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Chapter 1
“Please, stick it in right away,” Jackie whispered frantically.
The bosomy young wife lay sprawled on the bed. She was naked and her fingers were buried inside her wet pink pussy-lips.
Her husband, Greg, hovered over her. He swore as his cock slipped to the side and stabbed her inner thigh.
“Can’t you find my hole?” she giggled.
“If you’d take your hand away, maybe I could.”
“I sure went crazy there for a minute,” she said. “I’m still horny, but you can take your time. Just in though, honey. Stick your big cock into my cunt and fuck me good and hard.”
“Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have married such a young chick.” Greg smiled, bending down and kissing her. “Maybe you’re just too hot for me.”
“Ooooohhhh, don’t go away,” she squealed, reaching for bis randy prick. She crawled around and licked the tip briefly. “Fuck me, honey. I’m not too young for you. You’re too old for me.”
He snickered as he shoved a pillow between her legs. “Here. Use that to fuck yourself.”
She threw the pillow across the room. “Not when I’ve got you, baby.”
She gazed lustily at his cock. His prick was stiff and big and she loved it. It was the reason she fell in love with Greg on their first date even though he was older than she was and was divorced and had custody of two teenaged sons.
Becoming the stepmother of two almost-grown boys had worried her at first. But she was so happy with Greg her fears dissipated. And the boys were sweet and seemed to like her.
Now she watched Greg pump his prick. Dark blue veins pulsated up and down his cockshaft. His jizz-slit was bubbling over with whitish juice. She considered taking his cock into her mouth and sucking his balls dry.
“The boys are crazy about you,” Greg said as he jerked his cock up and down. “How are you and Vickie getting along?”
“Okay, honey,” Jackie said, clinging to his arm and kissing him.
Vickie was Greg’s orphaned niece whom he was raising along with his two boys. Jackie lied when she said she and Vickie were getting along. In fact, Vickie was sarcastic and obviously resentful of Jackie’s presence.
Being only a few years older than the teenager didn’t help. Jackie knew that and tried to understand the girl, but it wasn’t easy. Thank God Greg was so wonderful. She kissed and licked his nipples. Thank God he had such a talented cock and kept her so well fucked.
Sometimes she thought her sex drive was stronger than Greg’s. But it wasn’t a problem. At least not yet.
Now she fingered her pussy. Her dark, curly cunt-bush was normally unruly. Now it was wet and matted and stuck to her fingers.
“I guess I’ll just have to fuck myself,” she said, thrusting two fingers deep inside her cunthole.
“Jesus, it turns me on to watch you do that,” Greg said.
She deliberately raised her shapely round ass off the bed. She had a ripe curvy body and most of the time Greg eouldn’t keep his hands off her.
Holding his prick in his fist, Greg climbed between her legs again. Her thighs were splayed and she knew that now his cock would not miss its mark.
They usually fucked twice a day. In the morning and at night. Jackie would have liked a matinee too, but Greg said even twice a day was too much for him.
Moaning shamelessly, the young wife opened and closed her thighs and teased him by first revealing and then hiding the crimson slit of her pussy.
“Okay, bride, let’s try again,” he said.
He mounted her, planting his body over hers. He touched her cunt-folds with his cockhead and then withdrew it.
“Honey, stick it in!” she cried.
“Ssshhh. The kids will hear.”
“Well, fuck me then,” she whispered. Sometimes it was a pain in the ass to have three teenagers in the house while they fucked. She hated having to be quiet. She hated the fact that the children were never far from Greg’s thoughts.
“I’m going to fuck your brains out, baby,” he said now. “You’re going to feel my cock all the way up your belly.”
“I hope so,” she giggled, ashamed of her thoughts about the boys and Vickie. She arched her back and tried to grab his prick from his hand. “Give it to me. I’ll put it in.”
“I’ll do it,” he said.
She trembled violently when the taut-skinned head of his cock entered her. Greg lowered himself over her and, inch by inch, stuffed his entire dick into her gash.
She was happy. She gazed up at him and toyed with her stiffened nipples. Her cunt sucked on his dick as waves of exquisite heat flowed up into her belly.
She moaned loudly and humped her ass vigorously. “I love it,” she said.
“I love it too,” he said, thrusting in and out of her tightly squeezing pussy.
She knew he loved when her pussy clung wetly to his cock. Her cunt was tight as only a young cunt can be. She wanted it to remain tight forever. She never wanted her pussy to become loose and open like some women.
“Are you almost ready?” he said.
“No, I want more,” she said. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his sweating back. “Don’t come yet, honey. Fuck me along time tonight.” As she spoke she tried to pull more of his cock into her clutching cunt.
“You’re killing me, babe,” he said, and for the first time the young wife realized he was at least partially serious.
“Oh, honey, your cock feels so good. Don’t take it away from me yet. I love it so much. Fuck me a long time.”
“Okay, don’t worry,” he said. “Aw, shit, it feels like you’re cutting into my cock. I never felt anything like it. Aw, hon, you’ve got the sweetest snatch in the world.”
That’s better, she thought. Oh, yes, much better! She pumped her hips in a frenzy as he plunged in and out of her gash.
She knew he loved the way her cunt tugged and pulled on his prick. She knew that sex was what had brought them together. God, she loved it!
The horny brunette became alarmed when he began furiously pumping his dick into her cunt. She knew he wouldn’t last long if he fucked her that hard and fast.
“Honey, you’re going to come if you keep that up,” she said. “Fuck me, but don’t come yet. I want it to last.”
Even as she spoke her body responded to the wild stroking. She felt wet and warm all over. Her gushing cunt clung to his shaft. His balls whipped against her ass.
“It’s good,” he grunted, splitting her forcefully with his thrusting prick. “It’s so damn good.”
“Faster!” she hissed, caught up in the wild fuck. “Fuck me faster!”
Greg was happy to oblige. He quickened the pace of his strokes and fucked her so hard she thought for amoment he would tear her apart.
She was yelling now and her cries were loud enough to be heard throughout the house. Greg seemed oblivious of the noise. His eyes were closed and his face was contorted with lust.
He grunted as the young wife eagerly fucked back. She raised her ass off the bed and met his strokes with her tightly gripping cunt.
“Almost,” she cried, her teeth chattering.
“I’m almost there. Don’t stop. I can feel it starting. Fuck me, honey! Ahhhh, yesss, fuck meee!”
He pounded her savagely. He perspired profusely as her tight pussy sucked and tugged on his dick.
He dropped his mouth down over her tits and sucked one of her oversized nipples. That was all Jackie needed. She went over the edge to sexual oblivion.

She bit into his arm. Her clit throbbed wildly and exploded. Her tits throbbed in Greg’s mouth. She shrieked.
“Oh, fuck, they’ll hear us!” he muttered.
Panting uncontrollably and barely aware of his words, the horny young wife threw her legs over his shoulders and pumped her spasming cunt against his cock. Her ass jiggled as she continued shouting. Greg tried to silence her with his lips, but she shoved his mouth back down on her tits.
“Keep sucking,” she cried. “Keep sucking and fucking. I can come again.”
Her cunt made gurgling sounds. Greg groaned as he continued fucking his cock into the young wife’s pussy.
He wanted to make her happy, but sometimes her demands were too much for him. He wanted the release of an orgasm, but he knew she would be angry if he stopped fucking her.
“Gonna come!” he finally said. “Gonna come!”
Jackie was about to protest when he came. A violent gush of jism splashed explosively from his cockhead, deep inside her pussy.
The first shot was quickly followed by a second. His come felt hot and thick and she loved the feel of it inside her.
His teeth clenched, Greg continued fucking his dick into her. She babbled constantly and continued milking his cock with her cunt-muscles.
“It’s wonderful!” she cried. “Oh, honey, I love fucking so much! I never want to stop. I want to fuck forever.”
Her lovely young face was flushed. She glowed with perspiration and contentment. Her full lips were curled into a satisfied smile. She buried her face in his shoulder. But despite her words and her look of contentment she hadn’t had enough.
She tried to hold his still-stiff cock inside her. “You’re still hard,” she said.
Greg raised his head and tried to pull out.
“Got to get some sleep,” he murmured.
She held him against her. “No, don’t go yet,” she begged. “Leave it in for a little while.”
“Aw, hon, I’ve got to get some sleep,” he said, pulling back and withdrawing his cock from the pouting lips of her cunt.
Shamelessly she tried holding his cockhead inside her pussy-lips. She circled her fingers around the trunk of his shaft and pumped it in ail attempt to make it hard again.
When she tried to stuff his cock back into her cunt, Greg frowned. “What the hell are you doing?” he said.
“It’s getting hard again,” she said. “Oh, honey, stay inside me. Let’s fuck some more.”
“Aw, sweetheart, it’s late,” he said, but he let her squeeze her cuntlips around his knob.
“I love you,” she beamed. “You’re the best husband in the world. Just stay right there where it’s nice and warm and safe. My pussy will take care of you, honey. My pussy’s all yours.”
He let her squeeze his cockhead with her cunt for a few more moments. Then he shook his head.
“Sorry, babe. I’ve got to get some sleep, I won’t be any good if I don’t.”
The horny young wife realized in that moment that her sex drive was stronger than Greg’s. She had suspected as much, but now she was certain. Would it create problems for them? Would she drive him away with her demands?
She decided she had to chance it. “Come on, hon. Just a little fuck. Your cock feels so damn good inside me. I just want to fuck you and fuck you.”
She smiled as she wet a finger and touched it to his nipples. He looked deep in thought.
“I can’t do it, honey. We’ll fuck again in the morning when I’ve got more energy.”
He rolled onto his belly and folded his arms under his pillow. She sat up and hovered over him.
“I’ll blow you,” she said. “You don’t have to do a thing. You don’t have to fuck me. All you have to do is turn over. I’ll do all the work. You can even go to sleep if you want.”
He rolled onto his back and she reached eagerly for his cock. She took his silence for acquiesence and lowered her mouth over his cuntjuice-soaked prick.
“Once I’ve got your cock hard again, I’ll probably have to fight you off,” she giggled.
The tired husband frowned, but he wanted to make his young wife happy. Forcing a smile, he sat up and guided her down on her back. This was a better position for him at the moment. His cock would get hard quickly if he straddled her chest and then maybe she’d let him go to sleep.
She smiled happily when he climbed over her tits. He rested his ass on her chest and shifted forward until his cock touched her lower lip.
“You can blow me,” he said. “But I’m not promising anything else.”
“Oooohhhhh,” she squealed, flicking her tongue over his cockhead. “I just love the taste of your cock.”
He dug his fingers into her long thick hair and pushed his cock against her mouth. “I love when you suck my cock, hon. Go on, I want you to be happy.”
Whimpering with excitement, the horny young wife opened her mouth wide and took a few inches of his prick inside.
Greg groaned. “Feels like your cunt,” he said.
“I love it,” she murmured around his meat.
“It’s getting hard already. Suck it, baby.”
She lapped her tongue hungrily over his cockhead and slurped up the juice oozing out of his pisser. It wasn’t long before his cock began to stir. Maybe he would fuck her again after all. Just a quickie would satisfy her. Then she would go to sleep in his arms.
“I sure hope the kids didn’t hear us before,” she said.
At the mention of the children, his cock deflated. “Oh, shit, I forgot about that.”
Struggling to breathe, she sucked on the flared rim of his knob. “They’re sound sleepers,” she said, desperate to change the subject. “Most kids are.”
Once again she felt his cock stir and pulsate against her tongue. “Yeah, maybe you’re right,” he said.
Her cheeks caved in as she increased the suctioning pull on his prick. He moved his hips as he fucked her mouth. She lay still, using only her talented hungry mouth to blow him.
Soon he was rocking back and forth. His ass rubbed over her tits as he guided his prick in and out of the tight ring of her lips.
If he would only surprise me by shoving it into my cunt, the young wife thought. As much as she loved sucking him, her pussy was hot again and badly in need of attention.
“Jesus, baby, I think I’m gonna come again,” he said.
She took a deep breath. Better a mouthful of jizz than nothing at all. She used her hand on the trunk of his prick as she devoured him with her mouth.
She used her free hand to reach underneath and squeeze his balls.
“Don’t stop,” he said through clenched teeth. “I’m gonna dump into your mouth.”
His cockshaft twitched wildly. For a moment she considered spitting his cock out and demanding he fuck her. If she didn’t get laid again she’d never get to sleep.
She continued sucking. She wanted to keep him happy. If she appeared too demanding he might think their marriage was a mistake. Besides, she loved nothing better than a mouthful of jizz.
His spunk started spurting into her mouth. She struggled to swallow it down.
Don’t lose a drop, she thought. Not a drop.
Much too soon for the horny young wife, it was over. Greg groaned, kissed her goodnight and was asleep within minutes.
Chapter 2
The early morning sun streamed into the room. The young girl in the bed squinted and swore under her breath.
She hated her bedroom. The furniture made her want to puke. It was all pink and white and virginal. Uncle Greg’s new wife had furnished it right after she came to live in the house. Vickie hated the furnishings and she hated Jackie.
Under the covers she shamelessly fingered her pussy. She was horny. And why not? Every night it was the same old thing. She lay in bed and listened to Jackie screaming for Greg to fuck her. What a drag.
The teenager’s rosy nipples tingled. She fingered her clit. She felt an orgasm begin and pictured her cousin Vinnie’s cock.
How many times had his jizz squirted into her cunt? She squirmed her ass as she masturbated. Dozens, maybe hundreds of times. Even now she pretended his come was gushing into her pussy.
The fantasy worked. She stroked two fingers into her gash as she pictured Vinnie’s prick ramming into her.
She lay still after she came. She smiled to herself, her fingers still inside her pussy.
After school she would get Vinnie to fuck her. They’d been fucking for years. Ever since she came to live with them.
Now the teenager rose up and walked to the door. She listened for sounds in the hall. She wanted to avoid Jackie if possible. Jackie giggled a lot and flirted with her stepsons at every opportunity. Vickie thought it was disgusting and wondered what Uncle Greg saw in her.
She covered herself with a robe and went out to the hall. She was late for school already.
That’s what happens when you jerk off regularly, she thought. You lose track of time.
The bathroom was empty and as she brushed her teeth she thought about her Uncle Greg. She loved her Uncle Greg and found him sexy. Just before he had married Jackie she had begun making plans to seduce him. Then Jackie had moved in and spoiled everything.
When she was through in the bathroom, she returned to her bedroom to dress. As usual, the flowered wallpaper made her gag.
She’s got taste in her ass, she thought. Aunt Jackie. I’ll never call her that. The slut. Always after Uncle Greg to fuck her. Jesus, what a slut!
When her skin-tight jeans were tucked around her skin-tight turtleneck sweater, she examined her image in the mirror.
She liked what she saw. She was slender, but big busted. Her hips were slim, but her ass was round and firm. Her hair was California blonde, bleached in streaks from the sun. Her tan was year round and covered almost her entire body. Only her bikini area and her thirty-eight-D-cup tits were white.
She wondered what Jackie looked like naked. Her tits were so big she was sure they hung down to her knees.
Vinnie always said if Jackie took her bra off she could play basketball with her boobs. Todd said he wouldn’t mind getting lost in her cleavage. Vickie suspected Vinnie wouldn’t mind either.
The pouty-mouthed teenager smiled when she thought about her cousin Todd. She fucked him occasionally too, but he was always so nervous and afraid his father would find them together.
Actually Vickie was quite happy living with her uncle and cousins. If only she could think of a way to get rid of Jackie her life would be just about perfect.
“Let me have one,” Vickie said, reaching for a potato chip.
Vinnie snickered and stuffed a huge chip into his mouth. “Jesus, you’re licking it. I never saw anyone lick a potato chip before.”
Vickie curled her tongue and licked the salt off the chip. She was well aware of the effect she was having on her cousin. She reached down and touched the golden triangle between her legs as she gazed at his hard-on.
