The Dark Room , The Table

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I came into the dark room to find you standing in the center in a shaft of light, next to a table. You were dressed in a black form-fitting shirt and black pants, which were also so tight I couldn’t imagine how you could breathe. Your hair was pulled up, revealing your smooth neckline, which I noticed as I looked you over from the top of your head down to your toes, drinking in everything that I saw.

You moved over to the table and sat on it, but I quickly moved over and pulled you off, causing you to stand before me. I then pulled a butterfly knife from my pocket. Your eyes grew wide and you started backing away from me, but I moved right up on you, sandwiching you between the table and me. I could hear the fear in your breathing and see it in your eyes.

You went to say no, but I moved a finger to your lips and silenced you. I flipped the knife open, revealing the blade, causing it to glint the light from above slightly. You tried to push me back, but after you did, when you turned to go, I slammed my hands down on the table on either side of you, your back to me. You could feel my breath on the back of your neck as I rested my chin just below the tops of your shoulder blades as you were bent over slightly. I could feel your body tremble, both from fear and from getting turned on. I knew you could feel the bulge in my pants as it was pressing against your ass.

You began leaning back toward me and I kissed the back of your neck, then the side. One of your hands came up and willingly moved to the back of my head. You began playing with my hair as I slid my hand to your stomach and I began caressing you gently as you rubbed yourself back against me. A soft sigh escaped your lips as I set the knife down on the table and I slid my hands to your full, luscious breasts, stroking them gently with all my fingers through the shirt. As I did this, I noticed you weren’t wearing a bra, and I smiled even as I sucked and nibbled on your neck gently.

You cried out then as I quickly slid a hand back to the back of your neck and I pressed you forward, bending you over the table. You gasped in horror as you heard the click-click of the blade being flipped open. You struggled with me as I grabbed both your hands and held your wrists together over your head. I smiled even still as you struggled and I drew the flat of the blade slowly down your back, then slid it up inside your shirt in the back.

The next thing you felt was the blade turn sideways and the smooth, non-sharp side of the blade against your flesh. You heard the fabric of your shirt ripping, signaling that I was cutting the shirt off of you. I smiled as you whimpered and struggled against me, obviously a little relieved that I wasn’t cutting you, but rather the shirt. After I got back to the top, I flipped the knife closed and tossed it aside, then I turned you around so you faced me, then I ripped what was left of the shirt off of you, exposing your full, juicy breasts. Your nipples were already hard with excitement as I rubbed my thumbs over them while my hands gently kneaded the rest of your breasts. You gasped, then moaned and pulled my head down to your breasts as you laid back, letting me kiss over the tops of your breasts gently.

You went to sit back on the table and I roughly pulled you back to me and lifted you skyward, allowing you to wrap your legs around my waist as I carried bahis firmaları you toward the table. You wrapped your arms around my neck as I sucked, kissed, and nibbled on those lovely mounds of flesh. I laid you back on the table, your legs dangling slightly from the edge as I leaned in over you. I broke the kisses and let my hands slowly work their way down over your stomach to your pants…

You gasped in surprise as I roughly ripped your pants open, tearing them slightly as I did. I then pulled them down off you, taking your panties with them as well. You went to wrap yourself around me again, but I pressed you back to the table again. I then slid you back across the table a bit, then I slowly walked around your right side as I ran my fingers up one side of you. You watched me with a confused look in your eyes. I ran my fingers up the inside of your arm and I began kissing your fingertips and your palm, making you a little hotter with each minute. I then yanked your arm down, making sure not to hurt you too much, then I slid your hand through a waiting loop in a rope that was tied to the table legs. I tightened the loop quickly, causing your clenched fist to open involuntarily. In order to keep you a little more comfortable, I pulled your arm so it was lying on the table again, this time up over your head.

You immediately went to work trying to get yourself around and untied. I quickly made my way around to the other side and I pulled your hand down again, pulling the loop up this time to meet your hand, then tightening it quickly and placing your arm up over your head. I then tightened a third rope and locked it off to keep you from being able to move your arms. You began crying and pleading for me to let you go, but I again placed a finger over your lips and silenced you. I then slid down to the foot of the table and I began massaging your foot. A pleasured sigh escaped your lips as you laid your head back on the table, seemingly content to think that I was just going to do this. I slowly slide another loop over your foot as you lay back, then I tighten it as you cry out again, realizing what I was doing. I then do the same to your other foot, tying it up and limiting it’s movement.

As you look around from the table, you see that the ropes aren’t all connected to each other, but that the ones tying your legs down are in fact connected to each other. I walk over into the shadows and you hear a slight creak, then you cry out as the ropes begin to pull tight, spreading your legs apart. I move over toward you again and I smile. You look to me, pleading with your eyes and your cries for me to stop. I walk back to the shadows and this time the creak is much longer and more loud, and your legs are pulled apart still farther, spreading them farther and farther to the sides of the table, pulling them back a little bit as well so your feet are parallel to the table top.

“Please stop” you beg, wanting me to hear you and relieve what was beginning to become an enormous amount of pain. I returned from the shadows with a cylindrical object, which you quickly recognized to be a vibrating dildo. “No” you said, shaking your head as you heard the whirr when I turned it on. I began lowering it toward your wet pussy, waiting to see your reaction. Each time your cry became louder. “No…NO….Noooo…NOOOOOOO!!!!” I smiled broadly at your reaction as you kaçak iddaa began pulling against the ropes on your hands, but to no avail as I held the rope holding your legs in my other hand. I pulled it tightly, yanking your legs apart again, causing you to cry out in pain.

