The Dance

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On the outside the club looked like any other seedy, rundown doorway littering the Rue de Macmont. The red paint peeling the iron hinges on the door rusted, scraped and rusted again. The sign, hanging limply on the old stonewall read simply “Flamenco”. To the unaware it might have been an old shoe store the windows having been blacked by a can of flat black years before. The magic and mystery that lay beyond the threshold, hidden to the world passing by.

Behind those doors lived a world seldom seen by those who came to see the Arch de Triumph, or those who lurked in the shadows waiting for the infamous street elite of Paris to line the ancient Rue. To anyone who cared to notice, the lone shapely figure that emerged from the Metro stop was completely out of place. Her clothes were not that of one of Paris’ cheap perfumed ladies of the evening. Her walk was a studied grace belying a kinder upbringing. She walked straight to the door as she had done a hundred times before, looking neither to the left nor right, but kept her eyes and face hidden under the delicate black lace shawl.

The click of her heels on the cobblestone echoed softly down the Rue like a lone drip of a leaky faucet. Quickly across the street she strode for she was all too aware that this was not the “best” place for her to be alone, unescorted. As she reached the door her slender arm emerged, porcelain against the black of her shawl. She gripped the ancient knocker and rapped only once, it opened in a moment and silently closed behind her. It’s smooth gliding motion the first hint that all was not what it seemed beyond. She stood in the vestibule, really just a small hallway, as the door man took her delicate lace with the respect due a regular customer and nodding to a hidden camera a door slid open to let her slip inside.

The “Flamenco” was alive, bursting the senses with sultry light cascading through billowing clouds of cigarette and cigar smoke. The music straining to be heard above the hushed roar of intimate conversations and heated debates. Here the world of the night came to play. Artists, designers, singers, movie stars, the title glitteratti, they were all there for the “Flamenco” was the place to not be seen. Here everyone came to blend into a world where they were no one special.

No cameras, no screaming fans, no paparazzi. Here the famous weren’t. The lady was Anna, and all anyone knew was she was someone who wanted no one to know about her. She went to her table, a small one at the side of the dance floor half-hidden in shadow and took her seat, always reserved for canlı bahis her. In truth Anna owned the “Flamenco,” but in reality the “Flamenco” owned Anna. Here no one asked about her past and she could finally stop looking over her shoulder for Andre at the door would let no one harm her, he would die first.

Looking around the room Anna found herself smiling, something she did more and more in the comfort of this oasis. Her green eyes sparkled as she let them wonder tonight’s guest. Yes she knew them all, even the ones who didn’t know her. Jose, the hottest new designer of the strip, was at his booth with his usual entourage of stunning models and even more stunning boys.

At the bar was Halina the talk of Cannes this year hanging on the shoulder of Jerome, the poet singer of acoustic fame. What a sight they were, she a ravishing bottle blonde from Israel, with her perfect body sculpted by the infamous Dr. LeBlanc, and Germ, really Jerry from Jersey, with his dark brooding gangster good looks and painfully studied Parisian accent. Oh yes they were made for each other. Anna laughed inside because she knew all the stories, all the sullied past of her clientele, yet they knew nothing of hers, only her name and her face. Only a few had heard her voice and she liked it that way.

Tonight was a special night at the “Flamenco,” tonight she had booked an act she had followed for almost a year now, Alberto this lady was maybe more that he had estimated. He showed Toria the note and when their eyes met he saw that she was game if he was. They held hands as they made their way through the crowd to make certain that they would not be separated. They didn’t want their hostess to have to wait to long. They knew their spell would not last all night and they wanted to be certain that she didn’t have time to cool off. They need not have worried, for the mysterious Anna had a fire burning inside that would not be satiated tonight, or for that matter for some time to come.

Anna hurried home, she had preparations to make. As she let herself into the flat overlooking the River and the Eiffel Tour in the distance, her mind was racing. Was this really happening to her? How could these two strangers have touched her so deeply, moving her to passions long forgotten? Still, she was not certain of what was to come. What if it was all in her mind? She had know one thing, there was no way that she could greet them at her table. Her whole body had been shaking and she was soaked in sweat.

