The Confessional Ch. 03

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Special thanks to Sexy_Curves for all her help!

Andrea sat back, against the cool wall of the tub, her eyes closed as her chest heaved. “How could I do this, how could I ruin what I had with Josh?”

Julie brushed her hair out of her face again. “You got caught up in the moment, Andi. It happens, and he should have been here an hour ago. If he hadn’t been so late, none of this would have happened.”

Andrea shook her head. She never should have gone upstairs with Matt, she should have stayed downstairs and waited for Josh. “I knew he was going to be late, it’s my fault,” she said.

“Honey, we’re young, we’re supposed to be out having fun. And Jesus, he fucking hit you, Andi, do you really want to be with someone who would hurt you like that?”

“I deserved it, I deserved everything I got.” She would have given anything for Josh to forgive her for what she’d done. She held her face where Josh hit her, the pain still throbbing in her cheek and jaw.

Julie hugged Andrea. “It’s gonna be alright, hon. Just try to have a good time tonight. C’mon, it’ll be fun, I promise. I’ll make sure you have a great time.” Julie stood up, taking Andrea’s hands and helping her to her feet. “Let’s get you cleaned up a little huh?” She turned the water on in the sink and led Andrea over to it, helping her wash the tear-stained make-up from her cheeks.

After a few minutes, Julie had worked her magic on Andrea with some fresh make-up, had her brush the vomit out of her mouth with a spare toothbrush, and she was feeling a little better. “Now let’s get you a drink and we can forget all this stuff, okay babe? And don’t blame yourself for all this… I should have warned you about Matt, he can be an asshole. Fucking coke dealers. He took advantage of you and Josh should have been here all along.”

Julie’s words slowly started to sink in as she promised her it would be okay. She followed her out of the bathroom and down the stairs, still a bit apprehensive as Julie grabbed them both a shot and a beer, the loud music pumping through the house.

“Here ya go, babe,” Julie said. They were standing next to the kitchen table, fresh beers and a pair of full shotglasses in front of them, a half-full fifth of Jack Daniels, Old No. 7, sitting on the table with the cap lying next to it. “You’ve been with that jerk for two years now,” Julie said, “it’s about time you got out and had some real fun!” With that Julie picked up her glass, tapped it to Andrea’s, and the girls threw back their shots.

As the girls took drinks of their beers, Julie whispered in Andrea’s ear about some of the fun she’d been having in the last couple of months. She even pointed out a couple of the different boys she’d had as they passed through.

About half-way through their beers, Julie pointed out someone to Andrea. “Now… I’ve heard he’s fun, but I’ve never had the pleasure,” Julie said. “If I didn’t already have my heart set on something tonight, I’d be all over it,” she said, nodding at the boy and smirking. He was on the other side of the room, talking with a couple of his buddies, totally oblivious. Julie looked into Andrea’s eyes. “Why don’t you tell me what it’s like?” Julie said, a wicked smile coming over her face. “I’ll play wing-girl, if you want. His name’s Logan. I saw him checking you out just a minute ago.”

Andrea smiled, took another drink of her beer and nodded. “Yeah, I think I need this,” she told Julie, catching Logan’s eye as he glanced her way.

Logan had been checking out the two hot girls doing shots of whiskey for the last five minutes as he stood around the party with his buddies. The music was loud, there bahis firmaları were some people dancing around them. Logan didn’t know the girls, but his friend Brian did, and he let him know what was up.

“You see the brunette? I know for a fact she’s hooking up with Mikey McKay tonight. She’s a fucking slut but she’s amazing in bed,” Brian said, a smile crossing his lips at the memory. “The blond is Andrea something. She’s had a boyfriend for a long time but I sure don’t see him around and she definitely looks like she’s in the mood to party.”

Logan looked at Brian. “You think?” He looked around the room. “She’s one of the hottest fucking girls here.”

“And she just gave you a very hungry look, man,” Brian replied. Logan turned and looked back at her, and their eyes locked from across the room for a moment. He gave her a bit of a smile before turning back to Brian.

