizontal level. Jay didn’t love relationships, wasn’t really good at them. Millie hadn’t been looking for one, but she was 34 and orgasms weren’t quite as important as air, but she still craved them, wanted them, looked for them. Jay GAVE them. Not a lot of explanation was needed, not a lot of talk was necessary. He was nice enough and handsome enough. But he fucked hard and didn’t have to be asked twice.

She guided Jay to the couch, and he sat. Adrian looked at her out of the corner of his eye, his mouth slightly upturned, and took a sip of wine.

Millie began. “Neither of you knew the other would be here. I’ve been with both of bayrampaşa escort you many times, and you never fail to please. You’re both unique in your own ways.”.

Neither man moved from their spot, or took their eyes off Millie. Jay gulped a glass of wine she had given him, Adrian waited.

“I’m asking you to not leave… not yet,” she started again. “I’m asking you to give me this gift, the gift we’ve shared between us all many times.”

She slid her hands under her sweater and slowly lifted it up over her head, revealing a camisole and her ample breasts poking through it.

“I’m not asking you to touch each other or even look at each other…” she said as she stepped out of one pointy-toe heel, and then the next, leaving her standing at 5-7.

“What I’m asking for is the best from each of you. Jay, I want what you’re packing,” she unbuttoned, unzipped and slowly slid her long, muscular legs out of one jean leg, then the next. leaving her in just panties and the cammy. “Adrian, I want your caress, your mouth, your dirty talk, your tongue.”

She slid the camisole over her head, revealing a curvy, taut, muscular frame, with beautiful, large, pink nipples, now balled tight and bursting from her breasts. She slid her panties off, and stepped daintily out of them.

Both men stared back with a sense of wonderment. This beautiful creature was starving for lust, and wanted them both. The sense of arousal was weighty in the room.

“Make me cum. Please, make me cum.”

Without another word, she started walking toward the stairs. Jay looked a question at Adrian, and raised an eyebrow. Adrian nodded. They headed for the stairs after her.

Millie’s room was lit by a single, diml lamp in the corner, and glowed with light from a couple of candles.

She lay on the bed with one knee bent, pointing skyward and her other leg with the toe pointed, her auburn locks spilled around a pillow, almost long enough to cover her ample breasts. Her nipples were engorged as if she had been tweaking them for days. Her mouth slightly agape, she stared at the door.



Knowing, really, they were both coming.

And she was going to cum, too. She was swimming in a pool filled with desire, lust, excitement.

Her mind was both at ease and elated, her heart banging on her sternum hard…and fast. She breathed slowly, deeply to calm the nervousness that she had tried to drown in wine and smoke.

She had long, long thought about the idea of two men pleasing her at once. The idea of these two men, in particular, only came to her when she thought about it for a long time. When she made the decision to fulfill a long-desired fantasy as a gift to herself for finally completing the investment she’d made in herself, the two names that came to mind, after a lot of pondering, were Adrian and Jay. This was a treat she wanted, like no other, and these two men, she hoped, would agree to it.

Neither Jay or Adrian were regularly in her life, but when they were, they were regularly in her bed. She genuinely liked them each for their own relationship to her. It was those relationships, those particular attributes that made her think of Adrian and Jay.

Jay was a wise fuck buddy, for the most part. He was quiet, reserved, sometimes even a little awkward. But he knew how to strike the exact right balance between friend and benefits. He was confident and cared enough to pique her interests during their down times. He would send her a pic of his package randomly, tell her how much he missed her essence, that he was looking forward to the next time, what he wanted to do with her and where and how and for how long. He always kept a little flame going for both of them, even if she hadn’t seen him in weeks or months.

Jay was mostly about sex, but she liked him and he liked her. His most endearing trait was a long, thick cock that got hard and stayed hard for as long as she could stay on it, which was, at times, for an hour or two or three. She and Jay fucked, mostly.

And fucked.

And fucked.