No she would need time to compose herself before she would attempt to even speak. She quickly bahis siteleri showered cleaning herself from head to toe, she even douched. Strange, she wondered while she dressed, why had she thought to do that? Anna looked at herself naked in the mirror. She decided to pull out the stops. First shimmering stocking with lace tops, held delicately in place by satin laces. She reached for panties and then thought better of it. She didn’t want the lines to show. She had decided to wear her emerald green silk mini that clung snugly t her hips, with thin golden threads covering her shoulders. Her feet she slid into the most delicate gold sandals with 4” spike heels.

One last look in the mirror as she sprayed the L’air du Temp across her swelling breasts and gave her hair one more shake to assure it fell carelessly around her shoulders and face. Laughing, half at her self in mockery and half out of schoolgirl nerves she raced around the room lighting candles and turning off all the lights. Just as the strains of Bocelli started to fill the room there was a knock at the door and she new the moment of truth had come.

Anna opened the door and was suddenly breathless again. This pair dressed as they were started the burning in her loins again. Alberto and Toria walked slowly into the flat and they too could not believe what greeted them. Anna was stunning, her eyes dancing like the flames of the candles, greener still as her dress reflected it’s emerald hue against them. The air was filled with a lustful tension that all three felt. Alberto knew that there must be a break in the mood or the evening would burn out before it began. “What a site!” he exclaimed as he strode to the balcony overlooking the tower and the city beyond. “Bellissimo”.

He turned back to see the two women approaching him and had to catch his breath for indeed never had he been so aroused. “And you Miss Anna, you are even lovelier than this magnificent view,” he almost purred in a sultry low tone. Anna blushed for she was not use to such compliments and while she was trying to find words to respond he came to her rescue. “We must have a toast to an evening of firsts. Our first performance in a Paris night club, and the first time that our hostess has made us chase her for a chance to say thank you.” He raised the bottle of champagne and quickly, masterfully uncorked it without spilling a drop.

“Glasses dear lady?” he asked.

“Of course she replied in a voice she barely recognized as hers, throaty and breathless with the promise of something more to come. Quickly she moved away before bahis şirketleri she was no longer able to as she realized that her eyes had been locked on Alberto’s for fart too long and Toria, she sensed, was staring at her.

Anna returned to with three glasses and when they were filled they once again raised them. This time it was Toria who said, “to and evening of firsts”. As their glasses joined so did Anna’s and Toria’s eyes and as Anna saw her lust reflected there, she hesitated for just an instant, but it was long enough for Toria and Alberto to know that Anna was willing to try many firsts this magical night. They drained their glasses in a long quenching drink and Alberto refilled them as they moved to the sofa to take a seat. As Anna sat Alberto caught a glimpse of white thigh above Anna stockings and he felt himself throb slightly. Anna did not notice for she was too busy noticing the same bare flesh exposed on Toria and felt a flame fan inside that caused her to become slightly moist between her legs.

For the next half hour they talked about the night. Anna raved about the dance trying to find the words to describe the emotion she had sensed in the audience and when she couldn’t put her finger on it Alberto volunteer one, “lust,” he asked. It stopped her catching her completely off guard, blushing yet turning to look him directly in the eyes she agreed, “Yes lust.”

They let the moment float for a brief instant and then if by cue Toria changed the subject to learn how Anna had created the club. Anna explained that the building, the whole street actually had been left to her by an uncle. She had for years dreamed of a place where she could go and not fear the pressing crowds that followed the jet set everywhere. She had grown up fascinated by these celebrities and had always felt sorry that they had nowhere to enjoy themselves without being on stage. She had always felt that they need a place to play and party and dance without being on display. So she had built “Flamenco.”

“Why Flamenco?” Alberto asked.

“Because I love the Latin dances,” Anna replied.

“Do you dance the Flamenco, Anna?” Toria asked.

Shaking her head Anna said “no, but I have been know to butcher the Tango,” she laughed. Alberto waited until her laughter had died tease her, “with me you would not, with me you would make the gods weep.” Anna turned to look at him smiling in mirth, ready to give some glib reply but when she turned she found Alberto standing with his hand outstretched, waiting for her to take it. At first Anna laughed, but neither Toria no Alberto joined her. Raising her eyes to his she saw that it would be useless to object. So she took his hand and instantly felt the electricity course through her body as she rose and he drew her into him for the dance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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