The Elevator

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He instructs her, “stay here!”

She does as she’s told and watches as he saunters over to the concierge’s desk. The two men exchange a few words. The discussion is quiet enough that she fails to catch any of the words. However, her curiosity is peaked by the shared chuckle before she witnesses him slipping the concierge a folded hundred-dollar bill.

He departs from the concierge with a knowing wink. He then walks back over to her, grabs her hand and takes off in a brisk trot to the elevators. The pace is so passionate that he nearly knocks her off of her feet. His hand slides more solidly into hers, steadying her and drawing her into his presence.

She laughs at his exuberance and quickens her pace to keep up with him. Her black two-inch heels clicking on the linoleum floor as she follows behind him, her pleated mid thigh skirt swinging freely around her legs.

They arrive at the elevators. He presses the up button. They stand there, hand in hand, waiting. They each take a step forward hearing the faint ding, and wait impatiently as the doors slide open. They watch a few men in business suits step out of the elevator before they are able to step into it. They look at each other and share a secret grin realizing they are now finally together and alone.

They move closer to each other, squeezing their still held hands, and watch the doors close. The interior doors resemble the rest of the lift covered with mirrors.

She releases his hand feeling her heart thumping in her chest. She leans back against the railing. The smile she gives him is playful. She bends her right knee allowing her to tilt her hips provocatively at him.

He grins at her invitation suggested by her hips, and he quickly punches the button labeled 21 on the elevator panel. Now on their way, he turns and steps toward her. He stands in front of her and looks at her for a few seconds before closing the slight distance between them.

She can barely breathe as she stares back at him.

He moves closer to her, almost touching her, but not quite there.

Her breath catches in her throat as he leans towards her, brushing his lips ever so slightly across hers. Her eyes fluttering closed as the kiss deepens. She savors how his lips hold hers.

Initially, it is a very tentative kiss.

His lips part against hers before his tongue slips out and gently nudges against her lips. The touch communicating his wants. She parts her lips for him and allows him to explore her mouth. He inwardly growls as she obeys so willingly and eagerly.

She feels her stomach flutter as his lips press harder against hers, forcing her lips to part further, entangling his tongue with hers.

He moves in closer, pressing his body against hers, molding his form into her feminine curves. Their kiss intensifies.

Both of them moan at the same time as their lips mesh together.

He breaks the kiss and pulls back a bit. He then softly nuzzles against her cheek.

She actually feels breathless and light headed. Her mind is reeling. Her heartbeat is now clamoring loudly in her ears.

Smiling, he murmurs near her ear, “Wow, you’re a great kisser.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replies.

He moves in for another kiss, which leaves her entire body sizzling with sexual lust.

He glides his hand up her arm. He squeezes her shoulder before sliding it downwards, brushing his fingers along the side of her full breast.

She quietly gasps into his mouth as his hand cups the underside of her sensitive breast. His caress is seductive. He grazes his thumb over her semi erect nipple. She reacts by arching her back and pressing her tit into his hand.

He moves his mouth from hers, kissing and nibbling his way to her ear, whispering into the sensitive lobe, “Hold that thought.”

He reaches canlı bahis towards the buttons and pulls the red one. The elevator abruptly halts.

Returning to her ear, grazing it with his teeth, whispering, “didn’t want to be interrupted.”

His teeth tug and pull on the soft flesh of her earlobe while his right hand moves down her side. His hand traverses the length of her short skirt; skimming down the outside of her thigh, and across the hem. He slides his hand under the pleated skirt causing the material to ripple and bunch up as his strong hand glides up her inner thigh. His fingers squeeze her inner thigh as he captures her lips with kisses.

His fingers continue to knead her inner thigh.

She presses her hips up against him, urging him to go further.

He slides his fingers under her satin panties, encountering her bare mound.

His brushes his fingers up and down her bare slit, finding it wet. He moans into her mouth as he presses himself up against her. His cock grows hard as he starts to finger her pussy.

Her hands grip his upper arms as she kisses him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She suddenly breaks the heady kiss, gasping, as she leans hard against him, his fingers sinking in and out of her very wet entrance. “Oh God fuck! I’m gonna cum!’ she whimpers between pants of breath.

“So cum.” He murmurs against her cheek. His fingers thrust harder and faster up into her.