“C’mon, dude, I ain’t gettin involved with some broad who’s got a boyfriend,” Logan said, scoping out the room again. He took a long drink of his beer, his feet tapping to the beat the DJ was spinning for them.

“Well, tell her that yourself, because she’s headed your way,” Brian said, winking at their other buddy and melting off into the crowd to say hi to other friends.

Andrea finished her beer and grabbed another as she and Julie walked across the room to where Logan was standing with his friend. She smiled as Julie pulled his friend aside, leaving Logan and her alone.

Andrea moved close to Logan, her lips near her ear. “I’m single, drunk, and I wanna dance,” she said, her lips grazing his ear before pulling away slightly to look up at him. She took his hand, sliding it to her waist, looking up at him and smiling.

Logan smiled right back, his hand on her waist tightening, and he wasted no time in leading her to the dance floor. He couldn’t remember the last time a girl had been quite so forward with him, and he had to admit, he liked it quite a bit. She’d answered all his questions with seven short, simple words.

Out in the middle of the dance floor, which on most days was Julie’s living room, Logan and Andrea danced close, their bodies rubbing together, their hands pulling and groping at each other, the beat driving their feet to keep moving. The party, and the dance floor, was getting quite crowded. Logan was certainly enjoying having this hot young blond grinding her body against his. It was so crowded around them, no one even noticed when Logan’s hand moved up from her ass to squeeze her tits. A moment later, they were locked in a sloppy kiss. She kissed and nibbled at his neck, her teeth tugging on his earlobe. “Maybe we should take this upstairs,” she whispered, “where it’s less crowded.”

Her teeth on his ear made him growl in lust for her. But he had a better idea. “How about the hot tub out back?” he suggested. “I didn’t see anyone out there a few minutes ago.” He didn’t wait for her response; Logan knew he could take her anywhere, as long as it was dark and quiet. He took her hand and led her away from the crowded dance floor, through the kitchen (where they each grabbed a fresh beer), through a sun-room and out the back door.

The hot tub was on the other side of a large, in-ground pool. He led her around the pool, kissing her between drinks. He unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it on the ground. He kicked off his shoes. They got to the hot tub, which was also dug into the ground. He turned on the jets as he peeled off his socks. They kissed again, Logan’s hands tugging at her dress, pulling it up and over her head.

He was delighted to find that she was quite naked underneath.

She smiled kaçak iddaa at him as she slid off her heels, standing naked in the crisp night air, her nipples hardening as she reached for the button on his pants, unzipping them. She kissed his neck and chest as she slid his boxers down, taking his hand and leading him into the hot tub.

They slid into the hot, bubbling water, naked, and were kissing each other immediately, tongues sliding over each other. Their hands went to town on their bodies under the water. Logan felt up her tits, squeezing the globes, and then his hand moved down her belly and went between her legs, his fingers toying at her clit for a moment before he moved them down to her lips. He didn’t know, but it hadn’t been that long ago that Matt had been fucking her, and so he was easily able to slide two fingers right up inside her.

“Mmm, you’re all revved up and ready to go, aren’t you?” Logan growled in her ear, his lips working up and down her neck as he started moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. She leaned her neck back as her hand slid down his body, slowly wrapping around his cock, moving up and down the length of his shaft, moaning softly as she felt it harden in her hand. Her hand moved to the back of his neck, pulling gently on his hair as she kissed his chest.

He pulled her closer to him, and slid a third finger up inside her, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of her as she jerked his hard cock up and down. She nibbled softly on his neck as she squeezed her pussy around his fingers, her chest pressing against him. He let out a low moan, his eyes shut as he felt her lips on his chest, her hand on his neck.

He worked his fingers in and out until he had her really worked up, and then he pulled out of her and grabbed her ass with both hands, easily lifting the smaller girl in the water, and put her in his lap, spreading her legs to straddle him. He pressed the shaft of his cock against her hungry folds, and grabbed her ass, moving her hips so she was riding up and down along his cock. Her body trembled, her skin covered in goosebumps as he held her ass, moving her hips as she rode against his shaft, the length sliding against her slit. He groaned, feeling the heat from her washing over his cock, and he wanted so badly to get inside her.