She loved the feeling of being VERY full, of having to work at taking it all inside her, at beşiktaş escort trying to fit her mouth over it.

She also knew from experience that Jay liked adventure, liked to try new things and wasn’t afraid to match attributes with other men.

Adrian was trim, fit and taut, but also smart, witty and funny. He was also an amazing tease.

Millie and Adrian’s relationship was more cerebral, more orally fixated. Adrian would talk to or text her for days on end about life, romance and the world. He would stimulate her mind. He was a storyteller. He liked sharing his own fantasies just to see if he could make her blush or, better, to make the desire in her flood her nether regions. He liked to talk her into bed, tell her how amazing she looked and felt, arouse all of her senses with words, caress, toys, and mostly, his mouth.

Adrian was a connoisseur of cunnilingus. Millie could cum and cum, time after time, just from Adrian’s tongue and talk. He liked to fuck, too, and was open-minded and confident enough to be able to possibly try a male-male-female situation.

That was her logic, her thought process and really, the two exact men she wanted in the room. The cock and the tease, together at once.

Jay dawned the bedroom door first.

“My, my. Every time I see you like this, all laid out like this… you knew I couldn’t resist you. I wish you’d have told me this is what you wanted,” he said, untucking his shirt, while keeping his eyes fixed on hers.

Adrian followed a moment later.

She was a little more concerned about his willingness than Jay’s. She had invited him over first in hopes that alcohol and smoke might ease his anxiety. His style may not have been perfect for an encounter of more than one, but she knew she wanted him to talk her through it, to make her cum, to tell her the story as it unfolded. Just being part of the act wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to hear about it, to watch it, to have it fill her brain and fulfill her body’s desires.

“Well, Millie, you amazing slut, you. You did it,” Adrian began. “You worked it perfectly. I’m so hot right now, I couldn’t even begin to walk away.” He kicked off one loafer, then the next. He slid his shirt over his head revealing a six-pack and dark, curly hair.

Jay slid his jeans off. His already erect cock lit slightly by the candle.

“Nice piece, man,” Adrian half-laughed, half spoke, entirely un-phased. Jay glanced his way, half-grinned and said, “I didn’t ask for it, but I don’t complain, either.”

“I bet no one does.” They all laughed.

The banter had been perfect, lightening the mood, giving the signal that everyone was a go. Millie knew, in that instant, that her fantasy was about to be fulfilled. God, it was about to happen, she thought, a smile bursting onto her face.

Adrian moved toward the bed, looked down at Millie. “You are a dirty, amazing, incredibly sexy woman, and we are going to make you cum and cum some more. You’ve worked (he air quoted) “LONG, and HARD” for this moment, and big boy here and I are going to fuck you hard, give you your “reward’. Now show me how wet you are.”

She looked at him, a grin growing permanently now on her face, and took a finger and dragged it between her legs up to her clit, briefly stopping to give it a quick rub.

She stuck her finger out for Adrian to taste. He put it in his mouth, and breathed out deeply. “MMMMMMHHHH… good God, that never stops being amazing.”

He climbed on the bed and kissed her toes, worked his way up one leg and then the other, and gently spread her thighs apart. She was mostly shaven, a beautiful, full-lipped pink pussy, with a button just smaller than a dime. Adrian began to chatter and kiss and suck and lick.

“How long have you wanted this, Mil?” He asked, caressing the outer labia, slowly working a finger inside her. She breathed out heavily, “Oh fuck… I’ve wanted this for a long time. Oh… fuck… I knew it had to be you two.”

Jay stepped close enough to reach her breasts, and took them gently in each hand, massaging and gently swirling a thumb around each nipple. Her body was already starting to move rhythmically, her hips rocking back beylikdüzü escort and forth.

She found the shaft of Jay’s cock and worked her mouth around the head, kissing and licking the shaft, slowly, deeply.

