The Domination of DestinyLynn

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The Domination of DestinyLynn
I had my first real experience with sex when I was 16. I didn’t find out till sometime later that it was called being dominated. That summer I was staying with my Uncle. He and my Aunt had divorced and technically he was no longer related to me, but to me he was & still is my favorite Uncle.
Uncle Bill was that cool Uncle that all my friends wished they had.  He liked to party, and he had no problem letting my cousin Mike and I do it too as long as we did it with him.
The first night it started Mike had gone out with his friends and it was just Uncle Bill and I. After we ate dinner we decided to relax and watch a movie.
 “Go grab us a beer and I’ll put the movie on” Bill said.
I grabbed two Coors Light and joined him on the couch. We got to talking and wasn’t really paying attention to the movie till a sex scene came up.
“Have you ever had sex Destiny?” Uncle asked me.
I almost choked on my beer and said, “Once, but it was nothing like that” I said pointing to the tv.
“You didn’t like it?” He shifted in his seat to face me.
“Not really, it just hurt for few minutes then he was done.”
“So you didn’t cum?” he asked. I almost choked again. I finished my beer and got up to grab more before answering him. “I don’t think so, I mean, well, I don’t know.”
“You would know if you did.. Tell me what did he do to you” He was looking me in the eyes. I lowered my eyes from his gaze and said “I don’t know, I mean he took my pants off, and the next thing I knew he was on top of me and it hurt then it was over.”
“He didn’t warm you up first?” I just looked at him confused. “Come here, sit on my lap let me show you something” He took me by the hand and pulled me over to him. He moved my legs so they hung on the outside of his. “Lean back” he whispered. “Close your eyes”
He ran his hands up my thighs, across my hips to my waist and up under my shirt.  I jumped and grabbed his hand, trying to push it away. “Relax” he said sternly . He pulled my shirt up over my head and threw it on the floor then unsnapped my bra. “Take it off.” I nervously pulled it off and tossed it. He pulled me back against his warm chest and said “Don’t move again” His big hands rubbed my breasts and his fingers tugged and pulled at my nipples.  I closed my eyes. I could feel his breath on my neck.  While one hand worked on my breast, his other made its way down between my legs. His hand felt so warm on me and it felt so good. He moved his hand under my shorts and I jumped again and tried to get up. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me back again and spread my legs further. “You were told not to move, sit still!” My heart was beating fast and I was a bit afraid yet excited at the same time. I leaned back and closed my eyes. His hand slipped under my shorts and found their way to my sweet spot. His fingers parted my lips then he plunged two fingers inside of me.  I started to breathe heavy and a moan escaped me. I couldn’t help it.. It felt good. “Oh your so nice and wet baby” His fingers went deeper and moved a little faster. He moved his hand off of my breast and wrapped it around my throat. He gripped my throat tight, but not enough to choke me.
“I want you to cum for me” He whispered in my ear. It was like he knew just where to touch me, it felt like his fingers were sending electric sparks through me and I could feel my orgasm building till I felt myself explode in waves. I melted into his chest, breathing heavy. He held me tight against him till the waves subsided. He kissed me on the neck and said “Go to bed now.”

That night I lay there awake for the longest time just thinking about how it all led up to this. I always thought that Uncle was really nice looking, but I guess I never really let my thoughts go as far as I did tonight. I fell asleep thinking about how good his fingers felt inside of me.
The next morning I got up early, Uncle Bill was already in the kitchen cooking. “Go get a shower and be quick about it breakfast is almost done.” He said without even turning around.
When my shower was over I sat down at the table. While we were eating I asked “Did Mike ever come home lastnight?”
“No, he’s gonna stay with his Mother. Its just you and me this summer. We’ll get started after I get home from work tonight. You’ve got a lot to learn.”
“What do you mean?”
He shot me a stern look and said “I gotta go, I’ll see you tonight” he kissed me on my head and said “Get the dishes done.”
I cleaned the house after he left and spent a lot of time thinking about the previous night.
