The Countess Ch. 20

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Feeling mildly conspiratorial Mrs. Kelly and I were sitting in the kitchen looking over a folder of papers. We were finishing the planning for Sara’s birthday party. I determined the guest list and sent invitations a week ago. RSVP’s have been coming back, so Paula and I figured about twenty guests. She used her contacts and booked a caterer and was determining a menu.

My major gift to Sara was filling the wine room. The wine was delivered to the production company offices and William and I would move it to the house a few days before the party. I planned to cover the door with wrapping paper and a large bow.

Over the last two weeks I worked on my last episode of Code Women, despite the doctor wanting me to rest. Sitting in an office and looking at a monitor was restful. I completed the edit, consulted with the colorist, and the audio supervisor about the mix. Bret was happy that we were back on schedule despite my bout with the flu. My agent was working overtime and secured me work on another TV show. I was feeling good that I could carry my weight with the house.

My next objective was the physical exam that the doctor ordered. That was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Yesterday I played pincushion and had blood drawn. I remembered I needed to fast. I assumed that I would get the results tomorrow. The first strains of the Beatles “Love is All You Need” erupted from my phone. My new ring tone for Sara. That is what you do when you are sitting around resting. I hit the answer button and put my phone to my ear.

“How are you darling?” asked Sara.

“I am fine, what are you doing?” I replied.

“I just got out of a meeting. If I would have known that being a lawyer would involve meeting with a lot of stupid people, I might not have become one.”

“Just remember they pay the bills, darling.”

“I hate it when you are right. Tell Paula that she is off the hook for dinner, I am taking you out. We will pick you up in about a half hour,” said Sara.

I relayed the message to Paula and went to change clothes. I knew what I was wearing wouldn’t pass muster with Her Grace. I was in my dressing room when I opened the drawer that contained two blue boxes. In one box was a small pin in the shape of a wine glass outlined in small diamonds. That was for Paula for passing the wine course and putting up with me while I was sick.

In the other was a diamond bracelet for Sara. The piece just jumped into my hand when I saw it. Sara might give me some static, but I think that it will look great on her wrist. The pendant, earrings, and bracelet would show how powerful Sara is in social situations. I knew how powerful she is, I wanted the world to know it.

I dressed and walked down to the first floor and looked in the great room and wondered if we had enough seating for the birthday party. The light was on in the wine room and the empty racks would bring a sharp comment from Sara. They would be filled soon.

Sara and William walked in and she gave me the once over and pronounced that I was acceptable to be in polite company.

“I love you too darling,” I said.

“Paul that goes without saying. Because I have not heard any plans to celebrate my birthday you sir are taking me to “The Seine,” she said in response.

“First, I have made plans to celebrate your birthday, you’ll have to wait because I want to keep it a surprise. Second, I don’t think that we can get to Paris and back in one day,” I shot back.

Sara was exasperated “Darling, it is a new restaurant and we are invited to the soft opening, the woman chef is a client, a rising star in the LA scene. And you sir still are not off the hook for my birthday. No blue box and I will let you finish the sentence. Come on Paul you know I am just blowing off steam, I love you.”

“Your meeting must have been bad, darling,” I said.

“The word is horrid, to the point that I might not meet with the woman again. Come on darling put a coat on so you can get in and let’s go,” commanded Sara.

I walked up to the room and grabbed my sports jacket and walked back down. Sara leaned over and kissed me. She put her arm around my waist and walked me to the car. Paula would lock the house up when she left. Sara and I were in the back seat of the green Escalade and William took off. Sara proceeded to work me up by rubbing my thigh. She recounted the meeting, with the woman who wanted to sue her ex over missed alimony payments. It finally came out that the ex is in the federal lockup after pleading guilty for money laundering.

“He plead guilty to get away from your client, I think,” I said.

“You are funny sir,” said Sara.

I got a call from my agent and he has gotten me five episodes of a national TV show. So, I should have enough to cover my part of the tower renovation,” I said.

“You’re not going to work for Bret any longer?” Sara asked.

“Bret hasn’t told anyone if the show was picked up for another season. I can still work for her, but I need to know. She was in my cube when I got the call.”