I quickly tied the rope off around the table leg, then let it go, not wanting to have to hold it because I would need both hands for what I was about to do. I slid my left hand up under you and tilted your hips back and up, exposing your ass. I slowly ran the vibrating dildo down over the top of your swollen, juice soaked pussy lips and then slid it up under you and it began to disappear up between your ass cheeks.

You cried out as the head of the dildo penetrated your tight asshole, then you writhed against it as I continued shoving it up inside you, working it into you almost all the way, leaving only a little bit of it out of the hole. I lowered you back to the table, letting you rest a bit, but each time you went to put your ass down you arched back up, feeling the dildo still vibrating in your ass. I watched on, amused as you came only a minute or so later, unable to keep yourself from it because of the combination of pain and pleasure.

When you finally got more comfortable, I disappeared again and I returned with a bucket of ice cubes. I pulled one from the bucket and I slowly began running it down over your hot skin, starting at the base of your neck, then down between your breasts, and I left it to sit right in the valley between your breasts. I didn’t wait or watch for it to melt before I pulled a second cube from the bucket and I slowly began running it around your left breast in slowly circles. I started at the base and rolled it around the volume of that beautiful mound, then as I got to the nipple I laid the cube on your nipple and lowered my head over your nipple. I sucked on your nipple and then sucked the cube up into my mouth and began using it to tease your nipple slowly, the coldness against your skin driving you crazy. I then pulled the cube from my mouth and I began running it around your right breast slowly the same way I had around your left. I felt your body begin to spasm and you arched up as you came violently. I could tell all of the feelings, the buzzing of the dildo in your ass, the coldness of the cubes against your skin, and everything was driving your senses absolutely wild. I continued with the cube for a moment, sucking first on your nipple, then sucking the cube into my mouth and running it, in my mouth around your nipple.

I let the cube melt in my mouth, then I smiled and I disappeared again, this time pulling something from my pocket. You quickly realized that it was a condom and you wondered to yourself what I would do with that. It was then that you saw me squeezing ice cubes into it, fitting them all the way down into the tip of the condom and then all the way up. I tied off the end and walked down between your legs. I then slid the condom up onto you pussy and I teased you with it for a moment, running it over your puffy, moist lips. I then slid it into you slowly, causing you to cry out loud as I worked it all the way into you, letting you feel the coldness inside your hot, wet, silk. You came almost instantly again, but even still began working your hips against the condom, I could tell you were tightening you pussy, trying to pull kaçak bahis the condom into you even as the cubes melted . I slid two fingers into you and I pulled the condom from you and found that yes, they were almost melted. I then smiled and walked away into the shadows again.

This time I returned with a bottle of maple syrup. I opened the cap and slowly dribbled it over your breasts and your stomach. I then slowly began licking and sucking it off of you, taking my time, licking you clean. I began working my tongue over your chest, then up over those luscious mounds, stopping to suck on your nipples for a moment on each breast, making sure to get every bit of syrup off you. You spasmed again and another orgasm overcame you like a tidal wave, your entire body shaking as I continued to work you over with my tongue. I wasn’t even done yet though, as I slid down between your thighs, then I pulled on the rope again, stretching you legs almost impossibly, causing you to cry out in pain. I then brought the bottle of syrup up over your pussy and I slowly dribbled some of it on your soaking, dripping pussy lips, then I slurped your lips slowly, tasting the syrup and your juices on my tongue. You arched back hard, moaning loudly and trying to pull against the ropes on your arms. I slowly parted the lips of your pussy and I found your protruding clit and I poured some syrup on that and began sucking on it. I proceeded to commence in running my tongue flat over it, causing you to buck hard against me as I kept my tongue and lips running all over that flesh bud, causing you to have something of a sensory overload. I pulled back just as you spasmed again, cumming hard one more time. I could see from the sweat on your body and hear from the heaviness of your breathing that I was wearing you out.

I disappeared into the shadows again and I came back with two objects, one was a stack of towels, which I used to clean first your pussy, then the rest of you, drying you off. I made sure to remove the dildo from your ass, as it had served it’s purpose for the evening. I tossed it away and into the trash, where it landed with a resounding thud. The second was a feather, which I slowly ran over your skin, causing you to get all hot and bothered again as I ran it over every inch of your skin.

When I got to your thighs, I realized that it was then that I couldn’t hold off any longer. Teasing you was making me so horny that I couldn’t believe myself. I stripped out of my clothes, then I slid up on the table, between your thighs and I slid my hard, thick cock into you and I began stroking it in and out of you, strong and sure but not hard, working myself down into you. I felt myself begin to swell because your pussy was throbbing and tightening around it so much, as if your insides wanted to swallow my hardness. You managed to tilt your hips up into me as I kept thrusting into you, pulling you up into me. My hands massaged your ass as you cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain as I my pole pumped in and out of you. I finally couldn’t take it any longer as I felt your pussy tighten violently and your body released. I felt your juices coat my cock and I immediately exploded into you, seating my cock into you up to the hilt as I shot my load deep into you.

I collapsed onto you and I reached up, untying your hands and then I leaned down and released your legs. I saw you smile at me from your spot on the table and you pulled me down to you, then we kissed and I laid my head on your shoulder. As I faded off into sleep, I heard you say….

“Damn, we have to do that more often…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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