“I’m just licking it like I lick your cock,” she cooed.
She parted her legs to better show off the jewel nestled inside her beaver. Her movement had the desired effect. Vinnie sputtered and choked, and half-chewed potato chips fell onto the rug.
“Christ,” he said hoarsely.
His cock was still imprisoned inside his jeans. His eyes narrowed as he gazed at his cousin’s pussy. She had a spectacular body. Big tits. Big ass. Great legs. Slim hips and tiny waist. And a mouth made to suck cock.
The teenage boy couldn’t believe his luck. He was fucking the prettiest girl in school a couple of times a week. And she couldn’t get enough of it. She fucking loved dick so much that, if he wanted to, he could have fucked her every day.
Totally naked, the girl lay with her legs spread and nibbled daintily on the chips. She carefully licked the salt off each one before taking a small bite and holding it on her tongue before swallowing it.
“If you’re hungry I’ve got something better than that” Vinnie chuckled. As he spoke he unzipped his fly. He brought his prick out.
When he released it, his dick throbbed and swayed forcefully.
Vickie shoved a last chip into her mouth and chewed it loudly. She wiped her hands on the blanket and swallowed. “Aw, Vinnie, you tell the truth.”
He pushed his jeans down and climbed onto the bed. He wore no shorts so he lay back and watched his cock sway from side to side.
“Get over here,” he said.
The horny blonde rolled over, stuck her ass out and crawled between his legs. She felt a sticky warmth between her legs. She was deliciously horny.
With a quick lick of her lips, she bent down and pushed her mouth against his balls. She always liked to start with his balls. She kissed and licked the wrinkled sack. Using the flat of her tongue, she wet down the hairs coating his eggs. She loved the special taste of balls.
A thrill surged through her as she sucked first one ball and then the other into her mouth. Vinnie lay back with his eyes closed. His face was expressionless, but she knew he loved when she licked his balls.
When his balls were soaked with her saliva, she nipped the delicate skin between her lips.
Finally when she could wait no longer, she flicked her tongue up the underside of his cockshaft.
When her tongue reached his cockhead, her pussy quivered. Now for the treat of treats-licking up the drop of jizz that had already dripped out of his pisser.
She held the drop of come on her tongue and closed her lush lips around his cock-knob. He groaned with pleasure and opened his eyes.
“Shit, you sure know how to give head,” he said in his hoarse voice.
“How’s this?” she said, sliding her lips halfway down his prickshaft.
“Oh, shit, your tongue feels like velvet,” he. said, throwing his head back. “Oh, shit, it’s good.”
She stretched her lips wide and sucked in her breath. She drew more and more of his cock into her mouth while her big tits danced around his thighs.
Soon his blood-engorged cockhead hit the back of her throat. This was the best part. She loved swallowing him up. She loved taking him all the way into her throat. If she could, she would swallow him down completely.
She held his cockhead in her throat to the count of sixty. Her long blonde hair tickled his belly as she clamped her lips around his cockroot.
Finally she pulled back, dragging her soft lips toward his cock-knob. She took a deep breath before burying her face against his cock-bush.
Vinnie reached down and twisted one hand into her thick hair. He pulled her head up and she gazed at him expectantly.
“What are you doing?” she said.
“Let’s fuck.”
“What’s your hurry?” She burrowed in and began licking his balls.
He yanked on her hair. “Oh, shit, here!” He stuffed his prick back into her mouth.
Her laughter was muffled by his fuckpole. She suctioned his hot prick into her throat and then abruptly spit it out.

As if by plan, he pulled her up and rolled on top of her. With a grunt, he pressed his full weight on her body.
“Vinnie, you’re killing me!” she giggled.
“I’ve got to take a nap,” he said, deliberately shifting his weight around to crush her tits.
She loved it. She held his ass and dipped her fingers into his asscrack. “You feel like a ton of bricks.” She could barely conceal the excitement in her voice.
“Okay, okay.” He moved his weight to his arms and legs and hovered over her.
Suddenly he ducked his head down and fastened his teeth to one of her nipples. She yelped and laced her fingers through his head.
“Now this one,” she said, guiding him to her other tit.
He moved hungrily from one tit to the other, sucking and licking and nipping her cushiony mounds of female flesh.
The teenage girl was totally aroused. She thrust her pelvis up in an attempt to force him to enter her.
His cock stabbed her belly as she squirmed around, pressing her wet cunt against him. “Stick it in,” she said.
The boy chuckled. “You sound like Jackie now.”
Vickie stiffened. “You hear them too!” she cried.
“Who can miss it? Fuck me!” he hissed, obviously imitating Jackie. “Oooohhhh, that’s sooooo good! Stick it all the way in! I just can’t wait.”
Both youngsters giggled as they clung together. “She sure makes a lot of noise,” Vickie said.
“I wouldn’t mind a taste of that myself,” Vinnie said.
Vickie froze. “Let’s not talk about her. Let’s fuck.”
He continued rubbing his cock against her belly and nibbling her tits. “I’d sure like to fuck her,” he repeated.
“She’s not so great.”
He smirked. “You’re just jealous.”
The teenager pushed his mouth off her tit. “If you dig her so much, what are you doing fucking me?”
“Aw, Vickie, I dig you more.”
“That’s better,” she said, stroking his hair as he kissed her jutting nipples. “Fuck me, Vinnie. Fuck me now.”
“There you go again,” he chuckled.
“Fuck you!” She tried to wriggle out from under him, but he was too strong for her.
“I just said I wouldn’t mind a taste,” he said, grinning down at her. “I’m gonna stick it in in a minute. You’re one horny chick.”
“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she said, wiggling her ass when he touched her pussy.
He tilted his cock back and guided it toward her cunt. She reached for it, but he pulled back.
She brought her ass up off the bed and offered him her cunt. He slowly parted her cuntlips with his cock and let it rest inside her palpitating moisture.
The blonde girl shivered at the contact. There was no better feeling in the world. She loved the moment when a stiff cock sliced into her slick cunt-folds. She loved when his cockhead stretched the mouth of her cunt.
In a moment Vinnie lunged forward and buried half his cock into her gash. He grinned crookedly as he gave her another inch of his dick.
“Now, fuck!” the excited girl cried.
“What do you think I’m doing?” he said.
His balls banged against the crack of her ass. His pelvic bone rubbed delectably against her clit with every thrust. He mashed down on her little sex organ, screwing her expertly. She raised her legs and opened herself to him totally.
He began fucking her with long smooth strokes. Her cunt was so lubricated he entered her easily.
“Ahhhhhh!” he grunted. “What a sweet pussy.”
A fire raged within Vickie’s pussy and spread throughout her body. She wiggled her ass and hips convulsively and locked her legs around his back.
Every thrust brought her closer to achieving the ultimate release. Oh, the wonder when it finally happened! The exquisite torture until it finally arrived!
Vinnie lowered his mouth to her chest and licked wide wet circles around her nipples. She felt his cock deep inside her. It seemed to be stirring up everything in her belly and jarring her to the very roots of her being.
She moaned and whimpered continually. The boy sawed his rigid prick in and out of her hot moist pussy effortlessly.
He loved fucking Vickie. Ever since she came to live with them they’d been doing it. He had a feeling Vickie was doing it with Todd too, but he wasn’t sure.
He enjoyed teasing her about Jackie. He knew she resented his stepmother, but he liked Jackie. Sometimes he pretended he was fucking Jackie when he was sticking it to Vickie.
He raised the upper part of his body and gazed down at the blonde teenager beneath him. Their bodies looked welded together. He liked to watch his thick cock move in and out of her hairy cunt.
He bit his lower lip when he rammed his dick every more deeply into her. She trembled as the velvety tunnel of her cunt clung to his prick.
“How about a finger?” he said, moving one hand under her ass and snaking it into her asscrack.
“Ooohhh, yes!” she cried. She loved when he stuck his finger into her asshole. Once he had tried to stick his cock into her ass, but she made him stop. She knew people did it, but it frightened her.
Suddenly he jammed a finger into her bung. She shrieked, more from excitement than pain. He seemed to stir her shit around as he stretched the rubbery entrance to her brownie.
“Can I fuck you in the ass sometime?” he hissed.
“No!” The hot teenager felt her climax approach.
Vinnie thrust his finger knuckle-deep into her butt as he fucked his prick into her pussy. He knew his balls would erupt momentarily. He liked to watch Vickie’s face when she came.
And then she was coming, and her wild thrusting spurred him on. He liked to wait until he had no choice but to come. His orgasms were best when he controlled himself as long as possible.
It turned him on to bring a girl like Vickie to her knees. He wondered what it would be like to fuck a grown woman like Jackie.
The thought of Jackie and the memory of her wild shrieks in the night triggered his long-suppressed climax. His come erupted and splashed into Vickie’s cunt.
When she felt the rush of his climax, the blonde teenager came again. There was nothing like a steaming load of jizz to set her off.
She raked her fingernails down the boy’s arms. She clung to him long after he stopped thrusting, holding his still-hard cock inside her inflamed pussy.
Chapter 3
Jackie gazed down at her husband, who was already snoring loudly next to her. She smiled ruefully and considered awakening him.
She felt a surge of affection for him and decided to let him sleep. It was true she was horny and they hadn’t fucked this evening. But Greg looked tired and she didn’t want to appear demanding.
Still, it bothered her to have to go to sleep horny. She could use her fingers to bring herself off, but masturbating seldom really satisfied her.
She heard the sound of music next door in Vickie’s room. The girl was still up and probably wouldn’t go to sleep for hours. It amazed Jackie that the girl needed so little sleep and still awakened with the blush of youth on her cheeks.
She punched up her pillow and rolled onto her belly. She suspected Vinnie and Vickie were fooling around. She never mentioned it to Greg, but once she saw the boy leaving his cousin’s room in the middle of the night.
Jackie had no hangups about sex. She saw nothing wrong with the two teenagers relieving themselves together. In a way she envied young Vickie..
But I’m not that much older, she thought with a start. I’m too young to settle down.
You married Greg because you love him, she answered herself. And you knew he had two kids. Three really, counting Vickie.
Her frustration mounted as she thought about the teenage blonde in the room next door. She’d tried to make a friend of Vickie, but the girl remained cool and aloof.
Suddenly there was silence next door. Jackie rolled onto her back and slipped out of bed.
Reaching for her robe, she decided to go downstairs for some wine. Then she could return to bed and jerk off quickly.
She poured herself a glassful of wine and mounted the stairs. On an impulse she walked down the hall to Vickie’s room. The light was on. Maybe this would be a good opportunity for her to try and talk to the girl.
She took huge gulps of the wine to calm her horny nerves. A gnawing dissatisfaction with her life engulfed her.
She loved Greg but was disappointed in marriage generally. Before their marriage, Greg hadn’t been able to keep bis hands off her. Now he no longer fucked her twice a day, which was a minimum requirement for her. Now she was lucky if he tossed her a quick fuck in the morning before he went to work.
She moved toward Vickie’s door, so lost in her thoughts she was scarcely aware of the voices emanating from the teenager’s room.
She paused when she realized Vickie’s door was slightly open. She quickly downed most of her wine when she heard a boyish snicker. It was Vinnie’s laugh, there was no mistaking that.
His chuckle was followed by Vickie’s giggle. Tiptoing closer and hugging the wall, Jackie peered inside the room.
“Kiss me with your tongue,” Vickie said.
Despite her suspicions, Jackie was shocked. It was true that Vickie was old enough for sex, and Vinnie was almost a man, but they were cousins and it was obvious they were committing incest. Even she had never fucked a relative even though she had been raised with two horny younger brothers.
“We just fucked last night,” Vickie giggled.
Jackie gawked. The girl’s tits bounced around. Vinnie wrapped his arms around her and tried to push her onto her back.
“Shit, you shook those tits in my face all night. I can’t help it if you turn me on.”
“I thought Jackie turned you on,” Vickie said.
At the mention of her name, the brunette blanched. She automatically hugged her arms around her chest.
“Yeah, well, until I can get to her I’ll take what I can get,” he said, bending down and hungrily sucking one of the blonde’s nipples.
To Jackie he looked like a horny stud who could give a girl the fucking of her life. And it was obvious from their bantering that he found her attractive.
She watched Vickie squirm around in her cousin’s arms. She had never really thought about her stepsons as potential lovers. Now, hearing that Vinnie found her sexy, she realized she desired him in a decidedly non-maternal way.
The teenage stud rolled around Vickie’s bedspread. And to think of the hours I spent picking out that spread, Jackie thought ruefully. If they fuck on it they might get jism all over it. She smiled to herself. A little jism never hurt anything. And she suspected Vickie didn’t like the bedspread anyway.
Poor me, Jackie thought, hugging herself out in the hall. Little Vickie is getting her pussy taken care of while I’m out here in left field watching.
She finished her wine and carefully placed the glass on the floor next to her door. She adjusted her eyes to the dim light and peeked inside at the young lovers.
Vinnie was fully dressed so she couldn’t see what he had in his pants. She had a hunch his cock was big and randy. Boys were always horny. Lucky Vickie.
She knew she ought to return to bed, but she stood transfixed and watched the youngsters paw each other. Now Vinnie was covering Vickie’s tits with kisses and Vickie was squealing and giggling.
“You’re tickling me,” Vickie said.
“You love it,” Vinnie said, his voice muffled by her milkers.
“You’re turning me on,” Vickie said, running her fingers through the boy’s thick hair and encourging him to lick her tits.
“Are you wet?”
Vickie giggled. “Am I ever.”
“My dick’s like a rock.”
Jackie flinched. She squeezed her thighs together. Her knees felt weak and she couldn’t resist moving a hand inside her robe and touching herself.
“If it’s really like a rock,” Vickie said, “then I guess I’ll let you do it.”
Vinnie smirked and raised her head. He extended his tongue and wagged it lewdly. “Let me do it? Shit! You mean you’ll really let me fuck you?” He rolled his eyes and chuckled.
“Oh, shut up!” Vickie giggled, tousling his hair. “Shut up and suck.”
Jackie moved her hand back and forth over her beaver. Watching the teenagers had turned her pussy into an inferno. She spread her legs and hiked her nightgown up. With a silent moan she closed her fingers over her pussy.
She rubbed herself while she watched the incestuous scene on the bed. Should she tell Greg his son was fucking with his niece? Would he be furious or would he agree it was natural?
She stopped thinking about her dilemma as she watched Vinnie peel Vickie’s panties over her shapely ass. When Vickie’s blonde thicket came into view, Jackie sucked in her breath. What a sexy little thing Vickie was.
“Stick your finger inside me,” Vickie said.
Jackie’s mouth fell open. The girl was so aggressive. So young and already a ball-breaker. But Vinnie didn’t look unhappy. His grin was evidence of that.
Jackie fingered her cunt and almost stopped breathing as her stepson dropped to his knees before the teenage blonde. Vickie opened her legs and Vinnie parted her cuntlips with two fingers.
Lowering his head, he extended his tongue and flicked it over the girl’s gaping slit. Vickie moaned and placed her hands on his head as she thrust her pussy at his mouth.
Out in the hall Jackie shivered. The couple were so close to her and yet so far. Two steps and she could be in the room touching them. But she might as well have been miles away. The young lovers dwelt in a world of their own which excluded her, and Greg, too.
She was mesmerized by the way Vinnie’s tongue played over Vickie’s cunt. It had been ages since Greg had licked her cunt with such zeal.
She hated to admit it, but she envied Vickie. Her pussy throbbed as she watched the girl getting tongued. If only Greg showed more enthusiasm for sex. If only he wasn’t always tired.
The horny young stepmother rubbed her clit as she gazed at the couple on the bed. She suppressed a moan. It wasn’t görükle escort fair. She wasn’t much older than Vinnie. Maybe she shouldn’t have married an older man who wanted to sleep when she wanted to fuck.
