The Good Girl Ch. 04 Version 02

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A lot of people sent me feedback requesting that specific things be included in this story, so this is a less factual, more extreme version. Many of those requests have been added in, and I’ve gone through the entire story and re-edited to try and make it just that little bit more nasty and depraved. 😉 Hope all you guys and gals with even dirtier minds than me enjoy! ;)~

If you read, please do the courteous thing, and vote/comment/leave feedback. We authors work hard and it’s nice to be recognized. Feedback encourages us to write more.


It had been two weeks since Shannon and I had been to the club for the first time. We’d found out that every month they hosted a “Fantasy Night,” where they tried to satisfy any fantasy for one of the female members. Names and fantasies were submitted and drawn at the end of every month, and the fantasy night was held the next weekend.

As luck would have it, the first drawing after we joined, my name was pulled. Shannon had submitted the fantasy that I’d told to her, about wanting to be used and degraded by a huge group of guys. She hadn’t told me she’d submitted it, but when she told me I won the drawing I was ecstatic. It had been one of my biggest fantasies for as long as I could remember, and I’d never been able to have it fulfilled in a safe environment. Now I was going to get my chance! And the best thing was, Shannon was going to be directing it all!

I could hardly sleep the week before. I was so horny the entire time I think I almost fucked Shannon to death. We even had to buy a new strap on because I got a little too “enthusiastic” with ours.

Finally, mercifully, my day arrived. Shannon had gone shopping to get some things for the night, and to help prepare the club for my fantasy. I spent the entire day trying not to break down and just mindlessly fuck myself until I couldn’t walk straight. The thought of what was going to happen later had me bouncing off the walls. It took all my self control, but I didn’t want to spoil the anticipation.

Shannon picked me up at 6 and drove us to the club. I couldn’t sit still in the car I was so nervous. My pussy was soaking wet, just waiting for all the hard cock it was going to get stuffed with in the next few hours. As soon as we arrived it was clear that Shannon was in charge for the evening. She took me to one of the dressing rooms and started getting me ready.

“I got us a new toy.” She said, pulling me into the shower. “It’s an enema nozzle that attaches to the shower head. It’ll get you nice and clean. Trust me, you’re gonna need it!” she giggled.

I felt like I was being pampered like some kind of model. She tripped me down and soaped me up, running her slick, soapy hands over all my soft curves. Then she knelt down behind me and spread my cheeks. She stuck her face between them and dug her tongue into my asshole, pushing it as deep as she could and swirling it around. I leaned against the shower wall as she lubed the little hole up with her tongue and then slowly pushed the nozzle into me. She wiggled it around a little, teasing me and making me grab onto her shoulder for support as my knees weakened. Once it was all the way in she flipped the valve and I felt the warm water rush into me. It felt amazing! I’d never felt so clean and fresh after she finished.

She helped me dry off with a towel and then styled my hair into long, soft, blonde curls that cascaded down over my shoulders like ribbons. She dragged me over to the closet, grabbing a bag from behind the racks of clothes and starting to pull some stuff out.

“I saw the way you gawked at that serving girl the first night we came here.” She said, sifting through the bags. “So I got an outfit just like that one to show you off in!”

She came out of the closet with a bunch of clothes and dumped them on the floor. I felt like a dress-up doll as she knelt in front of me and slid a pair of white see-through panties up my legs, followed by a black, pleated miniskirt. It had been shortened several inches and the cheeks of my ass were peeking out from underneath. Then she pulled out a sexy schoolgirl blouse, tying it up tight under my tits so they were almost spilling out, and gave me a pair of black heels to put on. The last little touches were a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, just like the serving girl wore, and a matching pink collar with the word “WHORE” in big shiny silver letters. It had a little lock on the back that was connected by a long silver chain to her wrist. She put some quick makeup on me, dabbed some gloss on my lips, and then pulled me over to a full-length mirror to admire her work.

“God damn you look delicious!” She said “I should dress you up more often!”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” She said. “I got you 1 last present, hold on.”

She ran over to the bag on the floor and pulled out a toy, coming back and holding it up in front of me. It was shiny butt plug with a long black horse-tail coming out of the base. I giggled as she held it up and spun it around, letting me get a good look bahçelievler escort at it for a second, and then pushed it toward my mouth.

