The Conception Deception Ch. 05

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Chapter 5- For Commendation


Dark room, hair in my face, soft body next to me. Skin. Glorious, smooth, warm skin. Naked skin. My hand moves along the body- small, soft breasts, firm thighs, flat stomach…not Morgan.

Heavy blanket, cold air-conditioning, strange pillow…not my bed.

Opening my eyes, dark room, unfamiliar clock shining blue over the body next to mine, making her skin look alien. Lifting my head, I see numbers- a three and something fuzzy after it. That’s enough.

Scooting closer, arm around her body, my growing erection against the cheeks of her ass. I sigh. She sighs, too, and her head turns back a bit towards me. Claire. Hotel. Wedding. Probably didn’t plan this. Hopefully won’t blame me.

Eyes still closed, she groaned and mumbled a barely coherent, “You wanna?”


A small impatient sigh, then her hand reached back and gripped my cock. It throbbed in her hand. “Yeah, you wanna,” she stated.

“But Claire…why…” I didn’t want to get accused of taking advantage of her.

She wiggled her ass back and angled me to slide between her legs, which she parted slightly. Moving my tip around until it was secure in her folds, she said in a whisper, “Because fuck it, that’s why. Fuck it all.”

Good enough, I thought, pushing forward all the way in one selfish thrust.

Claire cried out at my entry. It was probably too much too fast. The excitement of that position- my arms wrapped around her from behind, her tiny ass pressed against me- it stirred up my lust in only a few seconds. Claire moved her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as I slid in and out of her. No words passed between us, just two people in a strange hotel room, separately seeking their own moment of pleasure with the help of the other one’s body.

Too sleepy to be considerate, I came first and fast. Just three or four minutes after entering her, I began pushing harder, my back arching as I strained to get the deep sensation my cock was craving. Claire’s hand was moving quickly, but she was still rubbing when I released. Groaning and gasping, I held deep, fully encased, my jaw clenched and my neck tight with the strain. After a few sprays inside her, I breathed out and relaxed, pulling back before one last push to empty my load.

Finished, I lay back and flopped my arm onto the bed. My cock was still hard enough to stay inside her, held in place as Claire’s walls slowly tightened and released. She was squeezing my member, trying to hasten her own orgasm. Her breath began to hiss in the darkness and her fingers moved faster. Her free hand swung back and flailed at me as she grunted, “Hand! Hand!” I twisted towards her and slid my hand onto her side. She grabbed it and smacked it hard against her breast. I massaged the mound of flesh and pushed my semi-hard tool further in.

Claire began to cry out with a soft, high-pitched Aaaaahhhhhh that rose in pitch until it was cut off with a strangled gasp. The slow, intentional rhythm of squeezing around my shaft became a rapid twitching and Claire’s legs curled up for a second, then stretched out, forcing my cock out of her intimate embrace. Her back curved until her head was pushing into my shoulder. I released her breast and ran my palm firmly up and down the front of her body, pressing on her abdomen and stopping to touch, for the first time with my hand, her exposed clit. Her own hands were gripping the pillow under us, and when I cupped her mound and rubbed a few times, her soft moans switched to a little shout. I held my hand there, gently massaging her folds as she descended.

A few minutes later, Claire’s breathing next to me was gentle and slow. She lifted my hand and removed it from her body. I pulled it back and she got out of bed. I lay on my back again and rested my forearm across my face, closing my eyes and taking a moment to enjoy the afterglow. Claire returned from the bathroom and crawled into the other bed. I drifted off listening to the sound of her breathing in the otherwise silent room.


When I woke up again, I could tell from the bright light pushing through the gap in the curtains that it was well after sunrise. I groaned as I sat up, swiveling in the bed and putting my feet on the floor. The need to pee was urgent. Still naked, I walked to the bathroom, squinting in the light. After my morning wood had settled enough for me to relieve my bladder, I slipped quietly back into the room to get dressed. I glanced at Claire’s bed, only to realize that what I had thought was her body was just a pile of sheets and pillows. Claire was gone, and on the nightstand was a scribbled note on hotel stationary: Gone to breakfast, see you down there. I still had an hour and a half before the buffet closed, so I turned on the sports channel while I pulled out some clothes.

