The Day at the Lake

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Big Tits

To everyone else it was just like every other Thursday; they get up, jump in the shower, eat breakfast and begin their tedious commute to work. To us the day was anything but normal. Yes, we got up, showered, ate breakfast and began driving; however, on this Thursday we turned right instead of left and drove away from the city rather than towards. Today was the day which the past few months had been building towards.

Two months earlier I had been working in the office when my supervisor told me that I was getting some support on a particular job and that you would be coming over to assist. I didn’t recognise your name as anyone in the organisation I had previously encountered, shrugged and carried on with my day. When you arrived at the office, I instantly knew that I was in trouble. Late 20’s, slender physique, long thick brown hair, beautiful and initially shy with a firm round ass to die for. The fact that all my life I had been attracted to women older than me now nothing more than a distant memory.

Outwardly the first few weeks was nothing more than polite professional conversation between us. Inside my desire for you intensified as I noticed that you dressed in a way to hide your large breasts. Again, I could tell there was something different about you as I had always been an ass man and now, I would find imagination drifting to your large firm breasts. After a few weeks I had cause to send you an email and after some playful messages it had become apparent these feelings were not one sided. One problem… You weren’t single.

Now here we are lots of messages, a few nights out after work, and a few months later. If ever there were a time to quote red dwarf this would be it. I now believe that on that first day I experienced advanced mutual compatibility on the basis of a primary initial indents.

So why was this Thursday different to any other you may ask? Well we have both managed to book the day off and have decided to spend a whole day together to see if there is anything truly in this. Both of us make the drive to the lake alone as our minds race at the prospect of being somewhere remote with no risk of encountering anyone either of us know. As I pull up on the small car park, I see that you haven’t yet arrived, and I begin to unload the car. You arrive 20 minutes later just as I have finished and after parking up you walk over to me on the relatively secluded beach. I see you approaching, the first time I have seen your outside of work, and for a moment I forget to breath. Long chestnut brown hair cascading down your back, a tight dark blue active wear top hugging your large 34DD chest which are held firmly in place by a sports bra and a small pair of black shorts showing the cream skin of your perfectly toned slender legs. All nerves and reservations disappear as we catch each other’s eye, and both smile at the other’s presence.

You walk up to me, raise on your tip toes and pull me in for a kiss before I can say a word. All the excitement, closeness and desire which has built up inside you over the past 2 months wordlessly relayed through your soft lips which taste of a hint of mango and coconut. I wrap my big arms around you and place my hands in the small of your back, pulling you in closer so our bodies press together as our lips continue to explore each other’s. I feel, more than hear, the light satisfied moan escaping your lips as you drink in the moment, your body relaxing and sinking into mine. After what both feels like an eternity and a nano second our lips part and I whisper to you “Hi” as I stare into your beautiful ever changing smoky illegal bahis green eyes.

Parting I nod towards the large sit on inflatable kayak behind me and tell you that I have packed a picnic and that we are going to a small island a few miles down the lake. I get into the rear seat and watch as you slide your firm round ass into inflatable seat in the front of the kayak as your shorts gather just below your ass cheeks, teasing the possibility of finally seeing a glimpse of your perfect ass just before you settle into the seat in front. We paddle onto the lake making ripples in the water which was previously as still as a mill pond. As we get past the trees on the edge of the inlet where the beach is the view opens out into rolling green hills sections of which are light by shafts of light where the sun is starting to break through the morning clouds.

For the next hour we enjoy paddling the lake, exploring all the normally inaccessible areas, sitting watching the wildlife as the chat between us becomes heavily layered with innuendo. Deciding that you have had enough paddling for now you get me to paddle to some shallow water where you remove your seat placing it at the end of the kayak and then get back in lay in the front with just your feet resting over the front. I paddle out into the centre of the lake as you enjoy the warmth of the sun. After a few minutes you sit up remove your t-shirt and sports bra and lay back down to continue bathing in the sun hidden from view by the sides of the kayak.

My eyes trace up every inch of your ivory skin from the waist band of your shorts as I force myself not to rush to losing myself to your young firm breasts. As my eyes eventually reach your chest my cock instantly swells in my shorts as I take in your huge firm tits sat perfectly on your chest with your erect pink nipples showing your excitement. You continue laying there with your eyes shut as the knowledge that my eyes would now be exploring every inch of your exposed skin excites you. You feel a surge of heat as your pussy becomes wetter each passing second you know my eyes are roaming your body. Eventually you can’t take the self-imposed suspense and you open one eye to look at me, first catching my gaze which slowly moves from your body to meet your eyes. After a quick cheeky smile, you blow a kiss to me and then your eyes track down my body to see the swell in my shorts and your cheeky smile becomes a deep grin.

Without looking back up at me you pull yourself forwards towards me and undo my shorts pulling on them knowing I will raise myself up off the seat allowing them to be removed; which I do. As the shorts slide down you see inch after inch of my turgid shaft being exposed.

Slowly you start to see the exposed head of my circumcised cock and you slow the decent of the shorts as you again meet my eyes. Eyes locked you finish pulling my shorts down, releasing my cock which both of us see in our peripheral vision bounce backwards and forwards before coming to rest between us. Our eyes remain locked, the tension builds between us as your face moves closer and closer to my lap. Without breaking eye contact you open your mouth and feel for my cock with your tongue, finding it and deftly flicking it into your open mouth and very slowly sliding down the length of it whilst holding eye contact. As you reach the last few inches, I see your eyes start to well up and your throat start to contract quickly over and over as you attempt to swallow my cock. The back of your throat inadvertently massaging the head of my cock sends waves of pleasure down my legs.