“Darling I don’t want to lose a good friend,” said Sara as we pulled up to the canlı bahis front of the restaurant.

Apparently, the parking was contracted, and it seemed like a cluster fuck. The valet that approached our car tried to get William to get out of the car and did not see us. William calmly told him that he was not staying. The man got the message and our doors were opened and we were assisted out of the car. William took off. On some occasions Sara will get a table for him so he can keep an eye on us.

We walked in and I almost walked out. For a place that was supposed to emulate the classiness of Paris, the open ceilings and the noise was a turn-off. Large circular ducts for HVAC snaked through the ceiling, and the noise that assaulted us was almost unbearable. Sara leaned in and requested that we stay and see what the cocktails were like. I nodded yes and a waiter approached and took our cocktail order. The first set we sent back because they used vodka. Sara finished her drink and with her hand she indicated that she wanted to leave. I laid down two twenties which I thought would cover the tab and tip and we rose and left.

On the way out a woman approached and asked what we thought. Sara unloaded on her about the noise and the fact that the drinks were wrong. We left, and William was waiting for us at the door. I started to relax when the doors closed, and we were on our way. William pulled up to our favorite place and stopped to let us out.

We were shown to what has become our table the noise level allowed us to carry on a normal conversation. I was glad that Sara was wearing the pendant and earrings I tried to imagine how she would look with the bracelet.

Sara continued to probe asking what we were doing for her birthday. My standard answer was she would have to wait.

“Paul, you know that I have no patience, how many times have you had to talk to me about that.”

“you’re getting better Sara I can almost take you out in public.”

That earned me the dirtiest look I have seen from my wife. “Ok peace, Sara, I’m sorry,” I said.

Dinner was served and we retreated to our metaphorical corners. I was so glad that we escaped the other place. It made the dinner we were served here taste better. The bill came and I reached for my credit card before Sara could and I picked up the tab. We walked out holding hands and we waited for William to appear.

“Thank you for dinner, darling,” said Sara.

I then leaned over and our lips met in a wet kiss. We were acting like teenagers and drawing some interesting looks from people going in and out. We were saved when William pulled up and we got in the back. I kissed Sara again, and she started to rub my thigh. Luckily our home was close, so we did not have a long trip.

“I am in the mood for a martini Paul,”

I resisted coming back with a bit of wit but responded with a simple “yes darling.”

Sara just leaned in and kissed me. Her hand found my crotch and started probing my arousal. She kissed me again.

“No drink darling, I just want you.”

William finally pulled up into the driveway and was out of the car holding the door for us. We wished him a goodnight and walked into the house. When we got in the elevator Sara slipped her hand in my pants and got me fully aroused. We took the elevator to the second floor and walked across the bridge to our bedroom.

We got to the door and She asked me to wait outside. I declined the offer and we went in together. I got behind Sara and pulled her jacket off and placed it on a chair. She had a beautiful blue semitransparent blouse on, and I worked the buttons and again I stripped her top off. The clasp on her bra was released and the garment hit the floor. Her slacks were the next to go and she bent down and released her shoes and stepped out of her pants. I put my erection in the crack of her ass while my hands stimulated her breasts.

She spun around and kissed me. Her hands released my belt and the clasp on my pants allowing them to hit the floor. Her hand continued to massage my cock and my underwear followed my pants.

“Darling get out of your shoes and shirt, I am going to sit, and I want your cock in my mouth. I slipped out of my shoes and left the rest of my clothes on the floor. Sara kept one of her hands on my hard penis and directed it into her mouth. Her tongue curled around the tip of my cock, and her hand massaged my balls. The pleasure was so intense that I wanted to pull away. Her arm around my legs kept me in position.

She stopped and stood walked to the bed and slipped on spreading her legs.

“I want your cock, darling.”

I got between her legs and gently thrust my tool into her pussy. We brought our lips together and kissed. I slowly moved my cock in and out of her pussy. Sex with Sara never got old, we made love all the time and I never got tired of it. I kept fucking Sara until I felt my cock release. We came together and kissed. I rolled off of her but continued to play with her breasts.

“Paul you know I want one more fuck, and then another after that. I love you.”

