The Doctor Visit

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Veronica’s knee had been hurting for some time and today she finally got in to see the doctor. She had been here before and it was okay as doctor’s offices went. At least the chairs were comfortable – even if she weren’t. It wasn’t her bum knee that had her heart racing, it was seeing her doctor. He was so gentle and nice and always made her feel like she were his only patient for the day…. but all she could think about was getting him in bed.

Her mind drifted into one of its fantasies as she waited in the examination room. She could see him now, tall and lean with that warming smile that made her want to kiss him. Suddenly she was aware that someone else was in the room. She looked up and saw a new nurse, one she hadn’t seen before. She was tall and willowy, long chestnut hair and large brown eyes. Although her figure was slender she moved like a lazy cat and it made her appear very sensual.

The nurse introduced herself as Lacy and said the doctor would be in shortly. She went through the routine pre-exam things and Veronica found her touch quite disturbing. At least the feelings it stirred in her were disturbing.

After a few minuteshe walked in. He had on his long white coat and looked very professional but all she could see was him naked, touching her, stroking her. He asked the usual questions, checked her chart and then wanted to know why she was there. She told him about her knee giving her problems since she started running.

He sat down on the little step at the foot of the examination table and put his hand on her knee. Without thinking she moved her skirt up so that he could have a better bahis firmaları look. She wished his hand wouldn’t stop, wanted him to move it farther up her leg to where her bare pussy lay.

He suggested she get up on the examining table and lie down so he could manipulate her knee some and see if he could find out what was wrong. She nervously sat on the table, hesitating before she lay down. He moved her skirt up a little and smiled that knowing smile at her. His hands moved her knee around and stroked it gently. Now the fantasy started…. his other hand lazily slid down her leg to her ankle, caressing it as he went. She could feel the juices building inside her. Her eyes closed as her head began to swim with his touch.

He reached over to the intercom and asked the nurse to step in – oh well – end of fantasy. The door opened and in walked Lacy. Without a word Lacy moved to the foot of the table. Veronica watched her, wondering what she would do. She heard the sound of a zipper and realized that the nurse wasn’t in there to help with the exam. She felt his hand moving up her thigh and her legs moved apart ever so slightly.

This couldn’t be happening – her dreams coming true and more. His hand found that soft skin on her inner thigh and stroked it slowly, coming so close to her increasingly wet pussy but never touching it. Lacy sat on the little step at the doctor’s feet and Veronica could only hear the sounds that were being made. She knew those sounds so well…a mouth moving up and down over a cock…caressing it with her tongue – she knew and she wanted to be a part of it.

His hand found that warm wet place kaçak iddaa where dreams come true. He moved his fingers over her clit and down into the wetness so slowly that she thought she would die. Her hips rose to meet his strokes and a moan came from somewhere inside her. She closed her eyes again listening to the sounds of sex and feeling the touch she had wanted so badly.

Suddenly he moved away from her. Placing his hands under her hips he moved her down to the edge of the table. She could see his cock, hard and waiting. Lacy came around to the side of the table and took his cock in her hand. Slowly she rubbed it on Veronica’s clit then guided it into her pussy. It was so hot and hard and he moved into her so gradually. She tried to move towards him but could not, she had to endure the torture of waiting for all of him to be inside her.

Lacy moved her hand away from his cock and began to massage Veronica’s clit – the sensations were too much to handle. Her clit was so swollen and throbbing – her pussy longed for all of him inside her. Just when she thought she would scream there was more. Lacy leaned over her and began to kiss her belly, moving downward in slow circles with her tongue. Just as she took the full length of his cock Lacy sucked on her clit. She came in a torrent, wave after wave of shock, pouring over her like molten lava.

She couldn’t take anymore but it didn’t stop. Lacy licked her clit as his cock moved in and out of her more rapidly. She had never known it could be this good – had never had two people give her such pleasure. Lacy was skilled at her work as was the doctor – both of them kaçak bahis moving in a rhythm that had Veronica going over the edge again and again.

He pulled out of her as Lacy continued the assault on her pussy. He moved behind Lacy and pulled up her uniform skirt. Her bare bottom was there waiting for him – her pussy just as wet and juicy as Veronica’s. He drove into her pussy forcing Lacy’s face further into Veronica’s pussy. Lacy licked and sucked on Veronica’s clit with an expertise that comes only from knowing a woman like a woman.

Each time her drove his cock into Lacy she sucked Veronica’s clit a little more, now flicking her tongue over it, now pushing her tongue into that sweet pussy. She could hear his breathing and knew he was close. She wanted his cum, wanted it all over her face. For the first time she spoke…. begging him to cum in her mouth.

He withdrew his cock from Lacy and moved it into Veronica’s mouth. There it was – the taste of a woman. She had wondered how it would be and it was sweet and bitter at the same time. She sucked his cock as he moved it in and out of her mouth. She reached down for Lacy’s pussy and felt that wonderful sweetness she had only felt on herself – never another woman.

She could feel his cock start to pulse, she knew he was cumming, she wanted it all, wanted to drink every drop of his sweet fluid. Just as he shot the warm cum into her mouth she felt Lacy shudder with orgasm. It took her over the edge again – once more into that blissful place of surrender.

The room was hot and steamy and she was drenched in perspiration and sex juices. She pulled her fingers from Lacy’s dripping pussy and put them into her mouth. What joy that was – the taste of man and woman together.

Somehow her knee just didn’t hurt anymore. It was the best and easiest cure she had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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