The Factory

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I screwed a MILF supervisor on top of some pallets in the back of an 18 wheeler trailer, on the loading dock, the week after I was hired.

She was a 43 year old brunette named Sheri, who had a slim and trim body with a nice pair of C cup tits and a pixie hair cut. We screwed a dozen times before I was transferred to maintenance, and a couple of times afterward. Got to have something to do to keep you “up” on those 3rd shift summer nights.

Sheri’s favorite position was doggie style, and with me smacking her ass. She was the first woman I had fucked without a rubber, as her tubes had been tied after her 5th kid.

I was temporarily transferred to maintenance after I fixed the conveyor belt one night. The old guy Ray, who was the maintenance man was out with the flu. But since I had worked with tools all my young life it was a simple job of getting it working again. I transferred permanently a few weeks later after Ray said he needed a helper. I got plenty of OTJ training, and the company even sent me to the local community college for training in industrial maintenance, machining, electrical wiring, and auto maintenance.

2 years later, after graduating from the trade school, Ray informed me that he would be retiring after a few more months. It was too bad, because he was a good old guy. But, after 36 years, a lawn chair on a creek bank interested him more than burned out motors, and broken belts.

I became the full time maintenance man 4 months later, but with a newly implemented company policy that stated that I had to rotate helpers out of the regular workforce who showed an interest.

From jobs ranging from fixing conveyor belts, electrical repairs, forklift maintenance, company vehicle tune ups, to painting. I gave the new temporary helpers a good workout, but with an emphasis on safety and respect. I don’t play pranks, and I don’t make someone do something that I’m not willing to do myself.

Men, women, kids right out of high school, we had a diverse pool of candidates. A few of the high school guys quit after a day or two when the job was too messy or “the work was beneath them”.

I had a few very good helpers over the next few months, but most just sucked.

Then the next one Erica, a perky blonde 18 year old with cute little A cup tits, did suck…and was really good at it. We had gone up to the attic/storage area above the main floor. I was unscrewing screws off of the covers of a junction box overhead when I felt my zipper tug.

“Shhh, you need to relax a little and enjoy the moment.” She said.

We had been in a rush for a week and we both where stressed from trying to finish pulling wire for new equipment. I had been trying to hurry and had been dropping screws.

She had my zipper down and my dick out and into her mouth in one smooth movement. All while my arms were still in the air with a screwdriver in my hand. She was a master at what she was doing, twirling her tongue around the head, and deep throating my dick. She grabbed my ass and started face fucking canlı bahis my dick while increasing suction, It was incredible and I came a few minutes later, blasting streams of cum down her throat.

Over the next week we fucked 5or 6 times in different places.

I only fucked her pussy one time for just a minute, no rubbers meant she wanted me in her ass. And it really was a sweet little ass.

I had several male helpers in a row, they were ok and actually did their jobs. But I was now more interested in finding another female helper.

Rebecca came in one morning and said she wanted to expand her knowledge of mechanics. She was a raven haired 20 something Latina with nice pair of C’s and a really nice ass.

She was wearing jeans and a tight yellow t-shirt, and I did tell her that we had several sizes of coveralls, but she insisted that it was too hot for those.

It was lube day, and I showed her how to grease all the machinery, and lube the chains. I was telling her how to lube the piston shafts of the portable lift and she grabbed a hand full of grease and rubbed it all over the shaft, she stroked it up and down several times then looked over her shoulder ad winked. At the end of the day I was grinning, she had been teasing all day.

Making lewd comments and gestures, she leaned to close to one machine and got dirt on her shirt. Her nipples had been hard and the points poking through her shirt were now two black dots. Looking down, she giggled as she dipped her finger in grease and drew a curved line across her belly.

“Have a nice day.” She said as she walked to the maintenance shop, in her new smiley face t-shirt. As it was end of shift, I grabbed the bucket of grease, and the grease gun and followed her.

I set the grease down on a table and locked the door behind me. Rebecca was washing her hands as I came in, then went to a shelf and grabbed something as I washed mine.

She came over to me and peeled off her shirt. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply as I played with her left boob. I went down and sucked in her right nipple as I unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. I straightened back up and got a good look at her, she turned in a circle and I noticed that her yellow thong was wet in the front and slightly toeing. Her ass was a work of art, I slapped her right cheek and got a squeak out of her as she jumped.

She had her thong off and hopped up on a work bench, spreading her legs. I dove into her dripping, freshly waxed pussy and had her moaning in just a moment. I stuck a finger into her palm up, locating the slightly rough little almond sized G spot. I rubbed it as I nibbled her clit, making her writhe around on the table as she pinched her nipples. She came in a flood of juices all over my chin and down my shirt front.

I took my clothes off as she recovered. She got up, stroked my dick a few times then got a jar of petroleum jelly from under her shirt.

She opened the jar, then grinned as she lubed my dick. “We’ve been greasing machines all day, bahis siteleri now you get to do a real lube job.” She said.