I was laying on the couch watching tv when he got home.  “Get up, go wait in my room for me” he said as he walked past me headed for the shower.
I walked upstairs to his room. It felt strange being in here because it was always off limits to us. But I have to admit my cousin and I used to sneek in and steal some of his roaches and get high.  To this day that memory still makes me smile.  I was sittin on his bed deep in thought when he came in the room wearing nothing but a towel. I snapped back to reality when I heard the door shut. “Let me start by telling you the rules”
I stood up and said “I know, no one over unless I ask you. And don’t buy any weed from anyone, and only drink while your around.”
He just looked at me for a second and said “Did I tell you to fucken speak?”
I shook my head no.
“Pay attention to the rules because if you fuck up you’ll be punished. Do as your told, when your told, no questions asked.” He pointed to a rug on the floor “You are to be kneeling here on your knees waiting for me by the time I get home. When we are in this room, your görükle escort not allowed to wear clothes unless I say so. Your not allowed to look me in the eye unless I say so. I will shave your pussy and it will stay trimmed. You will have your hair pulled up in a bun when we play. If you don’t follow any of my rules you will be punished. No amount of begging will get you out of it either, so don’t think that if you whine you’ll get out of it. And you will call me Sir. Do you understand my rules?”
I just stood there , not knowing what to say.  “I uh, I …” I was speechless.
He raised his voice “Do you understand?”
I shook my head and said “yes Sir.”
“Now get the clothes off, you have a punishment coming.”
“Why what did I do?” I blurted out then realized that I fucked up.
“You were bad last night, I told you not to move and you moved several times, and you just spoke without my permission. Now get the clothes off.”
I nervously took my clothes off and stood there with my arms crossed looking down.
Lay down on the bed on that towel and spread your legs. He got a pair of clippers out of the drawer and shaved me. He took his time when he was done running his hand over my cleanly shaved pussy. He was admiring his work.
Uncle sat down in a chair “Bend over my knees” I did as I was told. Uncle ran his hand across my ass, then suddenly slapped me three times. “You were bad baby. You didn’t listen to me” He said while he rubbed the red marks. :Slap Slap: Each slap got harder. “You need to learn how to listen.” :Crack:
I cried out “Oweee” and instinctively my hand went up to cover my ass. Uncle twisted my arm up and held it there. “I see a lot of punishments in your future. You just don’t seem to want to listen, I’ll break you of that.” He continued spanking me till my ass was a crimson red. He let go of my arm and said “Get up”. I stood up and wiped tears from eyes. “Why are you crying baby?”
“That really hurt” I said while rubbing my sore ass.
“Tell me why you were spanked, what did you do wrong.”
“I didn’t listen to you, and I spoke without you telling me I was allowed.”
“Good Girl” He said smiling. I couldn’t help but smile too. Hearing him call me a good girl made me feel warm, not just because my ass was on fire either. But because I think I made him happy. And that made me happy.
“Baby we have company coming over tonight so we need to get ready.” He got a box out of the closet and pulled out a silver egg that had a wire attached to it. He put a little lube on it and told me “Spread your legs” He took his time slipping it deep into my pussy. He handed me the clothes he wanted me to wear that night. First a black thong to keep the egg from slipping out of me, a plaid skirt that came to my knees and a white shirt. He slipped the remote for the egg up and attached it to my skirt. I wasn’t to wear a bra tonight.
After Uncle got dressed we went down stairs and ate a quick dinner. At 8pm his guests arrived. Two men that he introduced as Doug and Ed. “Go get all of us a beer baby & meet us in the dining room.”
As I came into the dining room I could hear the men talking. “Is this your new one?” Doug asked Uncle. “Yep, this is my baby.” Uncle said smiling. “Baby come here” I stood beside him, opened the beer and handed it to him. “Baby this is Ed and this is Doug” I said hi and shook their hands.
“So are we playing tonight?” Ed asked.
“Ed I haven’t even broke her in yet. This one is mine.” He said laughing. “We need to plan the gathering, lets get to work” They sat down at the table. Uncle pulled me over to his side and turned the remote on. “Sit down baby” I winced when I sat down, my ass was still sore.