“Not too fast,” Adrian warned. “Not soooo fast. We need to take our time or you’re going to get all gooey too fast,” He slowed his pace, circling her clit, licking up and down her lips, flicking his tongue occasionally on her sweet spot, making her legs and hips press toward his mouth.

Adrian toyed with her for only a few minutes more. He knew she could wait no more. Millie managed to keep Jay hard without sending him over the edge, as the tension grew between her legs.

The build was slow. Powerful. Every lick, a new step toward release, toward explosion. The anticipation mounted, aching inside her, her pussy ready to explode. Adrian quickened his paced. Millie’s back arched, her hips now thrusting as if life depended on them, she uttered around Jay’s cock, “OH FUCK! … Oh MY GOD… FUCK. FUCKKKK!!” She released, pulsating harder and harder and harder. Adrian kept his tongue in place, never stopping his amazing movement, while she writhed and pulsed and bucked. Jay grabbed a nipple in each hand and gently rubbed the buds, so completely engorged, so hard… And her body turned red, and she released and spasmed and came and came and came.

“Holy FUCK was that hot,” Jay blurted out. He nodded his head at Adrian. “Amazing work there.” Adrian smiled back, “I think we’re just getting started here. Millie, rest up for a minute, he’s about to slide that in you.”

Millie didn’t speak for a long minute, just lay there, glowing radioactively. Jay moved down to the business end of her body, rubbed her belly for a moment until her breathing slowed, and rolled her onto her front. Adrian swapped ends with Jay, now fully erect himself, and tousled her long hair.

“How’s that, Mil?” he asked, not expecting an answer.

She heard her nightstand drawer open, and didn’t know why in that moment. She couldn’t be more wet in that moment, and even Jay’s manhood would easily slide in right now.

Adrian, noticing her head tilt to the side and looking a question at Jay, knew what he was doing immediately. “Looks like this threesome is about to be a foursome,” he said. Jay lubed a finger, and slowly worked it into her back side, as she worked up to her knees. Her glass wand soon followed the finger, gently placed, making her feel all that much dirtier, taboo, sexy, and full.

She motioned Adrian closer, and took his cock in her mouth, sliding the hilt almost to her lips. “Oh shit… that’s an amazing fucking mouth, Mil.” She let his shaft linger for a moment then slowly slid it out, and went to work on the puffy head. Jay played with the dildo for a moment, slowly working it in and out, letting her get used to the pressure.

Then she could feel herself fill up, deep, and hard, inside her. Jay slid in and out, slowly, confidently, assuredly. There was no pretense, anymore, it was time for everyone to have their fill. She twinged immediately, filled with so much cock and a dildo. She wouldn’t last long this way, being near the edge already.

Adrian narrated. “Two cocks inside you, Mil. You hot fuck. You dirty, filthy, hot-ass fuck. Take that cock deep. How do you like all your holes filled, you amazing slut.”

Her hips rocked, her body quivered, her pussy already aching with anticipation.

“All your holes filled up, Mil,” Adrian continued, enjoying her mouth as much as watching her getting fucked. Jay continued stroking, pushing, thrusting.

Millie clawed the sheet, balling it in both hands, and cried out, “FUCK THIS PUSSY! FUCK IT. OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD…” she came, all hips and thrusting and gutteral groaning. “Oh… MY… FUCK… OH… FUCK…” she came, and pulsed and came…

Adrian gave her a few moments, then thrust his cock back in her mouth, thrusting as she finished. Jay fucked with intention. HIS.

Adrian could wait no longer, gave her the warning. She grabbed his balls and gave them an easy squeeze and he exploded into her mouth, hot, salty and soooo much. She touched his leg as he finished, and just as he did, Jay filled her with his own finish. She could feel the shaft pulse and his release deep inside her. She waited for him to soften, swallowed Adrian’s cum, and collapsed onto her side.

Adrian, sighed sweetly and said, “How was THAT, Mil?”

She said nothing, breathing heavily for a long minute, then finally came to rest on an elbow.

“Let’s do this again, boys. And soon.”

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