Vinnie’s face was hidden between Vickie’s thighs. Jackie couldn’t see his tongue whipping over the blonde’s twat, but she heard Vickie’s moans and saw the ecstatic expression on her face.
Her own fingers teased her clit as she watched Vinnie bring the blonde teenager to the peak of excitement.
“Eat me!” Vickie squealed. “Make me come! Eat me!”
But Vinnie stopped sucking. “My jaws are tired,” he said.
“Shitface!” Vickie giggled.
“Aw, you don’t wanna come yet,” he smirked.

In her hiding place in the hall Jackie watched and trembled. She licked her lips and gazed at the young couple on the bed.
How she wanted to change places with Vickie! How she wanted to be the one about to receive Vinnie’s dick!
She had trouble breathing when Vinnie began removing his jeans. She stopped rubbing her cunt as she watched his big cock leap out of his fly.
When he was naked, he climbed on top of his cousin and wound his arms around her, Jackie leaned weakly against the wall and wondered how the boy’s tongue would feel in her cunt. She knew damn well how his cock would feel. It was a beauty.
Me! she thought. Fuck me!
Her clit pulsated wildly. In order to quench the thirst in” her pussy she opened her legs and touched the wet inside of her cunt.
She let out a loud sigh before she realized what she was doing.
Vinnie glanced toward the door. “Shit, you left the door open.”
Vickie grabbed him and kissed him. “You’re getting paranoid. Besides, everyone’s sleeping.”
Vinnie frenched her and she frenched him back. He dragged his lips down to her throat and shoulders and tits.
“When are you gonna let me fuck you in the ass?” the boy said.
He wedged his hand between the teenager’s thighs. Vickie wriggled her ass seductively. “Don’t bug me,” she said.
“I don’t want to bug you,” he chuckled. “I want to bugger you.”
Both youngers burst out laughing. Out in the hall Jackie couldn’t help but smile.
Her heart beat wildly. She was fearful of being discovered, but she found herself glued to the spot. There was no way she could go back to bed and miss watching the cousins fuck.
She wondered if Greg had awakened and if so whether he missed her. She couldn’t be worried about it. If he found her in the hall she could pretend she had dropped something on her way back to bed.
The glass she’d used for her wine was still at her feet. She clutched her bosom. She caressed herself and felt her heart pound madly.
“What are you waiting for?” Vickie said.
“Why don’t you fuck me?” the girl whined.
“Aren’t you gonna blow me?”
Jackie felt faint. She wanted Vickie to blow him. She wanted to watch the ungrateful little brat suck on a mouthful of cock-meat.
“Yeah, I guess so,” Vickie said.
Her voice had risen. Her whining annoyed Jackie. She hoped it annoyed Vinnie too. She wanted the boy to walk out on the blonde and leave her horny.
“Don’t sweat it,” Vinnie said. “I can’t wait to stick it to you.” He held his prick in his fist and squeezed it. “I’m going to stick it in so deep it’ll come out your mouth.”
Vickie giggled as he positioned his prick between her legs. He fell forward, but Jackie saw his cock miss the mark and stab the girl’s belly.
Like father like son, she smiled to herself.
“It’s not in!” Vickie wailed.
“Okay, don’t you think I know it?” Vinnie said. “I wanna stick it in. Don’t you think I want it as much as you?”
The boy hefted Vickie’s thighs in his hands and pushed her knees back toward her chest.
“Open up,” he said.
The girl held her knees back and opened her legs wide. Vinnie pointed his cock in the direction of her pussy and this time when he lunged forward it slipped right in.
“It’s in!” Vickie hissed happily.
“Aw, shit, don’t I know it!”
Now that Vickie’s pussy was wrapped around Vinnie’s dick, she moved her legs to his waist and tightened her hold on him.
She rocked her hips wildly, forcing his cock more deeply into her depths.
Jackie watched as the boy’s cock streaked into the girl’s cunt. The expression on Vickie’s face told her all she needed to know. The boy could fuck. And he seemed to be tireless.
Jackie had been around before she met Greg, but she’d never seen two live people fucking.
What amused her, even as she suffered from envy and horniness, was that Vickie’s reactions were similar to her own. The girl yelled and wiggled and gyrated her hips. She demanded that Vinnie fuck her harder one minute and more slowly the next.
We’re alike, Jackie thought as a feeling of warmth for the teenage girl surged through her. We have a lot in common after all.
Greg teased her about being insatiable, but, from the looks of it, Vickie couldn’t get enough either. She hissed at Vinnie to fuck her a long time and banged her legs on his back.
Women weren’t made for quickies, she thought. Quickies can be nice for a tease, an appetizer, but for the main course give me a good long fuck anytime.
Vickie’s cries of passion and Vinnie’s stroking cock made Jackie’s pussy pulsate wildly. Her fingers wouldn’t do it tonight. No, she needed more. Much more.
As she watched the youngsters on the bed kiss and fuck, she squatted down and slipped a finger into her pussy. She was so wet she could hear slurping sounds emanating from her cunt and wondered if the lovers could hear too.
She needn’t have worried. They were in a world of their own on the bed.
She added a second finger to her pussy. Her cunt sucked greedily on both fingers. She fingered herself to the rhythm of Vinnie’s fuck-strokes. Maybe she could manage to bring herself off when the youngsters came. There was a depravity about watching her stepson and niece by marriage locked together. Both were so caught up in their passion they paid no attention to any sounds she made in the hall.
“Fuck me!” Vickie cried over and over. “Give it to me hard!”
She sounds just like me, Jackie thought as she stroked her fingers into her hungry cunt.
Her climax was seconds away. Then Vickie shrieked that she was coming and Jackie didn’t want to lose control for even a moment.
She watched wide-eyed as Vinnie pulled out of his young cousin’s twat and clenched his teeth.
“Here!” he grunted, thrusting his powerful thighs forward and dropping the first spurt of come on Vickie’s tits.
Each jet of jism landed on a different part of the blonde’s body. He aimed one at her belly and the next at her face. It hit her lower Up and Vickie licked it up and rubbed the excess into her skin.
Jackie’s heart was in her mouth. Greg had never done anything so imaginative as come all over her.
She thrust her fingers into her gash and brought herself off. As she came she couldn’t help but moan. She leaned against the wall, breathing deeply. When she opened her eyes, Vinnie was climbing off the bed.
“Someone’s out there!” he hissed as he approached the door.
There was no time for Jackie to run back to bed. For one split second her eyes locked with Vinnie’s. She froze and thought she might pass out.
“There’s no one out there,” Vickie said. “Come back and lick the come off me.”
Vinnie lowered his eyes and returned to the bed. When his back was turned, Jackie picked up the glass and dashed back to the master bedroom.
Vinnie had pretended he hadn’t seen her. But they both knew she’d been watching them. What the result of the incident would be was a mystery to Jackie.
Quivering, she pulled the covers up over her head and cuddled close to Greg.
Chapter 4
Todd was horny. He had spent the evening with his girlfriend. They had gone to the beach with a six-pack and had passed the next two hours arguing. As it turned out the girl wouldn’t let him touch her. She had forgotten to take her pill and was afraid she’d get pregnant.
When he returned home, his head hurt from drinking most of the beer and his balls ached from frustration. It was still early, but he went up to his room, planning to jerk off.
The house was quiet. Greg and Vinnie were away fishing and Vickie was sleeping at a friend’s. As he passed his stepmother’s door, he hesitated. Then he remembered his throbbing head and raging hard-on and he continued down the hall.
He was pissed at his girlfriend for forgetting to take her pill and pissed at himself for always being so horny.
Sometimes Vickie let him fuck her, but in his heart he knew it was wrong to fuck his own cousin and anyway she wasn’t home. No help there.
Now he flopped onto his bed and thought about the seductive blonde. Man, she could sure suck cock!
And what a bod! Her tits were more than a mouthful and her ass was dynamite. But it was her pussy that fascinated him. Damn, he loved gash!
He absently stroked his crotch as he thought about his cousin. The bulge grew and he groaned as he glanced down at the mass between his legs.
Getting laid was a problem. A guy could get psycho just searching out pussy.
It was then that he heard moaning coming from his stepmother’s room. He held his hand over his crotch and listened.
Sometimes he pretended he was fucking Jackie while he jerked off. Sometimes he pretended she was giving him head. He had his best orgasms that way.
Now he lay still and listened. It sounded like she was crying. Swinging his legs off the bed, he went out to the hall and listened outside her door.
He groaned to himself when the door swung partway open. He couldn’t help but see into the room.
Jackie was stretched out on the bed wearing a sheer shortie nightgown. The gown was bunched up around her waist and she held an object he couldn’t see in her hand.
She thrashed her legs around and sobbed. The boy realized then that what she held, what she was touching herself with, was a vibrator.
He knew he should return to his room, but he was fascinated by the sight of his stepmother jerking off.
Married women do it too, he thought. Well, why not. Dad’s away. She’s got a right to be horny.
“Todd, is that you out there?” Jackie called out when she finally saw him standing in the doorway.
The boy was startled. “I thought you were crying,” he stammered. “I thought you were sick or something.”
She lowered her nightie and sat forward. She hid the vibrator under the covers. She crossed her arms over her chest modestly and smiled.
“Come on in, Todd,” she said. “As long as you’re here we may as well keep each other company.”
Todd hesitated, but continued gawking at her. He couldn’t believe she was pretending he hadn’t seen her jerking off.
“Oh, come on in,” she giggled, relaxing against the pillows and reaching for the vibrator. She switched it on and rubbed it over her cunt. “You’re a big boy now. Surely this doesn’t shock you.”
“Well …” he said as he slowly crossed the room. “I guess it doesn’t.”
Jackie did a quick calculation. Todd was old enough to fuck and young enough to be horny. She would have preferred Vinnie. Ever since the night she had discovered him in Vickie’s room there was an unspoken bond between them. But she would settle for the younger boy. It would do the kid good to get laid by a real woman.
“Sit down,” she said as he stood next to the bed and stared at her. She smiled brightly. “I smell booze on your breath. And is that a hard-on I see? Don’t be embarrassed. Did your girlfriend send you home horny.”
Her grin told him she didn’t disapprove. He sat down on the edge of the bed. “Yeah.” His eyes darted over her tits. “She forgot to take her pill.”
Jackie slowly moved the vibrator over her muff. “Young girls can be so frustrating,” she said.
“You’re young,” he blurted.
She decided not to play games. She reached over and clamped her fingers over his wrist. “And I need some loving,” she said. “Why don’t you let me see what you’ve got in your pants? Maybe we can help each other out.”
The boy blushed. Jackie could see he was scared to death. She waited for his response, barely breathing while she searched his face.
Todd was deep in thought. He wasn’t sure what his stepmother was suggesting. But his father was away and she admitted she needed loving.
Jackie began to get nervous. The silence was driving her crazy. “What’s the problem?” she said. “People do it all the time. And I won’t eat you up unless you want me to.”
They laughed together. “I wouldn’t mind if you did,” Todd said, his eyes lowered as he rose up and tugged at his zipper.
Jackie took a deep breath and felt her excitement mount. Maybe it was fated that Greg should be away with Vinnie. Maybe it was preordained that she and Todd should be home alone.
She had been horny for weeks and especially so since she saw Vinnie in bed with Vickie. Now here she was alone with Todd. Who’s to call her an adultress? Who can afford to throw the first stone?
Todd’s zipper was halfway down when, he paused. “Jesus, do you mean it?” he muttered.
“Of course,” Jackie said quickly. “I’d never tease you about this. It would be too cruel. I know how horny boys your age can be.”
As she spoke he continued unzipping his fly. She felt warm all over as she waited to view his prick.
“Oh, my,” she giggled when she saw his prick emerge and stand straight out from his body.
“What’s wrong?” Todd said, frowning.
“What’s so funny?”
Jackie knew she had to talk fast. “Nothing’s funny. It’s just that your cock is so hard already.” She absently turned the switch on her vibrator and touched it to her cunt. “You’re getting me all excited.” She lifted her nightie and directed the vibrator over her naked gash.
The boy swallowed hard as he stared at her pussy. He blushed furiously and tried to avert his eyes.
“Don’t worry about looking,” Jackie smiled. “How can you avoid looking? That’s what it’s all about.”
The teenager dropped his jeans and shorts as he watched his stepmother move the vibrator over her cunt. The ache in his balls got worse by the minute. He automatically began stroking his prick.
“Get over here,” Jackie said softly. Her throat felt constricted and tight. The boy’s cock was big and she knew he was overly excited. He would probably cream his jeans too quickly, but she didn’t care. She could bring him up again. In fact it would be a pleasure to bring him up again.
Todd lowered himself to the bed, still stroking his prick. He stared openly at Jackie’s wide-open pussy.
She tossed the vibrator aside and closed her legs. “Now that you’re here I guess I don’t need that.”
Todd stopped pumping his prick. He grinned crookedly and held up his hand. “And I guess I don’t need this.”
Jackie leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “You sure don’t,” she giggled.
The teenager’s eyes darted nervously as he tried unsuccessfully to avoid staring at his stepmother’s boobs or cunt.
“What are we gonna do now?” he croaked.
“Do you like when a girl eats you?” Jackie said.

“Sure.” The boy smirked and blushed. “It’s great.”
“You’re not going to mind if I blow you?”
His eyes widened. “Are you kidding?”
Jackie’s eyes blazed. “I happen to think that sex is natural and healthy and ought to be shared inside a family. Do you agree with me?”
The boy’s lips were parched. “I guess so.”
Jackie stared at his prick. It had deflated slightly. Nerves will do it every time, she thought.
“Lie down, honey,” she said.
Todd lay down, but reached for her. “Can I touch you there?” He nodded toward her snatch.
“In good time,” she said.
She remained silent for a moment. She thought about where to start and how to avoid frightening the boy any further.
Fires of hot desire raged within her. She knew this was an important moment for both of them. It would serve as the basis for their future relationship.
Todd’s face remained impassive, but he suddenly placed his fingers on her beaver and began rubbing it gently.
She trembled all over and instinctively caressed her tits. Closing her eyes, she opened her sensual lips and began speaking.
“You’ll probably come quickly,” she said. “I don’t want you to worry about it. I know how to make you hard again. You’ll see. I’ll take care of everything.”
As she spoke she encouraged him to climb between her thighs. She manipulated her nipples and breathed deeply.
“Climb aboard,” she smiled.
The young stepmother was surprised but pleased when the boy pushed her hands away and replaced them with his own.
He mashed and massaged her tits and brought his lips down on hers. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and felt her breathing quicken. He was more aggressive than she anticipated. She responded by sucking his tongue into her mouth.
“Fuck me, quick!” she hissed.
The boy clumsily mounted her. She would have enjoyed sucking him first, but she couldn’t wait a moment longer. She needed fucking and she needed it badly.
“Fuck me hard and fast,” she said, spreading her legs and helping him. “Remember what I said before. I can make your cock hard again.”
She thrust herself forward as he entered her. She quivered all over, giddy from the feel of his cockshaft stretching the velvety walls of her pussy.
The horny stepmother felt the tremors that signaled an orgasm. She clamped her legs around the teenager’s waist and slammed her heels into his back.
The boy perspired as he fell forward and grabbed hold of her tits. He thrust awkwardly and once his cock almost slipped from her cunt.
“Easy, baby, easy,” she murmured, reaching back and holding onto Ms ass. “Don’t leave me yet. Don’t you dare leave me yet.”
But she saw by his expression that his balls were about to explode. Slamming forward, the teenager grimaced as bursts of come shot into her gash.
Jackie relished the feel of his love-juice inside her. She didn’t come, but she enjoyed his pleasure immensely. She could wait. She knew he wouldn’t turn over and go to sleep, leaving her horny. He would take advantage of every moment they were together.