Doug laughed and said “I see someone got spanked already.” I blushed and looked down. They all laughed and Uncle said “She was bad already.”
“Looks like you have your hands full with this one” Ed said.
“Ya I do. She’ll either learn quick, or she’ll have a sore ass for a while. Come here baby” Uncle said.
He turned me around and lifted my skirt. I put my hands over my face, I was embarrassed.
“Nice work Bill. If she was mine she wouldn’t be able to sit right now. You know Destiny if your really bad you might just get spanked by me instead.” Doug said. That worried me. Again they all laughed.
Uncle turned the remote up a notch. Uncle had me sit next to him.
I sat and listened while they planned the ‘Gathering of the Dominants’.
“Ok, so it will be at the same location. We have a few new members to invite this year. Master Edward also has a new sub that he’s bringing. Everyone’s dues are paid. I’m running the punishment room this year. Master Mathew is donating two subs for the demonstration rooms this year too. Apparently his sub Anna refuses to do anal so guess what room he wants her in?” Doug said laughing.
“What’s a sub? And what is a punishment room?” I asked.
“First Destiny, you shouldn’t interrupt.” Doug said.
“I’m sorry” I said
“A sub is short for submissive. You are a sub. A sub lives to serve her Master. She is there for his enjoyment, to make him happy.” Doug said.
“Ok, thank you.” I said almost in a questioning tone.
“Maybe I should take you to his punishment room this year Baby since you can’t seem to listen.” Uncle said.
“I’m sorry, I thought the rules for just for when we’re upstairs. I didn’t mean to talk out of line I’m sorry.”
“Time for you to go up stairs now Baby. Sit where I told you too I’ll be up soon” Uncle said.
I went up stairs and took off my clothes and folded them and put them all neatly on the chair. I left the thongs so the egg wouldn’t fall out. It was so quiet I could still hear them talking. They spoke at length for over görükle escort bayan an hour about their gathering and what rooms they would have, who would go buy the condoms what subs they could let others have sex with. They talked about different punishment techniques. Some of them sounded really scarey. Like the one Master’s sub who wouldn’t do anal. Her punishment is that she will be in one of the rooms where the other Masters will come in and fuck her. Then I heard them talking about me.
“So where did you find this one?” Ed said.
“She’s my ex wife’s niece. She’s living with me for the summer. Her mother doesn’t want her around so she sent her to me.” Uncle said.
“Does she know that she’s going to be your sub?”Ed said
“No, but she wouldn’t care anyways. She can’t stand the poor girl. Destiny has always been so eager to please, she never gave me a problem. I knew she was a submissive a long time ago, I just had to wait till she was old enough.” Uncle said.
“Have you fucked her yet?” Doug said
“Not yet. I’m easing her into it. It took all I had not to fuck her last night. She got so damn wet when I got forceful with her.” Uncle said
“Think she’ll be ready for the gathering? We have less than a month, and it won’t look good if she speaks out of turn in front of the others.” Ed said.
Bill gave him a dirty look and said “Give me a fucking break. She got her first taste last night. She’s new to all of this.”
“Well its time for us to go. We’ll see you at the gathering.” with that they took their leave.
I could hear Uncle coming up the stairs. He came into the room and sat a bowl of ice down on the table beside the bed. He pulled a towel out of the drawer and laid it on the bed. “Baby up.”
I got up and walked over to him at the bed. “Baby for now on no speaking unless your told too. Especially at the gathering. Do you understand me?”
“Yes Sir. I’m sorry.”