They started humping each other, grinding their bodies together. Logan’s hands came up and each squeezed a tit as he felt the head of his cock slip inside her silky entrance. She moved her free hand to his shoulder as he squeezed at her tits, the head of his cock sliding between her folds as he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as she gradually lowered herself down the length of his shaft.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, licking and nibbling at his earlobe as she squeezed her pussy around his cock.

She didn’t need to tell him twice.

Logan groaned as he felt her pussy contract around his cock, and his hands took a tight grip on her ass and he pushed her down on him, at the same time thrusting up, burying his cock inside her hot cunt. A low cry escaped his throat, his head fell back for a moment as he felt her opening up for him, squeezing around him, taking him inside her fully. He continued to hold on to her butt, moving her up and down as he started thrusting up into her, building a hot, raunchy rhythm together.

The water slowed them down a bit. Logan picked her up out of the water and set her down on her ass on the side of the hot tub. He grabbed her legs and spread them out wide and started thrusting into her, hard, fucking her on the hard concrete. Her back arched against the concrete, one hand staying around his kaçak bahis neck, the other toying with her nipples as he spread her legs wider, thrusting deeper inside of her. She wrapped one leg around his waist as he fucked her, his teeth and lips focusing intently on her neck, her moans growing louder, her pulse fast, and her breathing shallow.

Her moans spurred him on, and Logan’s thrusting became more insistent, harder, faster, driving deeper into her. He held her ass with one hand, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts, allowing him even deeper access.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, God you’re so fucking hot…” he groaned out, his other hand reaching forward and taking a hold of one of her tits, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. He even slapped her tit a couple of times before he pulled his cock out of her, grabbed her hips, and pulled her back into the water. He turned her around, bent her over the side of the hot tub at the waist, then grabbed her buttcheeks, spreading them, his cock finding her hot wet pussy again and he drove it deep into her with a single thrust. He held her by her hips as he pounded his cock into her from behind, pulling her back onto his every thrust, his cock finding its way deeper into her pussy than it had before.

He spanked her a few times, in time with his thrusts, the slapping sound resonating loudly. He groaned, throwing his head back in ecstasy, shutting his eyes as pleasure rushed through him. He felt his balls clenching up, his cock twitching… he needed to slow down or he was going to cum, and he wanted this encounter to last a bit longer.

He drove his cock into her, fully impaling her with his length, thinking that if he stopped his thrusting he could stall his impending orgasm. He was wrong. The way Andrea shrieked in pleasure when he drove his tool fully into her and kept it there was enough to send him over the edge. His cock started to twitch and spasm inside her, growing even larger for a moment as his balls tightened. He held onto her hips, keeping his dick lodged deep within her as he bucked behind her, firing his white hot seed into her pussy.

She trembled as he came deep inside of her, the sensation enough to send her over the edge, moaning louder, her head against his chest as they came, her hands cupping her tits, his fingers digging into her hips.

Logan kept his dick buried deep within her as he fired spurt after spurt up inside her pussy, his grip on her tight. He groaned loudly, feeling her pussy quivering and spasming around his cock as she came, her orgasm milking him of all his juice. He finally finished and pulled back, letting go of her, falling back into the water and sitting down on the other side of the tub, his breathing heavy as he basked in the afterglow for a moment, eyes closed, the sensations slowly fading away. She leaned against the wall of the hot tub, smiling, her eyes closed as she and Logan were silent, enjoying the moment.

He moved back across the tub to Andrea. “Think we should get back to the party?” he asked, putting his arm around her and kissing her ear.

She nodded. “Its probably a good idea,” she answered, kissing his jaw before he stepped out of the hot tub, reaching to her to help her up. They grabbed towels Julie had set out before the party started and dried off before getting dressed and walking back into the house. Logan walked with her back into the house, where the party was still hopping and nobody had even noticed they were gone. Logan was still in a bit of a state of shock, really; he couldn’t quite believe that such a hot girl had come up to him, asked him to dance, and proceeded to fuck him outside in the hot tub.

“Hey, I’m gonna grab us a couple of drinks,” he said as they started dancing again, realizing too late that he never should have wandered off without her, because now he’d probably never see her again.

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