The Fawn

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Fucking 8

The yellow and red leaves crunched under Shawn’s feet as he followed behind Diane through the woods. Diane held a rife in both hands, her black hair tied tightly and stuffed under a National Guard baseball hat. On her jacket was a patch with her last name: Lin.

Shawn dropped his rifle for a moment to adjust his glasses. Lin turned to look at him. In her dark mirrored glasses, he could see his own face. He had a slight five o’clock shadow, and had hazel eyes. He had light brown skin and dark hair.

Suddenly there was a rustling of leaves. A large buck appeared before them. Diane raised her rifle to shoot. Then a fawn jumped in front of the buck.

“No, don’t.” said Shawn, pushing the barrel of Diane’s gun toward the ground.

The shot hit the dirt and the pair of deer ran off into the forest.

“What’s wrong with you. You know I would have hit that.”

“But the fawn.” was all Shawn could manage.

“Come one bro. I could have hit that buck blindfolded and drunk. I was top of our class. You owe me.


They walked on in silence as they went deeper into the woods. Many of the trees still had their leaves and it was a canopy of red and yellow. There, at the entrance of the forest was a large bolder with an apple on it. Shawn picked it up and took a bite of it.

“You crazy! How do know that thing isn’t poisoned?”

Shawn could not speak with his mouth full so he just shrugged.

“It’s just an apple.” he said, after swallowing. “Here. Take a bite.”

Diane studied him for a moment. Shawn took another bite, cleaned off the other side and then held it out for her. Reluctantly she took a bite.

There was a bright flash of light. In front of them were two large trees that had grown together, and in front of them were two thrones, made of roots. illegal bahis The roots twisted into a braid design around the edges of the thrones. When Shawn looked at Diane he noticed that she was dressed like a Princess and when he looked down at himself he noticed he was dressed like a Prince.

“Oh, hell no. I’m not wearing this girly shit.” said, Diana as she struggled to take off the white silvery dress.

“Please…” said a voice “I want to thank you for your kindness in not killing my brother. We will not harm you. We just want to serve you.”

“Who are you?” said Diane, looking around. “Where are you?”

“We are near. Please sit down. My brother would like to thank you personally.”

“That’s not necessary. We have places to be.” said Diana.

“What’s the harm in staying?” asked Shawn sitting.

“Seriously?” whispered Diane.

“He will do anything you wish.”

There was another flash of light. A handsome young man with short black hair appeared. He was shirtless and his muscled stomach stretched down into his pants. His arms were slim and muscular and his eyes were blue. His ears came to a slight point.

“Then again, I don’t want to be rude. Didn’t I say that?” Diane said hitting Shawn.

The man stood before Diane, staring deep into her eyes. Just as the thought of kissing him entered her mind, his lips pressed against hers. His face was smooth against her soft skin. His soft lips on hers. She was like a flower that had closed in on itself. But when he when his tongue entered her mouth, she opened, exposing all the places she had long ago had locked away.

Before she knew it, he untied her hair so that it fell along her shoulders. He kissed her neck and then the area beneath her ears. Then his lips reached the top of her breasts, which were lifted illegal bahis siteleri and half exposed in the shirt.

Diane grabbed his ass and brought him closer to her. She liked that his butt was firm and had two dimples on each side. She kissed his bare chest, then put one of his nipples in her mouth. A soft groan came from him. She sucked on the other side and then began to pull his pants down. When she looked, she could see the top of his public hair.

“What about me?” said Shawn, watching the couple. “I’m the one who saved you.”

There was another flash of light. A young woman appeared. She had jet black hair and light blue eyes. She looked like the female version of her brother. Her arms were thin but muscular and her stomach was flat. She was also not wearing a shirt, her nipples covered only by flowers. Wearing a similar pair of pants.

“I also would like to thank you.” she said.

The woman’s lips were red like the apple they ate. She brought her lips to his and they kissed. Exploring each other for a while. The woman pulled off Shawn’s prince shirt and began to kiss his bare chest.

Meanwhile, the man had helped Diane out of her Princess shirt and dress. Her frame was small and slim but her breasts were large and firm. The man held each breast in his hands, bringing her nipples into his mouth and then slowly releasing. Diane moaned softly as he sucked on her breasts. Then she reached down and pulled at his pants. Until they fell off and he was standing naked before her. His large cock, standing hard in front of her. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it slowly. Looking up. Enjoying the sounds of pleasure that came from the man and getting turned on as his face showed signs of ecstasy.

The woman took Shawn’s brown cock and put it in her pink mouth. canlı bahis siteleri He began to moan softly and she sucked him slowly. She also held it in one hand and slowly licked his shaft. Then putting it slowly back into her mouth.

“Wait.” Shawn said.

Shawn pulled the woman onto the throne and gently took off her pants. Like her brother, she wasn’t wearing underwear. Shawn knelt before her opened legs and the black of her public hair. The lips of her labia red and open like a forbidden fruit in a forest of dark public hair. He brought his tongue down on her clitoris and she began to moan.

The man stood behind Diane. She bent over so that he could slip his penis inside her from behind. Her hands on the other throne for balance as he entered her. He breasts bouncing softly and she moaned and fingered herself.

Shawn licked the woman in long strokes. Finding the hood of her clitoris with his tongue and then licking the rest of her like a candy apple. The woman held on to the back of Shawn’s head. The nipples on her small petit breasts hard and pointy.

Diane stopped the man and made him lie on the forest floor. Among the yellow, red and orange leaves. She got on top of him and put his penis inside her. He moaned loudly now. Her hips moving up and down, faster and faster. His hands on her breasts.

Shawn brought his cock inside the woman. She called out in ecstasy and rapped her long legs around him. He held on to her ass and kissed her as he penetrated her quickly.

The man cried out and then so did Diane. She shuddered as she came. Then the man came lose and hot sperm shot on the autumn floor.

Shawn began to cry out and the woman fingered herself. She came and then felt his hot liquid spill inside her and then on her thigh.

The woman gathered two blankets she gave one to Diane and the other she kept for herself. Diane wrapped herself up with the man. Holding him as they rested on the forest floor. And Shawn and the woman embraced on the throne. The woman’s ear lying gently against his chest.

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