“Lay down on the bed, on the towel.” I quickly got on the bed and laid back. He pulled my panties off of me. Uncle attached leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. He then attached them to the posts of the bed. He put his ‘toy box’ on a chair next to the bed. He got an ice cube and ran it over my nipples making them very hard. He pulled out these weird looking clips and put one on each nipple. He adjusted each one so they weren’t too tight but they weren’t loose either. The ice cubes were little slivers and he ran one down my stomach to my sweet spot. He ran it over my clit. I inhaled and curled my toes. “I know it’s cold baby but you’ll like it.” He slipped the ice inside of me. It felt so weird it was so cold, but I was getting so heated just by his touch and the egg that was buzzing inside of me, that they were melting fast. He got another ice cube and ran it all over the outside of my pussy. He reached in his toy box again and pulled out another set of clips. He pinched and pulled at my clit then carefully put a clip on it. I yelled out “Ow, that hurts” “Quiet baby, its good for you” He continued to use ice on my pussy and he added more clips on my pussy lips, that hurt too. “Shhh, relax. Don’t tense up.” He took more ice and used it on my pussy again, but then he slid it down further towards my ass. I tried to jump. “I wouldn’t if I were you” Uncle warned. He gingerly slid the ice sliver in and out of my ass. Oh god it was so damn cold! Uncle turned the egg up more. Again to the toy box, he pulled out a vibrating wand and ran it over my clit and pussy. It felt good but it hurt because of the clips. It felt like forever that he did this. Finally he took the clips off of my pussy and when he did I was super sensitive. “Don’t cum till I tell you you can” He said.
The egg was buzzing inside of me while he used the wand on the outside of me. I had to concentrate really hard on not cumming. And it was driving me crazy. I really wanted to feel his wonderful fingers inside of me like last night. I started to move around on the bed and moan. “Cum for me baby” I don’t think he said the whole thing and I was arching my back and grabbing at the headboard. He shut the wand and the egg off. “Good Girl” I lay there breathing hard and said “Thank you Sir” He released my restraints and said “Tomorrow is my last day of work, then I’m on vacation. Your training will intensify and be for longer periods.” Time for you go get cleaned up and go to bed.

I woke up the next morning to Uncle waking me up. “Get up, time to start”
“I thought you had to work today” I asked
“I do, but I need to get you ready for later. Go to the master bathroom in my bedroom.”
I sat up and stretched then walked to his room. I pulled my night shirt off as I entered his bathroom. I was getting used to being naked. I had never been in his bathroom before. It was the biggest bathroom I’d ever seen. It had a big walk in shower with two detachable shower heads. A huge vanity with mirrors and two sinks. In the middle of the floor was what looked like a medical table with a pole on one end. . Uncle was at the sink filling a bag with water. I stopped in my tracks and thought “Oh god what is he gonna do to me with that?”
“Get up on the table and lay on your left side, bring your knees up” He said while he was attaching some sort of tubing to the bag. He hung the bag off of the pole on the table.
“but…” I started to say and he slapped my face.
“I’m not doing this again today, Do as your fucking told and get on the damn table!”
I held my hand to my cheek and quickly climbed on the table. I heard the audible snap of a rubber glove, then felt something cold and wet on my ass as his fingers invaded me there. I tensed up and sighed. “Hurt?” He asked.
“Ya it does.” I said
“If you escort görükle relax it won’t.” I was breathing out of my mouth and trying to relax, when I felt the nozzle go inside of me. Uncle release a valve and I could water filling me. My stomach started to cramp.
“Ohhhh thats making my stomach hurt! Can we please stop?” I cried.
“No baby. You have to take all of it. You need to be clean for tonight.” Uncle started massaging my stomach while I lay there which was making matters worse. Finally it was over, the bag was empty. He pulled the nozzle out and I felt like I was going to explode. He helped me sit up and I was told to hold it for a few minutes longer. He helped me down off the table and he said “I’m going downstairs to make breakfast. Go to the bathroom and then get yourself cleaned up. It felt like I was going to the bathroom forever. My stomach hurt, I did not like this at all! When I was finally done I got a shower and thew on a robe and went downstairs. “Feel better?” Uncle asked me. “Yes Sir” I answered. “Behave yourself today baby. I’ll be home at 5”
There wasn’t much to do in the house, so I went to ‘my’ room and cleaned it. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. When I woke up I only had a few minutes to get ready before Uncle got home. I washed up real quick, and pulled my hair up. I sat on the rug and waited. I looked at the clock he would be home anytime now.
