The Dream

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I dreamt of him again. I know it should stop. He’s like a brother after all. My closest friend, I dream of his hands touching me, caressing me. His full mouth kissing me in places that have tingled when he’s around.

His hard body pressed against mine as he enters my soft wet pussy. I woke up in a start this morning only to discover that it wasn’t him pressed up against me, but my hand. A poor substitute at this point but I need all the help I can get.

Cocooned in the warmth of my blankets, glad that I had gone to bed wearing only a pair of satin panties, my hand gently skims down over my covered lips. Feeling the moisture start to seep through. My nipples are being lightly grazed by the blanket, as was the rest of my body. Images of my dream start floating back to me.

We’d been sitting together on his living-room couch talking after seeing a movie. And in the blink of an eye he had kissed me.


That kiss alone would have gotten me wet. He had illegal bahis been soft and thorough by turns as well as rough and demanding. I could feel how badly he had wanted me in that kiss.

His mouth had trailed soft kisses along my jaw, down my neck, pausing to give me the slightest bite at the base. Then continued to scrape his teeth down one breast until he’d reached the very edge of my tank top.

“Do you want me to stop?” He’d asked lifting only his eyes to mine keeping his head right where he’d stopped, poised to continue as soon as I asked him to.

Unable to speak, I shook my head and lowered the straps of my top, letting them fall, revealing my full breasts to his gaze. I took hold of one of his hands and placed his palm directly over the nipple his lips were so close to. The heat of his palm coursing through me made my eyes close and my head drop back in pleasure. I felt his hand close around me and begin to kneed my breast, softly at fist, then became more illegal bahis siteleri insistent when he saw my reaction to the rough handling. His other hand, which had been skimming back and forth over my thigh, lifted my leg until it encircled his waist. Making my skirt pool around my hips. His hand roamed down the back of my thigh, cupping my bottom, bringing it to sharp contact with his throbbing erection. My hips began to lift and strain against the contact, moving back and forth. His hands had flexed squeezing my butt and dragging me even closer to him.

My hand slide under my panties and continue the dream now that I am awake, letting one finger slide in to my folds causing me to shiver. I imagine his hand touching me. His hand, driving me slowly wild. I use that same finger to enter me all the way. My back arches in response to the pleasure. I take my hand out from under my covers and lift that same hand to my lips, letting my own scent intoxicate me. My tongue canlı bahis siteleri comes out and gives it a flick.

My eyes close.

I can feel him watching me. My finger is no longer my own but his. In my head I can see his eyes begging me to suck on it. To suck on his finger covered in my juices. I take my panties off completely and continue with my ministrations.

My other hand now comes in to play squeezing my breast, kneading them, pinching my nipples tight.

I want it hard.

I want it rough.

I need more pressure against me. I flip on to my stomach and begin to press my hips in to my mattress, moving my torso so that my nipples get some of that sweet friction too. My hands grip the edge of mattress giving me more leverage. My eyes close once more as I bite my lips.

A moan escapes.

I can feel my own juices sliding down my legs seeping in to my mattress. I want him now. I need to feel his cock pounding in to me keeping time with me. I want to feel him start to fill, ready to explode.



The image of his cumming on he does it.

Oh God! Ohhh!

My hips press against my mattress, grinding in to it as the sweet pleasure of it all washes over me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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