I moved down to her pussy and started bahis siteleri licking her outer lips and then I inserted my tongue into her vagina, trying to bring on another orgasm. I changed positions so she could take my cock into her mouth. After a few minutes of rest and Sara working my cock over she pronounced me ready for the next round.

I moved up and brought our lips together. We kissed and I told her how beautiful she is. I kissed her nose and her ears. My hands stimulated her breasts.

“Paul, what are you waiting for? I want to feel your strong cock in my pussy.”

“In time, darling in time.”

I continued to stimulate my wife with kisses and hands. When I finally penetrated her pussy, I felt her vagina pulse my cock. We fucked until I felt my cock release a load of cum. We came together in a hard-wet kiss.

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. I read 7:30. Sara was not in the bed and I must have slept through the wake-up call from Paula. I suddenly wanted to make love to my wife, but that time was gone. There was a knock on my door.

“Mr. Rogers breakfast is ready,” said Paula.

“I will be down in a minute.”

“Remember your appointment this morning sir.”

How could I forget, Sara reminded me every chance she got? I put on the clothes that I was going to wear to the doctor and headed down to the kitchen. Paula informed me that Sara got a call from her sister and she and William left for the airport to grab a helicopter to the ranch. My plan had come together, I called Fiona, Sara’s sister asking if she could get Sara to the Ranch a few days before her birthday.

I noticed that the green car drove into the driveway. William was back. I went out and asked him to get with Paula and go over to the production company offices and start moving the wine to the house. He agreed and said that it would be done.

I climbed into my car and headed to my appointment. I finished two and half hours later after I was poked and prodded in places that I didn’t know I had. I made an appointment with the doctor to go over the results. I called Sara to tell her that I was finished with the doctor, and gently needled her about her seeing her doctor. She said that she would be back Saturday afternoon. I reminded her that we would be going out Saturday night.

I went by the production company office to check with William. When I got there, they were just starting. We loaded both cars with the cases of wine and headed home. We all unloaded the wine and stacked the boxes outside the wine room. The initial collection was 1500 bottles. I placed Paula in charge, and we followed her instructions in setting up the racks in the room. When we were finished, I shot a photo of the room through the door. It was much better looking filled. I noted that we had plenty of empty space but that could be filled later.

I went up to my office and found the roll of wrapping paper, tape and ribbon and went downstairs. I stood on a chair and dropped the roll down the door. I secured the top of the paper to the top of the door and wrapped the door like a present. I affixed a ribbon and bow to the door and called it good. Paula and William were putting the extensions to the dining room table to fit the number of guests we were expecting. There were chairs that were next to the wall that we would bring to the table Paula contacted a party rental company to provide some extra seating. The chairs were delivered while I was at the doctor’s office. The caterer would bring dishes, glasses, and flatware, also provide a bartender. Paula would handle the wine service.

My next logistical hurdle was getting a party outfit to Sara. I made a reservation at a hotel near the airport and I asked William to drive her there to change. We could spend the night there while our place was cleaned.

William collapsed the wine boxes and put them in my car I would get them to the recycling center. I opened the wine room door and looked in again and was amazed at all the bottles. Paula and I sat at the kitchen table looking over our lists and checked off the items that were done.

“Now we wait to see if this goes the way we hope it goes,” I said.

“She will love it sir,” said Paula.

I waited on pins and needles until Saturday came around. The caterer arrived and started to setup. William left with the outfit that I pulled together to meet Sara at the airport. I went up to get dressed and I found the blue box that I would put at Sara’s place at the table.

I came down and saw that Paula changed into a white top, black slacks and a black vest. She looked good but there was a piece missing. I reached into my pocket and pulled the wine glass pin and put it on the vest.

“This is for putting up with me when I was sick,” I said.

“You were not a problem sir, but what will Sara say?”

“Sara will not say anything when she sees what I got her.”

Paula and I decided that guests could have either a martini or Champagne. I wanted to make it simple. We asked people to be driven to the party, with pre-dinner cocktails three different wines and Champagne with bahis şirketleri desert, no one would be sober enough to drive.