With an hour to spare, I made it down to the spacious hotel restaurant. I saw Claire sitting at canlı bahis a table, smiling and talking animatedly with another woman- a younger, bustier version of herself. I walked past the table, not sure how to act. Fortunately, Claire saw me coming and stood up to greet me. With exaggerated friendliness, she gave me a chaste hug and said, “Russell! Good to see you! I’m so glad you could make it. Is your afternoon still available?”

“Sure is,” I said, glancing at the other woman, who was standing and wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“Kaitlin, this is my neighbor, Russell. It turned out he was going to be in town on business this weekend, so I invited him to the wedding as my plus one.” Kaitlin extended her hand to me, and Claire said, “Russell, this is my baby sister and the bride-to-be, Kaitlin.”

We exchanged pleasantries, then Claire gently grabbed my arm and said, “Go ahead and eat, I’ll find you when we’re done here. We can catch up before the wedding.”

Knowing that my best course of action was to say as little as possible, I just nodded and headed towards the food. My seat was across the room, but I had a mostly unobstructed view of Claire’s table. She seemed to be enjoying her conversation, which ended with both of them teary-eyed but smiling and holding hands. About 20 minutes after I had sat down, Claire dropped into the seat across from me. Her eyes were still glistening, and she sniffed a little as she looked off into space. I gave her whatever time she needed, which was about a minute, content to keep stuffing my face with five star hotel food. I was almost ready to order my third custom-made omelet when Claire spoke.

“This isn’t the best environment to talk about my family- a lot of the people in this room are here for the wedding.” I raised my eyebrows at that remark. There were easily 150 people still at breakfast. It was going to be a big wedding.

“I’m going back upstairs in a few minutes. When you’re full, meet me up at the room- I don’t want people to see us leaving together or knowing we’re sharing a room.” Mouth full, I nodded in understanding.

Washing down my food with a glass of what had to be fresh-squeezed orange juice, I said, “Kaitlin seems nice.”

Claire gave me a sad smile and said softly, “She really is. If it wasn’t her wedding, I probably wouldn’t be here.” Then glancing around at the surrounding tables, she lowered her voice and added, “I’m just worried that she’s only getting married so she can get away from our family, which I honestly wouldn’t blame her for.”

I gave a what-can-you-do? shrug, and Claire continued. “I know it’s already her wedding day, so it’s too late to stop anything, but if you get a chance to meet the groom, try to get an idea what he’s like. I’ve never met him, and…I worry about my sister.”

“I’ll do what I can,” I said, not expecting to be of any real help.

“Thanks Russ,” she said sincerely, then picked up my fork, stabbed a few pieces of French toast from my plate and stuffed them in her mouth. She raised her eyebrows in defiance. It was an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, so I wasn’t concerned about losing my food. It was the principle of it. “Hey…” I protested weakly.

Her mouth was comically full, but she tried to speak softly anyway, losing a few crumbs of toast as she said, “After last night, you owe me, buster.” I could easily have pointed out that she had initiated everything both times the previous night, but good sense overruled my pride and I silently conceded her point with a dismissive hand wave.

Claire stood to leave and said, “Don’t be long.”


Back at the room, Claire gave me a rundown on her family. They were pretty wealthy. Her parents would both be there- physically at least. Her dad would probably have his mind elsewhere. She said he thought that having his body in the room was enough to count as being a good father. Her mother was a first class bitch, according to Claire. “She’s got a wicked, hurtful tongue. It’s one of the main reasons I moved away as soon as I could.”

The other reason was her brother, Gene. Claire was the oldest child, but Gene was only a year behind. He was handsome and cocky and, according to Claire, a pervert. She didn’t elaborate, but simply said she’d be doing everything she could to avoid being near him that weekend. Her sister Holly had major issues- mostly depression and suicidal tendencies. Claire said each sister had dealt with their problems a different way- Claire had disappeared, Kaitlin had become strong and independent, often fighting with their mom, and Holly had been swallowed up in despair.

In addition, there were aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends- too many to name or describe. Claire said, “Rather than enlighten you on all their miserable qualities, it’s easier to just say that hardly any of them is what they seem to be. My Uncle Louis and his kids- Jeff and Violet- are maybe the only exceptions. I don’t know bahis siteleri about Kaitlin’s friends or the groom’s family. So basically, anyone that claims to be a friend or relative of mine- with a few exceptions- is someone you should watch out for.” It seemed overly critical and pessimistic, but I would later come to think that Claire may have been putting things too gently.