“Suck on it…” she whispered.

I leaned forward and wrapped my lips seductively around the tip of the plug, letting it sink into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it. Shannon licked her lips and stared, watching mine slide slowly down the length of the shiny plug. Once it was nice and wet she pulled it back out. A little silver string of saliva stretched from my tongue to the glistening tip of the plug.

“Bend over.” Shannon said.

I turned around and bent at the waist, sticking my ass out as she knelt down behind me and pulled my panties aside, spreading my cheeks open with her fingers. I felt her hot breath against my asshole and then gasped as her tongue sank into the crack of my ass and started lapping all around the tight little hole, prying it open and making it nice and wet. She pulled back and I felt her tongue replaced with the tip of the plug as she started pushing it inside. I held my breath as it stretched my ass wider and wider, finally exhaling as the flared base sank past the tight ring and seated itself in my ass.

I stood back up and went over to the mirror, turning around and shaking my ass a little. I giggled as I watched the long black tail shake around.

“That’s sexy as hell.” I said with a grin. “The guys are gonna love that.”

She turned toward me and put her hands on my shoulders.

“Alright. Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” She said, looking a little concerned. “It’s not too late to back out if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, I think so. I want to.” I said.

“Ok. I’ll be right there with you, filming everything.” She said, smiling and giving me a hug and planting a quick kiss on my lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said, hugging her back.

“Ok, time to get fucked! Let’s go!”

She grabbed my hand and led me out the door of the dressing room and down the hallway toward the main room of the club. My heels clacked and echoed in the empty halls. As we got closer the sound of voices got louder and louder. I was shaking with excitement and my knees were quivering as we walked. My pussy was hotter and wetter than I could ever remember it being. My panties were already sopping wet, and I could feel them clinging to my sticky lips like a second skin. My juices were leaking completely through and trickling down the inside of my thighs. Finally we rounded the last corner and I got my first look at the main room.

I almost fell over. There were way more people than I ever thought would come. There had to be over a hundred guys. There were a lot of girls too, which I hadn’t expected. I knew the club had a lot of members, but this was nuts! The girls were sitting at the bar or in chairs around the raised platform in the middle of the room, obviously there to watch the spectacle of me getting fucked half to death. Most of the guys were already naked and mingling around the platform, waiting for me to arrive.

Shannon led me through the crowd like a puppy on a leash. I could feel my cheeks getting red with embarrassment as everyone turned to stare at me and hands reached out and groped me, pinching my ass or fondling my tits as I walked by. A couple of guys sent a jolt up my spine and made me gasp when they grabbed on the swishing tail of the butt plug and tugged, making my ass clench up to hold it in. I heard people whispering about me and my cheeks flushed even more. I’d never been in front of this many people in my life, even in normal clothes, much less dolled up like some slutty little schoolgirl on a leash, waiting to get drowned with cum!

We finally weaved our way through the crowd and up to the platform. It had a big mattress covered in plastic laying in the middle, with a huge mirror on the ceiling above it, and a video camera mounted on a tripod in the front. It almost looked like some kind of sacrificial sexual altar. Shannon helped me up and pulled me over next to the bed, yanking the chain down and making me drop to my knees beside her. I put my cuffed hands in my lap and sat on my heels obediently.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” She said, focusing the crowds attention. “This is Heather, and tonight, she’s yours. Tonight, you’ll fulfill her nastiest fantasies. She’s going to be your cum slut; degraded, covered from head to toe with your sticky sperm, and fucked into oblivion.

She yanked me to my feet and spun me around, bending me over and lifting up my skirt. She pulled my panties aside, grabbed on to the tail of the plug and started pulling on it, not stopping until it popped out with a wet plop. My body jerked at the sudden absence. Shannon held the plug up for everyone to see and then pushed it at my mouth.

I opened my mouth and bit down on the shiny red plug, holding it in my teeth as she brought her hands back to my ass. She rubbed them over my cheeks, spreading my loosened asshole open for the room to see. “I bakırköy escort want you guys to stretch these cute little holes wide open with your big, fat cocks. Look how fucking wet the little slut is already!” she said, pulling my panties to one side and stroking a finger up and down my slit. I felt like a doll on display. Every person in the room was just staring and waiting to jump up on the bed and fuck me silly, and Shannon’s dirty monologue was driving me crazy.