When he stopped shaking, he lay back. She gathered him in her arms and hugged him to her. His head fell heavily against her chest and she encouraged him to open his mouth and suck on one of her tits. The boy’s jizz oozed out of her cunt and dribbled down the insides of her thighs. She combed his hair with her fingers as he nursed on her tits.
“You just rest a minute,” she said. “I’ll take care of everything. You’re sucking so good. I love having my tits sucked.”
Moving one hand to his crotch, she fingered his limp dick. A deep sigh escaped the boy’s lips when she squeezed his prick. His cock stirred almost at once.
She toyed with his piss-slit and smiled to herself when it juiced up. Wordlessly removing his mouth from her tits, she crawled between his legs and lowered her face to bis prick.
“Let me take it in my mouth,” she said, flicking the tip of her tongue over his cock and leaving a trail of saliva on his meat.
She took his prick into her mouth and enjoyed the tasty combination of jizz and cunt juice.
She sucked and slurped and soon the smell and taste of jizz and pussy-juice disappeared. She felt like a mother cat licking her young. And in fact she was a mother, albeit a stepmother.
The more she licked, the stiffer his cock became. She used her fingers to fondle his balls. The expression on his face told her more than a million words that he was having the time of his life.
She moved her mouth up and down on his half-hard fuckpole. He groaned softly and thrust it forward into her throat.
His thighs jerked when she squeezed his balls. He widened the spread of his legs as she thrust a finger into his asscrack.
“Delicious dick,” she murmured, attacking his cock with her lips and tongue and teeth.
“Jesus, that’s good,” he croaked.
“I loved it when you fucked me,” she said.
“Jesus, Jackie, if you keep doing that I don’t know …”
His words hung in the air. She knew she was giving him the blow-job of his life. In order to cool him down she twisted around until she faced his feet. Then she dropped her pussy to his mouth, praying he’d know what to do.
He zeroed in on her cunt-folds. He licked hungrily up and down her slit and used his upper lip to stimulate her clit.
“Where did you learn how to suck a cunt?” she hissed as the boy’s cockhead lodged in her throat.
She didn’t expect an answer and didn’t get one. The teenager grunted as he dabbed a finger into her cunthole and licked wildly at her clit.
She pressed her cunt down on his face. My son, she thought. Not by blood but by marriage. And somehow the bond made the whole thing more exciting.
She went rigid when he came. She struggled to breathe while her lips remained fastened to his prick. She sucked and swallowed down thick globs of jizz. Her pussy contracted, flooding him with her come-fluid.
When it was over, neither Jackie nor the boy moved. Finally she slowly turned around and took him into her arms.
She felt a warm glow even though they hadn’t actually fucked. She inched her way down to his prick and took it into her mouth.
“Oh, God!” the boy groaned.
“Don’t you want me to suck it?” she said.
He nodded slowly. “Sure I do,” he breathed.
The boy had an appetite for sex. The horny stepmother curled up on her side and moved her mouth to his balls.
Sucking them into her mouth, she decided to let him fuck her from behind like a bitch in heat once she had him hard again. She liked that position. And if he wasn’t fully erect he’d still be able to penetrate her deeply. She smiled to herself as she filled her mouth with his cock.
Chapter 5
The youngsters stretched out on the blanket in the yard. Vickie lay sandwiched between her cousins. The sun beat down, and the boys closed their eyes. Vickie lay back and happily recalled the previous day when she and Vinnie had enjoyed a wild fuck.
He had stuck one finger in her cunt and another in her asshole. He held her like a bowling ball, stiffened his tongue and fluttered it up and down her asscrease.
The teenage girl responded as if she’d been hit by dynamite. She jerked her ass and twitched wildly. The finger in her cunt felt great, but the finger in her asshole was the best.
“What’re you doing?” she hissed, her tits flopping around as she rammed her ass back at his finger.
He pulled his finger out of her bung and explored her shitter with his tongue. “What do you think I’m doing?”
The boy’s velvety smooth tongue sent shivers down her spine. She glanced back, gazing hungrily at the horny boy.
“If you think you’re going to stick your cock in there you’re wrong.”
“Who wants to?”
She giggled happily. She knew he was dying to fuck her in the ass. One day she would let him, but not just yet. Now his fingers and tongue felt good enough.
She lay on her hands and knees and felt his saliva drip down her asscrack. On an impulse she reached back and pried open her asscheeks.
The boy snickered when he saw the tight ring of her asshole. The fluffy hair that ringed her shitter was wet with his saliva. Maybe if he turned her on enough she’d let him stick his cock in there.
“Don’t you dare,” she said, craning her neck to gaze back at him.
Her hips revolved deliciously. Vinnie had a feeling she wanted him to bugger her.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, he thought as he got to his knees behind her and directed the head of his prick at the entrance to her shit-chute.
“What are you doing?” she said shrilly.
He placed his hands on her hips and didn’t move. “What are you so nervous about?”
The blonde tensed her asshole muscles. In a way she wanted it and in another way she was frightened.
“I feel funny when I can’t see you.”
He leaned over her back and tweaked one of her boobs. “I’m right here, little girl.”
“Don’t call me that.”
He tweaked her other tit. “Women dig assfucking.”
“How do you know?”
“I just know.”
She shifted her ass back and forth. “If you want, you can stick it inside my cheeks. Only don’t go any further.”
“Yes, little girl,” he smirked, pinching her ass. “Whatever you say, little girl.”
“Oh, yes, that feels nice!”
He rubbed his cockhead up and down her asscrease. He paused at her bung.
“You can poke it against my asshole for a minute.”
“I think you want your asshole fucked.” He teased her by letting just the tip of his dick graze her asshole.
The girl said nothing. She hugged a pillow and waited. Getting her ass fucked might be a kick. She’d heard girls say they really got off on assfucking. But what if it hurt? She could make him take it out. She could push it out if it really hurt.
Vinnie moistened his cockhead with her pussy-juices and dragged it up and down her asscrack. He saw his cousin flush when he suddenly surged forward.
“Easy,” he said as her asshole stretched to accommodate his raging cock.
Vickie threw her head back and moaned. It hurt like hell. “Take it out!” she shrieked, but by then his cock was halfway in and the pain subsided.
“You okay?” he hissed, pausing with half of his cock inside her bowels.
She instinctively rammed her ass back and his entire prick popped into her bung. “Oh, God, it’s all the way in!” she wailed.
The pleasure was the most intense she had ever experienced. She wriggled her ass as he thrust in and out.
“I love it!” she yelled, bucking wildly beneath him.
“Stop wiggling so much. It’ll slip out.”
He left only his cockhead inside her as he reached around and began stroking her clit. “This is how the big boys do it,” he said.
He slammed forward and filled her shitter with stiff demanding cock. His come-filled balls bounced against her with every thrust.
Vickie’s reverie was interrupted when she opened her eyes and realized both boys were sporting hard-ons.
She covered her mouth with her hands and giggled uncontrollably. The two brothers opened their eyes simultaneously and realized why she was laughing.
The younger boy blushed and turned onto his side, but Vinnie didn’t bother hiding his hard-on. Instead he reached down and released it from his cut-offs.
Now he poked out obscenely, covered by the thin cotton of his jockey shorts. He smirked as he closed his eyes again.
Tears ran down Vickie’s cheeks as she giggled. “You’re awful,” she finally said.
Raising his head and leaning on his elbow, Vinnie reached over and nudged his brother. “Looks like we’re both horny, buddy.”
Todd smiled sheepishly. He sat up and tried to hide his hard-on without success.
“Yeah, I guess so,” he said.
“I’ve always had a feeling about you and Vickie here,” Vinnie said.
Vickie groaned and hid her face in her hands. “You’re awful!”
Todd blushed and turned his head away. “What about you?” he muttered.
“I deny nothing,” Vinnie said boldly. “Vickie and I fuck a lot. So what. It’s great, isn’t it, Vick?”
Wiping her eyes, the blonde teenager nodded. “It sure is.”
Vinnie punched his brother on the shoulder. “Hey, kid, we’re keeping it in the family. Nothing wrong with that.”
Todd blushed to the roots of his hair. He thought about Jackie and the time she let him fuck her. But of course Vinnie didn’t know about that.
“I guess so,” he finally said.
Vinnie put his arm around Vickie. “As long as we’re both doing it with Vickie here, how’s about we all do it together?”
Vickie burst out giggling again. “Vinnie, you’re terrible!”
“Variety,” Vinnie grinned, examining his nails. “The spice of life, baby.”
After a moment a shy smile creased Todd’s face. “I’m game,” he said.

Vickie turned to her older cousin. “Let’s do it now.” Her eyes shone with excitement.
“Why not?” Vinnie said.
He reached out and took her hand. He squeezed it as he winked. “How’s your ass?” he whispered.
“Fine,” she said.
Todd couldn’t believe his ears, Vickie was going to let them both fuck her. At one time.
” Where’ll we go?” he said, glancing around at the house.
“Her room,” Vinnie said, holding up Vickie’s hand.
As they approached the house, Jackie stepped out the door.
“Whoa,” Vinnie murmured.
“Oh, shit!” Vickie said.
“Hi, Mom,” Todd said, his eyes dreamy as he gazed at his stepmother.
“Coming in so soon?” Jackie said. Since she was about to go downtown shopping she wore high heels and a tight skirt. She tousled Todd’s hair and touched his arm.
The touch was affectionate rather than sensual, but Vinnie sensed something he’d never noticed before.
“Yeah,” Vinnie said, his eyes dropping to her chest. “Going out?” Their eyes met for one brief moment. Jackie was the first to look away.
She tossed her car keys up in the air and caught them again. “A girl’s got to have clothes to look her best.” She flounced off to the garage.
“Have fun,” Todd called out after her.
“You too,” Jackie said. “Don’t mess up the house. We’re having company for dinner.”
Vickie eyed Vinnie’s bulging crotch. He had stuffed his prick back into his cut-offs, but there was no way he could hide it. Now he grinned after his stepmother and Vickie swore his cock twitched with excitement.
After Jackie drove off they trooped up to Vickie’s room and locked the door. “I hope she’s gone a good longtime,” the girl mumbled.
“Maybe we shouldn’t do it,” Todd said, looking worried.
Vinnie swaggered over to Vickie’s bed and lay down. “Don’t be an ass.” He eyed Vickie possessively. “My balls are turning purple. Get over here, Vick.”
But Vickie wanted to make him jealous. She put her arms around Todd and pressed against him.
They kissed. Vickie deliberately extended her tongue and plunged it into Todd’s mouth. Vinnie rose up and began undressing.
Vickie pushed her bikini covered tits against Todd’s naked chest. She toyed with his nipples and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his shorts.
He reached around and untied her bikini bra. When her tits bounced free, the two brothers smirked.
Gaining confidence from Vickie’s attention, the younger boy pulled her down on the bed next to him. His cock swayed like a club. Vickie gazed at it hungrily when it finally slapped against his belly.
Squealing, she stroked his thighs and slowly inched her fingers closer to his prick. She cup- ped his balls and eagerly licked the tip of his dick-knob.
Vinnie crawled behind her. His thick cock stood out like a club. He yanked her bikini bottom off and grabbed hold of her ass.
He discovered how wet her pussy was when he slipped a finger inside her hot hole. While he fingered her cunt she took Todd’s cock into her mouth.
Vinnie watched her take Todd’s dick inside her lips. He finger-fucked her as she sucked. Her asscheeks jiggled as she swayed her hips from side to side. When she came, she quivered and released Todd’s cock from her mouth.
“Let me fuck you,” Vinnie said, forcing the girl onto her back.
Todd frowned, but didn’t object. Vinnie was older and always did everything first.
The younger brother nodded and watched Vinnie climb between the girl’s splayed legs. He was fascinated by the sight of his brother mounting her and silently compared his own prick with Vinnie’s.
He sometimes wondered how a pussy could open up enough to take a cock. He barely breathed now as he watched Vinnie push his cockhead against Vickie’s tight cunthole.
“Todd,” Vinnie said authoritatively, “get over here and let her suck your dick.”
Todd hesitated. “How?”
“Over here,” Vickie said, motioning to her side, “I love it. Two cocks at once. Isn’t that why we’re here?”
The younger boy rolled onto his side near Vickie’s face and she wasted no time in sucking his cock into her mouth. She squeezed his plump balls and waited for Vinnie to penetrate her.
“Mmmmmm, I love it,” she murmured.
She was swirling her tongue over Todd’s cock-knob when Vinnie slammed his cock into her pussy.
For a moment she thought he had split her in two, so savage was the thrust. But as usual she remained intact and filled with delicious dick.
“Sweet pussy,” Vinnie muttered, pulling out and slamming in again.
“Jesus, I can’t believe it,” Todd said, playing with Vickie’s tits as she sucked him.
Vickie kept one eye on Vinnie as his cock drilled in and out of her creamy cunt. The wonderful pressure was building. Her clit would explode any minute.
Two cocks! she thought. I’m getting fucked by two cocks at once. Vinnie’s cock felt bigger than usual. Todd’s was big too and tasted delicious as well.
The house was strangely quiet and they made little noise. The bedsprings creaked from the force of Vinnie’s strokes and Vickie made lewd slurping sounds as she sucked Todd. “Great fuck!” Vinnie said. “Mmmmm,” Vickie mumbled through a mouthful of cock. “Should I come in her mouth?” Todd said. “Oh, shit, do what you want,” Vinnie said. Vickie glanced at Vinnie’s balls as they bounced against her asscheeks. He corkscrewed his dick in a way that forced his pelvis bone to pound against her clit.
“Can I come in your mouth?” Todd said, pressing down on the top of her head and whipping his hips back and forth.
Vickie mumbled something unintelligible. Vinnie grimaced. “Never ask,” he said to his brother. “If you want to, go for it.”
Vickie smiled to herself. Those were her sentiments exactly.
It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to be in bed with both her cousins. They were almost like brothers to her anyway. And why not keep it in the family? It felt so right, how could it be wrong?
She loved the way they moved together like a team. She fucked back at Vinnie’s prick as she blew Todd. They had achieved a rhythm, something like a well-oiled and perfectly designed machine.
“Your pussy is cutting right into my cock,” Vinnie hissed, leaning down and squeezing one of her tits while his brother squeezed the other.
“Her mouth’s tight too,” Todd said.
They’re dicking me so good, she thought.
“You almost there?” Vinnie said, thrusting hard. She nodded, devouring Todd’s prick and squeezing his nuts.
Now Vinnie caressed her clit with the flared rim of his cockhead. She sucked Todd’s cock all the way into her throat.
She used her fingers to pump his cockshaft and enjoyed the steady stream of come that gushed from his pisser.
Vinnie moved his hands to her ass and clutched her asscheeks while he fucked her. She thrashed her legs wildly as she climaxed. For a moment she released Todd’s dick from her mouth as the wonderful sensations engulfed her. Almost frantically she grabbed his prick back and stuffed it into her mouth. Todd groaned hoarsely as she massaged his come-filled balls.
Vinnie began battering her. He gave her every inch of his dick with each thrust. He came abruptly, spearing her so hard she came again. He fell on top of her and bit into one of her nipples as he dumped his load inside her wildly sucking pussy.
Then it was Todd’s turn. He cried out as he started spurting in her mouth. She swallowed greedily, squeezing his nuts as the hot jism erupted out of his pisshole. God, I love it, she thought. She had a cunt filled with jism and now a mouth filled with jism and she loved every drop of it.
Chapter 6
With his tongue moving in and out of her mouth, Vinnie eased Jackie down onto her back. She opened her legs, resting one on the back of sofa and the other on the floor.