He can feel her cunt spasm and squeeze around his digits. He presses himself up against her, providing the support she needs at this moment.

Her legs feel like jelly and are beginning to tremble and shake.

He continues to thrust his fingers deeply into her cunt. He embeds them once more and this causes her cunt to explode. The eruption soaks his deeply entrenched digits.

Her orgasm is so powerful that her warm juices gush out. The sweet liquid runs down the inside of her thighs and drips down his forearm.

“Fuck!!!” He exclaims as her juices continue to flow out coating his arm and her inner thighs.

Her breathing is now shallow. Her body is quaking and shuddering from the intense orgasm.

“I have to fuck you”, he confesses, “now!”

He spins her on her heels to turn her away from him. He presses his hand against the small of her back encouraging her to bend forward for him. His other hand undoes the button and zipper of his pants. The material falling from his hips, his hard erect cock springs free.

She bends over. Her fingers curl around the shiny brass railing. Her head turns sideways to watch him in the mirrors. She lustfully growls as she watches him undress; finally, she beholds his delectable cock come into view.

He approaches her from behind. He quickly flips the back of her pleated skirt up over her rounded ass. He continues to undress her by roughly tugging her soaked silk panties down her curvy smooth tanned legs. His hands caress all over her rounded cheeks. Finally he nudges her legs further apart with his foot as he moves in behind her, positioning himself between her open thighs.

She can feel his cock graze across the back of her upper thighs as it twitches. She watches in anticipation and fascination rimming her lips swiftly with the tip of her pink tongue.

His hand grips his thickness. His fingers wrap around the girth, and tighten. He pumps his shaft a few times within his fist. He rests his other hand, fingers spread and open, on her bare rounded ass cheek.

She closes her eyes, inhaling a quick deep breath, holding it. She feels him position his cock at her dripping sopping entrance circling the tip a few times against her tight wet hole. Wiggling some, she presses back, pushing her ass up and out. Her motions indicating to him, her intense needy desire for his cock to be inside of her. She releases bahis siteleri the held breath accompanied by a drawn out long moan as he slowly pushes his thick cock into her pussy.

His own long moan echoing hers as he feels her smooth inner walls wrap and close around his shaft as he fills her hot cavern with his cock. He feeds his cock slowly and teasingly into her hungry aching cunt.

He places his hands possessively on her hips. His groin nestles firmly against her ass each time he pulls her tightly back against him. The repeated action allows him to continually sink his entire length into her. He stops and holds himself there. His balls tucked up against her bare hot slit.

She can feel his cock slightly throb and twitch deeply inside of her cunt. She rocks on her heels and circles her hips. Her movements encourage him to fuck her and take her to her next orgasm. She delightedly moans as she feels his cock move within her silky smooth walls.

He leans over her back. His fingers reach under her to untie her top. Hungry fingers shove the fabric of cotton off of her shoulders. The latch of her bra is flipped open with a flick of his fingers.

Her full creamy breasts are released into his hands.

He cups each one fondling them with his fingers. His thumbs rub across each nipple. He grunts in pleasure as he feels them harden at his touch. His finger and thumb rolls each nipple. He pinches them. With each new pinch he feels her cunt tighten and clamp around his embedded shaft.

Huskily whispering against her ear, “Open your eyes. Watch us in the mirror. Watch as I teasingly work my cock in and out of your dripping pussy. Watch as your body rocks back and forth. Watch as your breasts sway and swing, your nipples hard and red. Watch as I fuck you. Watch as I fuck you so hard and fast, you will beg to cum.'”

He kisses, licks, and nibbles a trail from her bare left shoulder down the center of her back with his lips and tongue.

She opens her eyes, turning her head, intently watching him as he places his hands back upon her hips. She watches him wide eyed as he slightly bends his knees and moves his hips back. The movement pulling his cock from her pussy so only the tip remains in her soaked cunt.

He then pushes himself forward, sinking the thick length back into her.

She softly moans with each thrust and whimpers from each withdrawal.

He glances down. Intently, he watches as his now shiny cock emerges from her wet pink hole coated in her juices. Her glistening pussy lips covering his cock, grunting louder as he pushes his cock back in. He groans watching her pussy suck his cock back inside.

