The French Maid Act 03 Scene 02

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Oct. 30,

Act III, Scene II

I slip his underwear off and straddle his hips. I lean over him, my long blonde hair covering our faces. I kiss him and whisper in his ear: “Thank you, monsieur. Now it’s my turn.”

I kiss his ear, and then gently bite his lobe. I move my lips over his jaw-line, to his chin and back to his lips. I don’t kiss him, but I trap his lower lip with my lips. I feel him try to kiss back and move his tongue into my mouth, but I resist.

I start to plant soft kisses o his neck, then down his chest. I take a playful nip at his right nipple, which he wasn’t expecting and his body jerks.

The Lord of the Manor: Ouch!

His head comes off the pillow and he looks at me with a furrowed brow. I just smile back at him, stifling a laugh. Ouch? That was nothing. I’ve got a bruised ass and he’s upset with a nipple bite? I resist going after his other nipple and instead move downward. I feel his dick between my breasts, my hair down cascading over his chest. His dick is hard, throbbing and on fire.

I take a moment to slide my body back and forth, moving it between my tits. I let it get to my lips and I softly blow on it, as if I was cooling it off. His cock was bigger, harder and hotter than I’d ever seen it!

How long should I make this tease last? Should I let him get off now so we can enjoy a nice, long round two? Or, should I torture him as he did me, make him beg to finally cum?

He’s looking down at me, and I meet his lusty gaze. Slowly I stick out my tongue and touch the tip of his dick. It’s wet with his excitement and I very slowly lick around the head. He groans and lays his head back on the bed. I’m so turned on by the power and control that I have over him at this moment that it’s taking all my will to not just jump on him and impale illegal bahis myself on his hardness.

So, I decide on a cross between the prolonged tease and getting off soon. I don’t think I can survive much more teasing. And I’ll save the torture for later. Well, maybe not all of it. I think I can mix in a little pain/pleasure here and there.

I lick down his shaft, and then back up again in long strokes. He moans again, and I feel the muscles in his thighs and ass tremble. With one hand I caress his balls, soft with just a little stubble from being shaved a week ago. I then take his dick completely in my mouth, my lips firm around his shaft and bob my head up and down. I look back up at him and he’s propped up on his elbows. Our eyes meet. My hand on his balls gets a little rougher. I pull at them and then press them against his crotch. He lets out a muffled “mmmpphh,” and his eyes seem to say “what the hell are you doing?” From inside I’m smiling, and I hope he can tell from my eyes that I’m just playing.

I stop roughing up his nuts and go back to a gentle caress, but this time as my mouth moves up and down on his dick I let my teeth do a little scrapping. He groans again and his head falls back on the pillow. His hands come down and his fingers start to move through my hair. He’s touching me, but not directing my motions. I stop sucking and gently nibble at the head, and then down the rest of the shaft.

I move one leg over his and press my burning crotch onto his knee. I feel him move it, putting pressure as I very slowly move myself on his leg. I’m starting to get more of my body into the blow job and I feel myself panting louder though my nose. I take the head back into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I firmly pump his shaft with my other hand. I start moaning on his illegal bahis siteleri cock, and I’m really getting into this. His hands are all over my head, though hair, over my shoulders. My body is almost dancing – writhing and grinding on his — and when moans out “Oh my god,” I realize I need to decide where to take this next.

Do I want to make him cum now? Do I want to cum now? I probably could get off just humping his leg. No, not yet. I stop sucking him and just hold his dick. He brings himself back up on his elbows and looks down at me. I smile and begin to crawl very slowly up his body. His dick moves between my tits again, then across my stomach. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me down, my breasts against his chest and he kisses me strongly and deeply. We do this for a few minutes. His hands are in my hair, massaging my scalp one minute, pulling my hair the next then dancing all over my body — down my back, over my butt and thighs then back again.

After what seemed to be a reasonable cool-down period for our genitals, I sat back up, straddling his waist. “What do you want me to do?” I ask, giving his dick some caresses as I press it against my lower stomach. “Whatever you want to do to me,” he says. I move my face down closer to his. I lick his lips instead of kissing him. I whisper in his ear, “What do you want?” I feel his hand push my ass up. “I want you to fuck the shit out me,” and I feel him start to move the head of his dick across my pussy lips.

Placing my hands on his shoulders for support I push myself down on his shaft. It spreads me open and I’m so wet I can hear it slide into me. “Oh my god,” I moan as I feel him completely inside me. I press my clit against his pelvic bone and rock myself back and forth. Sparks are shooting though my body. I’m canlı bahis siteleri panting and moaning something, probably a steady mantra of “Oh my god!” I’m moving faster and faster, pressed so tight to him. His hand moves to the small of my back and his presses me even tighter so that my clit is in constant contact with the base of his dick.

His other hand grabs the back of my head and presses me down for a kiss. This breaks my concentration for a moment, but it prolongs the pleasure. I pull back, my hair is covering his face and I’m focusing on a spot in the middle of chest. I’m cumming, soon. It starts at the top of my head, my scalp tingling as a warmth starts to spread over me. I feel myself starting to sweat, and then the explosions go off all over my body. Every inch of my skin is hypersensitive and I start shaking and moaning louder and pressing harder and moving so fast and then I’m literally seeing stars. It is one of the best orgasms of my life. I feel drained and so very, very high. My head is buzzing, I feel dizzy and so weak I can’t support myself. I collapse on his chest, the two of covered in sweat and panting like we just ran a race.

His hands are soft, one moving slowly over my back and butt while the other was gently massaging my head. A let out a loud sign of contentment, and feel I could easily fall asleep right now. His dick is still inside me, and I like the feeling of being full. But he’s still hard, and I can’t remember if he came. I was so into getting myself off, and I might have blacked out at the end, that I don’t recollect hearing any of his own moans and groans.

He rolls us over to our sides and he slips out of me. He starts kissing me again, his hands doing their magic dance across my still-tingling body. I grasp his hard, wet cock and give it a few tugs. He rolls his body on top of mine, spreading my legs with his, but doesn’t enter me. His hands are holding my head, and he’s giving me the most wonderful, passionate kisses. And then he looks into my eyes and says, “Are we ready for round two?”

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