Jackie knew she was a sexy sight in her lacy half-bra and string bikinis. She knew it earlier that morning when she chose to run downstairs half-naked, fully aware that Vinnie was still at home. Of course she ran into him in the front hallway. She had prayed she would, and her prayers were answered.
Before that she’d been sitting across the table from Greg while he ate görükle escort bayan a hearty breakfast and she sipped black coffee.
Halfway through his breakfast he glanced up from his plate of bacon and eggs and smiled.
“You look adorable this morning,” he said.
She tugged at a lock of hair. “I don’t know why,” she said petulantly. “I certainly didn’t sleep well.”
They both knew why she hadn’t slept well. Greg put his fork down and cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, hon. I was just so bushed. I’ll make it up to you tonight.”
“You’re working late tonight,” she said. “Remember?”
“Shit, you’re right.” He continued eating. “Well, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. The minute I get home we’ll fuck.”
He had made that kind of promise before. Now Jackie nodded thoughtfully. She hadn’t had a really good fuck since the day with Todd and that was weeks ago.
“Don’t worry about me,” she said, sipping her coffee. She forced herself to smile brightly. “I love you, hon. We’ll work it out.” He grinned and finished the last of his eggs.
“That’s my girl.”
She was actually uncertain that they would ever be able to work out their sex life. Fortunately Greg thought she was perfectly content. She wanted him to think she was happy. In fact she was, except for her horny cunt.
She was grateful that he didn’t appear to suspect anything. If he only knew. She thought a lot about the lovely moments spent with her stepson. She felt guilty about it, but the memories were still delicious.
Finally Greg left for the office and she started on her morning chores. It was when she realized Vinnie was at home that she ran downstairs wearing only a bra and panties.
Of course the boy was shocked to see her in her underwear, but she calmed him down. He’d seen just as much as of her whenever she wore a bikini. She flirted with him awhile. He was old enough to realize what was going on and before long he was kissing her and admitting to her how much she turned him on.
Now the teenager broke the kiss and lowered his mouth to her soft inner thighs.
“Oh, Vinnie,” she sighed, closing her eyes as he dragged his moist lips over her pliant flesh.
“This had to happen,” he said, planting hot kisses up and down her legs.
“I know.” She breathed deeply and tousled his hair. “Ever since I saw you with Vickie.”
He pressed his lips to her inner thigh. “I’m so hot for you.”
“Your father need never know,” she said. She was delicously hot.
Moving his head down, he kissed her kneecaps and her calves and the insteps of her feet. When he sucked one of her toes into his mouth, she squealed.
“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said. “Do you like my body?”
“I never saw anything like it.”
“Even Vickie?”
“She can’t compare with you.”
She beamed as he worked his way up her legs. He began by kissing and nibbling her toes and using the tip of his tongue to lick the back of her knees.
She was amazed that a boy his age was such a sensuous lover. What would it be like when they fucked? She hadn’t even touched his cock yet.
Now he lifted her legs to his shoulders and lay on his belly between her thighs. With a lunge forward he buried his face in her bikini-covered crotch.
She gasped. “Oh, God, Vinnie!” The heat of his breath as he pressed his face into the flimsy material of her panties took her breath away.
The boy inhaled her pussy fragrance and ground his face against her mound. He worked a finger inside the damp crotch of her panties and explored the wetness of her gash.
“I’m not a bad woman,” she said.
“I know,” he said.
She thrust herself at him. “I’m a normal woman with needs.”
“Yeah.” He blew on her pussy and ran his finger up and down her slick cuntlips.
Suddenly he pulled back and easily removed her panties. She arched her back as he peeled them off her hips. He moved slowly, but once she kicked the panties off her feet he hungrily pressed his lips to her naked snatch.
“Oh, my God, Vinnie, you’re driving me crazy!”
He mumbled something she couldn’t understand. No matter. His tongue was all over her and she was in heaven.
“Oh, darling!” she hissed as he clamped his lips over her entire cunt from her cht to her asshole.
“You’ve been driving me nuts!” “I know, but now we’re together.” “Jesus, Jackie, I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad!”
The horny stepmother was unable to control herself. She thrust her hips and writhed her ass as she rammed herself against his steaming mouth.
He held her asscheeks and ground his mouth against her cunt. She had dreamed about this moment for so long. Even before she saw the boy in bed with his cousin.
He ate her passionately and expertly. He was a tireless lover. She wanted badly to feel his prick in her mouth, but hesitated breaking the spell of his frenzied sucking.
He was like a hungry young stud who couldn’t get enough of her pussy. He licked, sucked and nibbled as joyous, hot sensations surged through her.
Suddenly he was fucking his tongue-tip against her erected clit. She lifted her head and dropped it again. She panted for breath.
Now he raised his face and gazed down at her. “Turn over,” he ordered.
Jackie felt like the child instead of the stepmother. “Yes,” she whispered, obediently roll- ing onto her belly.
She lay with her head resting on her arms. Vinnie didn’t touch her. Her heart pounded. Where was he? Why wasn’t he touching her?
And then he was kissing her ass and pressing his face into the soft moist crack between her lush asscheeks.
She squirmed with excitement. He tongued her asshole and reached down between her legs and fingered her clit.
The hot young wife whimpered with joy. How good it felt to be open and vulnerable! How wonderful to have a young stud for a lover!
After several ecstatic moments the young boy told her to turn over again. Again she obeyed, feeling more like the child than the stepmother.
“I’m crazy about you,” he muttered as he covered her snatch with his wide-open mouth.
“I want your cock,” she said weakly.
“Oh, yeah,” he said, but continued flicking his tongue back and forth over her throbbing sex-organ.
She felt more alive than she had in ages. Even the romp with Todd wasn’t this good.
Forgive me, Greg, she thought. Oh, honey, forgive me!
When she felt an orgasm begin to build, she pressed her soft velvety thighs against the boy’s head. She tangled her fingers in his hair and trembled violently.
She came again and again as his tongue layed over her exploding clit. She sobbed with joy. No one had ever eaten her this way before.
“Darling boy,” she whimpered when she stopped coming. “Oh, darling boy, I’ve never come so much.”
“I really dig you,” he mumbled, still drinking down her juices.
Relishing the feeling that comes with a really satisfying orgasm, the horny wife floated in the afterglow of her pleasure.
After a few minutes the teenager stopped sucking. She opened her eyes and pulled him against her.
“Take your clothes off,” she whispered.

His lips were wet with her cuntjuice. He grinned crookedly as he stood up and began undressing.
He was almost a man and as he stripped Jackie was struck once again by his animal magnetism. His shoulders were broad and his waist slim. He resembled Greg, but where her husband looked tired most of the time the boy looked vital and alive.
He pulled his tee-shirt over his head and revealed his husky chest. Jackie’s breath caught in her throat when he skinned his jeans and shorts down to expose his cock.
It was a big randy cock. She remembered it well. She salivated as she gazed at it. She would give him the blow-job of his young life. A better blow-job than Vickie ever gave him.
Her perfectly shaped tits jiggling with excitement, she sat up and dropped to her knees on the floor.
Vinnie sat down on the sofa and she crouched between his legs. She knew what would please him. She knew what all men wanted.
Her long dark hair tickled his thighs as she leaned forward and approached his prick. It wasn’t totally erect yet. He was nervous after all, She took his barely hard cock in her hand and breathed over it.
“It’ll get harder,” he said.
“I know,” she said, gently sucking his cockhead into her mouth.
He leaned back on the sofa, his hands holding her head. She was delighted to feel his dick harden after a few moments of tender sucking.
“Aw, that’s good,” he said as she suctioned his prick more deeply into her mouth.
The magic of her lips and tongue soon had him groaning. His cock was hard as a steel pipe.
His dick was bigger than his father’s. It was a pleasant surprise to find she could barely get half of it in her mouth.
She perspired profusely as she sucked. A hot tingling sensation coursed through her cunt when she tasted his pre-come juices.
He tried acting cool, but she knew he was very excited. Still a boy, she thought, swirling her tongue around his sensitive cock-knob. Still a boy, but almost a man and flesh of my husband’s flesh.
That’s why it was especially exciting. Greg’s older boy. Sinning is fun, she thought. Incest is a turn-on.
When she finally released his dick, she buried her face in the thick forest of hair covering his balls.
Being careful to cover her teeth with her lips, she sucked his nuts into the dank dark cave of her mouth.
She felt him tense up as he caressed the back of her neck and her long thick hair. She sucked his balls lovingly and at intervals took his prick back into her mouth.
The boy writhed his hips on the sofa. She felt his cock throb and reluctantly released it.
He pulled her onto his lap and they kissed. His hands were all over her ass and tits.
“You’re quite a lover,” she purred in his ear.
“So are you,” he said, slipping his fingers into the soft down covering her pussy.
She wiggled her ass as he moved his free hand to her plump butt. She shivered when he slipped his fingers into her asscrack.
She cuddled against him, panting hotly as she ground her ass against his prick. She pressed her softly parted lips to his and darted her tongue into his mouth.
“Darling, Vinnie, you’re driving me crazy,” she said. “You’re driving me crazy, too!” He bit her tongue until it hurt.
“If you don’t fuck me pretty soon I’ll lose my mind.”
“We can’t have that, Mom,” he said.
She flinched when he referred to her as Mom. But she thought no more about it when he lowered himself over her until his prick pointed toward her hot hairy pussy-hole.
“In!” she cried. “Stick it in!”
Just what she says to Dad, the boy thought.
Christ, she’s begging for it.
His fingers shook as he directed the head of his cock toward her gash. He brushed his knob against her slit. What a juicy woman! What a cunt!
Impatient, the horny stepmother spread her legs further apart to encourage her young lover. Her cunt drooled continually. He would have no trouble getting in.
She wiggled around under him as the head of his dick slipped inside her slick cuntlips. Grasping her asscheeks in his strong hands, he thrust forward and plunged his cock into her slick cunthole.
“Oh, my darling!” she whimpered, uncharacteristically. “Oh, my sweet lover, fuck me!”
He began stroking, slowly and methodically. His cock stretched her tight cunt and sent her reeling.
Naughty me, she thought as he pumped into her. Naughty me, fucking both my stepsons.
She had never felt so delightfully stuffed with dick. The boy stroked now fast and now slowly, playing her body like a musical instrument.
She sobbed with lust as she locked her legs around his hips. “I’m going to come so hard.” she cried. “I’m going to come and come and come.”
She clawed at him as he thrust his cock almost savagely inside her. Even though he was on top, she became the agressor.
She almost wept when he pulled out. “Why?” she cried.
“Get up.” She jumped off the sofa and he took her place. It took her a moment to realize what he wanted.
His cock pointed at the ceiling. It glistened with her juices. He took her hand and grinned.
“Sit on it, Mom,” he said.
“Oh, lover, will I!”
She quickly straddled him. As her pussy approached his cock he thrust it inside her. Once again she was stuffed with teenage cockmeat.
The boy stared up at her with shining excited eyes. All at once he looked so young and vulnerable.
Jackie was about to bend down and kiss him when he grasped her lips and impaled her on his dick.
“Oh, baby, you’re in so deep,” she said, leaning over and dropping her tits over his face.
“Let me suck a tit,” he said.
“I feel you all the way inside me. Oh, lover, you’re fucking me so good.”
The teenager held her by the tits and guided one of her nipples into his mouth. She rotated her cunt on his dick, bouncing up and down over him.
They stayed that way for a while She was thrilled by his staying power. Finally he pulled her off his cock and slid out from behind her.
“Let me come in from behind,” he said.
“Yes, lover,” she giggled, climbing onto her hands and knees on the sofa.
She loved being penetrated from behind. He knelt behind her and quickly entered her. She writhed her pussy around his buried fuckpole.
“I sure love the way you fuck, Vinnie,” she said.
“I sure love the way you fuck, Mom.”
She wasn’t sure whether he was being sarcastic or not. She didn’t care at the moment. It felt too good to be skewered by his randy dick.
Soon he was fucking her fiercely. He pounded his cock into her inflamed pussy. She swished her ass around, certain his cock would follow her. She shrieked with delight as he crashed into her. Each violent thrust brought her closer to orgasm. She went to the brink when the tempo of his thrusts increased.
“Sweet Jesus, I’m coming!” she yelled as her cunt exploded.
He growled when her pussy contracted around his cock. Thick hot jism squirted into her. How she loved the full feeling!
She felt flooded with come. He continued pumping until his balls were drained and his cock lost some of its starch.
“Vinnie, baby,” she gasped when he finally pulled his greasy prick out of her gash.
“Shit, Mom, you sure know how to fuck,” he said.
Chapter 7
Vickie slept late this Sunday morning. As usual she was horny so she spent the first few foggy moments diddling her clit.
She sat upright when she remembered that this was the day Jackie would spend with her mother. The boys were busy with their friends and she had promised her uncle she would make breakfast for him. She smiled to herself. She’d fix him breakfast and a whole lot more.
After a fast shower, she slipped into a terry- cloth robe and went down to the kitchen. Since Greg wasn’t downstairs yet she fixed herself some instant coffee and glanced at the Sunday papers.
She wanted to fix a special breakfast, but more than that she wanted to excite her uncle. When he married Jackie, she stopped fantasizing about having an affair with him. But she hated Jackie and what better way to show it than to seduce him
Now she downed her coffee while she looked around the refrigerator. A loud noise from the basement startled her. She walked to the top of the stairs and called out.
“Is that you, Uncle Greg?”
She heard another noise as Greg appeared in the shadows of the basement.
“Sorry, hon. Did I scare you? I’m just looking for some papers.”
“Can I help?” She was aware that she was naked under her short robe as she skipped down the stairs.
Greg grinned when she entered the room. She looked around. Open boxes were all over the place with papers spilling out.
“Care to join me?” he said.
Vickie’s maternal instincts came to the fore.
“You sure need a woman for this mess,” she said. “Too bad Jackie’s never here when you need her.”
Greg shot her a glance, but said nothing. He had noticed the tension between the two females in his household and had no intention of becoming involved.
“I’m looking for my income tax records for last year,” he said.
“I’ll start with this box,” she said.
As she bent down her robe opened and a bit of her round ass was visible. She was aware that Greg was gazing at her ass. A warm fuzzy feeling spread over her. She was confident of her sexuality. The question was, would Greg be able to resist her?
“I was planning on making a special breakfast for you, but Jackie didn’t do any shopping and there isn’t much in the fridge,” she said casually.
“Maybe we’ll go out to eat.” That was the last thing the calculating teenager wanted. “Oh, no, that’s okay. I’ll manage something.”
Greg frowned as he rummaged through a carton of papers. “You look like you just got out of bed. If you walk around like that, a man could get ideas.”
She saw the look in his eyes and recognized it. Even though he tried to pretend he was joking she knew she was an exciting sight.
She brushed her hair back from her eyes and thrust out her chest. “But you’re my uncle,” she said, her eyes wide and innocent.
“Yeah, that’s true. Don’t pay any attention to me.”
They were silent for the next few minutes as each looked for the lost papers.
Finally Greg spoke: “This is crazy. Let’s get something to eat and then get back to this. I’m starved.” He wrapped his arm around her neck and together they walked up the stairs.
She scrambled some eggs while Greg made toast and real coffee. She was very aware of her nakedness under her short robe and became hornier by the minute.
While they ate Greg seemed preoccupied. The girl tried to get his attention, but nothing she said seemed to work.
She moved around the kitchen, conscious that her loose robe opened more than Once. She was aware of his eyes on her. Then he rose, she moved towards him and suddenly they were against each other. They both laughed, he pulled back, then seemed to change his mind and put his arms around her. One of his hands dropped to her ass.
“You’re turning me on,” he said. “I bet you’re naked under this robe.” She smiled seductively. “What if I am?” He leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose. His hands clutched her ass. “What if I can’t resist you?”
She pushed her tits against his chest. “Don’t,” she said brazenly.