With that she spread a glob of petroleum jelly on her ass and bent over the table. I put the tip of my dick at her well lubed asshole and pushed. It was tight, but I slid right in after a few thrusts, then after she nodded her head I got down to pounding her ass. Every time I bottomed out her ass jiggled in the nicest way.

The clock was in front of me and I noticed that 2 minutes later she came really hard, and 10 minutes later she did again and 3 minutes later I was splattering cum all up in her bowels as I came.

My shop had it’s own restroom with sink, toilet, and a newly installed shower, and we used it several times afterward. There were many places in the factory that I would get absolutely filthy, and a shower after work came in handy on many occasions. This was an occasion that made me glad I installed the shower.

* * *

Then there was the week a few months later that I nailed a chick named June and her friend Tammy on the roof of the factory. We were up there painting the roof with an elastomastic roof sealant, which is a plasticized white paint that keeps out leaks and reflects sunlight. It was hot, August in the south is always hot. We were half a day into painting and June asked if she could get some sun while we took a water break. I didn’t see why not and said so.

June was a short but busty tomboy with a nice pair of C’s and a cute ass. She pulled off her shirt and shorts to reveal a lacy green bra and matching thong. I looked over at Tammy and saw she was wearing a light pink see through bra and white booty shorts. Tammy was the direct opposite of June as she was tall and slender with medium B cup tits and a small but curvy butt and both were nicely tanned.

I watched as they rubbed sunscreen on each other and Tammy rubbed some on me. We went back to work and got a fair bit accomplished, but with a 18,000 square foot roof, this takes a bit of doing.

Ok, I’m sure if it was a painting it would’ve looked like hammered crap, but since it was a roof you just have to spread it around. Which is a good thing, because I noticed that to dip their rollers in the paint, they had to bend over just right, and it was pretty distracting.

I noticed later that when June sat down on a bucket on a water break that one lip was poking out of her thong panty.

“Well shit June, If you’re gonna let you pussy hang out you might as well just go and take it off!” Tammy said.

June looked down and was about to tuck it back into the thin material, then pulled the other lip out and pulled the fabric tight against her pussy.

“You know, I think you may be right. See here where my pussy lips are lighter colored now, I hate tan lines.” June said.

Tammy got down on her knees and made a show of inspecting her friend’s pussy, and pulling the thong down and off her legs.

“You don’t mind if we take our underwear off do you?” Tammy asked.

Gee, let bahis şirketleri me think…NO!

I didn’t mind at all. Although I was pretty sure that job was going to take at least a day or two longer.

* * *

I also have to drive a company truck across the state at least once a month to pick up spare parts from warehouses, and to help maintenance at one of our other factories. Company rules stated that I had to have a driving partner. The first time it was a guy who never talked, just looked out the window.

The next time, and nearly every time afterward it was a woman named Christy. She was nice, a leggy 30 year old blonde with great D cup tits and a bubble butt. The company would pay for one hotel room with two beds…I’m sure they had the best of intentions.

The first trip, nothing happened. But she flashed me accidentally as she was getting out of her bed the next morning. She was still half asleep when the alarm went off, and as she pulled the blanket back to get up, I saw that the leg opening of her panties was caught in the cleft of her pussy. The second trip we stopped at a steak house for dinner. A lot of flirting went on there. Afterward in the room she curled up beside me as we watched a movie, I’m still not sure what the movie was.

Hers was the first waxed pussy I’d ever felt, and I was totally hooked. I was playing with her tits with one hand, while kissing her and had run my hand down her panties. Smooth skin, and a warm wetness greeted my fingers as she let out a gasp. I had her panties off in record time and got my head between her legs as she spread her legs. I licked every inch of her pussy and after a few minutes she was cumming all over my face.

She sat up after that and pushed me back on the bed, then she straddled me and rode me hard as I thrust up to meet her. We fucked all night, and then again in the morning.

In hotels, in the truck, on the side of the road, back roads, in the bed of the truck, picnic areas, tourist attractions, at the factory, in my office, the break room, and the roof. She bent over an oil drum while I fucked her from behind, only problem was that she got oil all over her shirt. That was fortunately easy to explain, I just gave her an armload of parts and we carried them across the factory.

We had some close calls, fraternization was not strictly forbidden as we had several married couples working at the factory…but I’m sure that fucking on the clock was pushing it.

One day the company president started knocking right after I had just pulled out. We had been in the work shop behind my office and she was still lying on the work bench cleaning up.

Zipping my pants, I went to answer the door in the other room and he comes barging in after I opened it, talking about some emergency and needing us to help out at a sister factory. It would be a two week job in Atlanta and he gave me a list of parts to bring or to pick up.

After he left, I made sure the door was locked and went back to the work shop.

And that’s where I found her, still lying on the table, three fingers shoved deep inside her dripping wet pussy. Apparently the chance of getting caught was a huge turn on for her.

It took a while to pack up the parts for that trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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