“Oh, and if my Aunt Gwen is here, she will try to sleep with you. Which is gross, because she’s probably in her 50’s by now. But just…don’t be surprised.”

“And I’m guessing I shouldn’t tell her that I’ll be coming back to your room so I can jack off into you, right?”

“Yeah…don’t say that. She’d want to come join in. Don’t make that face…I’m serious. She needs professional help…”

“What if I just say I’m a long lost cousin?”

“Never stopped her before.”

“Oh God.”

“Yep. Welcome to my family…”


We had a few hours before Claire needed to leave. Wanting to experience something familiar and comforting, we both suggested watching a couple episodes of our show.

“Since you’re going to be lying on the bed anyway,” I said, “do you want to…you know…take care of business now?”

She thought for a few seconds, then said, “No…your boys need more time to refuel. And maybe after the reception you’ll be all worked up and even more ready to pop.”

“OK. It’s your call,” I said, reminding myself that this would possibly be the last time- if I held to my convictions.

We watched our shows, then Claire started packing her bags- make-up, hair stuff, shoes, dress, and some stuff I couldn’t even identify. She was out the door at a quarter to one, and I thought about how to spend the 3 hours before I needed to leave.

I began with another swim. There were a few other swimmers, which was unusual at that time of day. After almost an hour of slow laps, I went back to the locker room to dry off and change. Two of the other guys who had been swimming were back there, too. One was almost dressed and was teasing the other about something. I didn’t really pay attention until I heard the words “bachelor party.”

“I still can’t believe you, though,” said a deep, disdainful voice. “She was totally into it, and you’re not getting married for another 2 hours. I bet you could still call her up and fuck her before you go to the church. That would be epic, man! I would be proud of you.”

The other guy, presumably Kaitlin’s fiance, was clearly uncomfortable. “It’s not right, man. I love Kaitlin, I’m marrying her. I’m not going to…have sex…with some girl in a bar just for kicks.”

“You are such a pussy, man. My sister has you so whipped. I mean, she’s hot and all- hell, I’d do her in a heartbeat- but you can’t let that rule out all your other options. After you left, I took that girl back into the men’s room and boom! She didn’t even make me use a condom, man! My wife won’t know, and even if she does, so what?”

“I’m not like that, Gene.” I felt for the kid. He didn’t want to offend his future brother-in-law, but Gene was so obviously a low-life. After Gene left, saying he would see Adam at the church, I rounded the corner in my boxers, still drying my hair with a towel.

“Getting married?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said sheepishly. “But I think my future brother-in-law has a different understanding of what that means.”

“He sounds like an asshole to me,” I said. Claire was right- Gene was bad. And after his comment about Kaitlin, I worried that he may have once tried something on Claire.

The guy sighed and, to my surprise, started opening up to me. “Yeah. I just worry…about her family. Most of them are…a problem. And I know marriage is for better or worse, but I’m getting scared that I can’t put up with her family. And she’s torn about it, too. I mean, you’re supposed to love your family, right? But what if…what if they’re just so hurtful and destructive?”

“Well, I’m no expert,” I said, holding up a ring-less left hand, “but I’ve always though that marriage means you start a new family. If your girl is so different from her relatives and wants to get some distance from them, then I say fuck ’em. You’re loyal to her. And you might even need to protect her from them.”

His head down, he sniffed and rubbed his eyes.

“Especially from that douche bag,” I added, which got a laugh. I was putting my shoes back on and making sure I’d grabbed my phone and wallet from the locker.

“Thanks,” he said, pulling a shirt over his head. “I needed that. Maybe it’s just the jitters, but part of me wants to stay in here until it’s over.”

I smiled and said, “Well, let me at least make sure you get out of the locker room. After that, it’s up to you.”

He smiled and said, “Deal,” as we headed towards the exit together.


The wedding was big and lavish, held in a church that was at least a century old. The architecture was beautiful, bahis şirketleri and I couldn’t help but admire the landscaping, which was first-class. Claire stood up front, along with Kaitlin’s best friend and maid of honor, and four other girls, one of which had to be Holly, and the other three most likely being cousins, from what Claire had said. Had I not gotten the inside story that morning (and inadvertently from Gene in the locker room), Claire’s family would have seemed normal and happy, judging by the ceremony.