This time, when he kissed her, he opened his mouth and frenched her. She accepted his tongue in her mouth. Wild thoughts filled her mind. Would he want more than kisses? Would he take her to bed and make love to her? That was what she wanted more than anything else. She could get even with Jackie for marrying him and moving in on her territory while at the same time she could get her rocks off.
Yes, she thought as she plunged her velvety tongue into his mouth. Yes, he wants me badly. I can tell.
She wondered if his cock was hard. She wondered what it would feel like to have his cock inside her. She had never balled a man his age.
It seemed totally natural when they walked upstairs. The teenager was disappointed when he steered her toward her room with the pink and white frills she hated.
He pinched her ass as he kicked the door shut. “If this ever gets out, I’m dead,” he said.
“I’ll never tell a living soul,” she said.
As he kissed her she caught a glimpse of then-image in a mirror. They made a handsome couple kissing, they looked like two people in love, not like uncle and niece.
The teenager wasted no time in dropping down onto the bed. Her thighs splayed open to reveal her horny slit.
She saw the look in her uncle’s eyes as he gazed at her pussy and she made no attempt to change her wanton position. She wanted him to see her puffy, hot gash.
She blew him a kiss as she, too, gazed down at her snatch. Little droplets of cunt-honey glistened on her meaty twat.
“Do you like my blonde pussy?” she said, slowly undulating her round ass as she spoke.
He flushed and looked confused. “What do you mean?”
She brought her legs together and Opened them again. “Do you like blonde pussy or do you prefer them dark?” They both knew she was referring to Jackie.
“I like them all,” he smiled, sitting down next to her on the bed and placing his hand on her thigh.
She pulled him down on top of her. “Kiss it, Uncle Greg,” she whispered. “Kiss me all over.”
“Oh, baby, will I,” he said, frenching her. “I’ll do that and more and you know it.”
“I know,” she said, overwhelmed by his kisses.
Without thinking the girl moved a hand to her pussy and fingered herself. Greg pulled her onto his lap. “I’ll do that,” he said.
She snuggled against him. “I don’t know why I did that. I guess I’ve just dreamed about this for so long.”
She untied her robe and lay her cheek against his. He held her with one arm and used his free hand to caress her tits.
“You drive me crazy, you know it?” he hissed.
She slid off his lap and together they stretched out on the bed. Soon he had a hand on her tits and another between her legs.
“You drive me crazy too,” she said.
He probed the juiciness of her cunt, expertly toying with her clit. He was still fully dressed and once again she wondered if his cock was hard.
She rolled over and straddled him. Squirming her naked butt against his thighs, she saw the throbbing mass between his legs.
“Take your pants off, Uncle Greg, so I can touch your cock.”
He sat up and pushed her off his lap. When he removed his shirt, the teenager slipped her robe from her shoulders and watched him intently.
When he got to his pants, he hesitated. His eyes flickered over her nakedness and he seemed to make a decision. With a shrug he opened his belt and unzipped his fly. In a moment his pants and shorts were at his feet.
Vickie almost stopped breathing when she first glimpsed his cock. It thrust up from his oversized balls. It looked bigger than either Vinnie’s or Todd’s. And his balls looked leathery and very hairy.
She couldn’t wait to get her hands on his dick. The moment he stretched out on bed she wrapped her hand around his prick. She reached between his legs and felt his balls as she squeezed his prick. She was dizzy with excitement.
“You’re not exactly shy,” he smiled.
“Would you like it better if I pretended to be a virgin?” she said.

“Hell no. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I love it.”
The lusty teenager gently caressed his prick and balls. She leaned on one elbow and raised her lips for his kiss.
“I never expected something like this to happen,” she said.
“Bullshit,” he snickered.
“Don’t you believe I’m a virgin?” she teased.
He groaned when she pinched his cockhead. “Sure, and I’m Robert Redford.”
She let her long hair tickle his chest as she squeezed his prick. “If I’m going too fast for you just tell me,” she giggled.
He pulled her over him and pinned her against him. “You’ve been teasing me for years.”
“Uncle Greg, you’re squeezing me so tight.”
Pushing her down, he pinned her arms back with one hand and mauled her tits with the other.
“You’ve been driving me crazy long enough. It’s pay-off time.”
“Yes,” she whispered, opening her legs and feeling his prick slip inside her euntlips. “Oh, yes, Uncle Greg.”
She tensed up. Now that it was finally happening the young girl became uncertain. Greg ran his hands over her back and let them rest on her ass. He gripped her flesh, cruelly digging his fingers into her sensitive skin.
“I’m scared,” she said.
“Too late.”
She felt his cock and tried to pull away. “I think maybe I’ve changed my mind.”
“You can’t do that to a mart.” He tried to stick his cock inside her, but she wiggled away.
“Uncle Greg, please don’t.”
“You’ve got to finish what you start.”
“Oh, God, I’m scared!”
But, as she spoke, he was lifting her legs and guiding his prick between her thighs.
“Stop fighting me,” he said, his cock throbbing wildly against her gash.
With a shock, she realized she couldn’t stop him. Her pussy was wet. It was responding to the touch of his dick.
Instead of penetrating her, he rubbed his cockhead back and forth over her clit. Each time his cock grazed her love-organ tiny shivers of pleasure surged through her.
He lowered his mouth to her tit. She moaned softly when he kissed one of her nipples. He greedily sucked one of her tits into his mouth. She relaxed slightly. It felt wonderful. “Oh, Uncle Greg, I want it so.” His tongue flicked over her nipples. He tickled and teased the pink nubs into spike-like stiffness.
“I won’t hurt you,” he said, sucking on her tit and wedging his knee between her legs.
She wriggled her hips with pleasure when he lowered himself over her and crushed her tits with his chest.
“I won’t put it in until you tell me to,” he said.
“I really want it, Uncle Greg.” Her teeth chattered from a combination of horniness and jitters.
“I don’t want to force you.” His cock stabbed her belly. He kissed her shoulders.
“Go ahead and do it.” She turned her head, unable to meet his eyes.
He shifted around until his cock slipped between her thighs. She opened herself to him. He tilted his prick back and nuzzled the knob against her euntlips.
“You’re hot, honey,” he breathed.
She opened her legs wide. He wedged his cockhead into her pussy. She blacked out momentarily when he entered her. The soft sensitive folds of her teenage twat vibrated wildly.
He was in before she knew it and he filled her completely. Neither spoke, but the sound of the teenager’s labored breathing filled the room.
Desperately, the blonde reached down and touched the base of his prick. “You’re so big,” she said, sucking in her breath.
“That’s good,” he said. “Can you feel me all the way inside you? Can you feel my cock up high in your pussy?”
“Yes! yes!”
It was true. She felt sensations she’d never experienced before. It was the best fuck she ever had. She wanted it to last a long time.
She felt the pulsating head of his dick deep inside her pussy-channel. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed.
With a thrust, he rolled over and pulled her on top of him. The teenager lay still with his cock imbedded inside her.
“You’re terrific,” he murmured, rolling over again and flinging himself on top of her.
He began rhythm of slow, gentle fucking. She reveled in the feel of his cock entering her.
“You’re good, hon,” he said. “A class fuck.”
She gyrated and moaned beneath him. She loved the way his cock parted her eager cuntlips. She loved the way he plunged all the way into her depths.
All her fears were gone as she pushed herself against him in response to his strokes. Her ass bounced and churned off the mattress from the force of his thrusts, Each time he entered her she moaned. Without thinking, she dragged her fingernails up and down his arms.
“Careful,” he said. “Jackie notices those things.”
At the mention of her aunt’s name the girl deliberately dug her fingernails into his arm.
“Ouch, Jesus, you’re killing me!”
“That’s for Jackie.”
“You little tiger,” he chuckled, craniming his dick into her.
Her long golden hair was wet with perspiration. She was a hair’s breadth away from coming.
“It’s so good!” she cried. “So good!” Her tits felt heavy and swollen with unreleas-ed sexual tension. Her pussy smoldered, suck- ing on his prick and milking it.
Her head roiled from side to side as she came. She cried out, babbling incoherently as streams of jism poured into her.
They became one as waves of bliss surged through them. She grabbed his ass with both hands and kept him inside her.
Wrapping her legs around his back, she locked him to her. Even after he stopped coming his cock stayed hard and kept ramming into her.
“Fuck me, Uncle Greg!” she cried, biting his earlobe. “Pour more come into me! Fuck my ass if you want to!”
“I can’t go on,” he said collapsing on top of her. “Jesus, you’re too much for me.”
She climbed between his legs. “Let me suck your cock, Uncle Greg,” she said, pressing her mouth against his dick. “Don’t push me away.” He made a feeble attempt to sit up. “Let me suck your cock for a little while.”
He dropped his head and lay back passively while she worked at bringing his cock back up. She could read nothing in his expression so she didn’t try.
“You can come in my mouth,” she said, her mouth filled wifr his half-stiff prick.
Okay, okay, I will,” he sighed, gripping he head with both hands and plunging his cock into her throat.
Jesus, it’s the best, the girl thought as she struggled to breathe. Jesus Christ, what a fuck!
Chapter 8
When Jackie returned home from visiting her mother, she immediately sensed something had gone on between Greg and Vickie.
That night Greg wasn’t interested in fucking, although usually on Sunday nights they had what they affectionately referred to as their weekly orgy.
Jackie was no prude. She’d fucked both her stepsons and felt no guilt. But she had no intention of sharing Greg with Vickie.
She decided to handle the matter by taking Vickie into her confidence. She wouldn’t tell her anything important, but she would take her out to lunch and pretend she wanted to become friends. Make a friend of an enemy and that enemy becomes a friendshe’d heard that once and now was the time to try it. And if that didn’t work she had another plan. A plan she wasn’t eager to try with a girl she didn’t like, but which involved one of her favorite forms of sex lesbian love.
She had experimented with lesbian sex several times in her life. She liked it and thought Vickie would too. The girl looked cock-hungry most of the time.
Now she urged the teenager to finish her wine. She felt somewhat giddy as she refilled her own glass.
“Why’re we having lunch?” the girl said sullenly.
“I thought it would be nice if we had a chance to talk alone. Just the two of us. Girl talk.”
Vickie drained her glass and wrinkled her nose. “I hate girl talk.”
Jackie whistled softly. This wasn’t going to be easy. “I do too,” she said firmly. “Let’s talk about men.”
Vickie began sipping her second glass of wine. “I think this is silly. You’re a married woman. Why would you want to discuss men with me?”
Fuck you, little girl, Jackie thought. “I thought it might be fun,” she said instead.
She signaled to the waiter to bring another bottle of wine. They both drank a lot, but the conversation remained stilted. After a while they ordered lunch, but Vickie just nibbled on the delicious food.
Jackie ate with gusto. The little bitch wasn’t going to ruin a perfectly good meal. Not on the one day she was breaking her diet.
She chatted about clothes and the family, but Vickie didn’t say a word. Occasionally she smirked, but most of the time her eyes wandered over the room. She looked decidedly bored.
“This is nice, isn’t it?” Jackie said, becoming desperate.
“Can we go home soon?” Vickie said.
Jackie forced herself to smile although her lips felt tight and stretched. She flashed her perfect white teeth and shook her head.
“I don’t know about you, but I’ve just got to have dessert.”
She hailed the waiter and ordered dessert. Vickie rolled her eyes and turned away. “I don’t want any. I just want to get home.”
Jackie ordered a brandy just for spite. She would force the little cunt to linger over lunch if it killed her.
“Well, I’m having fun even if you’re not,” Jackie said.
“You can’t buy me,” Vickie said in a cold sharp voice.
Jackie choked on her brandy. “I’m not trying to buy you.”
“Yes you are,” Vickie said quickly. “I know when I’m being courted.” Her nostrils flared and she frowned. “Anyway, I’ll be out of the house in a few years and you won’t have to worry about me messing things up.” “Messing what up?”
A tiny smiled crossed the girl’s pretty face. “Whatever,” she muttered.
Jackie refused to walk into the girl’s trap. She would be sweet and friendly if it killed her.
“Well, I’m glad we’re having this time alone,” Jackie said.
Vickie raised her eyebrows. “Jesus!” she hissed under her breath. “I am,” Jackie said defensively. Vickie nodded. “Yeah, we ought to do it more often,” she said sarcastically.
“You might get to enjoy it,” Jackie said. She placed her hand over the girl’s. “Your hand is freezing.”
Vickie didn’t pull away. “Yeah, I guess I’ve got a warm heart.”
It was the first unhostile sentence she’d uttered since they left the house. Jackie was grateful for it.
“As a matter of fact, I bet that under that tough facade you do,” she said.
Vickie peered at Jackie over the top of her glass as she sipped her wine. The woman was confusing her. Why was she being so nice? It wasn’t easy being nasty to her when she acted so nice.
“I’m not so nice to you,” she blurted.
Jackie shrugged. “I understand about those things.” After a moment of silence she continued. “As a matter of fact, I do have a little problem I thought I could bounce off you. I know you’re very young, but I’d like to try.”
Vickie tried hard to look bored. “What problem?”
“I think Greg’s losing interest in me.”
Vickie blushed andlowered her lashes. “What makes you think so? “
“Nothing specific.”
Vickie nodded. “Isn’t that what happens when you’re married?”
“Maybe so. I never thought about it that way.”
The intimacy between them made Jackie feel warm all over. Of course the brandy helped, but suddenly Vickie seemed to be softening up and even talking civilly.
They talked about boys and high school and dates. Talking about dates added a conspiratorial ring to the conversation.
“I’m not a virgin,” Vickie said defiantly.
“I didn’t think you were,” Jackie said, patting her head.
“Did I really help you before?” Vickie said.
“You certainly did.” Jackie lowered her voice. “Maybe it’s time I did something to make him jealous. Give him a hard time once in a while, if you know what I mean.”
Vickie stared at her unblinking. “I think I do. You mean you’ll cheat on him?”
Jackie laughed uneasily “I was thinking of something a little different. Like giving another kind of sex a whirl.”
“Another kind?”
“Not with another man, you know, but with another woman. That would really shake him up if he found out about it.”
Vickie stared at her wide-eyed. “One of my friends wanted me to try it,” she said.
Jackie held tight to her hand. “And were you tempted?”
“Sort of. Anyway, I think Uncle Greg still loves you.”
“I wish I was sure.”

“Did you ever do it with another woman?” The girl’s eyes bore into hers.
“Yes, before I got married I indulged myself occasionally.”
The teenager drained her wine glass. “Did you like it?”
Jackie winked and deliberately licked her lips. “Not bad.”
“Just not bad?”
“Pretty terrific.”
“What’s it like?”
Jackie knew she had the girl in the palm of her hand. “I never came so much.”
“Oh?” The teenager moved her hand away from Jackie’s and twisted her napkin in her lap.
“It’s not better with a woman,” Jackie said softly. “It’s just different. You really ought to try it one of these days. I think you’d like it.”
Vickie’s face turned pink. “I don’t know who I’d do it with.”
Jackie took a deep breath. “It would be one way for us to become friends,” she said. “You mean you’d …” “Yes, I would.” Jackie’s voice was a whisper. “I’d do that for you and for me. For us, really. We’re both women. If we give each other pleasure it’ll be hard to resent each other.!”You mean you resent me too?” Vickie said. “Of course,” Jackie said. “I’m human. I’ve got all the fears you’ve got. Just because I’m older doesn’t mean I’ve got it all together.” “I don’t know …”
Jackie moved closer and touched her thigh to the teeanger’s. “You can stop whenever you want to. Just say the word. We have the house to ourselves all afternoon. What do you say?” Vickie turned to the woman and saw she was escort görükle sincere. She felt warm and dizzy from the wine. And more than a little turned-on.