Again I heard his footsteps, then the door. He came in the room and stood in front of me. “I’m going to get a shower then we’ll start.”
I shook my head yes and said “ok”
He returned about 10 minutes later, and was completely naked. Again he stood in front of me. “Baby have you ever given head before?”
“No Sir”
“Well your going to learn how today. Take my cock in your hand, and put me in your mouth.” I did what he said, “Thats it, now move back and forth like this and use your tongue” his hands went to my head. “Now try to go deeper… and use your hand too.” I used my hand on his hard cock and ran my tongue in circles around his shaft. “That’s it baby girl your getting it.” His grip on my hair got tighter, and he started to move faster. He moaned and said “I’m gonna cum and I want you to swallow it, are you ready?” I tried to say no but I couldn’t form any words with him filling my mouth. I felt hot cum flooding my mouth and I tried my best to swallow. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said “Oh that was a good good girl.” He went over to the bed and sat back against the headboard. “Come here and lay across my lap.” I crawled on to the bed and lay across his lap, thinking I was about to get spanked like yesterday. Uncle got into his toy box and I heard the sound of a rubber glove. He poured some lube into his hand and ran his fingers in circles around my asshole. He moved slow and deliberate, taking his time to easily insert a finger. “We’re gonna start your anal training tonight too. He pulled a small plug out of his toy box along with a syringe that was filled with lube. He inserted it in my ass and pushed the plunger down. He spread my ass cheeks and slowly inserted the plug in my ass. It hurt alittle going in, but once it was in it was just a bit awkward. “Let’s go get dinner.” I got up off the bed and Uncle gave me a pair of panties to put on. He said “You’ll have to learn how to hold that in, because I won’t always let you wear panties to help with it. After we eat we’ll do some more.”
We went downstairs and ate, and got the dishes done. Uncle kept having me get up and walk. It felt so strange that that plug in my ass. It was weighted, but made out of some kind of soft rubber. I could sit comfortably with it in, the only time it was uncomfortable is when Uncle would decide to check and make sure it hadn’t slipped. He locked the door and shut off the lights and told me to go back upstairs. I went straight up to his room. He told me to bend over the bed. He slowly pulled the plug out of my ass and said “I’m not gonna fuck you in your ass tonight. I have to train your ass to accept my cock. I don’t want to hurt you. So everyday you’ll wear a plug for a few hours and we’ll go up in sizes till your ready for me.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Lay on the bed on your back.” I laid back and he spread my legs. His mouth went to my breast, it felt so warm against my cool skin. His hand made its way to my sweet spot. His fingers plunged inside of me, it felt like he went deeper than last time. He curled his fingers up and I began to feel something different. “Oh my god what is that?” I breathlessly said. “That’s your G-spot baby.”
“Ooohh that feels good” I was rocking my hips with his every move. Uncle climbed between my legs and pulled my body towards him. He slid his hard cock in my pussy. It hurt at first.
“God damn you’re tight.” He slowly pumped in and out of me till I opened up. He put my legs over his shoulder and leaned down on me and fucked me a little faster and a little deeper. “Does it still hurt baby?” Between moans I said “No”
He pulled out of me and told me to turn over on my hands and knees. He slid his still hard cock back into me and held onto my hips and kept fucking me. I could feel my orgasm building, and his cock felt bigger if that was possible. “Do you want to cum baby?”
:moans: “Can I?”
“Ask for it.” he movements got deeper and more methodical.
:Moans: “Please Sir, Please can I cum on you? Please let me cum! Please!” I was on the edge and wasn’t sure if I could stop it.
“Cum for me!”He pounded me with a ferocity and I exploded again and again. He drove his cock in me one last time deep as he came and just held that position for a few minutes. We fell onto the bed and he held me close. I could feel his heart beating, and he kissed me and said “That was great baby girl. I love how tight your pussy is.”
“I think we made a mess on the bed.” we both laughed and laid there till we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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