I was downstairs when the first guests started arriving. Two couples brought cases of Champagne as gifts. That was a stipulation on the invitation; gifts were not required but if you wanted to bring a gift it had to be a case of wine. (We needed to fill the wine room) was in parentheses. The room started to fill up and I got a call from William telling me that she was at the hotel and they would be there soon. All I could do is wait and host the party.

As more people arrived the more wine showed up and I was glad that we had the space for the gifts. The catering staff moved around offering finger food and drinks.

My phone started playing “love is all you need” indicating that I was about to be called on the carpet.

“Yes Sara?”

“Paul what is going on, I have played along with you but now I want to know where we are going?”

“Nowhere darling the party is here we are waiting for you. Happy Birthday my love.”

I had a small group of people standing around me that shouted “Happy Birthday”

Not long after her call, Sara entered the house through the front door to the applause of the group. “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow,” erupted from the company. I was happy that she had on the pendent and earrings She looked fabulous. I handed her a martini and kissed her. She grabbed the sleeve of my coat.

“I don’t know whether to scream at you or kiss you,” said Sara

Her eyes found the door to the wine room. She stopped and asked if she could open her present.

“Yes darling, I have been looking at that stupid door for a day and a half please unwrap your present.”

Everyone gathered around and watched as Sara ripped the paper off the door to the wine room. She looked through the door and then opened the door and walked in.

“I don’t know about you all, but I want to drink some wine,” said Sara as she came out.

Paula announced that the soup was on and asked everyone to take a seat. I escorted Sara to the head of the table, everyone waited until she was seated to take their seat. On one side of her plate was a small blue box.

“I take it that this is for me?” asked Sara.

“Yes darling. Thanks for putting up with my recent illness,” I said.

“Do you want me to open it?”

“Yes darling.”

Bret started “Open, open, open” and was joined by the rest of the table.

“I guess that no one will eat until I open this,” said Sara.

She opened the box a took a breath while she looked at the silver and diamond bracelet. She raised her wrist and allowed me to put it on her.

“It’s heavy darling,” she said

“It’s lovely darling and looks good on you,” I said.

Sara lifted her spoon allowing our guests to start dinner. Paula came into the room with a wine bottle and poured a sample for me and Sara. After we approved, she filled our glasses and members of the serving staff filled the wine glasses of our guests. The soup was replaced by the salad and a second wine was served. The salad was replaced by the entre´, Paula brought out a wonderful Red that went with the meal. The stuffed pork cutlets were tender and juicy.

Guests were about one third from the neighborhood, one third from Sara’s law firm, and one third of folks from the production company that knew Sara. I was very happy that Sara’s sister and brother-in-law also came. I was afraid of Sara’s reaction to my gift, but she took every opportunity to show it off.

The serving staff started to remove the entre´ plates and place glasses for Champagne. In the background I heard the distinctive pop of Champaign corks. Two of the serving staff brought a large sheet cake and placed it in front of Sara. Bret started singing “Happy Birthday” that the rest of the table joined in. The cake had one candle that was burning. Everyone encouraged Sara to make a wish and blow out the candle. The flame was extinguished, Paula and another server entered with Champagne and started filling the glasses.

One of the servers who brought the cake handed Sara a large knife and the table encouraged her to make the first cut. Before she cut the cake, I grabbed a photo of it with my phone. After she made the first cut Sara handed the knife back to the server. The cake was cut with the servers placing pieces of cake in front of the guests.

I stood and asked for everyone’s attention. “To my lover, my partner, and my wife, I wish you a happy birthday and may we be together for many more.”

The group raised their glasses and drank to Sara.

Bret rose to make a toast. “Many of you don’t know Paul hired me as an assistant editor mumble many years ago. Fast forward to today and I am now a show runner. In that time, I kidded with Paul that I had to approve the women that he dated. I first met Sara when my kids and I came over to use the pool in his old house. This is after a few months of me needling him about her. Yes, Sara he let me in on all the details of your first meeting. At that time, I didn’t know that I would have one of the best friends of my life. A woman who I can confide in, and who I can conspire with to make Paul’s life miserable. I wish you a happy birthday. Please raise your glass to the birthday girl, Sara Jane Solsbery Countess of Reading.”

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