The reception, at the hotel ballroom, was another story. There was plenty of alcohol, which seemed to bring out the worst in some people. Sometime after the cake was cut, I met Aunt Gwen, who did make an unmistakable proposal. When I turned her down, she asked if I wanted her to find another, younger, hotter girl for a threesome. I hadn’t expected that, despite Claire’s warnings. When I said no again, she asked, “What about a younger, hotter guy?” I smiled and thanked her, but still said no. She shrugged and said, “Your loss, beefcake,” and went on to find a more willing target.

Gene was making a fool of himself, and the woman I assumed was his wife looked to be on the verge of tears most of the time. Claire’s dad was there but not there, Holly sat at a table with her husband and kids, faking a smile, and Claire’s mom went around with a drink in her hand, greeting people one by one.

I braced myself when she headed my direction. “You came with Claire?” she asked.

“Yes…I was in town on business, and she invited me to meet up here.”

She looked me up and down, and I felt compelled to add, “We’re neighbors…and we play music in a group together.”

She frowned at me disdainfully and said, “If the frigid princess would stop being too good for everyone else and just spread her legs, I’m betting you would be happy to put her in her place.”

My eyes went wide. Ho-lee shit. Did Claire say a wicked tongue? That was too kind.

“I’m serious,” she said, tapping my chest with her drink hand. “I’m only saying it because I care about her. She couldn’t hang on to her husband- you know she’s divorced, right?- anyway, she’s soon going to be out of marriageable age, and all her siblings are happily married now.” I glanced at Gene’s wife, who was dabbing her eyes, and at Holly’s husband, who was bored and inattentive to his wife. Yeah, lady, they’re all so happy, I can tell. “There’s talk that you’re secretly her little boy toy, but I know that Claire’s not capable of that. Don’t waste your time or talents on her, sonny. You could do so much better.”

It was clear she wasn’t really having a conversation with me. Just a bitter monologue.

“Wow,” I said. “It’s like she’s not even related to you all.”

“I know, isn’t it?” she said. “Poor thing- we used to call them old maids in my day, but whatever you call it today, that’s where she’s headed.” She looked over my shoulder and was about to speak to someone behind me, but I couldn’t let her get away with all that. I held up my hand to stop her from walking past me.

“No, you misunderstand me. I mean- Claire is…human. She’s really a nice person. A good friend. You all…are monsters. Whatever happened to her…it’s a goddamn miracle. The only reason she and I aren’t together is because I’m not half the man she deserves. So you can take your bitterness and your envy and your self-loathing regret and you can…”

A hand on my shoulder startled me, then Claire’s voice said softly, “Russ, that’s enough. It’s not worth it.”

Claire’s mother stared fiercely at me and said, “Clearly I overestimated you. You’re nothing but a love-struck little boy. Her little puppy that will follow her around and beg for treats. You deserve each other.” And with that, she walked briskly away, ready to slander me to the next guest, no doubt.

I turned to face Claire and was ready to laugh at that last remark, but Claire was starting to cry. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I came over as soon as I saw she had you cornered. She can be so…hurtful.”

“Well,” I said, trying to be charitable, “I’m guessing she’s hurting pretty bad herself. Besides, I’ve learned not to let people like that hurt me with their words.”

“You’ll have to teach me how to do that,” she said distantly. Then pulling on my arm, she said, “Come on, you have to greet the new couple.” She dragged me to where the bride and groom were standing, greeting guests and taking pictures with people. She walked up to Kaitlin and gave her a big hug and kiss, then said, “Russ, you met Kaitlin this morning, and this is her husband, Adam.” the girls giggled and smiled when Claire stressed the word husband. I shook Adam’s hand as his eyes widened in surprise. “I’m Russ, a friend of Claire’s,” I said as his mouth started to hang open.

“Glad you could make it here,” he said, recovering.

“You too,” I said with a smile, releasing his hand and letting another group push their way forward.

Claire leaned in and teased, “You just used an inappropriate ‘you too.'”

I leaned towards her and said, “Nope. I meant exactly that.” She looked at me skeptically, and I said, “I’ll tell you later.”

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