You illegal bahis siteleri continue to slide my cock down your throat until your soft lips are pressed against my body and yet you still maintain eye contact. Your throat begins to spasm faster and faster as I feel the saliva build around my cock as you slowly slide my cock out of your mouth as you allow the saliva to leave thick glistening layers coating it. Once my cock is finally out of you finally must give in to your body’s natural urges to cough and splutter and you finally have to break the eye contact.

The moment you compose yourself you slide my cock back into your mouth and slide up and down it at pace, rubbing my balls in your right hand as your left plays with your erect nipples, tweaking them and making them, to your surprise, harder and more sensitive than ever before. Every mild gust of wind causes your nipples to tingle and excite you more as you continue to bob up and down my shaft, rolling my head around your tongue feverishly try to milk every drop of cum from me. After a few minutes you taste the pre-cum and its taste on your tongue spurs you to go faster as I run my fingers through your now matted hair, balling my fists in it every time you force my cock to the back of your throat and a new wave of pleasure courses through my body.

You feel the pressure start to build in the base of my cock and with one final movement you take my entire cock down your throat and then turning onto your back as you withdraw it. The tip of my cock being exposed to the cool air is the final sensation which pushes me over the edge as I spray a thick stream of cum which lands by the waist band of your shorts and trails up past your belly button to your first rib. The next wave is slightly less powerful and lands on your right tit which you instantly start to spread over your left as the next few waves cover your waiting face with your tongue darting around searching for every trace of my salty cum. I sit back, momentarily spent, as I gaze down upon you, my cum covered beauty looking straight back at me waiting for round two.

No longer with tunnel vision focused on you I check round and see that we are still alone in the vast lake and that we are only a short distance from the island. I paddle towards it and as we near you deflty slide out of the kayak barely causing it to rock side to side as your slender body slides into the crystal clear water. Momentarily you disappear under the water and reappear having cleaned my seed from you. I remain stationary in the kayak as I watch you breast stroke gently towards the shore of the island with your hair trailing behind you.

As you reach the shore you wade out of the water slowly as I watch your exposed back appear from beneath the water line as I realise I still had your top. Confidently you continue to walk out the water turning slightly side on so can make out the swell of the side of your breasts. My gaze drifts to your ass and I gulp as I see that you are completely naked and your perfect rounded firm ass is full exposed; your shorts balled in your hands. You stride towards the treeline swinging your ass side to side seductively and just before going out of sight you turn round, raise your hand to your lips and blow me a kiss.

I paddle hard for the shore with deep powerful strokes, covering the distance in mere seconds. I jump from the kayak, drag it ashore and start jogging towards where you disappeared as I strip the remainder of my clothes. As I round a tree I see you stood waiting for me, hip popped to one side, accentuating your narrow waist canlı bahis siteleri and rounded ass. I step into you feverishly kissing you as I continue to step through you and take you off balance pressing you into the rough bark of a nearby tree.

As your hands start to play with my already semi hard cock I run my hands down your wet hair as I squeeze causing the cool water to trickle down your back into the crack of your ass cheeks causing you to shiver. Reaching the tips of your hair I curl it round my fingers of my right hand as I pull hard yanking our lips apart and exposing your neck. My tongue, barely making contact, teases you as it traces down your neck and along your collar bone before returning to your soft eager lips. As we kiss you feel that my cock is hard again and you squeeze it to draw my attention to it. Releasing your hair my hands lightly trace down your sides and over the fullness of both of your ass cheeks before cupping your thighs and lifting you off the floor as you wrap your legs around me. I lift you up onto the tip of my cock and then lower you slowly as my length parts your folds and enters you. As each inch slides inside you I hear you let out a near silent moan against my neck, the warmth of your breath causing sensations which cause my eyes to roll backwards briefly.

Once I am fully inside you I hold for a few seconds until you have adjusted to me and then I step away from the tree easily taking all your weight in my arms. My hands interlock in the small of your back as you lean back almost horizontal. I start to rock you backwards and forwards sliding up and down my shaft, increasing the pace as I fuck you hard. Each thrust inside you forces my full length deep into you as your tits bounce around like upturned bowls of jelly, your erect light pink nipples sat on top. I feel you get wetter and wetter as your juices start to coat my pelvis.

As I start to feel a second orgasm begin to build inside me I lift you from my cock and place your feet back on the floor. Before you can fully regain your balance I flip you round and bend you forcibly at the hips siding my cock back inside you and fucking you harder and faster than before, using my whole body weight to slam my cock inside you. After a few moments I feel your pussy start spasming rapidly as a wave of pleasure courses through your body. I feel your legs start to buckle and I support your weight as I continue my relentless pounding quickly forcing you to another orgasm.

This time your legs completely give way and you hang limply in my arms as I lower you to the floor. Laying on the grass face first I pull your knees under you and then grab your hair pulling you into doggy style with your back arched. I force my cock back between your sensitive lips and use your hair to pull you back onto my cock. We settle into a slower pace where we both move apart and then force ourselves hard back toward the other, our bodies almost painfully colliding. After our bodies converge a few times you have finally recovered from your orgasm and I no longer need to hold your hair as you take full control over how hard you force yourself back on my rod. Pure animalistic desire takes you as you throw every ounce of your weight against me trying.

Quickly I feel myself getting close to the edge and I go to pull out of you; however you turn and sit back on your knees as you grab me round my neck and pull me deep into a kiss as my hot cum floods into your depths. At the same time you cum hard as you savour each twitch of my cock as I pump everything I have into you; moaning directly into my mouth. We both collapse sideways onto the grass, our bodies still entwined, drifting off to sleep as the warmth of the sun caresses our naked bodies.

Your final thought before falling asleep in my arms being “I think there may be something in this!”

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