“What do you say?” Jackie said. Her mission had been to make the girl like her. But now she wanted to go to bed with her in the worst way. She wanted to make it with the teenager. Vickie nodded slowly. “I’ll try it,” she whispered.
Jackie winked, pushed her chair back and rose up. “Let’s get the hell out of here,” she said.
Twenty minutes after they left the restaurant Jackie was having second thoughts. As they entered the house she paused to make certain they were alone. Then she told Vickie, to sit down in the living room.
She threw her purse on the hall table. “I’ll fix us something to drink,” she said.
Vickie sank down on the sofa arnd pulled her feet up. When Jackie returned with their drinks, she began talking.
“One thing is bothering me,” the older woman said. “I don’t want to take advantage of you in any way. I want you to do this only if it’s what you really want.”
Vickie smirked as she sipped her drink. “I’m no baby. I do only what I want.”
Jackie relaxed. “Okay, that’s out of the way.”
“What about us taking a shower together,” Vickie said. “It might relax you.”
Jackie nodded, rose up and followed the teenager upstairs. She took two bath towels from the closet and placed them on the towel rod. They undressed in the bedroom. Vickie was the first to move to the bathroom and climb into the shower.
By the time Jackie joined her, the youngster was soaping up. Jackie picked up a bar of soap and absently lathered her tits.
To Jackie’s surprise and disappointment, Vickie quickly rinsed off and climbed but of the shower. “I’ll be in the bedroom,” the girl said.
Jackie was beginning to have misgivings again. The girl’s behavior was strange. But she had started this thing and she had to finish it.
She continued her shower while Vickie, still naked, lay down on the bed. Vickie listened to the sounds Jackie was making in the bathroom. When the shower stopped running, the blonde’s heart pounded. This was all too kinky. Maybe if she pretended to be sleeping, Jackie would leave her alone.
When Jackie entered the room, Vickie closed her eyes. She felt Jackie’s eyes on her. Why didn’t I put a robe on? she thought.
As for Jackie, she regarded the naked figure on the bed and became aroused. She gazed at the girl’s ripe ass and perfectly shaped tits.
Still towejing herself dry, Jackie sat down on the edge of the bed. She wasn’t fooled. She knew Vickie was awake.
After a few moments Jackie tossed the towel onto a chair and bent over the girl. She touched her thigh and Vickie flinched.
“Don’t be afraid,” Jackie said.
Vickie opened her eyes. “I guess I’m nervous.” Then she fastened her eyes on the hang of Jackie’s big tits and she smiled. Reaching out, she pinched one of the older woman’s nipples and moved her thighs apart. “I’m not afraid any more. Do what ever you want.”
Jackie climbed between the girl’s thighs and leaned over her. Her lips sought the peaks of Vickie’s tits, and when she found them she closed her teeth over one of the nubs.
Sparks of excitement flowed through Vickie’s body. Her pleasure mounted in waves as Jackie’s greedy lips worked their magic. “I think I’m going to like this,” the blonde said.
Jackie’s answer was muffled against the girl’s titflesh. It didn’t matter. She used her hands to explore the treasure between the girl’s legs. She used her fingers gently and expertly as the blonde moaned and squirmed.
Gyrating her ass, Vickie thrust her tits and cunt towards Jackie’s mouth and hand. The girl spread her thighs wide, urging her aunt to touch her pulsating pussy-folds.
A fire spread within her. She had never expected to ball another chick, especially Jackie. She still didn’t like her, but she would take all the pleasure she offered.
As for Jackie, making friends with the teen was the farthest thing from her mind at the moment. She crouched over the girl, paying homage to her youth and beauty while she pressed hot kisses on her swollen tits.
Jackie’s fingers explored the girl’s snatch while her teeth nibbled her stiff nipples. Then she dragged her lips from Vickie’s tits to her rounded belly and from there to the inferno between the girl’s legs.
A long time had passed since Jackie had buried her face in a cunt. Now she cupped the damp hairy flesh and thrust a finger into the teenage cunthole.
“Oh, God, you’re going to make me come!” Vickie cried, her chest flushed with passion. “That’s the idea,” Jackie said, parting the girl’s thighs and sniffing around her twat. “Stick your finger inside again.” Jackie pushed her finger deep inside the girl’s cunthole. She stroked her finger in and out. “Like this?” “Yes, but kiss my tits, too.”
Jackie’s tongue worked on the girl’s nipples. She licked from one tit to the other, all the while fingering her gash.
“I’m so hot,” Vickie moaned, her body surging with strange, wild feelings. “I feel sort of floaty and funny.”
“You’re turned on,” Jackie chuckled.
The girl raised her ass off the bed. “Kiss my cunt.”
Jackie swooped down and closed her lips over the golden curls of Vickie’s muff.
Vickie gasped. She grabbed Jackie’s head and then clamped her thighs around it. Jackie grew bolder, probing her tongue over the girl’s clit.
Vickie opened and closed her legs while Jackie parted the moist lips of the girl’s cunt and burrowed inside her cunthole. Jackie felt her own excitement mount as she savored the heady fragrance of the girl’s passion.
Jackie enjoyed Vickie’s response. The girl was highly sexed, there was no doubt about that. As she licked her clit steadily, Jackie wondered how it would feetto once again have her cunt worked over by a female.
Vickie strained to come. She panted and moaned and told Jackie she loved her. Jackie knew the girl didn’t mean it, but it sounded good and spurred her on to suck more vigorously.
Vickie finally came. She pumped her cunt at Jackie’s sucking mouth until the last quiver of her orgasm. “Oh, God, that was good,” the girl said with a groan.
After a while she rolled over and lay between Jackie’s wide-open thighs. She looked at Jackie’s gaping cunt and smiled. “You’re very wet.”
Jackie quivered. “That’s because I’m very hot.”
“Do you want me to suck it?”
“What do you think?”
“I think you do and I think I’m going to love it.” And the next moment the teenager lowered her mouth to the older woman’s dripping cunt and began sucking.
Chapter 9
Vickie threw her arms around Jackie’s neck and kissed her. She trembled violently and stroked her tits and ass.
Two weeks had passed since the two had first balled. Jackie had never known a woman as horny as Vickie. She enjoyed the wild sex, but occasionally wondered where it would all end.
Now Jackie felt her tongue being sucked into the steaming swamp of Vickie’s mouth. Her pussy spasmed as she drank down the girl’s saliva and felt her strong teeth suck on her tongue.
“Let’s ball,” Vickie said, dragging her lips down Jackie’s throat.
“This is getting out of hand,” Jackie said even as she yielded to the younger woman’s eager hands.
They tumbled onto the floor in Vickie’s room. Before Jackie could react her skirt was bunched up around her waist and Vickie’s face disappeared in the swamp between her trembling thighs.
As she had the first time they fucked, Vickie lost no time in satisfying the deep yearnings within her. Her arms wrapped around Jackie’s ass, she quickly sought out Jackie’s clit and closed her lips around it.
It’s wrong, Jackie thought, feeling conflicted between raw hunger and morality. Only moments ago they were in the kitchen baking cookies. Now she was flat on her back having her pussy licked by Vickie’s tireless tongue.
Vickie’s enthusiasm didn’t give Jackie much time to think about the morality of the issue.
She, Jackie, had initiated the lovemaking and her own wild lust consumed her even now.
Just the sounds of Vickie’s wildly sucking mouth were enough to make Jackie soar to the edge of orgasm. The girl had a way of licking her cunt that sent sparks flying up and down her spine.
Jackie had a large clit, but when Vickie held it between her lips it became massive. She bucked her ass when Vickie took it between her teeth and actually bit down on it.
She shook violently when she came. No one had ever licked her clit that way. Well, maybe Vinnie. She smiled to herself. And Todd once or twice.
Now Vickie pinched her clit between two fingers and lashed it with her tongue tip. Her little sex organ was slick with her juices. She didn’t understand how the girl managed to close her lips around it.
A throaty giggle spilled from the teenager’s lips. Jackie felt no real affection from the girl. She was certain it was only sex that drew them together.
She stopped thinking then and thrashed her head from side to side as Vickie sucked her cunt. She locked her legs around the girl’s neck, tightening her grip each time Vickie licked her.
“You’re driving me crazy!” Jackie hissed.
Vickie continued sucking. The only noise in the room was her slurping and Jackie’s labored breathing.
Jackie raised and lowered her ass from the floor. She felt no discomfort. The hardness of the floor only made the fucking more enjoyable.
She shrieked when she came. The force of her climax was so overwhelming she lost control of her bladder.
When she opened her eyes, Vickie was happily licking away. It was obvious a little piss didn’t bother her in the least.
Jackie wanted to rip her clothes off. She was soaked with perspiration and her skirt was being ruined.
Her silk blouse clung wetly to her tits. Her tits heaved up and down. Vickie was tireless, opening her jaws wide and lapping up Jackie’s juices.
The girl caught tendrils of cunt-hair in her front teeth and pulled them lightly. Jackie admired the teenager’s creative lovemaking.
It was a while before Vickie lifted her mouth from Jackie’s sopping trench. Jackie went limp beneath her. She felt wiped out.
Licking her lips like a mother cat, Vickie rose to her feet and reached for Jackie’s hand.
“Boy, am I hot,” she said. “Let’s get on the bed.”
She yanked on Jackie’s hand and Jackie rose up. She fell onto the bed while Vickie unzipped her skin-tight jeans.
The teenager slithered out of her jeans and kicked them off her feet. She winked at Jackie who was slowly unbuttoning her blouse.
“I love getting my asshole tongued,” Vickie said, naked now and examining herself in the mirror.
Jackie slipped her skirt off as she admired Vickie’s pert ass and firm tits. “I’ll tongue your asshole,” she heard herself saying.
Vickie sauntered over to the bed. “Honest?”
Jackie stretched out on her back and held her arms out. “Come here, honey,” she said.
With one graceful movement, Vickie climbed over her and positioned her asshole directly over her mouth. She leaned over, facing Jackie’s feet. Jackie’s eyes widened. What a view, she thought. All she could see was the puckered hole of the girl’s shitter.
She had no compunction about sticking her tongue in the girl’s asshole. Stiffening her tongue, she positioned it at the tight entrance to the girl’s bung.
She suspected the teen had done her share of assfucking. Her brownie yielded easily to the probing of her tongue-tip.
“Jesus, I think I’m going to die and go to heaven,” Vickie sighed.
“It’s a little late for that now,” Jackie said.
Vickie giggled. “I really do love you,” she said.
“That’s what you say.”
“I mean it. Oh, fuck, it’s going in!”
“Uh,” Jackie murmured, forcing more of her tongue to enter the girl’s asshole.
“We’re sharing something to intimate,” Vickie said, her voice muffled by her excitement.
Jackie concentrated on stuffing more of her tongue into the girl’s asshole. She felt Vickie go rigid as her stiffened tongue soared into her butt.
“Tongue-fuck me!” the girl cried, bouncing up and down on her stepaunt’s mouth.
Jackie held the girl’s hips as she struggled to breathe. Vickie gasped and moaned as Jackie tongue-fucked her.
“Coming!” Vickie shrieked, wriggling wildly against Jackie’s mouth.
Oh, baby, are you ever, Jackie thought, using her free hand to caress the girl’s cunt.
The girl rolled over onto her belly as her orgasm subsided. Jackie bent over her and brushed her lips over the teenager’s mouth.
Vickie opened her eyes and smiled. “You really stuck your tongue in my shitter.”
“You licked up my piss.”
“Yeah, I guess I did.”
“What should we do now?” Jackie said. “And, incidentally, we can’t make a habit of this.”
“Why not?” The girl’s eyes were steely.
“For one thing, I still dig cock best,” Jackie said, carefully choosing her words.
“Oh, that, hell, so do I,” Vickie said.
Jackie realized the girl was afraid of being rejected. Who wouldn’t be? She was only sixteen and being raised by an uncle with two children of his own and a stepmother who was young and pretty.

“I love what we’ve got together,” Jackie said, stroking the girl’s long, blonde hair.
Vickie’s face softened. “So do I,” she said softly. “It’s almost like having a mother.”
Jackie’s heart pounded. The kid needed affection. That’s what she’d needed all along. Greg can only do so much. He’s a man. And the boys are just kids. What Vickie needs I can give her. Why didn’t I realize it before?
“I think we’re going to be very close as time goes on,” she said, still stroking the teen’s hair.
Vickie beamed. “I’d like that.” Her voice was tight with emotion.
As the girl’s tits jiggled around, Jackie’s mouth watered for a taste of the ripe melons.
Vickie smiled sweetly. Her whole face seemed to change. It was softer and warmer as she held a tit in her hand and guided it into Jackie’s mouth.
Jackie’s fuck hunger increased as she lapped her tongue on the teenager’s boob. She loved making love to Vickie. She loved sucking and licking the girl’s pussy and making her scream.
Suddenly Jackie heard a sound out in the hall. She jumped off the bed and went to the door. When she saw Vinnie, she turned toward Vickie. With a wink she opened the door and threw herself into the boy’s arms.
Vickie was glad to see her cousin enter the room. He grinned crookedly as his eyes darted over the women.
He took the scene in immediately. He’d never seen two women make it. Now he would have the opportunity. He was certain of that.
Jackie climbed back on the bed,. She bent down and kissed Vickie on the lips. “Another thing for us to share,” she whispered.
“Yes,” Vickie murmured.
The blonde tried to comb her hair with her fingers. After rolling around with Jackie she knew her lipstick was smeared and her hair was a mess.
Vinnie wasn’t looking at her hair or her makeup. His cock throbbed. He had a chance to fuck two chicks at one shot. What a break!
Jackie stretched out wantonly, her thighs parted and her fingers pulled on her nipples. She saw the boy’s dilemma. It was obvious he didn’t know where to look first.
Standing with his hands on his hips, his eyes flashed from his cousin to his stepmother. He licked his lips and grinned. He could almost taste cunt. He had licked them both separately. Now he would be able to lick them at the same time and compare tastes.
Vickie pulled Jackie’s head down and kissed her. She kept her eyes on Vinnie. It was obvious he was turning on. She sat up and put her hand on his arm. She leaned closer. “Are you surprised to find us together?”
Jackie reached for his other hand and squeezed it. She wanted the boy on top of her, fucking her hard. She wanted his stiff teenage prick plunging in and out of the steaming wetness of her pussy.
Vinnie gazed from one to the other as he opened his belt buckle. “Not really,” he said, sitting down on the bed next to Jackie.
Even as he stroked Jackie’s back his eyes bore into Vickie’s tits. He pulled his teeshirt over his head. His muscles swelled with the movement.
Jackie snuggled closer to the boy. “I think Vickie and I are going to be good friends now.” As she spoke her fingers reached out and sought the stiffness between his legs.
“How about a drink?” he said.
Jackie turned to Vickie. “Would you?” she said.
Vickie rose up and walked toward the door. “Don’t start without me.”
When she left the room, Jackie turned to her stepson and kissed his shoulder. “Do you think I’mawaful?”
“I think you’re a doll.”
Vickie returned in a matter of minutes with a six-pack of beer. As she padded across the room, her boobs bounced enticingly.
As she opened a can and handed it to Vinnie, Jackie unzipped his pants. He took a big gulp and held the cold can against Vickie’s tits. The girl shrieked and handed another can to Jackie.
The blonde saw the hot eagerness in her cousin’s eyes. She saw the same look in Jackie’s face. She took a big swallow of her beer and felt a warm glow engulf her. What a family they were. She was a lucky girl after all.
After swallowing down half his beer Vinnie covered one of Vickie’s tits with his big hand. Jackie shivered with excitement. She was dying to see Vinnie in the saddle. The one time she’d watched the two youngsters fuck had been a turning point in her life.
It seemed perfectly natural for Vinnie to stretch out and for one of the females to blow him. Jackie couldn’t resist burying her head between his legs. Just a little suck would take the edge off her horniness.