Shannon ran a finger up my thigh, gathering a little trickle of my juices on it and mashing it into my clit. I groaned and clenched my eyes as her finger wiggled and drove me insane. “Tonight, she’s your sex toy. Your plaything. Your perfect little cum dumpster, to do anything you please with.” She slid a finger in my pussy and ass and pulled them apart. “Her sexy little body is here for YOUR pleasure, to be used and abused like a good little slut should be!. I want you all to stuff her with cock like a cheap, dirty whore, and fill her up with your hot, gooey cum. You think you all can handle that?”

The crowd roared their approval, and goose bumps spread across my skin. I couldn’t believe I was actually about to do this. To live out my ultimate fantasy. To get fucked and cummed on by more people than I could even count.

“Alright then, let’s get this party started!” Shannon shouted.

She pulled a key out, unlocking my cuffs, removing the chain connecting me to her wrist, and taking the plug from my mouth.

“Good luck!” she whispered, grinning and hopping down off the bed. She headed for the video camera, but before she was even off the platform five guys rushed it and started devouring me.

I squealed as they threw me onto my back on the bed and I immediately had a cock thrust in my face. I gobbled it up as I felt another man in front of me, pulling my panties aside and munching on my cunt as both my hands were given a hard cock to stroke. The last guy knelt on the other side of me and untied the knot in my shirt, letting my tits spill out. He didn’t even even bother to take my shirt all the way off before he mounted my chest and his cock disappeared between my soft mounds.

Within 10 seconds I was already getting well fucked by five guys. I could tell tonight was going to be something special.

I worked the cocks in my hands back and forth as the guy kneeling next to me bounced the head of his cock off my shiny lips. I flicked my pink tongue along the underside of his cock head and planted wet kisses along the bottom of his shaft before wrapping my lips around the fat head and sucking hard. The guy straddling my tummy pushed my tits together and fucked the smooth cleavage as I moaned. His hips pounded into me, making my tits jiggle with every vicious thrust. He grabbed my nipples hard and twisted, pulling them away from my body and making me cry out as the tip of his cock bounced against my chin. I let the cock slip out of my mouth for a minute and looked around at the guys.

“Come on you fuckers! If you want me to be your cum slut, fucking treat me like one!”

One of the guys grabbed my wrists and another grabbed my hair in a fist. They jerked me up so I was kneeling and all of the guys surrounded me in a circle and started slapping my face with their heavy cocks.

“Fuck yes, beat my face with your dicks!” I moaned. I slid one hand down to my cunt and the other to my tit and worked my clit hard with my fingers as several feet of hard cock meat slapped against my face. I breathed in deeply, inhaling their intoxicating scent. One of the guys stood behind me and slapped his huge cock down on my forehead, rubbing it all over my eyes and nose and leaving a slick trail of precum on my face wherever it passed.

“God that’s so hot.” I whimpered as my fingers worked in and out of my dripping pussy.

I grabbed the one in front of me and sucked the balls into my mouth. My wet tongue rolled all over them, making big circles around each one before I tightened my lips around the base of his sack and sucked on them, warming them up with my hot mouth. I lashed his balls with my tongue, getting them nice and slick with saliva and rolling the big globes around in my mouth before letting them slide out.

“Please, fuck me like a dirty little whore!” I pleaded, letting the balls flop out of my mouth. I grabbed his cock around the base and rubbed the length over my face, relishing the feeling of the hot, slick rod sliding over my smooth skin. “Treat me like a slut, please… make me a cum bucket!”

My pussy gushed as I begged them to use me and felt the hot cock slide across my face. The swollen head glided over my plump lips and I flicked the sensitive underside with my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and it was instantly crammed with all eight inches of his hard dick. I felt it punch the back of my throat and the slide down as the guy behind me grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair, wrapping it around his cock and jacking off with it. I moved my mouth and hands from cock başakşehir escort to cock, licking, stroking, sucking, and trying to make sure no one was left out.