“Oh godddddddddd fuckkkkkkkkk” he exclaims. His grip tightens on her hips, digging his fingers into her flushed warm glowing skin. He begins to fuck her hard and fast, with an animal like fury.

She keeps her eyes locked and fixed on their mirrored images, the small of her back dipped and arched. Her fully creamy breasts swing freely as he fucks her. She absorbs the reflected image of his hips bucking back and forth. The image of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy will be forevermore embedded into her visual memory.

She witnesses his thighs smack against her rounded ass cheeks. She can feel and hear his balls slapping up against her slit. The images and sounds are almost too much for her to handle. Her own moans getting louder and more erratic as she nears that pivotal edge.

He can feel her hot juices begin to pool around his cock. His balls tighten and get heavy with the ache to cum. “Not yet,’ he hisses out between clenched teeth.

She groans out in frustration. She bites down on her lower lip. Her grip tightens around the brass rail causing her knuckles to whiten. She slams her ass back against him progressively harder as he continues bahis şirketleri to ram his rigid rock hard cock in and out of her dripping cunt.

“Now!” he growls as his thrusts continue to plunge deeply and roughly into her. The grip on her hips grows tighter as his fingers dig deep into her heated flesh. His cock swells and throbs.

Her pussy clamps down tight like a vise around his cock. Her juices flood and gush out of her slit. His own release quickly follows. The creamy white cum juts out spurting, coating her inner walls. Her pussy muscles ripple repeatedly along his shaft milking the entire length.

He pulls back. He slowly slides his semi hard cock out of her well-fucked hole. His cock is still pulsing and emptying its contents. He grips his wet cum coated cock with his hand and sprays the last few drops of his cum on her pussy. He steps back and watches as it drips downwards. He continues to admire in utter fascination as her pussy lips open and close squeezing out some of his thick creamy cum.

She quickly turns and pushes him up against the wall. Her face all flushed as she glances at him for a very brief moment before sinking to her knees before him.

The heat from his body fogs up the mirror behind him.

She steals another quick glance upwards towards him before her mouth hungrily engulfs his cum-coated cock. Her lips suck on his cock while her tongue licks tasting their combined cum. She swallows their mixture.

He places his hand upon the top of her head and pushes his hips back and forth, feeding her mouth his cock. The motion invites her to bob her head back and forth along his shaft.

Her tongue laps fervently along his shaft, cleaning the remains of their orgasms.

He turns his head, groaning, as he watches her in the mirror sucking his dick. The sight of her squatting in front of him on her heels; her lips pursed around his girth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucks him in and out, her body rocking as she works her mouth and lips back and forth along his entire length; such a pleasure to him.

She pulls back, allowing his cock to slip from between her lips with a soft pop. She lathers her tongue all over the smooth tip. She softly sucks him a few more times before she stands up. Her body conforms to his as she kisses him hard on the lips. She breaks away to grin at him.

He grins back and drops a kiss upon her nose then her forehead. He waddles and pushes the red button back in. They both get dressed rearranging and straightening their clothing, as the elevator starts moving.

He looks at her and clears his throat.

She glances up at him as she’s tying her top back underneath her tits “Yes?” she utters as she tightens the knot of her top.

“Panties,” he says as he puts out his hand — palm facing upwards.

She blinks at him, “Are you serious?’

“Yep, gimmie…now.”

She shoots him an irksome look as she hooks her fingers in the band of her sopping wet silk panties. She wiggles them down off her hips, and down her legs. She steps out of them, balls them up and places them in his opened hand.

“Thank you,” he says as he tucks them into his right pants pocket.

The elevator dings reaching the 21st floor. There is a small pause before the doors open.

They start to walk out of it as he places his hand on the small of her back. He explains in a whisper against her ear, “We’re headed back to meetings and I don’t want anything covering that delicious juicy cunt of yours. Or catching any of our cum that happens to drip out and run down your legs.”

She blushes a deep red as they both walk into the meeting room separating at the doorway.

She can feel his eyes upon her and she looks over at him, her lips forming into a slight smile. He returns her slight smile with a knowing one of his own as he winks at her.

Her pussy muscles clench, squeezing out a bit of their still warm cum. She feels it leak out of her wet slit and start to dribble down her inner thigh.

His own cock thickens in his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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