Vickie sipped her beer as she watched Vinnie thrust his hips up to meet his stepmother’s mouth. As Jackie took his prick into her throat she tugged his jeans and shorts down his legs.
When Vickie climbed over his chest and began kissing his nipples, Jackie sucked more of his prick into her mouth. His cock was very hard and his balls were deliciously full of jism.
Vickie licked her way up from his chest to his mouth. She pressed her lips to his and toyed with his chest hair.
Every nerve-ending in Jackie’s body tingled. She bobbed her head up and down Vinnie’s rigid fuckpole. Nothing mattered but having his spunk shoot into her throat. Was she competing with the young girl? She didn’t know, but she did know she wanted to take his first load down her gullet.
Vinnie grunted softly as he fucked her mouth. He french-kissed his cousin while Jackie blew him. Jackie made lewd slurping sounds with her mouth. She released his cock momentarily and reached for his balls.
She licked them until they were wet with her saliva. She pumped his prick and flicked the flat of her tongue over his ball-bag.
She could almost feel his come on her tongue. She made a tight ring of her lips and slid the ring down to the trunk of his prick.
It worked. Lifting his ass, Vinnie roared as he forced his prick into her throat. The force of his climax sent her reeling. Burst after burst of jism shot into the back of her throat.
She worked her throat as she swallowed down the pungent tasting treat. And still his balls continued releasing their steaming load.
Jackie didn’t know if it was because Vickie was watching or because the blonde teenager had turned her on. But the taste of the boy’s come and the force of his climax brought her off.
Vickie knew that her cousin would need a few minutes to regain his strength and she had no intention of waiting. She nudged Jackie to the side and took her place between Vinnie’s legs.
Her eyes burned with lust as she lowered her mouth to Vinnie’s prick. Her pretty face twisted in a wanton smile.
“No,” Vinniesaid.
Vickie hesitated. “No?”
“Not yet.” He motioned toward Jackie. “Suck her cunt.”
Vickie threw her head back and laughed. “If it’ll turn you on, you bet.”
Vinnie closed his fist around his dick as the teenage girl approached his stepmother. Jackie lay back and waited.
His cock stirred as Vickie began kissing Jackie’s pussy. His cockhead swelled up and his pisser leaked as he watched the older woman grind her cunt against Vickie’s mouth.
Jackie gasped as she felt Vickie’s tongue rasp against her clit. “Is your cock getting hard?” she said to Vinnie.
“You bet.” His voice was strained. His cock was breaking records for recovery time.
Vickie licked the juice out of Jackie’s gash. The two women were so attuned to each other’s sexuality they soon forgot Vinnie’s presence.
After a while Vinnie at up and wedged himself between them. He straddled Jackie’s chest and rammed his prick into her mouth.
As his stepmother blew him his young cousin knelt behind him and rubbed her tits against his ass.
He stroked his prick into Jackie’s throat. At one point Vickie held his asscheeks open and rubbed a nipple up and down his asscrack.
“Oh, Jesus, this is the greatest!” he said. “Let me finish in Vickie.”
Vickie quickly lay down and opened her legs. Jackie rolled onto her side and watched as Vinnie mounted her. When the boy entered the teenage girl, Jackie squeezed her thighs together and came.
Chapter 10
Jackie concentrated on the task at hand as she directed the bottle of lotion over the crown of Todd’s cock. She squeezed out a thin stream of velvety fluid and lightly smeared it down to his shaft. She coated his entire cock from the tip to the base and then she pumped it.
“That’s nice,” the boy said in a hushed voice. He groaned with pleasure and closed his eyes. “Are you gonna jerk me off?”
“Maybe,” the horny stepmother said. “Does it feel good when I beat you off?” She moved her fingers up and down on his lotion-wet dick.
“It feels great,” he said.
Jackie was happier than she’d ever been. She and Vickie were as close as mother and daughter. Her relationship with Greg had improved since she didn’t look to him to fill all her needs. She adored the boys and fucked both of them regularly. Yes, life was good. She was a lucky woman.
Now she increased the speed of her hand. She liked jerking him off. She felt as if she was giving him a lovely gift each time she pumped his cock.
She had a selfish motive too. Her pussy juiced up every time she beat his meat. She lay on her side and peered up at the teenager. Stroking his cock made her deliciously horny. Her favorite state of being.
Afterward he would fuck her. It wouldn’t take long to bring him up again even if he came. That was the beauty of having a husband and two stud-stepsons. There was always at least one cock to fuck and suck and jerk off.
“I’m gonna come in a minute,” the boy croaked. “My balls are turning blue.”
She stopped stroking. Taking a deep breath, she squeezed more lotion over his cock-slit and wet him down again. Then she began jerking him off with a vengeance.
Her slippery fingers streaked up and down his thickly veined shaft. His balls looked ready to burst.
For a moment she was tempted to take his load in her mouth. She lowered her head and was about to take his prick into her mouth when he stopped her.
For a long moment his dick lurched in her hand. The mushroom-shaped knob swelled up before her eyes. Then he hissed through his teeth as a gush of jism shot into the air and landed on her forehead.
“Give me a facial,” she said excitedly. Crouching on her knees, she pumped him in a frenzy.
Each shot of spunk hit a different spot on her face. She directed the spray. She wanted to rub it into her skin when he was through.
Pure protein, she thought as his cream covered her eyelids and nose and mouth.
The boy writhed around wildly until his balls were empty. His face became relaxed and sweet and he looked very, very young.
Jackie was happiest at moments like this. She was thrilled to be able to give so much pleasure to the young boy. He had a whole lifetime ahead of him and would suffer many set-backs. At least she could do her part to make him happy and prepare him for the cruel world he would face.
“Jesus, Mom, that was great,” he said. He snickered. “You’ve got jizz all your face.”
“I know,” she said, still clutching his prick in her fist. “I’m going to cream my face with it. That’s what gives me a healthy complexion.”
They laughed together. She held onto his dick with one hand and began rubbing his jism into her skin with the other.
She was having a lovely time, but her pussy was very horny. She didn’t feel like waiting for the teenager to get hard again. She needed some action quickly.
It was then she realized his cock was still half-hard. She leaned over him and kissed his lips. “I know you’re exhausted, but if I promise to do all the work will you fuck me?”
He lay back while she crawled around and squatted over him. She quickly positioned her gaping pussy over his crotch. She rubbed his cockhead around her slimy gulch. His knob was spongy, but she would manage to stick it in. The boy lay still. She didn’t mind. She took his dick in her hand and directed it into her cunt. It took a moment, but then his cockhead was inside her. She squeezed her cunt around it and felt his shaft lurch around.
“It’s going in, darling,” she said. She wriggled her ass and slowly forced a little more of his semi-hard dick inside her.
The boy gazed up at her, suddenly aware that he was horny again. He reached for her tits and the horny stepmother leaned over and offered them to his hungry mouth.
He pumped his ass, thrusting his rapidly hardening dick into her dripping cunt. Jackie grunted obscenely, convulsively bucking her butt as they mated.
Most of the boy’s dick was inside her now. He buried his face in her tits and clutched her asscheeks.
She stopped pumping, letting the teenager take over. Now that his cock was hard again she preferred being passive.
“Shit, Mom, my dick’s hard again! Jesus, your pussy’s so tight! Shit, what a fuck!”
“Yes, baby, yes,” Jackie cooed. “Fuck mother hard. Your cock is like a steel rod in- side me. Oh, yes! Oh, yes!”
Being on top meant she could direct his cock against her clit. She was seconds away from coming, but she wanted to make it last.
I’m a homy bitch, she thought. I can’t get enough of it. I just love cock.
“Going to come soon, honey,” she breathed. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder. Oh, yes, harder! I’m coming!”
Her entire body trembled as her cunt mercilessly squeezed the teenager’s prick. He lifted his ass off the bed and rammed his prick into her hot clutching hole.
He came, sending his second load of jism soaring into her snatch. They remained locked together until he stopped coming.
“That was lovely,” she said, rolling over onto her side.
“Jesus, I’m sure a lucky kid,” he grinned.
Greg’s hand was wedged between Jackie’s legs as he drove down the freeway. They were celebrating their anniversary and were on their way to check into a motel.
Jackie clutched his arm and pushed her tit against him. He stroked the satiny skin just above her stockings and the damp crotch of her panties. It wasn’t like him to play with her pussy with cars on either side of them. But Jackie welcomed any sign that he was loosening up. She widened the spread of her legs and touched his crotch. He was hard. It was then he spotted their turn-off.
He pulled his hand away from her cunt.
“There’s our motel,” he said. “Get your hand off the family jewels or I’ll crack up the car.”
Jackie giggled. “Are you afraid someone at the front desk will see your hard-on?”
He grinned. “I’d be proud if someone saw.”
She withdrew her hand and moved her legs together. It was exciting to check into a motel.
Almost as if we’re not married, she thought.
Almost as if we’re doing something wrong.
She’d been delighted when Greg suggested spending the night in a motel. A night away from the kids and everything domestic appealed to the lusty young wife.
She stayed in the car while he registered, When he returned, he drove the car around and parked it in front of their room. The room they’d used on their honeymoon.
“I told them it was our anniversary,” he said as they entered the room. “And I ordered a bottle of chilled champagne.”
“You’re so romantic,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck. “I’ve never been happier.”
They kissed hotly. “For a while there,” he said, “I thought you weren’t happy.”
“Oh, that was just growing pains,” she giggled, snaking her soft tongue into his mouth. “I’m the happiest woman in the world and don’t you forget it.”
It was true. Now that her sexual needs were being met she was incredibly happy.
“We better wait until the champagne gets here,” he said, squeezing her tits. “We don’t want anyone to find us like this.”
She stroked his prick through his pants. “When it comes I’m going to suck your cock through a mouthful of the stuff.”
“Jesus, honey, screw the champagne,” he said, unzipping his fly. “You go right on and start.”
She dropped to her knees before him and reached into his pants. She drew out his prick and quickly took it into her mouth.
She sucked it gently and lovingly, circling her tongue around the knob. She pushed the tip of her tongue into his piss-slit and tasted his spunk.
They both became carried away by their passion. Jackie began sliding her lips up and down his dick. She sucked on the tip of his cockhead. He bucked his hips.
The knock on the door signaled the arrival of the waiter with the champagne.

“It’s open,” Greg called out.
Before Jackie had a chance to release him the door opened and a teenage boy entered. He carried a tray with a champagne bucket and two glasses.
Greg’s back was toward the door. He didn’t turn around. Jackie had a feeling he was showing off for the boy. It was almost like he was saying, see how lucky I am. I’ve got a gorgeous young wife who loves blowing me.
She kept her lips attached to his dick while she was gazed defiantly at the boy.
“Are you going to sign for it?” the teenager said, trying unsuccessfully to avert his eyes.
Greg peeled a bill from the stack in his wallet. He handed it to the boy as he finally turned to face him. “The rest is yours,” he said. Jackie blushed, her eyes on the boy and her lips on Greg’s prick. A thrill surged through her. She liked being on display. It turned her on to be stared at while she sucked cock.
The youngster stammered as he thanked Greg. He tripped as he left the room. The Winters laughed.
Jackie kissed the tip of Greg’s cocktip as she released it. “That wasn’t like you,” she said.
“I know, but it was fun.”
She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him. “Poor kid. He’s probably walking around with a hard-on.”
“More likely he’s off somewhere jerking off.”
Once again Jackie dropped to her knees and capped her mouth over her husband’s cock. Maybe Greg was changing after all. Maybe he was becoming more daring and dynamic.
She took his balls in her hand and kissed them. She nibbled bis cock-skin as his balls bounced on the palm of her hand.
“If you keep that up you’ll screw yourself out of a fuck,” he said.
“Not on our anniversary, you don’t!” She wrapped her fist around his cock-root and squeezed hard.
“Come here,” he said gruffly.
Together they undressed her. When she was half naked, he opened the bottle of champagne and poured the glasses full.
“Glad you married me?” he said.
She sipped her drink. “You bet. Are you?”
“You bet. I wonder if that kid is still jerking off.”
Jackie sat down on the bed and let her legs fall open. Greg eyed her garter belt and stockings. He moved closer, his cock aimed at her pussy.
“That really turned me on,” she said.
“Me too. Maybe once in a while we ought to do something crazy just to keep things perking.”
Jackie’s eyes glittered. “That’s a good idea, hon.”
Greg raised his glass in a toast. “To family life.”
“To family life.” Her fingers shook. Would he still love her if he knew all the wild things she had done with his sons?
“You’re a terrific cocksucker,” Greg said.
“I never thought of it as an accomplishment.”
“You know, if you ever want to have a little variety, as long as I didn’t know about it it’d be okay with me,”
Jackie blanched. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. “Do you mean if I had an affair you wouldn’t care?”
“Oh, I’d care, so I don’t want to know about it, but I’d understand.”
There was a moment of silence. He had just given her permission to cheat. Did he know about her affairs with the boys?
She placed her glass on the table and took his hand and kissed it. “The same goes for me,” she said. In that moment she knew he had fucked Vickie. And the knowledge excited her.
Everyone has to find the thing that works for them, she thought. People do and families do. We did and it’s working for us. All of us.
Greg downed the rest of his champagne and reached for the bottle. Jackie held out her empty glass and he refilled it.
Neither spoke for a few minutes. They both knew they had come to a watershed in their marriage. And it was exciting and no words were needed.
She gulped down her second glass of champagne and placed the glass on the table. Greg drained his glass and sat down next to her.
He slowly undressed while she removed her bra. She sat oh the bed and bent over. He liked to watch her tits bounce around. Without changing position she unhooked her garters.
“Leave it on, hon,” he said.
She reattached her garters and rolled onto her back. “Turns you on, huh?”
He dropped his shorts and kicked his shoes off. “It always did.”
His cock tilted up and when he was naked he climbed over her and shoved his cock into her mouth.
“I think our marriage is going to get better and better,” she said.
He brushed his fingers over her tits. “I know it is.”
Soon he was fucking her mouth. The champagne had relaxed them and after a while she spit his prick out.
He understood what she was saying. Without a word he climbed over her and began licking and sucking her tits.
Soon he was nuzzling her pussy. She opened her thighs and he wedged his face against her fragrant muff.
He licked her cunt through her panties. For some reason that was more erotic than licking her bare gash.
“I could come right now,” she said as she clutched her massive boobs.
Greg plunged his tongue against her cunthole as she writhed wildly. “Save it. Let’s come together.”
She sat up and reached for his prick. He lay back and she straddled him. She took his cock deep inside her cunt and began fucking.
“I love you,” she said, twisting her hips and thrusting her tits around.
Greg grabbed her melons and plunged his dick into her depths. “I love you more.”
She took his cock deep inside her and then stopped moving. She wanted to give him the best gift a woman can give a man.
Slipping off his body, she hungrily took his prick back into her mouth. Before he had a chance to object she moved one hand to his ass and worked a finger into his asscrack.
“You want a mouthful?” he said.
She nodded, bobbing her head and taking his cock deep inside her throat.
As she mouthfucked him she thrust a finger into his asshole. He groaned and pumped his prick into her mouth. In a matter of minutes he growled and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he creamed her tonsils.
She was ready. When he let go, a blast of thick jism gushed into her mouth. She sucked frantically, eager not to lose a drop. She fingered his asshole while he shot off and when he was through she lovingly took his balls into her mouth.
Drained, Greg closed his eyes and groaned. “What a blow job!”
She reached for the rest of the champagne and drank some straight from the bottle. “My two favorite beverages,” she said.
She lay down next to her husband and stroked his hair. “You’re not going to sleep, lover,” she said.
He opened his eyes and grabbed her. “If you can get it up it’s yours.”
“You’re on,” she smiled, reaching for his dick. “Now and always.”

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