Once they were all dripping wet with my saliva I was thrown down to the bed again. One guy crawled under me and pulled my skirt up as I straddled him and positioned his cock at the puckered opening of my ass. I spit on my fingers and rubbed them against the tight opening, slipping one in and greasing my little hole up for the pounding I knew it was about to take. Once I pulled my finger out he grabbed my hips and pulled down hard. A gasp escaped my lips as the big, slippery mushroom head split my asshole open and he pushed deep, until my cheeks rested on his thighs, making me cry out as my bowels were filled up with stiff, hot cock.

I leaned back and kicked off my heels, spreading my legs to make room as another guy knelt between them and impaled my sopping cunt. I was now sandwiched, with a long, thick cock filling up both of my holes. I love being filled up like this. There’s no better feeling than being completely, utterly fucked and stretched out by a couple of hard, throbbing cocks. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices trickling out of me and running down my ass cheeks. Both of their cocks shined with my wetness as I rocked my body back and forth and they pistoned in and out of my holes.

“God yes…” I moaned. “Fill me up! Stretch my fucking holes!!”

I turned my head sideways and a thick cock pushed past my lips and down my throat, silencing my screams and making my body airtight. I opened wide, gagging and moaning around the shaft as it lodged deep in my mouth, the heavy balls smashing against my chin. A hand pushed on the back of my head and forced it up and down, making wet squishy sounds pour out of my mouth as the fat mushroom head massaged the back of my throat. I snaked my tongue out with the cock still buried down my throat and lapped at the balls that slapped wetly against my chin as the cock moved in and out of my throat. My eyes started to water and I gagged just before the guy pulled back and pushed his cock head against the inside of my cheek. I slapped my own face where it poked out, making my eyes tear up even more as I bounced up and down on the cocks fucking my ass and cunt. I could feel them grinding against each other through the thin wall of flesh separating my holes.

The cock pulled out of my mouth and the guy started jacking off in front of my face. I could see the head of his cock swelling up, the little slit opening and getting ready to spew the first gooey load of the night.

“Come on, cum on me!” I panted. “Fucking spray me with that hot load! I wanna feel it dripping down my face!” I reached up and stroked his balls lightly with my fingertips, tickling and massaging the heavy sack as his cock swelled and several blasts of thick, milky cum erupted from the head. Warm, sticky jizz coated the right side of my face and dripped down my cheek as several more arcs blasted out of his twitching cock, splashing against my nose and lips. That feeling of cum splattering against my skin for the first time that night was delicious. I closed my eyes and moved my head slowly back and forth as the warm cream gushed out, letting it glaze my face like lotion.

“Mmmm, that’s it, let it all out baby… You like that? Cum all over this pretty face!” I cooed, squeezing his balls lightly in my fingers and feeling them contract as they emptied their warm, sticky sperm onto my face.

My fingers flew to my clit and I rubbed it furiously back and forth as the hot load oozed slowly down my face. When it reached the top of my mouth my tongue darted out and lapped the sticky cum off my lips. My cunt exploded in orgasm, warm girl cum oozing out around the shaft in my pussy and lubricating the one impaling my ass. I sucked the spurting head of the cock into my mouth and swirled it around, savoring the soft taste of the cum as the lasts few blasts squirted out and glazed my tongue. The guy grabbed the back of my head and slammed my mouth down on his cock one more time, forcing me to deepthroat it and choking me for a moment before finally pulling out.

“Fuck…” I gasped. Cum dripped from my lips as I fell back against the guy underneath me. He grabbed me around the waist and sat up. The guy in front grabbed me behind the knees and helped lift me so that they were standing with me sandwiched between them.

They started thrusting up inside me and I held on tight as they skewered my little body. I felt tiny being crushed between these two big studs, especially with both of them cramming their cocks deep inside me. My weight was being supported only by their hands on my ass and their cocks in my holes. With every thrust into my ass, my pussy mound was pushed against the guy in front of me, smashing my clit into his abs and driving me wild. He cupped the cheeks of my ass and pulled them apart, spreading my asshole taut as the huge cock slid in and out of my bowels. The pounding shafts felt like pistons pulling at my flesh lips as they left my body, and then slammed back up inside me. Several times I felt my asshole gaping open as the cock slid all the way out, and the guy teased me, popping the head of his cock in past the ridge and then back out before slamming the whole thing back up my ass. I could feel the tip of the cock in my pussy brushing my cervix with every lunge forward.

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